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Blatter & Berlusconi - afflcted Jupiter  From: Marjorie(08 Oct 2015 15:43): 
Sepp Blatter is still proclaiming it is all a horrible mistake as he is suspended for 90 days by FIFA's ethics committee. His unshakeable self-belief is staggering faced with an organisation he has ruled for decades crumbling under corruption charges.

He reminded me of Sylvio Berlusconi who hung on in there as Italian PM for longer than any sane person, faced with multiple court cases.

Both were born in 1936 with Saturn opposition Neptune square Jupiter in Sagittarius. In Blatter's case his Pisces Sun is in there conjunct Saturn; and in Berlusconi's his Pisces Moon is also entangled, conjunct Saturn. You would think with all that Mutable they'd waft around aimlessly in the breeze. Yet there they are/were standing rock steady for years through a storm of justified criticism.

An afflicted Jupiter in Sagittarius, although usually lucky, if not handled in a mature way can be self-righteous, wrapping egotistical ambitions up in moral or religious language, proclaiming themselves shining white and everyone else wrong. Behind all that bluff self-confidence there will be fear of what would happen if their fantasy bubble was punctured.

Just amazing how far brass neck can take some people. [See previous posts].

PS. The September Virgo Solar Eclipse certainly took its toll on Blatter's chart in opposition to his Sun.
Saturn Pluto Jupiter - panic followed by growth  From: Marjorie(08 Oct 2015 11:04): 
The only Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction, as we have coming up in 2020, that I could find over the past 300 years was in 1819/20. In fact it never came together as all three since the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Pisces of 1819 had separated before Jupiter caught up in 1820. When I have a moment I'll try to delve further back in history. But of note (from wiki):-
'The Panic of 1819 was the first major peacetime financial crisis in the United States followed by a general collapse of the American economy persisting through 1821. The Panic announced the transition of the nation from its colonial commercial status with Europe toward a dynamic economy, increasingly characterized by the financial and industrial imperatives of laissez-faire capitalism. Though driven by global market adjustments in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the severity of the downturn was compounded by excessive speculation in public lands, fueled by the unrestrained issue of paper money from banks and business concerns.'
Interesting that the financial collapse - Saturn Pluto = deprivation - was followed by a resurgence from Jupiter. It was certainly a major turning point at least for the USA.

I must say that I'm still waiting for Pluto in Capricorn to repeat past experience in creating sound financial systems, promoting high culture and producing strong, just leaders. But we have till 2024 so maybe once the Uranus distraction gets out of the way it could come.
Amal v Cherie - the best man won  From: Marjorie(07 Oct 2015 18:53): 
There was media amusement as Amal Clooney beat Cherie Blair hands down in the case of former President Mohammed Nasheed, Maldives' first democratically elected leader, who was jailed for 13 years after what the UN called an unlawful and politically motivated trial. Cherie Blair was representing the autocratic Maldives government whose imprisonment of political opponents and activists has been heavily criticised.
Lawyers are well used to facing up across a courtroom to colleagues but the two ladies do seem to spark off each other rather dramatically.
C Blair, 23 Sept 1954 and A Clooney, 3 Feb 1978.

Amal's Mars in Cancer is conjunct Cherie's Uranus; her Pluto is square Cherie's Mars; her Uranus is conjunct C's Venus; and her Saturn is conjunct C's Pluto. A clash of the Titans.
Israel + Palestine - battle of unequals  From: Marjorie(07 Oct 2015 18:52): 
Increasing unrest in Israel has caused Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel a trip to Germany with murmurs that a Third Intifada may be about to break out (= Palestinian uprising against occupation of West Bank/Gaza). His hard right coalition government is pushing for increasingly repressive measures.

Haaretz, the Israeli liberal newspaper, does at least restore one's faith in there being saner voices around.

'That we notice there's a war on only when Jews are murdered does not cancel out the fact that Palestinians are being killed all the time, and that all the time we are doing everything in our power to make their lives unbearable.'
'Young Palestinians do not go out to murder Jews because they are Jews, but because we are their occupiers, their torturers, their jailers, the thieves of their land and water, their exilers, the demolishers of their homes, the blockers of their horizon.'

His Term chart, 18 March 2013 7.54pm, always did look pretty volcanic with an explosive Mars Uranus conjunction in Aries square Pluto. The Solar Arc Mars will close that conjunction to exact in 4 months' time so it will be heated and accident-prone for him; with a perhaps toppling-off-his-perch Solar Arc Uranus square Pluto in a year from now.

In the First Intifada, 8 Dec 1987, tr Uranus was trine Mars in the Israel country chart. On the Second, 28 Sept 2000, tr Uranus was opposition the Israel Saturn.

The time that might look likeliest if another is launched despite Abbas's placatory efforts would be 2017. Then tr Uranus will be trine the Israel Mars. Though there is a Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars this year as the aggravation rumbles. And tr Uranus will square the Israel MC from mid 2016 suggesting a sudden, dramatic change of direction; as well next year as tr Uranus trine Mars/Saturn midpoint so the violence may gradually escalate.

The Palestine 1988/Israel relationship chart does look extremely unsettled through 2016 with tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn and trine Sun.
George Osborne - preening himself for the crown  From: Marjorie(05 Oct 2015 15:12): 
With the Tory Party Conference in full swing Chancellor George Osborne appears to be positioning himself as the only successor to David Cameron when he goes perhaps in 2019 before the next election. A week is a long time in politics, so four years is an infinity. He's not as popular with the general public as he is at Westminster and even there the rumblings are starting of opposition to him.
He's not as chipper as he appears this year with tr Saturn at the moment opposing his Sun and conjunct his Neptune Mars. Even worse and less visible is Solar Arc Pluto square Mars which suggests acute frustration and a blockage.

By 2019 tr Uranus will be conjunct his Mercury Venus for some kind of upset; with tr Saturn conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter Neptune and opposition his Solar Arc Sun; with worse in 2020 with Solar Arc Mars opposition his Pluto and Solar Arc Uranus opposition his Saturn. So either he's missed the boat for No 10 and it hurts; or worse he gets the PMship and then loses the election.
Robert Peston - a trailblazer for the economic crisis  From: Marjorie(05 Oct 2015 15:11): 
Robert Peston who was the much respected face of the economic crisis as Business Editor for the BBC has decided to jump ship after 10 years and go to ITV. Prior to his BBC stint he was a print journalist with the Indie and FT.
Born 25 April 1960, he has a Sun possibly Moon in early Taurus opposition Neptune and Sun trine Pluto on one side and trine Jupiter in Capricorn on the other -an Earth Grand Trine and Kite onto Neptune so well suited to the world of commerce and high finance. Plus a Yod of Saturn sextile Mars inconjunct Uranus - so a trailblazer but also intolerant of convention with a tendency to be disruptive.

Whether the move is a good idea is moot given the track record of BBC favourites who moved over to ITV and whose career sagged as a consequence.

He's got tr Uranus square his Saturn for the next few months; with a slightly frustrating slog through 2017/18 as tr Pluto is sextile his Mars; and worse by 2018/19 as tr Pluto is conjunct his Saturn, which kind of looks like a bubble-bursting time for him. Mind you in that sphere he'll never be short of other work in the City.
Gary Oldman - a volatile Aries New Moon  From: Marjorie(05 Oct 2015 15:10): 
Gary Oldman, the British actor best known typically for his bad guy roles - Air Force One, State of Grace, Dracula, Tinker Tailor - has just been divorced for the fourth time. His first three marriages lasted two years apiece and this last one six years. His alcoholic father left the family when he was 7 which may have something to do with it.
He was born 21 March 1958 London (10.56am?) which makes him a New Moon in Aries with his Sun Moon trine Uranus sextile Mars Venus in Aquarius. His Mars Venus are 8th house opposition Uranus square Neptune - so he's an intense and fairly sparky individual and also with such a strong Neptune, not good at fully committing himself. He's also got a Yod of Pluto sextile Jupiter, North Node, Neptune inconjunct Sun so he'll veer between feeling unworthy and being ego-centric. His Sun is square Saturn in late Sagittarius. Rather a gritty personality with a need for space and some anger issues from that heavily aspected 8th house Mars.

If his birth time is accurate he's got a good deal ahead of him with some highs over the next few years and a couple of dips.
Brian Friel - visionary Neptune  From: Marjorie(03 Oct 2015 17:26): 
Brian Friel, Ireland's greatest dramatist, known as the Irish Checkhov has died.

He was born 9 January 1929 and lived his life fairly reclusively in North Ireland. He had a Sun Capricorn opposition Pluto; with perhaps an Earth Grand Trine of Jupiter in Taurus trine Neptune in Virgo trine Moon in Capricorn or late Sagittarius, formed into a Kite with Neptune opposition Venus. He also had a Yod of Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus inconjunct Neptune - it would really heighten his creativity and imagination having such a strongly aspected Neptune but would also give him a craving for solitude.

His creative 5th Harmonic is especially strong.
Medecins sans Frontieres - in harm's way  From: Marjorie(03 Oct 2015 17:25): 
Medecins sans Frontieres is understandably outraged by the US bombing of one of their hospitals in Afghanistan, killing and injuring staff and patients, which continued even after staff called military officials. There's the usual plethora of apologies and excuses that militants were hiding there.

MSF was founded 20 Dec 1971 which makes it a Sagittarius Sun with Jupiter Mercury and Neptune spread out through Sag - which certainly fits a much travelled humanitarian outfit. The Sun is in a pro-active square to Mars in Pisces opposition Pluto - putting them in high-risk situations. The North Node is in Aquarius which is usually associated with a humanitarian cause as well in an Air Grand Trine to Pluto in Libra and Saturn in Gemini, formed into a Kite with Saturn opposition Neptune - making healing Neptune the driving planet. It's a very descriptive chart.

At the moment tr Uranus is in a high-wire square to Solar Arc Neptune and tr Saturn is moving to conjunct Solar Arc Uranus and Neptune - so a messy, uncertain, highly anxious patch.
Anthony Hopkins - creative Saturn Neptune  From: Marjorie(03 Oct 2015 17:24): 
Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins, equally doesn't let age slow him down. He was born 31 December 1937 9.15am Port Talbot and has 22 film credits since he turned 70. His latest starring role is in a sci-fi thriller television series Westworld, due for 2016.

He has a hidden Sun Mercury Venus in Capricorn in the 12th; with a confident though intense 7th house Pluto opposition a 1st house Jupiter; plus a Mutable T Square of an 8th house Neptune (iconic film star) in a creative opposition to Saturn square a Sagittarius Moon. That latter won't be easy emotionally but will certainly help his acting career.
He's got some successfully upbeat transits to Jupiter midpoints now and right through into 2017 and then even better 2018/19. But he's also got a Solar Arc Sun conjunct his 2nd house Saturn late 2016/2017 and a Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Pluto late 2016 - both of which look unsettling and could slow him down.

Relocating his chart to Los Angeles where he now lives puts Jupiter in the 4th which is happy domestically with influential Pluto on the MC.
John Hurt - earthier than he looks  From: Marjorie(03 Oct 2015 17:21): 
UK actor John Hurt has had a six decade career - The Naked Civil Servant, the Elephant Man, Harry Potter, Alien, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy amongst many others. He's got pancreatic cancer but insists he'll keep working.
Born 22 January 1940 5.30pm Shirebrook, England, he's a 6th house Sun Aquarius opposition Pluto square a 10th house Saturn MC in late Aries. Certainly hard-working and well organised but a fairly tough, bleak life in many ways. His Sun is inconjunct a Cancer Moon - so a sense emotionally of never quite fitting in. He's been married four times with multiple relationships.
He does have an Earth Grand Trine of a 10th house Uranus trine Neptune trine Mercury in Capricorn - so he'll be more practical than he appears. Though that forms into a Kite with the Sun opposition a 12th house Pluto - so there is a darkness in him. Luckily he has Jupiter Mars in Aries in the 9th which will act as a counter-balance.

His Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct his Pluto last year perhaps when symptoms began to appear. In older people this can be health-related and certainly indicates a major change, especially as it was conjunct his driving-planet Pluto.
He looks upbeat this December and on and off through 2016, though he'll have some dips as well.
Chris Mercer Harper - stressed Mars midpoints  From: Marjorie(02 Oct 2015 18:33): 
Another day another shooter. This time in Oregon where British-born Chris Mercer Harper shot nine dead and injured seven more at a community college. He was a loner, a fan of the IRA and Nazis, and was obviously attracted to the publicity which previous killers had received.
Born 26 July 1989 he was a Leo Sun inconjunct Uranus; with Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn trine Venus in Virgo. So part of the chaotic triple conjunction generation - part genius, part over-pressured. His Moon was Taurus perhaps opposition Pluto in Scorpio; and Mars in Leo was opposition an Aquarius North Node so quite Fixed.
His Sun =Mars/Saturn =Mars/Neptune. His Uranus was square his Mars/Pluto and his Pluto was square Sun/Mars. So his Mars midpoints were fairly entangled with his planets.
Without a birth time there's not much of note going on in his chart apart from tr Neptune square his Uranus/Pluto.
I'd imagine since he was anti-social, he'd have strong 8th/12th houses.
Brie Larson & Alicia Vikander - two Libra birthdays  From: Marjorie(02 Oct 2015 18:32): 
Brie Larson is an American actress/singer, born 1 Oct 1989 in Sacramento, California - 'The Gambler, Trainwreck and United States of Tara. She's a Sun Libra opposition Mars in Aries square Neptune and trine/sextile Jupiter in Gemini - so light, bright and upfront. With an emotionally changeable Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius trine Venus in Leo and a Cancer Moon.

Alicia Vikander, 3 Oct 1988 Gothenburg, Sweden, is an actress and dancer - 'Pure, Anna Karenina, The Fifth Estate, Testament of Youth'. She is a Sun Mars in Libra on the focal point of a Jupiter in Cancer opposition Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn so energetic and forceful despite her delicate appearance, at times chaotic, lucky and highly strung. She has Venus in seductive Scorpio and her Moon is Libra or Scorpio.

Both look to be having a lucky successful 2016 but without birth times there's not much showing on their charts at the moment.
Syria & Russia - the fog of war  From: Marjorie(01 Oct 2015 11:41): 
Russia has started to bomb in Syria with the French and US claiming they are targeting anti-Assad rebels rather than ISIL. Though Patrick Cockburn in the Independent suggests they may be attacking both. Time will tell. Though Putin is more concerned than the West to keep Assad in place pro-tem and certainly keep his army intact to avoid a post-Iraq vacuum. And also to protect Russia's long and porous borders.
It's a high risk strategy for Russia since they can't afford to lose or get themselves embroiled in a long running, expensive Afghanistan-type situation.

The Syria 1 Jan 1944 chart does not look good with tr Saturn opposing Mars Uranus in November this year which suggests more death and destruction. Worse in 2016 there is a Solar Arc Saturn square Mars Uranus, exact after mid year.

The Assad/Putin relationship chart is not looking secure or successful (see previous post) with a definite sag, aggravation and undermined confidence in November, December this year and August 2016.
That runs parallel to a distinct slump on the Russia 1917 chart with tr Saturn opposition Jupiter in December 2015/Aug 2016 so the country is not feeling enthusiastic to put it mildly.

And there's a distinct smell of failure on Putin's 2012 Presidency chart through the next few months with tr Saturn square Neptune, Mars and conjunct Moon in Oct/Nov; and a Solar Arc Neptune opposition Mars exact in 3 months time. He'll bounce back by late 2016 but interim it looks very uneasy, unpopular and ego-denting.

The Russia 1917/Syria 1944 relationship chart is horrible at the best of times with a composite Pluto Mars Saturn Jupiter conjunction square Uranus. And all of that is being assaulted by tr Uranus opposition Mars Saturn at the moment, and opposition Pluto in 2016; with tr Pluto picking up the totally blocked opposition to Saturn Mars in 2017 onwards. It could turn out to be a real swamp for Russia.

Putin's relationship with Obama is understandably cooling rapidly, really from late August this year onwards through 2016.
George Clooney & Rande Gerber - boozy bromance  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2015 18:01): 
There has been a constant drip drip in the media about George Clooney and his best mate Rande Gerber, maybe as a way of promoting their own brand of tequila which launched this year.
Gerber, 27 April 1962, is a former model and an entertainment entrepreneur which means he owns a lucrative string of bars, nightclubs and restaurants; and is married to model Cindy Crawford. He's been best buddies with Clooney for 20 years, even buying adjoining houses in Mexico.

They are relatively similar, both being Taurus Sun Mercury with Gerber also having Venus in this earthy, super-indulgent sign. They both have Moon Saturn conjunction, Gerber in Aquarius and Clooney in Capricorn and both have Mars in a fire sign.

Their relationship chart has a friendly, affectionate composite Sun Venus opposition Neptune square Jupiter Saturn (maybe Moon) - so certainly suited to the glitzy lifestyle and booze.

Best friends can be a problem in a marriage and more so when what has been a threesome turns into a foursome. Cindy Crawford certainly doesn't have the resonance with George Clooney that her husband does. GC's Saturn is conjunct her Venus and her Saturn is square his Jupiter - so they both rather squelch the other.

Their relationship chart has a mutually supportive composite Sun Jupiter but an ambivalent Venus opposition Pluto Uranus; and an aggravated Mars opposition Neptune square Saturn Moon.

Cindy's relationship chart with Amal Clooney has an Air Grand Trine so good at an intellectual level; but there's also a composite Sun square Mars so some ego clashes.

Amal's relationship with Gerber has an undercutting composite Mars opposition Neptune; a needs-space Venus opposition Uranus; and a controlling Sun opposition Pluto. It would have felt great initially but there will be undercurrents that emerge over time.

But with their hectic schedules they are hardly living in each other's pockets, so it may not prove to be much of a headache.
Jim Carrey - comedy and tragedy  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2015 17:59): 
Sad news as Jim Carrey, the comic actor's ex-girlfriend apparently committed suicide a few days after they broke up.
One of Hollywood's most successful actors he's appeared in whacky roles in Ace Ventura: the Pet Detective, the Mask and Dumb and Dumber. But his emotional life does appear to have been fairly fractured. He has had two brief marriages and multiple relationships. His childhood was tough since he felt alienated by his dyslexia and his family's poverty as well as his mother's depressive illness and latterly his father's manic depression.

Born 17 Jan 1962 2.30am Newmarket, Ontario, he has a 3rd house passionately enthusiastic Mars Venus Sun in Capricorn with cool, negative Sun Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. And Jupiter Mercury also in Aquarius in his 3rd. So a huge amount going on in that house which rules communication and mental faculties. Not surprisingly at times he will have been stressed out.

His Moon aspects are tricky - it's in Gemini in the 8th so intense and restless, square a possessive Pluto and in an angry inconjunct to Mars. He's also got Uranus on his midheaven and Pluto in the 10th. So his unstable mother would have been a considerable influence not only on his career but also on his attitude to women. He evidently developed comedy routines to entertain her when she was bedridden.

He's also got Jupiter Mercury opposition North Node in Leo square Neptune on his Scorpio Ascendant - so certainly idealistic and visionary, but also vague, dreamy, at times lost in another world and very lonely.

Now that I look, he's also got a Yod onto Mars from Moon sextile North Node - so problems handling anger and assertion in a steady manner.

Just as chaotic and high-wire a personality as his roles suggest.
Glencore - an Icarus fate  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2015 18:19): 
There were fears that Glencore, the multi-national commodity trading and mining company, that soared in recent years, would crash altogether as its stocks took a pounding, dropping by 29% yesterday, though they rallied today. They have been the FTSE's biggest faller this year, down by 77% due to fears of a prolonged commodity downturn. One investment bank said Glencore's equity value could be wiped out if metal prices remain at current levels. That would have a knock on effect to the rest of the market.

Glencore was founded on 20 May 1974 and floated on 19 May 2011 at 9 am London The 1974 chart has a Mars at 18 degrees Cancer which is picking up the tr Uranus square this year, again in Oct and late Feb/March 2016; plus a Solar Arc Neptune opposition Mars - so all in all a nasty smell of failure. Plus tr Pluto will move to oppose Mars in 2017/2018 which is seriously bad news. So its troubles won't be disappearing in a hurry.

The IPO chart has a T square of Uranus opposition Saturn square Pluto. Pluto has moved by Solar Arc to close the square to Saturn to exact this year; with Uranus doing the same in square to Pluto. So very stuck, bleak and deprived. By 2018 Solar Arc Uranus will oppose Saturn for a massive jolt. Though there may be a few brighter spots on the horizon in 2017 with tr Uranus conjunct Jupiter.
Saudi Arabia - even the Royals are rebelling  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2015 18:18): 
It's starting to hot up in Saudi Arabia as a senior prince, one of the grandsons of the state's founder Ibn Saud, has made an unprecedented call for change in the country's leadership. He says the effective ruler is Mohammed bin Salman, the king's 30 year old son who is also Minister for Defense (the youngest MfD in the world).

They are embroiled in an expensive, probably unwinnable war in Yemen, having to cope with sinking oil prices, rocketing through their reserves by throwing money at social problems and under criticism for the handling of the Hajj stampede last week. They are also fearful with the rise of Iran, the tremors from the Arab Spring, the present chaos in Syria, Libya and Iraq and the rise of jihadists as well as the Muslin Brotherhood. Their deeply conservative autocratic monarchy welded at the hip to the rigid Wahhabists is beginning to creak badly.

All of which fits with the Saudi 1902 chart with its Saturn Sun Jupiter in Capricorn conjunction which tr Uranus has just this year started to square Saturn - and there is a rolling series of transits across those planets including the tr Saturn Pluto of 2019/20. All of which will change the face and fate of Saudi Arabia irrevocably.

Mohammed bin Salman, 31 Aug 1985, has tr Neptune opposing his Virgo Sun now right through till January 2016 which is lacklustre, usually undermining ambitions, as well as tr Saturn square his Sun; with several agitated Uranus transits to midpoints before the end of the year. He has a Venus in Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Pluto - so very controlling, won't share the driving seat easily and will attract hostile resistance. 2017 looks especially risky for his power base.

King Salman's reign chart was never that strong to start with - an exact Uranus square Pluto tied into the North Node; and a flashy Jupiter in Leo on the MC opposition Venus Mercury suggests indulgent and over hopeful. Worse it has a 4th house Moon Neptune Mars square Saturn so undone by family, indecisive, neurotic, suspicious. That square is being chipped away by tr Neptune conjunct Mars and tr Saturn Moon Neptune Mars through this autumn and across 2016.
Netherlands - voting with their feet  From: Marjorie(28 Sep 2015 13:23): 
More discontent about central government comes from the Netherlands where euro-sceptics concerned about the impact of EU enlargement, open borders and mass migration from eastern Europe have triggered a referendum next spring. The organisers intend to turn it into a vote on Dutch EU membership.

The Netherlands (26 July 1581 OS) relationship chart with the EU certainly looks set to rock n' roll from 2016 for a couple of years. Tr Uranus will oppose the composite Mars and square Saturn in 2016 which will inflame tempers, possibly violently. Even before then tr Pluto trine the composite Uranus Venus in Dec/Jan 2016 will cause more than a few ripples. Then into 2017 tr Uranus will oppose the composite Sun. All of which should be enough to put the wind up Brussels HQ.

The Netherlands country chart looks incensed at the moment with tr Pluto trine Mars; followed by a highly-strung/fanatical tr Uranus square Neptune also in Dec/Jan 2016. That's followed in 2016/17 by a confused tr Pluto opposition Neptune; and in 2016 a completely road-blocked, enraged Solar Arc Pluto square Mars. So feelings will be running very hot and strong.
Catalonia - praying for a divorce  From: Marjorie(28 Sep 2015 13:21): 
The Catalonia election has given a clear majority to the pro-independence separatist parties though only 1.9 of the 4 million Catalans voted for them, which would not provide a win in the projected 2017 referendum. Plus the vote might drop when faced with the anti-independence arguments running into a definitive vote.

Catalonia has had a rich and varied history but 11 May 1258 OS seems a significant date. This gives a late Taurus Sun opposition Pluto; with two Yods of Jupiter sextile Pluto inconjunct Venus and Saturn sextile Venus inconjunct Jupiter. Catalonia is renowned not only as the commercial powerhouse for Spain but also as a dynamic cultural centre. There's also a Mutable T Square of Pluto opposition North Node square Saturn - so tough, but highly strung and critical.

On that chart 2015 looks angry and super-confident with Solar Arc Mars opposition Sun and Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Mars. 2016 looks nervy with tr Uranus square Neptune with a major jolt in 2018 as the Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct Uranus.

The Spain 22 Nov 1975 12.45pm chart does look as if it is at a critical point with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct its Scorpio North Node this year; and tr Saturn just days over the conjunction to its Scorpio Sun. And Solar Arc Sun moving to the blocked square with Pluto in 2016.

But I would hazard a guess that any major shift - if there is one - in relations between Catalonia and Madrid would come post Uranus moving into Taurus in 2018. Most probably 2019/2020.
John Boehner - Saturn bringing to closure  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2015 11:17): 
John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Congress, made a surprise resignation this week, spurred on by a grass roots rebellion over his failure to spike President Obama's plans. It's being seen as a resounding victory for the Republican right wing.

Boehner, 17 Nov 1949, a Scorpio Sun sextile Mars Saturn in Virgo does have his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Sun at the moment and Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars - so he probably did feel he'd reached the end of this particular road.

His relationship with Obama, all things considered, wasn't that bad, maybe part of Boehner's problem. Boehner's Sun is conjunct O's MC so a significant career relationship for both. Boehner's Pluto was conjunct O's Sun Descendant Uranus - so he would attempt to block Obama's more liberal, reforming tendencies. Boehner's Mars Saturn in Virgo fell midway between O's Pluto and Mars in Virgo - so some grittiness from that.
Jackie Collins - popular talent, initiative and tragedy  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2015 11:16): 
Jackie Collins, the romance novelist - Hollywood bonkbusters, sister of actress Joan Collins, died a few days back. She wrote 32 novels, selling 500 million worldwide.

Born 4 October 1937 in London she had a chequered emotional life with a first short marriage to a manic depressive addicted to drugs who suicided after they divorced; a 20 year marriage which ended up with her husband's death from cancer; and a six year engagement which also ended with her fiance's death from a tumour.
She was a New Moon Libra widely opposition Saturn in self-reliant Aries square Mars in Capricorn. So overflowing with initiative but a tough life. Her business acumen came from an Earth Grand Trine of Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus trine Neptune Venus in Virgo.

Her sister Joan is a Sun Venus in Gemini so there'd be a friendly resonance between them. Their relationship chart had a composite Venus Pluto (maybe Moon) so possessive, perhaps a hint of jealousy; with a volatile composite Uranus opposition Mars - not well designed for living together in the same space.
Game of Thrones - runaway Aries  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2015 11:14): 
The long running TV fantasy Game of Thrones now on its fifth season surpassed itself and everyone else this year by winning 12 Emmys.
It first transmitted on 17th April 2011 giving it Sun Jupiter Mercury Mars Uranus spread out through fiery Aries. Uranus Mars Mercury oppose Saturn in Libra squaring onto Pluto - so definitely an explosive toughie with a streak of cruelty. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter and sextile Neptune - so lucky, successful and fantastical. The North Node in adventurous Sagittarius is trine Sun Jupiter and square Venus in creative Pisces.

Tr Uranus is conjunct Jupiter as it wins this recent set of TV Academy Awards.
Scott Walker - afflicted bid chart  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2015 11:14): 
Scott Walker dropped out of the Republican race a week ago despite having the Koch brothers funds behind him, after low showing in the polls following lack lustre appearances at the televised debates and donors dropping out.
His bid chart, 13 July 2015 5.20pm (see previous post) never looked good with an 8th house Sun Mars Mercury opposition Pluto, so frustratingly blocked with cash concerns and a muddled Neptune in the 3rd.
Frank Gardner - overcoming a Saturnine Yod  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2015 11:13): 
Frank Gardner, the BBC's Security Correspondent, now in a wheelchair since a shooting in the Middle East in 2004, has had an interesting life. Born 31 July 1961 with diplomat parents, he studied Arabic at university, went into the army, then into oil and investment banking before moving to run BBC's Gulf and then Cairo offices.

He was born only a few days before Barack Obama and has a Sun Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Neptune - so certainly well designed for the world of high finance. But more pertinently he has a Yod of Uranus North Node sextile Venus inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn.
Uranus conjunct North Node would put him in the centre of significant events; and a focal point Saturn is a tough placing, difficult to live up to - but he has certainly risen to the challenge, refusing to let his disability stop him travelling or working.

When he was shot on 6 June 2004 tr Uranus was exactly conjunct his Solar Arc Saturn and both of thse were exactly opposition his Pluto. Plus his Solar Arc Sun was conjunct his Mars - so a triple whammy of a shock and collision which brought him to a halt and threatened to change his life irrevocably.
Mexico - at a fork in the road  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2015 11:12): 
The parents of 43 students missing in Mexico for a year are demonstrating along with thousands of people to mark one year since their disappearance. The government says they were handed over by police in the city of Iguala to a criminal gang, which killed them. However independent experts suggest the students were killed because they unknowingly took control of a bus carrying illegal drugs, and the government did nothing to protect them. Not a fun place to live.
The Mexico country chart, 15 September 1810 (11pm Dolores Hidalgo) has a 10th house Pluto opposition a Virgo Sun - both of which are being hard-aspected by this month's Solar Eclipse. The fight against the drug cartels has been escalated since 2006 but is clearly reaching some kind of a climax with public outrage. The Solar Arc Mars has moved conjunct Pluto four years back, is now sitting square the Sun/Pluto midpoint and will oppose the Sun in three years' time. So this is the peak of the aggravation and danger.
This year could also be a game changer for another reason with the Lunar Eclipse sitting on the Mexico Libra North Node - and a nodal return which is always a time for a serious re-think.
It won't improve instantly with tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting the Pisces MC and then the Neptune Saturn in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter later this year into 2016. But this could be a catalyst for a significant change.
Zaha Hadid - a talented powerhouse  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2015 16:32): 
Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi-British architect has been awarded Riba's royal gold medal, the first woman to be awarded the honour in her own right. She has designed iconic buildings all over the world, including in Qatar. She cut short a live BBC interview this week when she was asked about migrant worker deaths in the building of the stadium for the 2022 FIFA world cup. None have died on her project and the BBC was forced into an apology.
She is famously strong-minded, which she'd have to be given the scale of her work.

Born in Baghdad on 31 Oct 1950, she's a Sun Mercury Venus in Scorpio trine Uranus (Moon) in Cancer - so intense, charming and stubborn. She's also got Jupiter in Aquarius opposition Pluto making her pushily confident. Her Mars in fiery Sagittarius is heavily aspected been sextile Jupiter, square Saturn in hard-working Virgo and trine Pluto - so definitely upfront, ultra-determined and at times on a short fuse.
Kim Davis - a short burst of attention  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2015 16:31): 
Kim Davis, the Kentucky court clerk who was briefly imprisoned for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples because of her Apostolic Christian beliefs, has now become a Republican - no doubt hoping to extend her five minutes of fame. She may well end up back in prison for amending licenses to remove her name which is against the recent law.

Born 17 Sept 1965, she's got a pretty messy, aggravated and discouraging year or two ahead. Late Oct/Nov look fraught, confused and scary and there's worse in 2016, extending into 2017. She's not flying high, that's for sure.
Hajj Stampede - Mars Saturn & Jupiter Neptune  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2015 16:29): 
The Hajj stampede on Thursday Sept 24 happened around 9am in Mecca. To date 770 are presumed dead; and over 900 injured. It's the worst Hajj accident since a tunnel crush killed nearly 1500 on 2 July 1990.

On both occasions there was an accident-prone Mars square Saturn; and a Jupiter opposition Neptune which can have religious overtones.

It was more obviously marked in 1990 with a Jupiter opposition Neptune Saturn square Mars in Aries; with Pluto trine Sun Jupiter, sextile Uranus Neptune Saturn.

This time round in addition to Mars square Saturn and Pluto square the Mars/Saturn midpoint, there was a Uranus opposition Mercury square a 3rd house Pluto which latter does suggest considerable pressure on traffic and movement (3rd).

There's tr Uranus conjunct Saturn on the Saudi Arabia 1902 country chart which suggests a major jolt.
Sepp Blatter - undone by his Mars  From: Marjorie(25 Sep 2015 18:09): 
Oh joy. 'Swiss prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into Sepp Blatter, the head of football's world governing body Fifa. The attorney general's office said he was suspected of criminal mismanagement or misappropriation over a TV rights deal and of a "disloyal payment" to European football chief Michel Platini.' [BBC]
Blatter (see previous posts) has Mars at 13 degrees Aries opposition a 16 degree Libra Moon. Tr Pluto will square his 8th house Mars for a final time in Oct/Nov this year which is blocked, scary and frustrating, powerless. Tr Uranus will oppose his Moon from late Nov through till January 2016. So emotional shocks, rage, aggravation. Tr Uranus will also square his Pluto in 2017 for another upheaval.
Platini who was supposed to be stepping into Blatter's shoes come the election following Blatter's resignation earlier this year may be knocked off course. His 17 degree Mars in Cancer conjunct 15 degree Moon is being rattled every which way over the next two years plus.
The FIFA chart, also has Solar Arc Mars square Pluto at the moment - so all in all, coming to a dead halt with the hope perhaps of a complete clean up on the far side.
Martin Shkreli - Mars Saturn Pluto - eye to the main chance  From: Marjorie(25 Sep 2015 17:13): 
Martin Shkreli, is an American born of Albanian parents, who is a hedge funder and entrepreneur in the healthcare business. He bought the patent of a drug for treating toxiplasmosis and AIDs and raised the price by more than five thousand per cent. After a welter of criticism he says he'll drop it. Though by how much it isn't clear.

Born 1 April 1983 in New York, he's a Sun Mercury in Aries trine Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius - which no doubt gives him his adventuring, entrepreneurial spirit. But he's also got a hard, ruthless, controlling Mars in Aries opposition Pluto in Libra and Saturn in early Scorpio. It's a very see-saw chart so he'll be constantly shifting from extreme to extreme.

His Solar Arc Neptune is moving to square his Saturn in about 18 months' time which may pull the rug from under his confidence; Before then his Solar Arc Uranus will square his Sun; plus tr Saturn will conjunct his natal Jupiter Uranus later this year into 2016. He won't quite self-destruct but he'll be set back on his heels somewhat.
Cameron & Ashcroft - high level tiff  From: Marjorie(25 Sep 2015 17:12): 
There's been a messy political scandal in the UK with the revenge memoir by non-dom billionaire Michael Ashcroft, former Deputy Chairman and major donor of the Tory Party. Aimed to damage David Cameron who refused him the status of job he reckoned he deserved in 2010, it dredges up old Oxford debauchery stories about Cameron amongst others.

Ashcroft, 4 March 1946, is a Sun Venus (Moon) in Pisces square Uranus, trine a hard Mars Saturn in Cancer. His Mars Saturn squares Cameron's Libra Sun; his Pluto is conjunct C's Moon; his Neptune is conjunct C's Venus; and his Venus (Moon) are conjunct C's Saturn and opposition C's Uranus Pluto. So it must always have been a gritty relationship.
The relationship chart has a friendly Sun Venus conjunction trine a controlling Pluto; with Pluto square Saturn, maybe Moon. Very Plutonic relationships are usually highly significant, intense and when they split rancorous. There's also a composite Earth Grand Trine, so good for money and business.

Ashcroft has the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Mars Saturn this year and for the next several - so tough times.
Cameron also has tr Pluto still squaring his Sun for another fifteen months so he is also facing major challenges.
Volkswagen - unsprung  From: Marjorie(25 Sep 2015 17:10): 
Volkswagen are sinking under a scandal over the rigging of emissions tests by software in its diesel cars in the US, with shares down dramatically. They are facing huge recall costs as well as stratospheric fines running into many billions.

Volkswagen was founded 28 May 1937 in Aachen, Germany. That chart has Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Pluto at the moment; with Solar Arc Uranus square Uranus - all adding up to an enormous upheaval and a huge shock. Tr Pluto will trine Neptune through 2016/17 with another upheaval in 2017 with tr Uranus square Pluto. Though tr Pluto will also square Jupiter then so there may be better news out of the disruption.

The now-resigned CEO Martin Winterkorn, 24 May 1947, was a reasonable fit with the company since both have an early Gemini Sun; and his Jupiter in Scorpio was conjunct V's Mars; but his Pluto was square V's Uranus - so involved in their almost-downfall. His Solar Arc Sun is now conjunct his Saturn/Pluto midpoint putting the brakes on his ambitions though he's likely to get a huge payoff.
Alexis Tsipras - secretive, high-wire term ahead  From: Marjorie(25 Sep 2015 17:09): 
Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Prime Minister for Greece at 4.03pm on Sept 21st in Athens.

This gives an 8th house Sun square a 12th house Moon - so hidden, much handled behind-the-scenes, not always decisive. More worryingly there's a 2nd house Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn on the cusp of the 11th - so money not surprisingly a major concern though also a swamp, with an unholy mix of suspicion, over-confidence and nervy, unfocussed energy. A 3rd house Uranus opposes Mercury square a 12th house Pluto Ascendant - again very hyper, overly excitable, tending to leap to hasty decisions; and secret deals. Plus an 8th house Mars trine Uranus - volatile, irritable, again over hasty.

There'll be a very sticky point when tr Saturn moves to close the square to the Jupiter opposition Neptune late Nov/December this year.
Malcolm Turnbull - cash, foreign policy and over control  From: Marjorie(15 Sep 2015 18:16): 
Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as Australia's PM at 1.35pm (I think) today in Canberra.

This gives a 9th house Virgo Sun so foreign relations will be key. There's an unsettling 8th house Jupiter opposition Neptune in the 2nd which does rather suggest economic problems from over-confidence or a boom bursting. That will be an especial concern through this November/December as tr Saturn squares both.

There's also a sticky Mars square Saturn, which Tony Abbott's term shared - so setbacks, mishaps etc. There's also Mercury Moon MC opposition Uranus square a 12th house Pluto - certainly more initiative than Abbott's term chart though also perhaps some behind-the-scenes (dirty) dealing with a focal point Pluto hidden out of sight.

Abbott's Term chart has Moon Neptune in the 4th so a disappointed population. Turnbull's has a heavily aspected Uranus - so maybe he'll prove a divisive force for a restless electorate - or maybe he'll just stir things up domestically.
Lloyds Bank - hiccuping along  From: Marjorie(15 Sep 2015 18:15): 
Lloyds Bank has two charts, one the original 3 June 1765; and the Banking Group 1 January 2010.

Both charts indicate 2015 is a testing time. The 1765 chart has Solar Arc Uranus opposition Mars which is insecure and agitated; and tr Saturn moving to oppose Mercury Venus Sun through this late autumn and across 2016, which may damp confidence and bring cutbacks. Though there'll be ups as well as downs from tr Uranus square Jupiter. But certainly changes in 2016.

The 2010 chart has Solar Arc Saturn square Sun and Solar Arc Mars opposition Neptune this year which is serious panic; and a bubble-bursting aspect in 2016. With much better prospects by 2017.

The present CEO Antonio Horto-Osorio, 28 Jan 1964 Lisbon, Portugal is looking bullish this autumn and especially in December, despite a few setbacks. Though it may push him into over-confidence. He looks distinctly lacklustre in 2016 both on his personal chart and his term chart, 1 March 2011. The tr Neptune square tr Saturn is giving him real problems on both.

It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that he could exit since his relationship charts with both Lloyds charts are being assaulted by tr Uranus hard aspects to the composite Mars on one and the composite Sun on the other.

Not that he'll probably worry too much since these guys always manage to walk on water into the next juicy appointment and he certainly looks upbeat by 2018.

He's got an interesting chart with a creative and self-protective Water Grand Trine, formed into two Kites with Mercury and Pluto Uranus leading - so he's undoubtedly talented. He's also got two strained Yods - onto Pluto and Jupiter - so he's certainly confident and lucky, as well as focussed on power and influence.
Assad and Putin - a sagging friendship  From: Marjorie(15 Sep 2015 18:14): 
Putin who has been an ally of Bashar Assad since the Syrian civil war started in 2011 has pledged to continue military support. Putin says the influx of refugees into Europe would have been worse without Russian support against the Islamist terrorists.

The next few months and indeed year look exceptionally risk on Assad's personal chart; with tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Saturn till November; followed by tr Pluto square Mars/Uranus in December; and Mars/Pluto and Saturn/Neptune in January; and tr Pluto square Neptune/Pluto in February 2016. Those last three repeat throughout 2016 and into 2017.
His Presidency chart looks very agitated at the moment with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Uranus; with a deflating and stuck tr Saturn opposition Jupiter and conjunct Pluto before the year end. Tr Uranus returns to square Mars and then the Sun/Mars midpoint on and off into 2017 when tr Uranus will square the Sun. So rolling high-tension, strain and some bad judgement calls.

The relationship chart between Putin and Assad is suffering some disappointments between this November and late 2016 with the tr Saturn square tr Neptune in hard aspect to their Mars opposition Jupiter. So not all going to plan.

The Syria 1944 chart is very discouraging at present with Solar Arc Sun square Saturn; and getting an aggravated jolt this November as tr Saturn opposes Mars Uranus which is on one leg of a Yod - sextile Pluto inconjunct Sun. The first real ray of relief looks to be coming in 2017 when tr Uranus trines Jupiter.
Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos - the sherry crook  From: Marjorie(14 Sep 2015 14:31): 
Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos has just died who was a maverick sherry magnate in Spain who rose through fraud to become one of Spain's richest men, but ended in jail and ultimately bankrupt.
Born 11 April 1931 he was a Sun Uranus in Aries on the focal point of a Cardinal T Square to the confidently, hard-driving Jupiter Pluto opposition Saturn of the depression generation which produced quite a few innovative go-ers. Rupert Murdoch was born a month earlier with a Pisces Sun but that T Square onto Uranus. Certainly not short of initiative.

Ruiz-Mateos constructed a complicated pyramid of shell companies which eventually collapsed, a self-constructed Ponzi scheme. Like Madoff he had a very marked 9th Harmonic. In R-M's case with a Grand Square linking Mars to Saturn Neptune and Venus Jupiter. With a mini-Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto, sextile Venus Jupiter.
Australia: Abbott & Turnbull - all systems change again  From: Marjorie(14 Sep 2015 13:32): 
Australia is to have a new prime minister after Tony Abbott was defeated as leader of the Liberal Party in a sudden, forced poll by cabinet minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Abbott's Term chart, 18 Sept 2013 10.35am is certainly spot on with the Uranus Pluto square moving to close to exact now. And that is most often a topple-off-perch influence on these charts. It always looked like being a rough ride for him with a Cardinal Grand Cross of Uranus opposition Mercury square Pluto opposition Jupiter - so revolving crises. And an 'unlucky' and unpopular Saturn Venus square Mars and sextile Pluto. Plus a disappointing 4th house Moon Neptune. The unaspected Virgo Sun was conjunct Sunday's Solar Eclipse.

Abbott's personal chart has a major jolt from Solar Arc opposition Saturn. Though he'll bounce again from Jan 2016 and is looking more upbeat thereafter. Lots of new opportunities.

Abbott ousted Turnbull as Liberal leader in 2009 so maybe the musical chairs will continue. They are certainly not well matched as colleagues - with MT's Saturn conjunct TA's Scorpio Sun; and MT's Sun Neptune conjunct TA's Mars Neptune - so blocked and undermining.

Malcolm Turnbull, 24 Oct 1954, is an ego-centric, lucky, adventurous type with his Scorpio Sun on the focal point of a T Square of Jupiter Uranus opposition Mars. He's forging ahead confidently certainly from December onwards for a year or so. By 2017 his Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct his Sun which will run him into a road block and worse by 2018 with Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars. He may chance his arm in 2017 and step across a line which backfires.
Saturn Neptune - workers and womens rights  From: Marjorie(14 Sep 2015 11:06): 
A thought struck me apropos of the last post. The upcoming tr Saturn square tr Neptune from this autumn till late 2016 has been historically associated with the fight for workers' rights. Summary from The Astrological History of the World.
'Neptune's compassion for the victim meets Saturn's ability to organize in a constructive way. If the balance is wrong, however, then Saturn's authoritarian need to exert order and maintain the status quo can completely crush the Neptunian dream.
The English Peasants' Revolt during the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aries in 1381, demanding an end to serfdom was suppressed and its leader, Wat Tyler, beheaded. Two conjunctions later, in Virgo, Irish rebel Jack Cade leading the Kent and Essex peasants' revolt, was also killed. Another two conjunctions further on, in Pisces in 1524, there were extensive peasants' revolts in Germany.
By 1845 with Saturn-Neptune in tolerant Aquarius, Engels was writing The Condition of the Working Class in England. Still under the same influence, the Irish potato-crop failure of the following year drew attention to the plight of the starving and the suffering. By the next conjunction in Taurus in 1881, British prime minister William Gladstone had passed the Irish Land Act to prevent excessively high rents, although the outrages of 1882, when 10,500 Irish farming families were evicted, gave every indication that Saturnine rigidity and greed still held sway. In the United States, the American Federation of Labor was founded in Pittsburgh in 1881.
One conjunction on, in 1917 in Leo, striking Russian workers rose up, and were joined by soldiers to overthrow the last feudal tsardom.
During the last Saturn-Neptune conjunction of the 20th century, in Capricorn in 1989, Solidarity, the Polish workers' party, came to power in democratic elections. The fall of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe freed workers to control their own lives and government. There was also mass rehabilitation of Russian citizens who were victims of Stalin's brutal purges, Stalin himself having succumbed on the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 1953. Also in 1989, the Tiananmen Square demonstration in China, staged by students and workers, was brutally suppressed, resulting in 2000 deaths. In Britain just a year later there were the violent Poll Tax Riots, the first serious mass revolt against the government in decades.'

Admittedly also apropos the below the Saturn Neptune square also fostered the rise of women so Corbyn is definitely half out of step.
More UK politics - 1970s retrospective  From: Marjorie(14 Sep 2015 10:14): 
Apologies to non-Brits for boring on about the minutiae of UK opposition politics. But it hasn't been this much (black) fun in a long time.
Jeremy Corbyn, the unreconstructed Marxist who won the Labour leadership on Saturday has now managed to pick an old-style male dominated top shadow cabinet, and put in his buddy hard-liner John McDonnell as shadow chancellor against all advice from within the party.

McDonnell, 8 September 1951, is a Sun, Venus, Mercury in Virgo with an angry Mars Pluto in Leo and a pie-in-the-sky, rebellious Jupiter opposition Neptune square Uranus; with a Sagittarius Moon. He looks discouraged with tr Saturn square his Virgo planets and conjunct his Moon over the next twelve months +. 2017 looks his nadir with tr Pluto square his Neptune.
His relationship with Corbyn has a friendly composite Sun Venus Mercury so generally positive but there's also an explosive Mars Uranus conjunction. They are ploughing through heavy seas either within or without their relationship in 2016 with the prospect of a parting of the ways mid year or beyond.

Len McCluskey, the heavyweight union boss of UNITE, a Corbyn supporter, is threatening militant action when the Tories Trade Union Reform bill comes up which wants to limit strikes unless voted for by fifty percent of the work force involved. Last year he threatened to leave the Labour Party altogether under Ed Miliband if he didn't get what he wanted.
Born 23 July 1950, McCluskey has a really sticky and panicky time coming up with tr Saturn square his Jupiter late this year; then a depressed slog with tr Pluto trine his Saturn in 2016/17; plus an insecure, volatile tr Uranus opposition his Mars; and confused and disappointing tr Pluto square his Neptune and Mars/Neptune midpoint in 2015/16; then tr Pluto squares his Mars in 2017 which is enraged and frustrated.

His relationship with Jeremy Corbyn has a struggle-for-the-upper-hand composite Jupiter opposition Pluto; and an evasive Mercury square Neptune and a needs-space Sun Uranus conjunction.
More problematic in many ways is McCluskey's relationship with Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson. That chart has an argumentative composite Sun Mars conjunction opposition Venus which is under massive strain from tr Uranus square tr Pluto over the next two years and beyond; and indeed may part company altogether in 2016.

Unite, the UK's biggest trade union, was founded by amalgamation on 1 May 2007 and it certainly looks spoiling for a fight over the next three years with tr Pluto sextile Mars Uranus in 2016 to 2018; and a confident/over confident rules-don't-apply-to-us Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Pluto in 2017. There could certainly be a major confrontation with the government before Cameron's Term is finished.
Labour Party (UK) - melting down  From: Marjorie(13 Sep 2015 14:06): 
I've been using a 1906 chart for the UK Labour Party but I'm not sure that 26 February 1900 doesn't work better given the seismic events of this last week.
On that tr Neptune is exactly conjunct the Pisces Sun and moving to square Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius over the next two years; with tr Saturn square Sun and conjunct Jupiter later this year and conjunct Uranus in 2016. So major panic, uncertainty and confusion.

Jeremy Corbyn's relationship with this chart is strained with a composite Sun inconjunct Uranus and hostile with a Mars square Pluto. This will get rattled up considerably from next spring onwards.

Whether his being elected leader on an eclipse makes a difference I don't know. None of the previous leaders I looked at was elected on an eclipse, including Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock. Tony Blair and David Cameron both won their leadership contests on a Grand Trine; and Maggie Thatcher on a mini Grand Trine and a ferocious T square.

The Virgo Eclipse falls in the UK's 12th house so not any obvious consequences. On the Labour Party 1900 chart it will square Pluto Neptune and oppose Mercury - so more tremors from that.
Mecca crane collapse - Saturn square Mars  From: Marjorie(13 Sep 2015 14:04): 
A crane collapsed onto the Grand Mosque in Mecca in the midst of a severe sand and rain storm killing 107 worshippers who had arrived prior to the Haj Pilgrimage.

Incidents are not unknown at the Haj, the worst being in 1990 when nearly 1500 were killed in a stampede and there have been others since.

The collapse happened at 5.24pm local time on 11 September 2015. This puts Jupiter Moon in Virgo opposition Neptune square the Sagittarius MC - so perhaps an indication of carelessness. There are indications it may have been due to shoddy workmanship. Saturn in the religious 9th squares Mars which is accident prone. The Sun aspects the Mars/Pluto midpoint which is certainly destructive.

This weekend's Virgo Solar Eclipse certainly catches the 1902 Saudi Arabia chart with its Uranus at 19 Sag opposition Pluto square Moon. And the Lunar Eclipse later this month will hard aspect the Cancer Moon of the 1932 chart.

The real problems looming for Saudi Arabia look focussed on 2017 and beyond; though with some jolts next year.
Corbyn and Watson - left-wingers triumph  From: Marjorie(12 Sep 2015 13:42): 
Left-winger and rebel Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour (opposition) leadership in the UK by a landslide. His win was announced at 11.42am this morning. The Deputy Leadership went to Tom Watson (11.28am), a former union official and known as a 'bullying ally' of Gordon Brown. He is expected to keep Corbyn's feet on the ground.

Corbyn's leadership chart has Jupiter Moon Sun in Virgo in the 10th, so certainly confident and communicative. Though Jupiter Moon oppose a 4th house Neptune so not always realistic, leading to disappointment amongst the troops. There's Uranus opposition Mercury square a 3rd house Pluto so there will be intense and at times hostile discussions and perhaps a tendency to try to over-control the narrative within the party. There's also a Mars square Saturn which usually means success is more difficult to achieve and there will be setbacks, mishaps and mistakes.
It'll be especially under strain in December when tr Saturn squares Jupiter and Neptune; and through 2016 tr Neptune will square oppose the Moon exactly which will bring losses and muddles. But for all that it doesn't look like collapsing instantly as some suggested in advance. 2017 will see tr Pluto square Uranus which might start a major wobble.

Tom Watson's Deputy Leadership chart is much the same though Mars in Leo is closer to the MC from the 9th so likely to be noisier and more aggressive.

They are very different personalities. Corbyn, 26 May 1949, is an Airy Sun Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus in Gemini with Jupiter in Aquarius and Neptune in Libra. He has also got a Yod of Saturn sextile Uranus inconjunct Jupiter which can make him disorganised and impractical. Though interestingly Bil Tierney says: 'Usually due to a seemingly providential twist of fate, the individual is presented with greater opportunities to take part in a larger social pattern of ideal development - with extended social influence.' Which fits when he was only put on the election ticket as a no-hoper to broaden the debate.

Tom Watson, 8 Jan 1967, is a Sun Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra and trine/sextile Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn. So a much more heavyweight, ambitious and angry personality. Superficially it's a reasonable match with TW's Venus conjunct JC's Jupiter. But otherwise its tricky with TW's Uranus Pluto and Saturn squaring JC's Mercury Venus and trine/sextile JC's Mars in Taurus. Plus both their Mars Neptune cross overs are not good which means not mutually supportive.

Their relationship chart has a high-hopes but impractical Jupiter opposition Neptune squaring onto an explosive Mars Uranus. It'll run into real problems from mid 2016, worsening in 2017.
HC Strache - driven to upset the status quo  From: Marjorie(11 Sep 2015 16:55): 
HC Strache, the leader of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party is expected to do well in the October Vienna elections. Vienna being both a city and a federal province, the Mayor of Vienna also becomes Federal Governor (as I understand it). It is the most populous city in Austria housing a third of the population.

In the previous elections the Freedom Party (FPO) polled about 25%, second to the Social Democrats who polled 44%.

The migrant crisis may well serve in Strache's favour since many thousands are crossing Austria trying to get to Germany.

Strache, born 12 June 1969, a dental technician by training, was a disciple of the pro-Nazi late Jorg Haider. There's no birth time which is a pity. He's a Sun Gemini square Pluto Jupiter Uranus in Virgo opposition North Node - so egocentric, confident and a destabiliser. His Taurus Moon may also be trine Uranus Pluto Jupiter; and it opposes Neptune. He has an angry Mercury in Gemini opposition Mars; and Venus Saturn in Taurus.

There's not much cheer on his chart (without the axis) and a confused, lacklustre tr Saturn conjunct Mars/Neptune over the election; plus a frustrated tr Pluto trine Sun/Mars. There could be more positive influences if we knew his birth time. But on this it doesn't look too upbeat.

The FPO, 23 April 2005, equally doesn't have much of note going on.

The Austria country chart, 12 Nov 1918 4pm Vienna, does have tr Uranus square the MC this year which does suggest a radical change of direction, along with a fairly negative mood from Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Mercury and tr Saturn square Moon over the election suggesting a depressed population. Though tr Pluto opposing Jupiter through 2015/16 will bring some uplifting moments from early 2016 on and off to the end.

I haven't time at the moment but there's something about Air signs and fanatical right wingers. Jorg Haider was a Sun Jupiter Venus in Aquarius with 2 planets in Libra and from memory looking at recent US neo-Nazis there was a fair sprinkling of Air signs.
Northern Ireland - back on the brink  From: Marjorie(10 Sep 2015 18:05): 
The power sharing government of Northern Ireland has collapsed following allegations that Sinn Fein members were linked to a murder of a former IRA man last month. The disbandment of the IRA was an absolute condition for the Coalition Government being formed.

The Good Friday Agreement, 10 April 1998 5pm Belfast, always did look to be entering its' most unstable and dangerous phase this year with tr Uranus conjunct the Aries Sun this year and moving in 2016 to conjunct Saturn and Mars the following year. Plus tr Saturn moving in hard aspect round the Mutable T Square of Venus Jupiter opposition North Node square Pluto from this November till late 2016.

The Northern Ireland 28 Sept 1912 chart is also facing a challenging and high-risk couple of years with tr Pluto square the Mars in 2016/17; and before then tr Saturn conjunct Jupiter late this year dampening confidence. Then 2017/2018 tr Uranus will wend its way in hard aspect round the Cardinal Grand Cross of Uranus opposition Neptune square Moon opposition Venus which will be jolting, nervy and fanatical. And Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct Mars by 2018 which is stuck, scary and dangerous. Not good prospects.
Solar Eclipse - Virgo worrywart  From: Marjorie(10 Sep 2015 11:42): 
The Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo on 13th September this year is in Saros series 18 North which occurred before in 1997, 1979, 1961, 1943, 1925 and 1907.

Bernadette Brady says (The Eagle and the Lark): A high stress level - so taxing of strength. Requires effort; can be illness or accident-prone. Physical concern, worry, obsessive thinking.

There are no aspects to the New Moon except for a quincunx to Uranus. That will certainly contribute to some stress but isn't too major. All other aspects don't link into the Eclipse itself - irritable, accident-prone Mars square Saturn; disruptive Uranus square Pluto and bubble-bursting/'false happiness'Jupiter opposition Neptune - which is a help.

Set for Brussels (EU) it puts Pluto on the IC. Set for Washington, DC it puts Uranus conjunct MC.

The Total Lunar Eclipse of 28 September at 4 degrees Aries/Libra is more problematic with the Full Moon squaring onto Pluto which will be intense, resentful, overly controlling; and a Mars opposition Neptune square Saturn which looks panicky, highly strung, nervy, self-righteous and nit-picking.
Jeb Bush pleased to lose? - Donald Trump astro-cartography  From: Marjorie(10 Sep 2015 11:40): 
Jeb Bush has a very negative tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint over the November 2016 election which will certainly be a major setback. And that's also around through July/August 2016 which is presumably when the selection is made. So perhaps his cheer over the Inauguration is ducking the bullet and having more palatable opportunities around.

Just to depress you further over Trump. On his astro-cartography his Mars MC (going to war line) runs slap bang through Moscow, down through Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique. His Pluto MC line geographically close by runs right down through central Africa from Libya south.

Trump has a very obvious Mars in Leo in the 1st. Obama has a hidden Mars in Virgo in the 8th and his Mars MC line runs through Japan and Australia, which are less likely targets for aggressive action.
Dolly Parton - an enduring marriage  From: Marjorie(08 Sep 2015 15:12): 
Dolly Parton, the country singer and actress, will celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary next May with her reclusive husband Carl Dean making a rare appearance at her side.

Born 19 Jan 1946 8.23pm Little River, Tennessee, she grew up as one of 11 siblings in a poor family and has since had an amazingly prolific career and built up a considerable business empire. She has her Sun Venus and Mercury all in Capricorn in the performing 5th house which will make her bubbly, entertaining and attention-seeking. But it's not all been easy since those Capricorn planets are opposed by a hard Saturn Mars conjunction in Cancer. Though that opposition does square onto a 2nd house Jupiter in Libra, contributing to her estimated $300 million wealth. Her Virgo Moon is hidden in the 12th. She has Uranus on her Midheaven trine Neptune - so destined for a different career and a creative one. A predominantly Cardinal chart will give her oodles of initiative.

Her husband was born 20 July 1942 and is like Linda Gray's the exact opposite - a Cancer Sun with Mercury Jupiter also in Cancer. His Venus in Gemini trines her Jupiter and his Libra Moon will also connect - all of which is good. His Venus and Jupiter in her 10th will have been very supportive o9f her career. His Saturn Uranus in Gemini square her Moon which isn't wonderful but does suit a work-first and fairly separated relationship.

Their relationship chart has a steady composite Sun sextile Saturn and improved with Sun trine Jupiter with Saturn as the focal point. Saturn gives longevity; Jupiter gives encouragement. Mind you it wouldn't all be easy since there's a simmering-hostility Mars Pluto conjunction on the focal point of Neptune trine Uranus; with the composite Sun square Mars. So there will have been tense times along the way.

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