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Oliver Sacks - thinking out of the box  From: Marjorie(30 Aug 2015 14:17): 
Oliver Sacks, the British neurologist and author - Awakenings, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat etc - has died. Born 9 July 1933 to a physician father and a surgeon mother, he moved to the US to practise when in his twenties. He wrote on Tourette's and Parkinson's, as well as autism and people who have hallucinations and his very readable books have been made into films and an opera.

He was a Sun Pluto in Cancer with Pluto square Uranus, so a revolutionary in his way who had a childhood in troubled times during WW11. He also had a Yod of Sun sextile Jupiter in Virgo quincunx Saturn in scientific Aquarius. So his sense of never fitting in found an outlet in his unique professional talents and interests.

He lived alone for most of his life, described himself as severely shy and only started a relationship a few years ago.
Xi Jinping - hitting a bump on the road  From: Marjorie(30 Aug 2015 14:16): 
Reports are out, even in the government-friendly Chinese media, of internal political problems for President Xi Jinping in the wake of the recent economic jitters and his anti-corruption clear-out of high officials. There's concern that he is strengthening his position to stay in power indefinitely.

Born 1 June 1953 he's certainly got challenges and heavy pressures on him at the moment with high risk as Solar Arc Mars is conjunct his Pluto. There are upheavals as well from tr Uranus trine his Pluto. Into November he has tr Saturn opposing his Jupiter and dampening his confidence. Tr Saturn continues on to oppose his Sun late this December. Then into 2016 tr Neptune will square his Sun with tr Saturn returning to oppose again across mid year which looks a definite slump. Plus more upsets from tr Pluto opposing his Uranus in 2016/17 so it'll be a hair-raising phase for him.
Neither his Confirmation nor his Presidency charts look terminal. 15 Nov 2012 11.54 am; 14 March 2013 11.51am. Though they do look humbled and much less confident for the next 18 months.
Colin Fry - a Neptunian who walked his own road  From: Marjorie(30 Aug 2015 14:15): 
Colin Fry has died who was a spiritualist medium with his own television show. Born 19 May 1962, he was a Sun Taurus square Uranus so definitely cut out for a life different than the norm. And with Uranus trine Mars in Aries would need an exciting life. His Jupiter in Pisces was in a confident opposition to Pluto. His Neptune was heavily aspected being on the point of a T Square to Saturn in Aquarius opposition North Node, and trine Jupiter and 75 degrees from Uranus. His Uranus also aspected his 'supernatural' Neptune/Pluto midpoint.
There's no birth time which is a pity since houses would make a considerable difference with his talents. He'd almost certainly have 8th house planets and possibly 12th.

Derek Acorah, another English medium, was born 27 January 1950 and also has a marked Neptune. His is trine his Jupiter Venus in Aquarius, square his Mercury, and sextile his Pluto. He's a Sun Aquarius trine Mars in Libra; with Mars square Uranus.
Sean Connery - golden oldie  From: Marjorie(28 Aug 2015 14:12): 
Sean Connery was 85 on Aug 25th and appears to be living in quiet retirement in the Bahamas, after a long and staggeringly successful career. He came from a poor Edinburgh family, tried his hand at various jobs, including the Navy, took up body building, then got a part on the chorus line of South Pacific, worked in rep theatre and got small film roles. Then hit the big time after 10 years when he landed the role of James Bond, which he hated. Though it gave him the freedom to act in other films of his choice like The Hill.

Born 25 Aug 1930 6.05pm Edinburgh, he has an 8th house Sun Neptune in Virgo with Moon Mercury in Virgo in the 9th. Neptune in the 8th is an archetypal film star placing.

But what is eye-catching about his chart is the abundance of Cardinal planets giving him an overdose of initiative and restlessness, suiting him for a constantly changing lifestyle. He has a confident Pluto Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th square Uranus in Aries in the 3rd opposition Venus in Libra in the 9th - and Saturn in Capricorn on his Ascendant.

His 9th house Moon certainly suggests living abroad during his life and a Venus in the 9th suggests foreign romantic partners. His first wife Diane Cilento was Australian, his present wife Micheline is French-Moroccan.
His hard working Mars in Gemini in the 6th squares his Moon Mercury - making him fairly irritable and inclined to snap. Moon Mars usually indicates anger issues around mother.

There is a story from Edna O'Brien and Diane Cilento that he was given LSD (then legal) by psychotherapist RD Laing in 1964 to help him cope with anxiety and break through his defences. It gave him a bad trip which resulted in memories erupting of arguments with his mother when he was a child. At that point his Moon had moved by Solar Arc to trine his Mars and tr Uranus Pluto in Virgo were moving through his 8th which would certainly bring up deeply buried concerns.

Oddly enough when the Bond franchise took off in 1962 his tr Saturn was in his normally low-profile 1st quadrant. For a few individuals this clearly doesn't hold good.

On astro-cartography his success lines run through Los Angeles and New York.

His Sun, Venus, Uranus and Neptune also aspect his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and his Uranus/Pluto midpoint - so he had the confidence, talent and luck to make a huge change in his life. His Jupiter Pluto are also trine his sexy Scorpio Midheaven. His creative 5th, 7th and super-star 22nd Harmonics are strong.

One of the last of the old proper stars.
Huma Abedin - backed into a corner  From: Marjorie(28 Aug 2015 14:11): 
Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's staffer and confidante is coming under scrutiny as HC's emails have been released, about whether there was a conflict of interest in 2012 when Abedin worked for the State Department and the Clinton Foundation and another outside consultancy body.

Born 28 July 1976 in Michigan, she's a Sun Saturn Venus Mercury and perhaps Moon in Leo; with Sun Saturn square Uranus and Mercury (Moon) square Jupiter in Taurus. With Mars in Virgo.

Her Mars is under a great deal of pressure through August and till the end of November with a stuck, frustrated and scary tr Pluto trine Mars. Plus a major shock/collision from Solar Arc Sun conjunct Mars. Plus tr Uranus is exactly opposition her Solar Arc Mars now which is highly insecure. Coming soon there's also a Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Neptune which is nerve-wracked and anxious.

Her relationship chart with Hillary looks decidedly down in the dumps with tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter now till the end of the month and then in a jolting square to the Uranus till September 19th. With tr Saturn moving to square Pluto in Jan 2016 and the composite Sun late 2016.

Huma Abedin is married to Anthony Weiner, a politician involved in two sexting scandals who is now a lobbyist. Their relationship chart looks very uncertain and defensive at the moment.

Plotting Huma Abedin's chart on Hillary's (8 am birth time) it puts Huma's hard working Mars in Hillary's 10th and Huma's Jupiter in Hillary's 7th - which sounds about right for a supportive staffer and might confirm the birt time.
Vester Flanagan - afflicted Saturn and Mars  From: Marjorie(27 Aug 2015 14:33): 
Vester Flanagan, the shooter of the TV reporter and cameraman in Virginia was born 8 Oct 1973 (net sources). He had a history of mental and employment problems, was quick to take offence especially over supposed racial slights and, according to his social media postings, incensed after the Charleston Church shootings.

He was a Sun Uranus in Libra with six planets and maybe Moon all in early degrees of different signs, so a highly complex series of aspects. His Saturn in Cancer was in a tough, deprived square to Pluto, sextile determined Mars, inconjunct Jupiter in Aquarius and inconjunct Neptune in Sagittarius. So a strained Yod of the most difficult variety putting more strain on an already loaded Saturn.

He also possibly had a fantasy-prone Water Grand Trine of Mercury in intense Scorpio trine Saturn trine a Pisces Moon, formed into a Kite by an angry Mercury opposition Mars. So Mars in Taurus would be the driving planet and was further amplified being square Jupiter and inconjunct Pluto.

His Mars was opposition the delusional Neptune/Pluto midpoint and his Neptune aspected three of his Mars midpoints, including the aggressive Mars/Saturn and Mars/Pluto. So anger mixed up with illusions.

He seemed to have had a personal grudge against Alison Parker, 19 Aug 1991 and Adam Ward, 12 Jan 1988 who were his victims. She was a lively, confident Sun Jupiter in Leo square Pluto; and Adam was a Sun Capricorn square Jupiter in Aries - so both upbeat personalities of whom, in his unhappiness, he was perhaps envious.
Both the relationship charts between him and his victims had stressed composite Mars in aspect to Pluto and Uranus on one; and to Saturn Venus on the other.

Another senseless tragedy.
Lebanon - Pluto into the 4th and a collision of Yods  From: Marjorie(26 Aug 2015 14:07): 
There have been major street demonstrations in Beirut, Lebanon over uncollected rubbish and a generally incompetent national unity government. It turned violent when the police used water cannons and rubber bullets and the protesters threw rocks.

Lebanon has had a tortuous history through the Ottoman Empire and then getting messed about by French colonial interests in the Middle East post-WW1. After a few false starts it gained independence on 1 January 1944 presumably at 12am. The USA has been funnelling weapons the way of the Lebanese army to help them fight ISIL and Al Quaeda affiliated groups fighting on their borders.

The 1944 chart has tr Pluto sitting exactly on the IC at the moment which would fit with a mutinous population and pressures for domestic change. Those will be ongoing for many years to come as tr Pluto moves through the 4th till late next decade. The domestic population is also unhappy about the flood of refugees from Syria and elsewhere. Lebanon largely missed the Arab Spring of 2011 though this outbreak of public anger has the potential to turn into something much larger.
Tr Uranus is opposition the Solar Arc Pluto, which natally is on one leg of a Yod of Pluto sextile Mars Uranus inconjunct Sun - so it could be a game changer. Tr Saturn is also moving to oppose the Lebanon Mars Uranus this November which will be scrappy and irritable.

The country chart has a second Yod of Jupiter sextile Saturn inconjunct Mercury. The Jupiter has moved by Solar Arc to square the natal Pluto - so merging the energy of those two strained Yods - in this instance bringing a struggle for the upper hand.

The situation in Lebanon is marginally different to other Middle Eastern countries since it doesn't have an autocratic monarch or a dictator, just a shambles of corrupt and inept politicians. I'd imagine the USA are focussed on keeping up attacks on militant Islamists which will require a functioning government of some sort.
The End of Days - again!  From: Marjorie(26 Aug 2015 13:00): 
Sigh. Some people just love scaring themselves and those of a neurotic persuasion witless. We're back round to another - 'the world will end in an apocalypse' - around September 23 this year as a major asteroid hits earth. NASA has even been provoked into issuing a statement saying not so. Other possibility evidently is that CERN, the EU Nuclear Research lab in Switzerland will blow up.

September 23rd itself has the Sun on the cusp of Libra conjunct the North Node but there's nothing too dramatic about it. The Ingress chart set for Switzerland has a charming Venus Mars in Leo in the 10th and a friendly 11th house Sun; and nothing much pass remarkable about it either.

The 13th September Solar Eclipse at 20 Virgo has no awkward aspects to the New Moon - except for an inconjunct to Uranus. There is a Mars square Saturn and trine Uranus which is accident prone but my impression is that aspects to the Eclipse itself, which this is not, are the troublesome ones. Bernadette Brady does say of this Eclipse that it is high stress and taxing; and will promote worry or obsessive thinking.

The Lunar Eclipse of 28 September again has little aspecting the Full Moon though there is an awkward Mars (Jupiter) opposition Neptune square Saturn.

CERN was set up on 29 September 1954. There's nothing much of note on that except for the Lunar Eclipse being in aspect to the Libra Sun. Certainly it's having a challenging three years with tr Uranus square its Mars this year and in 2016/17 tr Pluto conjunct - which doesn't look too encouraging but nothing exact in September.
Rio Olympics - muddy waters  From: Marjorie(25 Aug 2015 15:48): 
There are always horror stories running into any Olympics with fears of stadiums and accommodation being unfinished in time and safety concerns about catastrophes which somehow never quite manage to happen. Athens being a case in point.

Rio de Janeiro is now being hit with accusations that the lake for rowing events for 2016 is contaminated with human sewage, dead fish and general debris, causing young rowers over for a test run to come down with stomach bugs. The 2016 event may have to move out to the ocean.

The Opening Ceremony is due to start at 6pm on 5 Aug 2016 which puts an accident-prone, bad tempered Mars Saturn in Sagittarius on the point of a T Square to Moon Ascendant Neptune in Pisces opposition Node Venus in Virgo. With Venus Jupiter Mercury in the 7th. So there will be charm aplenty and a fountain of Piscean creativity to welcome in the event along with high nervous tension, some disorganisation and a tendency to lose cool at the wrong moment.

Rio de Janeiro was founded by the Portuguese on 1 March 1565 (OS) which makes it a Sun Mercury Pluto and Moon in Pisces square Uranus in Sagittarius opposition Neptune in Gemini. So it's always been a city of high-wire tension, constant change, scandal and grandiose ambitions. There's also a passionate Mars Venus in liberated Aquarius in a hard opposition to Saturn in wannabe-important Leo. So there's a mystic rectangle from those two oppositions.

Rio certainly looks shaken up at the time of the Olympics with Solar Arc Pluto having moved to conjunct Neptune in the run up and square the Neptune/Uranus midpoint in 2016 - and the tr Saturn Mars in Sagittarius opposing Neptune and Solar Arc Pluto over the opening and then conjunct Uranus on the way through. So there will be some explosive moments.
Kyril Zinovieff - fate and luck  From: Marjorie(24 Aug 2015 17:56): 
A man with an extraordinary life, fated to be at the centre of the two great conflicts of the 20th century, has died aged 104. Kyril Zinovieff was a Russian aristocrat who fled the Russian revolution with his family as a boy and was so starved the doctors thought he wouldn't live long. One of his sisters died at 103.
Then in 1939 he was working for the British Foreign Office in Prague when the Germans invaded and he had to escape again over the back wall.

Born 11 September 1910 he was a Sun Mars in Virgo trine Uranus trine North Node in Taurus, formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition Neptune. So an Earth Grand Trine focussed on Neptune as the driving planet. He also had a lucky Jupiter on the focal point of the Uranus opposition Neptune.
The North Node is often thought of as the point that connects individuals to the zeitgeist and all bar two of his planets aspect Node midpoints and the Node is also tired into that central configuration of his chart. There's also a T Square of Chiron opposition Venus in Leo square Node. So a very tied together chart.
His 16th Harmonic is particularly marked which is the one which attracts catastrophes though also gives amazing resilience.
Football - Rooney, Ronaldo and Gareth Bale aiming high  From: Marjorie(24 Aug 2015 17:55): 
Footballer Wayne Rooney who plays for Man United and England is a Sun Pluto in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius so stubborn, intense and confident. Born 24 Oct 1985 (no birth time), there's not much showing on his birth chart though late Sept/Oct/Nov don't look too go- ahead until late Oct when he picks up some cheer for a few weeks.

Gareth Bale is a Welsh footballer, now with real Madrid. Born 16 July 1989, he's highly rated and deemed to have a good future ahead of him. He's certainly hitting the heights in 2017 when his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct his Sun and tr Uranus is conjunct his Jupiter/Node. Though there are bits of 2016 into 2017 which will be a real slog, slow going and uncertain (comparatively speaking).

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese Captain of Real Madrid, is talked of as the best footballer in the world. Born 5 Feb 1985 5.25 am Funchal, Portugal, he has a 2nd house Aquarius Sun, a 3rd house Mars Venus in Aries and a controlling 10th house Pluto which squares his 8th house Leo Moon. He likes earning money and will dislike sharing the driving seat with anyone.
Gareth Bale's Mars in Leo is conjunct CR's Mon and opposes CR's Sun - so an argumentative interface and GB's Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn is conjunct CR's Ascendant so he'll be a disturbing influence for CR's image.
Their relationship chart has a power-struggling composite Sun opposition Pluto; and a bad tempered Mars Venus opposition Saturn. 2016 will be especially uneasy between them with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on that opposition.
Ronaldo is having a few ups and downs, bad tempered patches, maybe accidents later this year and is looking increasingly frustrated and indeed enraged through 2016 with tr Saturn square Sun/Mars and tr Pluto conjunct Sun/Uranus which looks like setbacks and huge upheavals. 2017 is worse for him with Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto and tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Pluto in 2017 - that is totally stuck.
Finance - FTSE, Dow and China  From: Marjorie(24 Aug 2015 09:57): 
A very brief look at a few of the finance charts.

The FTSE, now just over 6000 down from a high of 7000 earlier this year, has tr Saturn conjunct the Solar Arc Mars now till the end of this month and then tr Saturn conjunct Jupiter/Pluto till September 19th. That's on the First Trade 3 Jan 1984 10 am chart. So the downward slide will continue for a few weeks. With more discouragement from tr Saturn conjunct Venus in October.

The Dow Jones has tr Saturn conjunct the Solar Arc Jupiter in the first three weeks of September which is not encouraging and tr Saturn square Sun/Uranus at the moment - so edgy and depressed. With more blips in November with tr Saturn opposition Sun and continuing on to oppose Pluto in early 2016.

The Bank of China, 1 Dec 1948, chart has the uncertain, panicky tr Pluto square Neptune on and off till late 2016; as well as the tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on their Sagittarius Sun in Dec/Jan 2016. So the bad news is likely to drag on.

On general aspects: for the post 2008 crash tr Pluto has just moved into Capricorn for the first time in 250 years which was one trigger. There was also the Uranus opposition Saturn which is generally a harbinger of an economic downturn. So a double whammy. There's nothing as stark coming before the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2019 and it'll be followed in 2020 by the Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction which should ease the pain a bit.
P.S. Other thought. There is a Jupiter opposition Neptune coming up in September and with more vigour when it repeats in June 2016 squaring onto Saturn. Jupiter Neptune is often a financial bubble-bursting influence.
Shoreham Plane crash - Saturn Pluto  From: Marjorie(24 Aug 2015 09:56): 
A Hawker Hunter jet crashed during an aerial display at a show on Saturday landing on a nearby road with 11 definitely dead and the number expected to rise.
The crash happened at 1.20pm in Shoreham, England when Jupiter was within a degree of being conjunct the Midheaven. That is similar to 9/11 which had Jupiter MC as well, not quite what you'd expect.
I've been puzzling over the chart and the best I can come up with is that Saturn in Scorpio was semi-square Pluto - and the Sun was square Saturn (and Moon) and 135 degrees from Pluto; with the Sun/Moon midpoint also aspecting both Saturn and Pluto.

The 5th, 7th, 16th and especially 18th Harmonics all look violent.
Taylor Swift - travelling hopefully  From: Marjorie(22 Aug 2015 09:47): 
Taylor Swift, the stratospherically successful singer/songwriter (see previous posts) is dating her record producer and DJ Calvin Harris. She was born 13 Dec 1989 and he 17 Jan 1984.

She's a Sun Sagittarius conjunct his Venus and Jupiter in Sag which is a lovely cross over. She has a ferociously determined Mars Pluto in Scorpio and he has Mars Pluto Saturn in Scorpio - so they will understand each other's darker side. She has the triple conjunction in early Capricorn along with Mercury opposition Jupiter, maybe Moon, in Cancer and he a late degree Capricorn Sun and a Cancer Moon. So there are great similarities between them and genuine affection. Though neither are easy personalities.

Their relationship chart has a romantic composite Sun Venus Neptune conjunction opposition Moon square Jupiter - the Jupiter will help to smooth over difficult moments. Neptune's more difficult side may be soaked up somewhat in the music business. There's also a power-struggling Mars Pluto conjunction. There's nothing to suggest an imminent split, so could work for a while. She's had a very chequered emotional history.
Josh Duggar - a train wreck  From: Marjorie(22 Aug 2015 09:46): 
Josh Duggar, one of the 19 kids of the Reality TV Duggar family has been outed as an Ashley Madison cheater, despite being in to a deeply committed Christian marriage with 2 kids. The TV show was cancelled when it emerged he had abused several of his sisters as a teenager. The parents are strict Baptists and don't believe in birth control; and named all their nine girls and 10 boys with names starting with J. Freaky or what?

Josh Duggar was born 3 March 1988 and has the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn with Mars right in the middle of it - and that unholy, highly strung, and enraged collection is further emphasised sitting on the focal point of a controlling Pisces Sun trine Pluto. His Sun opposes a Virgo Moon suggesting incompatible parents and an inability to decide what he really wants. Plus an upfront Venus Jupiter in Aries.

He looks like an emotional coach-crash with a truly horrible childhood behind him. His father Jim Bob and mother Michelle both have the Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto sitting on top of his Sun opposition Moon, with his father's closest, and that looks suppressive and erratic. JimB's Mars in Libra squares Josh's Capricorn planets so a considerable clash there.

Those close say Josh's wife will do the Christian thing and stand by him. Hallelujah. He needs a ten year intensive therapy to sort all that mess out.
Caitlyn Jenner - not a harmonious transition  From: Marjorie(22 Aug 2015 09:45): 
Caitlyn Jenner may be facing misdemeanour vehicular manslaughter charges over an accident earlier this year in which a woman died. It goes to the DA this week and could carry a year's jail sentence.

Born 28 Oct 1949 6.16am Mount Kisco, NYork, she's got tr Saturn square her Mars after mid September which looks like a major setback. Plus tr Pluto square her Neptune and Solar Arc MC in Jan 2016 and on and off till late 2016 which is uncertain and highly anxious. Plus a really draggy and depressed tr Pluto trine her Saturn from Feb 2016 for two years. Not a great time ahead.
Serena Williams - major changes and more success  From: Marjorie(22 Aug 2015 09:44): 
Serena Williams sails on regardless at the top of the women's tennis league of champions. Born 26 Sept 1981 8.28pm Saginaw, MI, US, she has five planets in the hard working though also health-conscious 6th - Sun Saturn Jupiter Pluto Mercury in Libra. She has had a fair run of injuries in the past and her sister Venus has an auto-immune disease which is at the moment prompting her to consider medicine as a post-retirement career.

She does have Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Uranus, exact in two months' time, which does suggest a major change in plans and relationships. And tr Uranus square her 17 degree Capricorn MC with tr Pluto conjunct in 2016/17 which does suggest a career switch.

But she's also got tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter this year and tr Pluto square her Jupiter in 2016/17 which looks like a successful run ahead. There are a few downers this autumn/winter and in 2016. But more upbeat ones. It'll be a tricky decision for her.
Ridley Scott - abandoned on Mars  From: Marjorie(20 Aug 2015 12:56): 
The latest Ridley Scott movie The Martian starring Matt Damon about an astronaut left behind on Mars will go on general release on 2 October this year. Principal photography started on 10 Nov 2014 with a downbeat Sun Saturn Venus conjunction square Jupiter so very up and down; and a frustrating Mars Pluto conjunction square Uranus. There's no hint in biz news stories but I'd imagine it was a challenging and bad tempered shoot.

It goes on general release 2 Oct 2015 which is marginally more cheerful and successful with Pluto trine Jupiter Mars in Virgo. Though Jupiter Mars opposes Neptune and squares Saturn so not ideal.

Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator etc) was born 30 Nov 1937 which makes him a Sun Sagittarius trine Pluto; with a creative Saturn in Pisces opposition Neptune. He has a lacklustre tr Neptune square his Sun over the release and tr Saturn conjunct Sun in November - so not at his best. He's also got Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Pluto this year which can be stressful for someone his age and generally indicates a considerable upheaval.

Matt Damon, 8 Oct 1970 3.22pm Boston, Massachusetts has had tr Pluto square and tr Uranus opposition his Libra Sun through this year so not an easy time for him. Plus tr Saturn cross crossing the conjunction to his MC and Neptune until mid September which is uncertain and confused, though gearing up for a responsible and high profile time ahead. He has Bourne 5 coming out in 2016. He does have tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Pluto over The Martian release which suggests good reviews for him and a certain amount of relief. And he's certainly pushing ahead very confidently in 2016/17 with tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint.
Noel Biderman - making a killing out of adultery  From: Marjorie(20 Aug 2015 12:55): 
Noel Biderman, the Canadian who started the Ashley Madison adultery dating website which has been hacked into public view, was born 11 May 1971 (net sources). Ashley Madison started in January 2002 but no exact date.

Biderman (if data accurate) is a Sun Saturn in Taurus trine Pluto trine Mars in early Aquarius so definitely tough minded. With a high-finance Neptune Jupiter (Moon) in Sagittarius and an upfront Venus Mercury in Aries.

Tr Saturn will conjunct his Neptune Jupiter this October which will dent his bank account and damp his confidence. Indeed tr Saturn is square his Saturn/Neptune and Saturn/Jupiter indicated confusion, uncertainty and losses right through August into mid September.

His 10th Harmonic is heavily aspected: "The wheel of Fortune". Contains the innovation and creativity of the number 1, but even if 10 stands for prosperity and abundance, it also contains the seed of both rise and fall, of the good and the bad.' It has Venus in Scorpio trine Uranus trine Pluto, formed into a Kite by Pluto opposition Mars - so plenty of misplaced and rebellious lust as well as a ruthless business ideas all tucked in there.
Sebastian Coe - into the hot seat  From: Marjorie(19 Aug 2015 11:09): 
(Lord) Sebastian Coe, UK politician and former Olympic track gold medallist, has been voted in as President of the International Association of Athletics Federations. The IAAF is facing serious allegations of suppressing or ignoring drug tests on athletes. When the Sunday Times and a German media outlet reported this at the start of this month, Coe said it was a 'declaration of war' on his sport and that the accusers are ignorant or malevolent. My impression is that more has come out since so he may have to backtrack.
He was born 29 Sept 1956, London and is a Sun Mercury in Libra with a sociable collection of maybe Moon, Uranus Venus Pluto in Leo and an adventurous Mars in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Virgo; and a tough Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto Venus.
He takes up his new post on August 31st in the IAAF HQ in Monaco, perhaps at 12 am. That gives an enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune and trine Pluto; with a passionate and sociable Venus Mars in Leo trine Uranus; and Mars Neptune inconjunct Pluto. Soooo - some good things in there - confidence, success but also confusion, over-optimism and hostility perhaps from over-heavy handed attempts to exert control.
The IAAF was founded 17 July 1912 in Stockholm and has a Sun Neptune Venus conjunction in Cancer with a Mutable T Square of Saturn opposition Jupiter square Mars in Virgo. SB's Pluto is conjunct the IAAF Mars with his Saturn square the IAAF Mars so it won't be an easy fit. And he'll create arguments by insisting on his own way.
His relationship chart with the IAAF has an un-mutually supportive Mars square Sun Neptune Mercury; with a prone-to-over-grandiose-decisions composite Jupiter square Pluto. That chart is griping and groaning its way through this autumn and sagging a touch in 2016. With a hint of a total upheaval in 2018 as tr Uranus squares Pluto and that could even trigger a year earlier.
The IAAF chart has tr Saturn wending round its T Square in Sept/Oct this year so there will be some pain and bad temper. 2016 looks highly strung with dramatic changes as tr Uranus squares their Neptune and Sun.
On Coe's personal chart he looks to be having an aggravated autumn approaching with tr Pluto sextile his Mars and trine his Solar Arc Mars. He'll power ahead with confidence and some success in 2016/17 with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter. But he's also got considerable worries from Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune; and worse Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Sun in late 2016, which latter suggests a major change.
All in all doesn't look like a smooth run ahead for a Coe-led IAAF. I doubt he'll match the previous President's 16 year term.
Robert Bauval - delving into the mysterious past  From: Marjorie(18 Aug 2015 10:54): 
Robert Bauval, 5 March 1948, Alexandria, Egypt, is a Belgian author and Ancient Egypt researcher, best known for his controversial theories about the constellation Orion and the Pyramids.
He has a Pisces Sun on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto Saturn (conjunct Mars) in Leo; with an adventurous Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus which sextile/trines his Mercury in scientific Aquarius. Plus an inspirational Fire Grand Trine of Venus in Aries trine Jupiter trine Mars, formed into two Kites with the Jupiter opposition Uranus and Mars opposition Mercury.

So highly talented, tough, enduring, demanding, confident, good at communication, innovative, not scared of arguments.

He was born the day after Julia Cameron, 4 March 1948, Illinois, an American writer and literary motivational speaker, ex-alcoholic, briefly the second wife of Martin Scorsese during her drinking days. They have virtually the same chart, both with a hard working Capricorn Moon. The central Yod in their charts onto the Sun will have fitted them for a different lifestyle away from the mainstream in which they never felt comfortable.

Interestingly both of their first best sellers came in the early to mid 1990s.

Bauval has co-authored several books with Graham Hancock, a UK journalist and writer, who specialises in books about ancient megaliths, altered states of consciousness, astronomical/astrological date from the past. Sceptics have labelled him a pseudo-archaeologist.

Hancock was born 2 Aug 1950 and is a Sun Pluto in Leo with Mars Neptune in Libra and Uranus Venus in Cancer; and Jupiter in Pisces opposition Mercury in Virgo with Saturn also in Virgo.

His Jupiter in Pisces sits well with Bauval's Sun. Although H's Sun Pluto are conjunct B's Pluto Saturn Mars which could be very tricky it also suits them to work co-operatively together on controversial and challenging areas. Their relationship chart is fascinating with a composite Grand Trine of Sun trine Mars trine Jupiter, formed into a Kite with Sun opposition Mercury - so perfect for a literary partnership.
Roger Federer - a few ups, more downs and changes  From: Marjorie(18 Aug 2015 10:53): 
Roger Federer, the tennis player currently ranked No3, is being coy about when he'll retire though Bjorn Borg reckons end of next season.
He does have Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Uranus exactly in 18 months which could signal a major change of lifestyle and daily routine. Though tr Uranus opposes his Pluto, another game changer, from April 2016. Recently he's been battling against a lack lustre tr Neptune square MC and there's still a discouraging tr Saturn opposition MC to come this November. Plus a draggy and frustrating tr Pluto opposition his Mars now till late November.

This December will renew his confidence and drive with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and that runs on and off till late 2016. Though he's also got some energy and morale-sapping Neptune transits next year to his Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Saturn midpoints, so he'll have some downers as well which may persuade him that sooner rather than later might be dignified.
Bangkok bomb, China Fire - North Node conjunct Mars/Saturn  From: Marjorie(17 Aug 2015 15:53): 
Jupiter may be conjunct the glorious and regal Fixed Star Regulus but there seems an unholy amount more mayhem even than usual around in the world. The China fire and explosion at the cyanide depot; ISIL using chemical weapons against the Kurds; 80 dead in a Syria market. And now a bomb in central Bangkok - all within a few days.

The Bangkok bomb went off at 7pm local time today which puts Jupiter conjunct Regulus exactly on the Descendant. Both the 16H and 20H harmonics were very marked both with Fire Grand Trines. The 20H links Saturn Pluto and Mars; as well as Saturn Pluto and Jupiter. The 16H has Sun Uranus Neptune linked, as well as Neptune Mars and Saturn Pluto.

The midpoints are stressed and violent with Mars = Saturn/Pluto and square Jupiter Pluto. Neptune is 135 degrees from Mars/Pluto. The MC = Mars/Pluto; and North Node is conjunct Mars/Saturn.

The Tianjin fire and explosions weren't terrorist but an accidental fire that turned into catastrophe because of mishandling by fire fighters. The fire broke out at 10.30 pm local time on 12th August followed by the first explosion at 11.30pm, presumably as water was poured onto the chemicals and reacted.

Jupiter was even closer to the conjunction with Regulus over the China disaster; and probably more pertinently there was also the same Neptune = Mars/Pluto and North Node conjunct the Mars/Saturn.
Ian Jones - constantly in search of himself  From: Marjorie(17 Aug 2015 10:21): 
Ian Jones, the model and photographer who died in the Hudson River kayaking with Annie Lennox's daughter Tali after an all-night party, was born 29 April 1983 in Pennsylvania.
He'd had a troubled life with a history of drink-related crimes and arrests for criminal trespass, assault, harassment and stalking. He had served 14 months in federal prison for threats to kill crew on flight from New York to LA and during another arrest 'threatened police'.
He did have a strange see-saw chart with four planets on one side of the chart and the six planets on the other.
His Sun Mars Mercury were spread out through Taurus with Venus in Gemini. His Sun opposed Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct Pluto in late Libra) and his Venus was widely opposition Moon Uranus Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius. So he'd constantly be off balance and trying to find himself through relationships which never quite gave him what he wanted.

His Sun was square both the Mars/Saturn and Mars/Pluto midpoints so he would often be frustrated and angry.

Tali, his girlfriend whom he was trying to save though the strong currents overwhelmed him is a model turned artist, born 9 Feb 1993 London. She's the daughter of singer Annie Lennox and British-based Israeli film producer Uri Fruchtmann. She's a Sun Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio so in many ways quite a bleak life She has a lively Jupiter in Libra opposition Venus in Aries square Mars in Cancer - so upfront, adventurous.

There wasn't a huge amount astrologically linking them except that his Venus in Gemini was trine her Sun Saturn; and his Jupiter Uranus was trine her Venus.
Their relationship chart did have a confident composite Jupiter Pluto opposition Venus, inconjunct Mars. Though that can sometimes lead to two people pushing each other on over confidently into unwise actions - and so it transpired. There was also a composite Sun square Uranus Saturn - so not easy.
Julian Bond- earthy and visionary  From: Marjorie(17 Aug 2015 10:20): 
Julian Bond, a civil rights activist and longtime board chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has died. He helped found the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, was a symbol of the 1960s civil rights movement and on the front lines of protests that led to the nation's landmark civil rights laws.

Born 14 January 1940 12.30pm Nashville, Tennessee (ADB) he had a communicative 9th house Capricorn Sun trine a 5th house Neptune trine Uranus on his Taurus Ascendant. This Earth Grand Trine was formed into a Kite by Neptune opposition a Pisces Moon, making the Moon the driving planet. So designed for public life, practical, idealistic, a healing presence on a platform (Nep in 5).

His Neptune was also on the focal point of a Yod to Venus in Aquarius sextile Saturn in self-reliant Aries which would start him out in life feeling he didn't fit in and ultimately turned him into a defender of the neglected in society. He had a determined and enthusiastic Jupiter Mars in Aries trine Pluto.

He had an especially strong creative 7th Harmonic - 'a spiritual number, endowed with a different kind of imagination, often artistic skills. Need peace. Perfectionism. A seeking soul.' Also the 'obsessive dream' 11H and the leaving-a-legacy 17H.
China - Pluto Neptune  From: Marjorie(16 Aug 2015 13:50): 
Just a snippet on China which is facing catastrophic explosions at a chemicals depot at the port of Tianjin in the north. Several hundred tons of the toxic chemical sodium cyanide were at the site, well over the allowed limit, and it reacted with water from firefighters to cause a major blast. Residents within a 3km radius of the site were evacuated.
Tr Pluto is exactly square the 8th house Mercury on the China chart which is only one degree away from the conjunction to Neptune. Tr Pluto in hard aspect to Neptune is often around at devastating disasters, either natural ie. earthquakes or man-made.

Al Gore - in the mood for a challenge  From: Marjorie(16 Aug 2015 13:49): 
Al Gore, who was VP under Bill Clinton and has been focussing on climate change in recent years, has been touted as a possible runner against Hillary for the Democratic nomination though sources close to him discount it.

Born 31 March 1948 12.53pm Washington, DC he has a 9th house Sun Aries opposition Neptune square a Capricorn Moon - so good on communication of ideas, though not always practical, idealistic. He's also got Pluto Saturn and Mars in Leo in his 1st with Mars square a 10th house Venus in Taurus. He's now divorced and there was a sex scandal with a masseuse five years back which wouldn't help him.

His career is certainly due a major change of direction with tr Uranus moving across his midheaven from April 2016 onwards. He does look in a mood to take a gamble this month with tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and he's also fairly gung ho through 2016 with tr Uranus opposing his Jupiter/Pluto again as well as his Mars/Jupiter. His Solar Arc MC is also opposing his Jupiter late 2016 which is confident.
Anything is possible despite denials.
Kayla Mueller - following her dream into high risk  From: Marjorie(16 Aug 2015 13:49): 
Grim story about Kayla Mueller, the American human rights activist who was taken captive by ISIL while working for Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) in Syria in August 2013 and was reported dead in February of this year.
She was reportedly raped and tortured by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIL.

I wouldn't really have written about this except that her chart bears similarities to other hostages who were beheaded. She was a Sun Leo with one and perhaps two Yods in her chart. Mars in Aries sextile Jupiter inconjunct Pluto. The other may be Virgo Moon sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars. Both Steven Sotloff and James Foley had Yods with focal point Mars; as indeed does Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John) one of ISIL's beheaders. (see previous posts).
Yods always create a sense of strain for the individual so they never feel they fit into their environments. Perhaps why they chose to work in a hugely stressful situation themselves.
When she was captured tr Saturn was conjunct her Pluto and tr Uranus conjunct her Mars.

It also to some extent confirms Al-Baghdadi's birth date, 28 June 1971, a Cancer Sun square Uranus which hard aspected Kayla's Mars; and his Mars in Aquarius opposed her Sun. Their relationship chart has a perversely cruel composite Mars Saturn conjunction square Neptune and trine Uranus.

He was reported badly injured earlier this year though it was later discounted. He looks regrettably upbeat through 2016/17 with tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint. Late 2017 into 2018 looks like when he meets his nemesis with Solar Arc Sun opposition Mars and Solar Arc Mars square Sun; and a confused tr Pluto trine Sun/Neptune. Not a moment too soon.
Dudley Marjoribanks - a passion for money, politcs and dogs  From: Marjorie(16 Aug 2015 13:47): 
Dudley Marjoribanks, 28 Dec 1820, was a wealthy businessman and politician who developed the Golden Retriever breed of dogs. His money came from breweries and the East India Company and from his father who was a senior partner in Coutts Bank.

He was a Sun Neptune Mars in Capricorn square Saturn in self-reliant Aries, so well designed for money-making enterprises. His Uranus in final degree Sagittarius was conjunct Neptune Sun and square Pluto - so an innovator, highly strung and fairly rebellious in his outlook. He also had Jupiter in Pisces square Mercury in Sagittarius. With a Libra Moon.

Nothing in Virgo for small pets, though there may be 6th house planets if we had a birth time.
Nick Kyrgios v Stan Warwinka - foul  From: Marjorie(16 Aug 2015 13:46): 
Nick Kyrgios, the Australian tennis player is on the naughty step for having suggested his opponent Stan Wawrinka's girlfriend had slept with another player in a post-match aside that was picked up by microphones. Kyrgios' brother suggested it was a response to earlier remarks of Wawrinka that Kyrgios has faked injury in a previous match.

Kyrgios, 27 April 1995, is a Sun Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius; with planets in all three Fire signs - Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius widely trine Venus (Moon) in Aries. So stubborn, rebellious and not short of confidence. He looks slightly damped down at the moment with tr Pluto square his Sun/Saturn midpoint. But will bounce back to full steam ahead next year from early on right through 2017 as well; with a high in late 2017.

Wawrinka, 28 Match 1985, has an Aries Sun conjunct K's Venus so they could be friendly but W's Mars in Taurus is conjunct K's Sun; and W's Saturn is conjunct K's Pluto. Their relationship chart has a cold, defensive composite Sun square Pluto which is being rattled in 2016.
Jimmy Carter - a fruitful life outside the White House  From: Marjorie(13 Aug 2015 14:26): 
Jimmy Carter, who was Democratic President for one term from 1977, had a lack-lustre presidency but then went on to do invaluable work for peace winning the Nobel Prize in 2002. He's now 91 and suffering from advanced cancer.

Born 1 October 1924 7am Plains, Georgia, he has a 12th house Libra Sun square a 9th house Pluto - so good behind the scenes and spreading his ideas to a wide audience. He's also got a charming and idealistic 10th house Neptune Venus North Node in Leo so has leadership ability from the Leo Node. His Mercury in sensible Virgo opposes Uranus and squares onto optimistic Jupiter in crusading Sagittarius.

His Presidency chart from 20 Jan 1977 has an afflicted Mars which was square Pluto and inconjunct Saturn with an 8th house Neptune so not well starred.
Jeremy Corbyn - a divisive figure  From: Marjorie(13 Aug 2015 14:25): 
Jeremy Corbyn, who looks like being the next Labour leader, is evoking shrieks of horror from all and sundry including centrist Tony Blair, who see him as a worse option than Michael Foot or Tony Benn. They were previous far-lefties but they did at least have Cabinet experience. The theory is he'll make the Labour Party unelectable. He's always been a maverick and fairly undisciplined about toeing the party line; supporting the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah etc and the hard-left trade unions. Plus his economic ideas, while superficially palatable to the downtrodden masses, aren't workable.

He does have an interesting chart with an Air Grand Trine of Gemini Sun trine Jupiter in Aquarius trine Neptune - so lives a good deal in his head and his ideas. His Neptune is also trine Venus Mercury in Gemini, sextile Pluto - so idealistic though also at times evasive, and quite controlling. His Pluto and indeed Saturn in Leo both square Mars (Moon) in Taurus so he's got a steelier backbone than his mild manner suggests. And that latter will also attract him to men of violence.

He's certainly a bad fit with Tony Blair since JC's Mars is conjunct TB's Taurus Sun and JC's Sun is conjunct TB's Mars in Gemini - so a recipe for major arguments and ego-clashes. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Mars conjunction square Pluto, trine Saturn - so hostile, implacable dislike.

Corbyn's relationship chart with the Labour Party has an intense Sun Mercury Venus square Pluto which is under great pressure at the moment from tr Pluto square Sun. It will be in a state of complete upheaval when tr Uranus retrogrades to square the Pluto from the final week of October through November. Tr Uranus will square Corbyn's Sun/Saturn at the same time so an exceedingly bumpy start which may even topple him before he's got his feet under the desk. Tr Saturn will oppose Corbyn's Sun at the start of November which again is discouraging.
Russia & NATO - war games getting over-heated  From: Marjorie(12 Aug 2015 15:45): 
A European thinktank has warned against the recent Russia and NATO military exercises which are designed to prepare for a possible conflict. The war games themselves are making a clash more likely. 'Each exercise is seen as provocative by the other side and feeding a dynamic of distrust and unpredictability," the report said.
The Russian exercise in March involved 80,000 military personnel, 65 warships, 15 submarines and 220 aircraft. That was followed by Nato exercises in June in the Baltic, Sweden and Poland.

The Russia/NATO relationship chart really goes onto high alert in 2017 when tr Uranus will square the composite Pluto and conjunct the composite Uranus.

That is mirrored on the USA/Russia relationship chart with a deterioration in diplomacy in 2017 as tr Neptune opposes the composite Sun Saturn and tr Uranus is in an explosive, insecure square to Mars, making macho gestures all the more likely. Even before then tr Pluto will continue to square the composite Uranus Pluto through 2015/16/17 as well.

Melanie Sykes - ever youthful  From: Marjorie(12 Aug 2015 15:44): 
Melanie Sykes, the UK TV and Celebrity Jungle celeb, is due to launch a new food show and looking remarkable on her 45th birthday in bikini shots.

Born 7 August 1970 she's a fiery Sun Mars in Leo in a hard square to Saturn in determined Taurus; with a tough though charming Saturn trine Pluto Venus in Virgo. She hit the headlines with her personal life when she married a much younger partner in 2013 with stories of a stormy domestic scene thereafter. The wedding chart, 18 May 2013, echoes her own with a Sun Mars conjunction and Mars trine Pluto.
On her own chart her Solar Arc Sun Mars were crossing the conjunction to her Pluto for two years right from the start of the marriage so it would be very pressured for her. She might be due a sparkling romance soon with her Solar Arc/Progressed Sun conjunct her Venus this year.
Rita Ora - Jupiter shining brightly  From: Marjorie(12 Aug 2015 15:43): 
Rita Ora, is a Kosovan, UK raised singer, who signed with Jay Z's record company before she was 20 and has done well. She recently made an album with Chris Brown.

Born 26 November 1990 9.38pm Pristina, Kosovo, she has a 4th house Sun Venus in Sagittarius opposition an ambitious 10th house Mars in Gemini, and Sun Venus trine Jupiter and Ascendant in Leo. So fiery, charming, fond of home, confident and entertaining. She also has Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus Neptune in Capricorn in her performing 5th so she'll have her own individual style.

At the moment she has Jupiter moving through her 1st house so she'll be more outgoing, confident and exuberant. Though tr Saturn conjunct her Sun Venus and opposition her Mars through this autumn to the end of the year will put a damper on some high spirits. She may also just be working exceptionally hard.

She'll have to watch her health slightly ahead especially from over work with tr Uranus square her 6th house Saturn in Capricorn in 2016.

She was defensive about making an album with Chris Brown, which comes out this August, since he had been up on an assault charge over Rihanna some years back (tho' my impression in that spat was it was six and half a dozen of who was to blame). His New Moon and Venus in Taurus and Mercury Jupiter in Gemini all fall in her 10th so it looks a good professional partnership.
Their relationship chart has a creative Water Grand Trine made up of confidently successful Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury; with a lucky Jupiter opposition Uranus Neptune. So lots of potential.
Bond and Star Wars - a blockbuster finish to 2015  From: Marjorie(11 Aug 2015 14:56): 
The latest Daniel Craig Bond movie, The Spectre, started principal photography on 8 Dec 2014 at Pinewood, nr London and will premiere on 26 October this year.
The premiere chart has a financially successful Pluto trine Jupiter Venus and Mars which bodes well, despite a wobbly Uranus square Pluto and a lacklustre Saturn square Neptune. And the start of filming has an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of Sun Mercury in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in flashy Leo trine Uranus so no doubt the spin offs will pay.

The new Star Wars, The Force Awakens, started filming 16 May 2014 on an accident-prone Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto with a Sun opposition Saturn, so was always destined to be a troubled shoot with Harrison Ford's accident. However it did have a potentially successful Jupiter opposition Pluto tied into a Cardinal Grand Cross with the Uranus opposition Mars.
The premiere chart does have a Jupiter trine Pluto though much wider than the Bond premiere has. And also has a Uranus opposition Mars square Pluto and several blocked midpoints. It will probably arouse as much dislike as approval with a focal point Pluto. But will in time prove highly influential. Sometimes such a Pluto is ahead of its time.
Brian Wilson - troubles and talents beyond the ordinary  From: Marjorie(11 Aug 2015 14:55): 
Brian Wilson is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, who co-founded the Beach Boys in the 1960s along with two of his brothers and two others, and is regarded as one of the most influential creative forces in popular music.
Born 20 June 1942 3.45am Inglewood, California, he had an abusive father who nonetheless fostered his interest in music. He was hugely successful, then he went down the drink and drug route, had years of mental breakdowns, was taken over by a Svengali therapist Eugene Landy. Eventually he was rescued from Landy's clutches by his brothers and Landy lost his professional license. He now lives with his second wife, also his manager, with five adopted children.

Brian Wilson is a late Sun Gemini conjunct Jupiter in Cancer square a performing 5th house musical Neptune in Virgo. Amazing how many popular signers are Gemini. He also has Uranus Saturn in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini in his 1st. With a 12th house Venus in Taurus trine Neptune.

His Neptune would certainly make him quite addictive and escapist. And he does have a very frustrated, anguished Mars Pluto conjunction in Leo in his 3rd which would be a consequence of his father and in the 3rd may well have contributed to his breakdowns.

His relationship chart with his father Murry, 2 July 1917, is truly horrible with a composite Sun Saturn Mars and Mars widely conjunct Pluto, all square Uranus - so cruel, hostile, bullying.
His relationship chart with Landy, 26 Nov 1934, is less stressed though a composite Sun Neptune does point to drugs, on which Landy overdosed him.

He has a strong creative 5th and 7th harmonic charts (quintiles and septiles) and a marked leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic as well.
Yemen - destined to be caught in the middle of power struggles  From: Marjorie(11 Aug 2015 14:54): 
Yemen to the south of Saudi Arabia has had an extraordinary rich and troubled history. One of the centres of early civilization it was home to the Sabaeans; is fertile with good rainfall and on a strategic coastal position for the lucrative spice trade. In more recent historical times in the 19th/early 20th centuries, it was caught in the middle of a turf war between colonial Britain and the Ottoman Empire.
After Britain made a bloody exit from Aden in 1967, there followed two decades of splits. A republic unifying Yemen came into being on 22 May 1990 under a Western backed ruler Saleh, later deemed a 'kleptocracy' (thieves and nepotists). He was toppled in 2011.

From a previous post (April 9 2015): The Iran-supported Shia rebels [] removed the President who is backed by Saudi Arabia and pro-Sunni Arab states. It is being talked off as a proxy war between the two great schisms of Islam, though more pointedly between the two nations fighting for power in the region.

The Houthis anti-government rebels who were fighting against Al Quaeda and ISIL in Yemen are now under attack from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. So an unholy Middle Eastern mess.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is composed of seven autonomous emirates with Abu Dhabi as the capital, and includes Dubai. It is oil rich but presumably suffering from the downturn; and Dubai is still struggling under a mountain of debt from ludicrous and lavish over expansion.
Like Saudi Arabia it may be over stretching itself financially embarking on a long and risky war. Tr Saturn will oppose Saturn, conjunct Neptune, oppose Moon, conjunct Sun and Jupiter and square Mars over the coming year - so generally a discouraging time when cutbacks will be necessary. 2016/17 sees tr Pluto square the UAE Uranus which could suggest a revolution. At the very least there will be a considerable upheaval with forced changes. Indeed tr Uranus has one more opposition this year to that Uranus in late Oct/Nov so the wobbles will start sooner rather than later.
In a year's time the Solar Arc Uranus will oppose Saturn and then conjunct Neptune - so a time of high tension and probably bad judgements. And before then the Solar Arc Neptune will square Uranus - so all in all at a crossroads. This September's Virgo Eclipse will oppose their Mars which doesn't sound like a win.

The Yemen 1990 chart has a devastating tr Pluto conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, following on from the tremendous upheaval of tr Pluto conjunct Uranus in 2012/2013. Then both tr Uranus and tr Pluto have several years hitting on the Saturn/Uranus, Saturn/Neptune midpoints and then Saturn in Capricorn. So nothing that looks like settling any time soon.
Chris Hyndman - sad accident  From: Marjorie(10 Aug 2015 18:01): 
Chris Hyndman was a Canadian interior designer and TV personality, who co-hosted an afternoon show with his business partner and husband Steven Sabados. He died after falling from the balcony of their apartment which the police don't view as a suspicious death. His mother said he used to sleep walk and that may be an explanation.
Born 3 March 1966 he was a Sun Pisces conjunct Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Jupiter in Gemini; and Moon almost certainly in Cancer. He was known for his zany sense of humour and always being cheerful - no doubt courtesy of that focal point Jupiter. Though he would also have a sad side from that Sun Saturn especially opposition Pluto. He said he often thought about suicide as a teenager because he was gay.
But he seemed very settled in his long relationship with his husband and in a successful business. The show aired to over 80 countries and was watched by a quarter of the Canadian population.
Steven Sabados has no birth year only 16 May birthday.

There's nothing showing on ChrisH's chart apart perhaps from Solar Arc Moon conjunct Pluto Uranus and opposition Saturn - but without a birth time that may be wrong. He did have tr Uranus square his Saturn/Neptune midpoint which Ebertin describes as: 'Inner upset, weakness or illness manifesting suddenly.' So it may be his sleep walking was triggered by some internal confusion.
Guy Ritchie - glittering Venus retro wedding  From: Marjorie(09 Aug 2015 16:12): 
Another Venus retrograde wedding was film-maker Guy Ritchie (Madonna's ex) and his model second wife, mother of his three latest children, Jaqui Ainsley on Thursday.
The wedding chart for 6 Aug isn't as bad tempered as Jennifer Aniston's which had a Moon square Mars. But this one still has the glitzy, superficially glam Venus Mercury Jupiter in Leo in a tough square to Saturn in Scorpio. And a Moon square Sun; as well as Uranus square Pluto; and Mars trine Saturn - so slightly out-of-step with each other's mood, prone to disruption and challenging.

He (10 Sep 1968) is a Sun Jupiter Pluto Uranus in Virgo - so hard working, a veritable whirlwind of ideas, juggling projects, tendency to over commit at work; with a self reliant Saturn in Aries, possibly conjunct Moon trine Saturn.
She (28 Nov 1981) is a Sun Uranus in Sagittarius with probably Moon Neptune in Sagittarius square Mars in Virgo. So quite feisty and independent. Her Mars is conjunct his Pluto so there will be sparks flying at times.
Their relationship chart is not that easy with a needs-space composite Sun Uranus - possibly OK in a marriage where his career takes him away from home a good deal - and that squares Saturn. Plus a romantic, though also illusory composite Venus Neptune conjunction square Mars, so not always ego-compatible; and a power-couple composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction. There'll be a few blips in the autumn with tr Saturn conjunct Venus in Oct, and conjunct Neptune and square Mars in Nov/Dec. With tensions in 2016 from tr Uranus square Saturn; and more upheavals in 2018 when tr Uranus opposes the composite Sun Uranus.
Not easy sustaining marriages at that level of celebrity.
Donald Trump - at war with his feminine side  From: Marjorie(08 Aug 2015 17:38): 
The egregiously crass and insufferable Donald Trump has been rampaging around like a drunk rhino since the TV debate. Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host pressed him on his past sexist comments that women were "fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals." He responded by suggesting she was menstruating which has got him disinvited from an upcoming political event.

She was born 18 Nov 1970 and is a Sun Jupiter Venus in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus so superficially charming but utterly determined. Her Sun opposition Saturn squares onto Trump's brash 1st house Mars in Leo; and her Mars in Libra squares his Saturn - so an aggravating mix.

I was trying to work out why he was such a jerk especially about women - and indeed immigrants. Sexism and racism often go hand in hand. A pathetic attempt to prop up superiority by tramping those he thinks more vulnerable underfoot. It's probably partly a need to startle or shock coming from an outspoken Sagittarius Moon supercharged by a trine from Mars; and his Gemini Sun which can be quite 'Aquarian' in its sense of humour. They think it's cool to upset others.

But undoubtedly it's also unresolved issues stemming from his relationship to his mother. Mary MacLeod Trump, 10 May 1912, was a tough-minded Sun Saturn in Taurus with Mars Neptune in Cancer. Her Saturn squared his Mars; and her Mars was conjunct his Saturn. So not that dissimilar to Megyn Kelly. He needs to grow up. Though a touch late in the day.

Now that I look at his past relationships, marriage 1 and 2 were to Sun Scorpios. Marriage 1 to Marla Maples was very controlling; marriage No 2 to Ivanka Trump was unkind with a horrific composite Sun Mars Saturn Uranus; to present No 3, Melania, a Virgo, there's marginally less stress but still hints of insensitivity and aggravation.
John Kasich - strong and sympathetic  From: Marjorie(08 Aug 2015 16:36): 
John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, seems to have come out ahead or at least made a positive impression at the GOP wannabe's debate. Described as 'genuine populist with working-class family ties' and the 'Pope Francis candidate' he pushed for a kind of compassionate conservatism.

Born 13 May 1952 he has Sun Venus and Jupiter spread out through Taurus with Sun Venus square Pluto; and Jupiter Venus opposition Mars in Scorpio. So undoubtedly charming, solid, quite controlling, not above taking a few risks. He also has Uranus perhaps opposition a Capricorn Moon square Saturn Neptune in Libra which will give him a hope for a better society (Sat Nep).
His Pluto opposes a fighting-for-a-cause North Node in Aquarius square Sun - so humanitarian and ego-centric.

He does have a confident and morale-boosting tr Pluto trine Sun/Jupiter at the moment and again in Oct/Nov but once that disappears there's not much indicating success (without a birth time).
Toronto - super-charged Leo or sweet Pisces  From: Marjorie(08 Aug 2015 16:35): 
There are two dates for Toronto - founded 7 Aug 1793 and incorporated 6 March 1834.

1793 is a very Fixed and revolutionary chart with a Sun Uranus in Leo opposition Pluto square Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus; with an Air Grand Trine of Venus in Gemini trine Neptune trine Pluto, formed into a Kite with Pluto opposition Uranus Sun. So ego-centric, good at pushing innovations ahead, good at attracting money, enduring, thinkers, talkers, flashy.
The Inc chart 1834 is a charming Sun Venus in Pisces with a tough Saturn opposition Pluto; and Jupiter in Taurus square Mars Moon Neptune in Aquarius with is good for money, risk and confidence.

I don't know Toronto so no idea which fits better.

The 1793 chart shows 2016 as insecure and edgy as tr Uranus squares Mars; with pressure for change from tr Uranus trine Uranus and sextile Pluto; though a really hard slog as well from tr Pluto trine Saturn in 2015/16 which is usually cash-strapped. 2018 also look tricky financially.
The 1834 chart also indicates change in 2016 with some cutbacks; and even more tough times late 2017/18.
Canadian elections - not a popular result  From: Marjorie(08 Aug 2015 16:34): 
A long run up to the Canadian general election on October 19th will see the three main parties slogging it out against a backdrop of economic worries. Stephen Harper (Conservative, right) in power since 2006 will have to defend his track record against Tom Mulcair (NDP, left) who is marginally ahead in the polls at the moment and Justin Trudeau (Liberal, centre) who is not that far behind.

Stephen Harper, 30 April 1959, is having a very wobbly campaign with tr Saturn conjunct his Jupiter for the first half of September, dampening his confidence; and uncertainty from tr Neptune square his Sun/Saturn mid Aug to mid Sept. Plus a blocked tr Saturn square his Pluto in early October. Then nothing much of note over the election (without a birth time).

Tom Mulcair, 24 Oct 1954, is a Scorpio Sun conjunct Neptune square Jupiter Uranus; with the Sun Saturn Mercury in Scorpio square Mars on the other side. So a mix of idealistic, lucky, not always practical and quite hard-driving. He's got a lucky-break tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Node over the election and a confidently successful tr Pluto trine Sun/Jupiter from December.

Justin Trudeau, 25 Dec 1971 9.27pm Ottawa, Canada, is a Sun Capricorn with an Air Grand Trine of Venus in Aquarius trine Saturn in Gemini trine Pluto, formed into a Kite with Saturn opposition Neptune - so determined, idealistic, led by his vision for the future. Tr Saturn will square his Mars/Mode and his Saturn opposition Neptune over the election which isn't helpful. Though he does have tr Pluto trine his Jupiter/Node as well which is strong and successful, so something will go right for him.

Whoever wins, the Canada chart does not suggest a happy result with tr Neptune conjunct the Jupiter exactly; and within a week tr Saturn square the Solar Arc MC and conjunct the Solar Arc Sun Uranus - so quite a setback for reforming ideas.
Jen and Justin - a delighted Venus in Aries  From: Marjorie(07 Aug 2015 15:31): 
If reports are to be believed Jennifer Aniston married her long-time fiance Justin Theroux on Wednesday evening in Los Angeles.

Born 11 Feb 1969 10.22 pm Los Angeles (ADB, BC) she's had a chequered love life, including a five year marriage to Brad Pitt. This year did look romantic for her with her Solar Arc/Progressed Sun conjunct her Venus in Aries.
Justin Theroux is an actor, director, screenwriter, 10 Aug 1971, and his Aries Moon is conjunct her Venus which is a lovely cross over. His charmingly entertaining Sun Venus in Leo fall in her 10th opposite her 4th/5th house Aquarius Sun which suggest that professional ambitions will play a part in the attraction.

I'd worry slightly - more than somewhat - about tr Uranus moving across her Descendant from late June 2016 and indeed tr Uranus square her Sun/Moon midpoint a month earlier. It points to her wanting more freedom rather than 24/7 commitment.

There'll be a significant shift for her next year anyway from April onwards with tr Uranus conjunct her Saturn in Aries. Her Saturn is on the focal point of a strained, heavy-karma Yod to Pluto sextile Mars in Scorpio. That will involve a considerable upheaval, tensions and a forced change of direction.

Their relationship chart has tr Saturn conjunct Neptune for the first half of this September which will be a confusing interface with reality. And tr Saturn will oppose the composite Venus putting a damper on affection in late December; with tr Neptune bringing some disappointments as it squares the composite Venus from March 2016 into 2017. So the honeymoon may not last too long.
Saudi Arabia - warning clouds  From: Marjorie(07 Aug 2015 15:29): 
Interesting piece in the Telegraph two days ago by finance commentator Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, headlined: 'Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles.' He reckoned if the oil futures market is correct, Saudi Arabia will run into trouble within two years and be in meltdown by the end of the decade.

90% of Saudi Arabia's budget comes from oil, and unlike Norway it has saved nothing through the years of plenty. Money is sprayed around internally to citizens to keep dissent at bay; and outside the borders to maintain political leverage. The newly enthroned King Salman seems to be ramping up social generosity; is involved in an expensive war in Yemen; and is spending exorbitantly on a massive military build-up.

The warning signs are there from this year on the Saudi 15 Jan 1902 chart with tr Uranus reaching the square to Saturn in Capricorn which hints at jolting change. That will worsen considerably in 2017/18 with tr Pluto conjunct Saturn which brings deprivation and tough times.
Though 2016 tr Uranus squares the Sun and Jupiter on the chart which is a hint of mixed fortunes, some lucky breaks and more pressure for change.
There's a bubble-bursting Solar Arc Neptune square Sun Jupiter in 2017 which is even more ominous financially.

Jupiter is the wild card in their chart since it will cushion some of the downturns. With Saturn ahead in degree of Jupiter, the difficulties will come before the blessings. So there may be redemption of sorts when tr Pluto reaches the conjunction with Jupiter in 2020/21. But it's also worth bearing in mind that Jupiter Saturn has a tendency to fly too high and then like Icarus get cut down when hubris over reaches itself.
Robert Conquest - wrong footing the useful idots  From: Marjorie(06 Aug 2015 18:08): 
It is ironic that Anglo-American historian Robert Conquest died this week just as Putin has ordered a purge of school history textbooks, insisting on the creation of one approved line of history for all Russian schools in place this year. The single historical narrative will 'show the chronology of events and their official evaluation' as part of a campaign against Western influences.
Conquest, 15 July 1917, was the first to reveal the extent of the horror of Joseph Stalin's regime. His book The Great Terror had a powerful effect on communists in the West. He himself was a communist initially, then became disenchanted and set out to show the 'useful idiots' of Western intelligentsia and left-wing politicians who supported the USSR, what the reality was.
Conquest, born five months before the Russian Revolution, was a Sun Cancer with the Saturn Neptune in Leo of the Russia country chart as well as Jupiter (and Moon) in Gemini.
Other historians to be banned include Anthony Beevor's award-winning bestseller, 'Berlin: The Downfall 1945', which has been criticised in Russia for focusing on atrocities committed by the advancing Red Army. It is thought that an estimated two million women were raped by Red Army soldiers in April and May 1945 when Russian forces reached the German capital and 'liberated' the city.
Vladimir Putin - looks better inside Russia  From: Marjorie(06 Aug 2015 17:30): 
Vladimir Putin's popularity ratings are astonishingly high at home in Russia. They like a strong leader since he has built up Russia's self respect as a credible force; he controls the media; he bumps off, imprisons or discredits opposition activists; he has improved the lives of the middle classes and improved the welfare system.
Russians have had a terrible history through the 20th Century and before, with a bloody Revolution, Stalinist famines and purges, World War 11 followed by decades of an unworkable and corrupt communist regime. They can stand deprivation. What they crave most of all is stability. He is The One and they don't see an alternative. Since he has allied himself so closely with the state, any attack on him is seen as an attack on Russia itself. He's a smart and ruthless strategist and manipulator.

I didn't quite understand his 2012 Presidency chart when I first saw it in view of the Russian economy struggling, 7 May 2012 12.10pm, Moscow. But it makes a good deal more sense with the above in mind.
A successful 10th house Sun Jupiter conjunction which is moving closer to exact by Solar Arc, exact in 2016/17, would certainly echo his unassailable status. An attention-demanding, grandstanding 5th house Pluto trine Sun on one side and trine Mars in Virgo on the other - controlling, tough, brutal. A 7th house Neptune = slippery and evasive in neighbourly relations.
Having overcome a very bumpy patch a few months back which could have toppled him (some say), he still has a few setbacks to overcome as tr Saturn squares Neptune, is conjunct the Moon and square Mars before the year end. That may dent warm feelings about him domestically. But it'll pass. I'd hazard a guess that he keep consolidating his power base at least until the next election.

His chart does resonate with the 8 Nov Russia 1917 chart with his Libra Sun trine the Russia Jupiter; his Venus in Scorpio conjunct the Russia Moon and his Pluto conjunct the Russia Moon.
The relationship chart between himself and Russia indicates mutual morale-boosts from a composite Pluto sextile Jupiter; as well as an iron-grip from a Sun Mars square Pluto. Where it may come apart at the seams is in 2018 when the next election is due as tr Uranus will oppose the composite Sun Mrs and square Pluto. But he'll have a few highs before then.
Kids Company - high ideals, lack of oversight  From: Marjorie(05 Aug 2015 17:24): 
Kids Company, a charity which supports deprived young people in London, Bristol and Liverpool, is closing down after allegations of financial mismanagement. The large and very colourful founder, Iranian-born Camila Batmanghelidjh, has run it for 19 years and has been a favorite of successive prime ministers and other leading lights.
Her birth was not registered because she was not expected to survive - so no birth date. But the charity incorporated on 30 September 1997. That gives a Libra Sun trine an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in humanitarian Aquarius, sextiling onto Mars Pluto in Sagittarius. The latter no doubt reflecting the tragic backgrounds of the kids it tried to help. Tr Saturn is about to conjunct that Mars Pluto as it closes down.
Camila B is seriously dyslexic so no doubt didn't oversee the accounts herself. But it's tricky to work out from the various stories what actually was going on.

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