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Judge Anthony Kennedy - a liberal thinker  From: Marjorie(28 Jun 2015 17:09): 
Judge Anthony Kennedy is an Associate Judge of the Supreme Court, a Reagan appointee though he's known for his libertarian principles.

Born 23 July 1936 in Sacramento, California, he's a charming Sun Venus in Leo square Uranus - so not scared to walk his own path. He also has the generational Saturn in Pisces opposition Neptune which can exhibit as a wish for a better society. That squares onto Jupiter in the lawyer's sign of Sagittarius, so philosophical, a thinker and an idealist. Though he's also tough with Saturn trine Mars and Pluto in Cancer.
White Supremacists - the hatred of insanity  From: Marjorie(28 Jun 2015 17:08): 
There is concern there may be more attacks inspired by the Charleston Church killings with claims that US white supremacist websites are using the shooting by Dylann Roof of nine African-Americans as a recruitment tool.
The think tank New America Foundation last week said that white nationalist and anti-government fanatics have killed almost twice as many people in the USA as more high-profile acts by Islamic extremists, such as the Boston marathon bombing.

Stormfront, the world's largest white supremacist website, has more than 300,000 registered users, most in the USA. The Southern Poverty Law Center says nearly 100 murders in the past five years have been committed by users of Stormfront.
Free speech protections of the first amendment to the US constitution make it difficult to censor these websites. An FBI unit to monitor far-right extremists was shut down in 2009 over concerns that it was impinging on civil liberties.

Roof seems to have been influenced by the Council for Conservative Citizens, a spin off from the early 1950s White Citizens Council set up at the time of de-segregation; and Harold Covington's NorthWest Front. Sci-fi writer and activist Covington spent time in SAfrica and Rhodesia which is where Roof would get his flag regalia from.
Roof, 3 April 1994, had a Mars trine Pluto, sextiling onto Uranus Neptune; and Sun 135 deg Pluto.

Covington, 14 Sept 1953, has Jupiter trine Saturn Neptune, sextiling onto Mars Pluto in Leo; with Saturn Neptune square Uranus.

Stormfront, launched 27 March 1995, has Sun trine Mars on one side and trine Pluto on the other, exactly opposition the Mars/Pluto midpoint; with Uranus Neptune conjunct.

Gordon Baum, co-founder of Stormfront, 24 Aug 1940 - Mars semi-sextile Mars and widely trine Saturn; Uranus trine Neptune.

Don Black, present webmaster of Stormfront, ex Grand Wizard of KK and US Nazi Party, 28 July 1953 - Mars Uranus square Saturn Neptune; Uranus Neptune trine Jupiter Venus, sextiling onto Pluto.

Paul Fromm, Canadian white supremacist, with connections to Don Black and David Duke.
David Duke, 1 July 1950, KKK etc, has a Sun Uranus trine Jupiter, square Mars.

What's interesting astrologically about the above 4 are the midpoints. The Uranus/Neptune (fanatical); Neptune/Pluto (delusional); Jupiter/Pluto (rules-don't-apply confidence); Mars/Pluto (anger, brutality) - are all frequently in aspect to planets. The Pluto midpoints especially are prominently aspected giving rise to hatred, a need for domination. As well as the Neptune midpoints which give rise to bizarre ideas.

Too depressing. Roof had a troubled childhood, was on drugs and had exhibited signs of an obsessive compulsive disorder in childhood so clearly unstable. What's the old saying? There's a sect for every nut. The white supremacy bunch appear to attract as many borderline lunatics as ISIS.
Barack Obama - on a high though angry storm clouds ahead  From: Marjorie(28 Jun 2015 17:05): 
Barack Obama has had one of the better weeks of his presidency with Obamacare getting consolidated and marriage equality upheld. His speech at the Charleston Church funerals was also a resounding marker.

Tr Jupiter in Leo is certainly helping him, moving now over his Descendant having been conjunct his Sun and soon Uranus, then in the autumn conjunct his Pluto and from mid 2016 heading into his 8th house of beneficial changes and much more money. And tr Saturn criss crossing his MC across this summer before moving through his 10th which is usually a time of added responsibility and growing respect for what has been done well. Though the reverse is also true, mistakes surface and have to be faced.

It's not all plain sailing since tr Saturn will oppose his 4th house Moon in October and square his Pluto in November - that could be family and spouse trouble, though it may also have career ramifications.

His Term chart has tr Jupiter in aspect both to the Mars and Jupiter, forming a T square with the Moon on the focal point, perhaps pointing to compassionate, nurturing benefits. Though that chart will also have an uneasy autumn with tr Saturn square Neptune and opposition Jupiter, so a discouraging phase of a couple of months from mid September.

The Term chart has tr Jupiter through the 5th till autumn 2016 which looks confident. His personal chart has Sec Prog Moon through the 4th, picking up within a few months for a couple of years thereafter which is usually a lower key phase, snuggling down peacefully more often at home.
I'd worry marginally about this September's Virgo Eclipse which is conjunct his 8th house Mars which looks risky financially or otherwise, certainly highly irritable. And next March's Pisces Eclipse will also oppose that Mars. It may be we see more of his buried anger surfacing.
Gay Marriage - Venus Jupiter feste  From: Marjorie(27 Jun 2015 16:29): 
The US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across the United States, which means that the 14 states with bans won't be able to enforce them. Justice Anthony Kennedy said the plaintiffs asked "for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right."
Not everyone was enchanted by a rainbow triumph. Republican Mick Huckabee tweeted that 'This flawed, failed decision is an out of control act of unconstitutional judicial tyranny.'
The announcement came at around 10 am 26 June 2015 in Washington, DC.
That puts the Cancer Sun conjunct the midpoint of Venus/MC and Jupiter/MC; and Uranus trine Venus Jupiter - so lots of gaiety and social celebrations. The Sun (Mars) oppose Pluto and square the North Node in Libra - so hard fought and not universally liked; with Pluto square Uranus and Uranus opposition a Libra Moon - so fits the revolutionary Uranus Pluto mood though it's pretty scattered, whatever that means.
Greece - tomorrow and tomorrow  From: Marjorie(27 Jun 2015 16:29): 
I've been puzzling over various charts for Greece, Tsipras' PM-ship chart, as well as what's showing on EU and ECB charts. Latest news is there will be no extension from the creditors beyond June 30th.

What is peculiar given the imminent catastrophic tone of the news is that the EU chart shows more panic from mid August with tr Neptune conjunct Solar Arc Sun; just after mid September it is very stuck with tr Saturn square Pluto, then very fractious in November with tr Saturn conjunct Mars; and discouraged in December with tr Saturn square Solar Arc Sun.

The ECB chart, 1 June 1998, also shows late Oct, Nov and Dec and into 2016 as depressing times with tr Saturn square Moon, opposition Mars, conjunct Pluto and then opposition Sun. Though admittedly tr Neptune does square the Sun/Mars midpoint from mid this August which is panicky failure. They have major problems since they have been keeping Greek banks liquid by pouring EU taxpayers money in, possibly against the regulations, and that could end up being another significant loss that has to be written off.

Alexis Tsipras' PM chart, 26 Jan 2015 looks set to rock n' roll from mid July with tr Pluto square Uranus which will be destabilising. But again it is really Nov/Dec which see him most uncertain, if he's still at the helm then.

There's a plethora of charts for Greece though 25 March 1821 seems to work well. I have 5pm but no idea where the time came from.
That chart has tr Pluto square Saturn now till mid July and returning again this December which is deprivation, a really hard struggle. Tr Uranus is trine the Sagittarius Moon at the moment till the end of August which is an upset for the people/domestic base. In country charts soft transits tend to act as hard. So an unnerving time.

The Bank of Greece 7 Dec 1927 chart seems to work well. Tr Saturn is conjunct Mars at the moment exactly and exactly square Neptune which certainly looks like a meltdown. That influence returns in the first half of September. Tr Uranus is square Pluto all this year into Jan 2016 which looks like terrible disruption; and there's an uncertain, highly anxious tr Neptune square Saturn in 2016 and square Sun in 2017. With Solar Arc Neptune moving to conjunct Mars in a year's time. So basically all bad news.

What conclusions to draw out of all of this I'm most unclear. Just that the constant high-wire tomorrow-is-the-end-of-the-world as we know it may be pushed back, perhaps till the autumn. Though kicking the can down the road won't solve anyone's problem in Greece or the EU.
Tunisia killings - ISIS uses religious holiday for multiple atrocities  From: Marjorie(26 Jun 2015 16:53): 
28 are dead, so far, in shootings on a Tunisia beach resort, mainly Brit and German tourists according to reports. And there's a decapitation near Lyons in France and two injured in a bomb with clear Arab connections. And a bomb at a Shia mosque in Kuwait has killed 25, so far.
ISIS have said they are asking their followers to cause widespread havoc during Ramadan which is June 17th to July 18th.

Mars has just moved into Cancer to join the Sun and the start of July sees a Sun opposition Pluto followed by Sun square Uranus on the 13th; but more aggressive than that will be Mars opposition Pluto on the 15th and then square Uranus on the 25th. So it looks a challenging, risky time ahead for a few weeks.

Tunisia was one of the successes of the Arab Spring, now a democracy with a secular-led government. It gained independence on 15 June 1956 5pm Tunis. At the moment almost exact to within 2 minutes of a degree the Solar Arc Uranus has moved to conjunct the Tunisia Moon, bringing an emotional shock to the populace. Their Mars is being undermined through this year with tr Neptune conjunct and in the autumn by tr Saturn square so an edgy time.
Rand Paul - fair winds and a few potholes  From: Marjorie(25 Jun 2015 14:01): 
Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican Senator, announced his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination on 7 April 2015 at 12.52pm in Louisville, Kentucky.

Born 7 Jan 1963 (no birth time), he's a Sun Capricorn trine Pluto in Virgo so somewhat similar to Nick Clegg (UK). With Pluto Uranus opposition Jupiter; a Gemini Moon; and Saturn Mercury in Aquarius. He's a Tea Party supporter, against abortion, same sex marriages, gun control.
It's a time of significant change in his life with tr Uranus square his Sun this year and tr Pluto conjunct in 2016/17 so major pressures and challenges.
What is intriguing is his Solar Arc Sun moving to conjunct his Jupiter through the next year which has to give him luck and then moving to square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, so he'll be confident enough to push hard. Plus a lucky Solar Arc Jupiter trine his Uranus over the election. All of that looks very promising for him.
Though just to be confusing tr Saturn will square his Jupiter Pluto Uranus from late autumn into 2016; and tr Neptune will also be conjunct his Jupiter and Solar Arc Sun through 2016 which could burst his bubble.

His Bid chart has Sun Uranus Mercury in Aries in the 10th opposition North Node square Pluto in the late 6th/cuspal 7th - so a campaign that won't follow a straightforward path but will be tightly controlled. Pluto on the point of a T Square can attract great hostility, though can also be prescient. Saturn in the 5th - not exactly relaxed and warm hearted on the platform, a touch stiff. Square Neptune in the 9th - ideas and delivery confused and uncertain at times.

He could be there or nearly there with all the Jupiter uplift, at least for a goodly stretch of the road ahead.
SNP - a roller coaster of ups and downs  From: Marjorie(24 Jun 2015 17:30): 
The SNP arrived in Westminster buoyed up by their election success, threatening to cause havoc. It's early days yet but their chutzpah does seem to have fizzled slightly. The House of Commons is steeped in byzantine tradition and will have long experience of stamping on upstart ingenues.
Angus Robertson, the SNP Group leader, 28 Sept 1969, is a confident, charming though sparky Sun Uranus Mercury Jupiter in Libra square Mars in Capricorn. He has an Earth Grand Trine of Mars to Venus in Virgo to Saturn (Moon) in Taurus so undoubtedly, practical, hard-working though quite cool in temperament being Air Earth.
His relationship with Nicola Sturgeon is fairly gung ho and overly confident at points with tr Uranus opposition the composite Mars Jupiter. But under a fairly damp cloud at the moment till the end of the year with tr Saturn square the composite Sun Venus. Quite frustrated in 2016/17 with tr Pluto square composite Mars.
His relationship with Alex Salmond isn't good at the best of times with a scratchy irritable composite Saturn Mars trine Venus. There's a swampy, undermining feel to their interface Sept this year into 2016 and if anything worsening as the year goes on.

To some extent Nicola Sturgeon is trying to set the agenda and keep control from Holyrood. What intrigues me about her chart is tr Saturn moving down through the first quadrant, into her 2nd house for two years come October onwards, which is generally either low profile or if individuals attempt to keep pushing ambitiously full steam ahead, they slip on banana skins and make misjudgements. She will be successful with tr Jupiter through her 10th from early this July for a year ahead - but the tr Saturn will undercut some of that bounce. She doesn't look happy July and August with tr Saturn conjunct her Neptune - that's uncertain and muddled.
Tr Neptune has two more oppositions of her 10th house Venus and tr Saturn a square - all before the end of the year and that looks distinctly unsettled and confused. She's also got tr Saturn square her Sec Prog Mars exactly at the moment as a fuss blows up about removing income from the Crown Estates which she seems to be backtracking on. That returns in September.

Alex Salmond was always a cannier operator than she seems to be despite her soaring popularity of the moment. His relationship with her is going through a troubled three years ahead and doesn't look to be mutually supportive, whatever is said in public.

Both the SNP 1933 and 1934 charts have Jupiter at 18 Libra so will be in high spirits for the next three years. But they also both have Cardinal Mars Pluto hard aspects which are being elbowed by tr Uranus and then tr Pluto - so I'd imagine great highs and equally great times of being thoroughly stuck, enraged and insecure. And a tendency to cross lines and find that over confidence trips them up.

The ramifications of withdrawing the income from the Scottish Crown Estates has now descended into a morass of accusations and denials. But whatever, I wouldn't have thought that picking a fight with Buck House was such a great idea. Nicola Sturgeon's relationship with HM Queen has a hostile composite Moon opposition Mars square Pluto which looks like a fight to the death or at least clenched-teeth stalemate. Plus an intransigent, chained-together and resenting it composite Saturn opposition Pluto. It'll be at a low ebb later this year and through 2016 with tr Saturn opposition the composite Mercury Venus Sun.
Brendan Smyth & Sean O'Brady - speaking truth to power  From: Marjorie(23 Jun 2015 17:53): 
The inquiry in Northern Ireland into child abuse in residential institutions over a 73-year period, up to 1995, will this week look at the case of the priest Brendan Smyth, 8 June 1927, who died in prison in 1997. He admitted having abused probably hundreds of children and the RC church repeatedly ignored complaints and warning signs from before his ordination onwards.
Cardinal Sean O'Brady, 16 Aug 1939, will appear in front of the inquiry this week. His resignation was demanded in 2010 for failing to rein in Smyth and other such priests. He dug his toes in but finally bowed out last year near his 75th birthday.

Smyth was a Sun Gemini with a Fire Grand Trine of Saturn in Sag trine Mars Venus in Leo trine Uranus Jupiter in Aries. With a Virgo/Libra Moon. It would really need a birth time to make sense of his behaviour and proclivities. Though the passion of Venus Mars in a cool trine to sanctimonious Saturn in Sagittarius and a trine to rebellious, experimental Uranus might be hint. Fire Grand Trines tend to be super-confident and attention-demanding.

In many ways the greater sin was in the Church hierarchy who knowingly allowed abusive priests to continue working around children, and paid off complaints with silencing confidentiality agreements.

O'Brady has a chart somewhat similar to that of Ayatollah Khameini with Pluto opposition Mars square Saturn - and that is a tough brew. He also has an Earth Grand Trine of Neptune trine Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus, formed into a Kite with Mars opposition Pluto. So all-controlling Pluto is the driving planet. Nothing short of a bulldozer or St Peter at the Gates was ever going to budge him. He's also got a showy Sun Venus Mercury in Leo and in all six planets in Fixed signs.

It always astonishes me the number of Cardinals, who in my naivety I had assumed were motivated by charity and compassion, have charts that display utter ruthlessness.

Oddly enough the Vatican 1929 chart has some similarities to Smyth's. A Gemini Sun at the same degree; with Mars also in Leo widely square Venus in Taurus; and Saturn also in Sagittarius; and the outer planets in the same signs as well.

Tr Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio will oppose the Vatican's MC and Jupiter in Taurus. Indeed is doing so now until mid September this year - so another discouraging phase for them of coming face to face with hard reality and criticism.
Edward Snowden - unhappy guest  From: Marjorie(22 Jun 2015 16:32): 
There's been a minor flurry of stories about Edward Snowden, led by a questionable Sunday Times piece that he had put UK intelligence agents at risk.
He's lying relatively low in Russia pro tem, giving odd western interviews but not speaking to Russian journalists. He wants to return to the US though that seems unwise. 21 June 1983 4.42am Eliz City, NC.

He looks marginally downbeat from Oct to this year end with tr Saturn conjunct his Jupiter Uranus and opposing his Mercury. Where his chart shows more more major movement is from mid 2016 with tr Uranus in an excitable and insecure sextile to his Mars. 2016/2017 has the hopeful tr Pluto trine Sun/Jupiter. Then in 2017/18 he'll be facing huge challenges with tr Uranus opposition his Pluto Saturn in Libra which looks like a complete upheaval.
His Progressed Moon (on this birth time) is going through his 8th till the end of 2016 which is an intense time in limbo; with tr Pluto also moving through his 8th till the middle of next decade which is also stuck.

His relationship with Vladimir Putin will be changing through 2016 and in quite a tense, jolting way. There's a tricky and unpleasant Yod in that relationship chart of New Moon sextile Saturn inconjunct Mars which will be shaken up in 2016.

Looks like a long haul.
James Salter - greatest writer who never made his mark  From: Marjorie(22 Jun 2015 16:31): 
James Salter, described as America's most 'under-rated under-rated author' has died. The critics adored him through six decades of writing but he didn't make much money from his books. His most famous novel in 1967 was A Sport and a Pastime and he wrote the script for the 1969 film Downhill Racer, starring Robert Redford.
'His writing was lauded for its succinct yet evocative style. The Pulitzer prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri said Salter penned some of the most perfect sentences ever written in English.' (Guardian) He'll probably sell zillions now that he's dead which is so sad.
Born 10 June 1925 he was a Sun Gemini square Uranus in Pisces with two Yods in his chart of Sun sextile Neptune inconjunct Jupiter and a wedge of Jupiter opposition Mars sextile/trine Uranus. He also had a Mars conjunct Pluto in Cancer with Pluto trine Saturn in Scorpio.
Certainly a rebel, confident and adventurous with that Mars Jupiter; yet bucketloads of frustration from Mars Pluto Saturn; and an impractical focal point Neptune.
His Mercury in Gemini had no major aspects, only a quincunx to Saturn and 135 degrees from Jupiter.
Aung San Suu Kyi - realpolitik trumps idealism  From: Marjorie(22 Jun 2015 14:07): 
Aung San Suu Kyi was 70 a few days back. She's Burma's best known opposition politician, a Nobel peace prize winner, who spent 15 years under house arrest, which raised her to the status of an icon for human rights. But since being released she's dismayed international followers by not standing up for Burma's oppressed Muslim Rohingya peoples. She's excluded from being President by a deliberate fiddle in the constitution put in by the Generals but her party is expected to do well in the forthcoming elections in late Oct/Nov this year.

Born 19 June 1945, she's a Sun Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo and square Neptune in Libra. She's due her Jupiter return around election time which should give her a lift. But there's all manner of unpleasant, blocking influences as well - Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Jupiter and Solar Arc Mars conjunct Saturn. Plus Neptunian transits to various midpoints.
Where she might get onto a better track is by 2017 when tr Pluto trines her Jupiter and tr Uranus trines her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

The Burma 4 Jan 1948 4.20am Rangoon chart doesn't look overly happy over the election with tr Neptune opposition Mars and tr Uranus opposition Moon - so the results may not be to the people's wishes with the Generals still at the helm.
Graz, Austria - Mars/Pluto & Neptune/Pluto  From: Marjorie(20 Jun 2015 17:39): 
The world has gone mad. At least three are dead and 34 injured after a 'mentally unbalanced' man drove a car into a crowded street in Graz, Austria at mid day today.

The Moon has moved from being opposition Pluto as it was for the Charleston Church shooting, to being exactly quincunx Pluto.
Jupiter is still in aspect to the destructive Mars/Pluto midpoint. And the Sun, Venus and Mars are all in aspect to the delusional Neptune/Pluto midpoint
Biz Stone - a fountain of ideas  From: Marjorie(20 Jun 2015 17:38): 
Christopher 'Biz' Stone is a co-founder of Twitter, an angel investor in various start-ups and an activist on environmental issues, animal welfare, education and conservation. Born 10 March 1974 1.17pm Boston, Massachusetts (Sly Scholfield, BC).

He has a 9th house Sun in Pisces conjunct MC which squares a 12th house Saturn in Gemini - not on the face of it ideal for a practical, savvy businessman. Though Saturn opposes the North Node, putting his Sun MC on the point of a T Square which will help.
He also has two Air Grand Trines. A scientific, inspired 8th house Mercury in Aquarius trine Saturn trine Uranus, with Saturn opposition North Node - so definitely an innovative thinker. And Mars in Gemini trine Pluto trine Venus in Aquarius, with Mars opposition Neptune - ultra determined and drawn to businesses generating publicity.
Plus a Mutable T Square of Mars opposition Neptune square a lucky and charitable Jupiter in Pisces.

His Solar Arc Jupiter is moving for the next three decades through his 10th, which can only be good. And tr Saturn is about to start rising again, moving from his 5th into his 6th by late 2016 and then upwards for the fourteen years after that. He won't be retiring anytime soon.
When Twitter launched tr Pluto was opposing his Saturn so not an easy time, though hard aspects to a leg of a Grand Trine are often helpful in jolting the individual out of a rut. Tr Jupiter was moving through his 5th trine his MC which would give him a lift.

His has a wealth of strong Harmonics. His get-it-together 5H has a Water and an Air Grand Trine. His creative 7H is exceptionally marked; as is his philanthropic 9H; his determined 11H; his breakthrough 13H; and his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H.

Gene Spriggs - religious camouflage for cruelty  From: Marjorie(20 Jun 2015 17:37): 
A strict fundamentalist protestant sect was raided this week in France after allegations of child cruelty. Twelve Tribes was founded in the US in 1972 by Gene and Martha Spriggs and claims to have 50 communities, in nine countries. They live like 1st-century Christians in almost complete isolation from the modern world with no toys, modern medicine, televisions, radios or computers. Children are beaten for the slightest infraction and babies not allowed to cry.
Elbert Gene Spriggs has had a colourful past with three broken marriages, various careers and a stint in the army, before turning to religion full time. Converts hand over their cash and children are made to work for no pay. There have been official seizures of children in the USA and Germany in the past.

Spriggs was born 18 May 1937 in Tennessee, and has a powerful and unpleasant chart. There's a Grand Trine of Mars in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Saturn which is very hard, quite brutal; turned into two Kites by a Mars opposition Mars - ego centric as well as sadistic; and Pluto opposition Jupiter - overly pushy, doesn't think rules apply to him.

He's got tr Saturn conjunct his Mars from exactly now till after mid September which will put a spanner in his wheel. Plus an uncertain Solar Arc Saturn square Neptune.

Those poor kids and what a seriously nasty, hate-filled man.

Blaze Starr - all smiles, hiding the angst  From: Marjorie(20 Jun 2015 17:36): 
Blaze Starr, who has just died, was described as the ultimate stripper with a heart of gold. She was known as 'the hottest blaze in burlesque' with a 38DD bust, was lover of the Louisiana Governor and reputedly had a fling with JFK.
Born 10 April 1932 as Fannie Fleming in West Virginia, she was 8th out of 11 children to a poor coal miner father, was gang raped as a young teenager, and escaped to Washington where she was discovered in her mid teens.
She had some chart with Sun Mercury Uranus in feisty Aries square Pluto - so upfront and rebellious. Her Mars in Aries was trine Jupiter in flamboyant, entertaining Leo, sextile Venus in social-butterfly Gemini. Plus a Yod of Mars sextile Saturn inconjunct Neptune which would tend to make her emotionally disorganized, feeling unworthy.

An extraordinary number of her planets - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were all = her Mars/Saturn midpoint, so her life wasn't all sequins and ostrich feathers, quite tough.
Dylann Roof shooter - Mars Pluto + Uranus Neptune  From: Marjorie(18 Jun 2015 15:58): 
Dylann Roof wanted for the Charleston shootings was born according to police information on April 3 1994. He appeared in photographs with apartheid South African and Rhodesian (pre-Zimbabwe) flags, although he also appeared to have black friends.
He has an Aries Sun, unaspected apart from an unbalanced, strained sesqui-square (135 degrees) to Pluto and another strained aspect of a quincunx (150 degrees) to Jupiter. More pointedly he has a ruthless (or dominated) Mars in Pisces trine Pluto, which sextiles onto a highly strung Uranus Neptune (Moon) in Capricorn. So a volatile chart with huge anger issues and a streak of fanaticism.

There's nothing too exact on his chart transit-wise, without a birth time. This year has had tr Uranus square Saturn/Pluto and Mars/Jupiter - so quite a mix of bleak and over confident. Tr Neptune has been conjunct his Saturn, bringing uncertainty and anxiety. And Solar Arc Mars is approaching a conjunction to his Sun though not exact for several months at least. His Capricorn Moon may have been caught up in the tr Uranus square tr Pluto storm.
Church Shooting - Neptune/Pluto and 7th Harmonic  From: Marjorie(18 Jun 2015 15:13): 
Nine people were shot dead during a service at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina last night, 17 June, at around 9pm. The shooter was white in his early 20s and police have described it as a hate crime.

It happened when the Moon in Cancer was exactly in opposition to Pluto, squaring onto Uranus and IC - so quite a potent time. The bleak Saturn semi-square Pluto is still in place with the Sun Mars in wide opposition.
The ruthless, destructive Mars/Pluto midpoint was aspecting Jupiter (expanding its deadly power), North Node and Ascendant.
What is also noticeable is the delusional Neptune/Pluto midpoint which was aspecting the Sun and exactly opposition Venus.
The 7th Harmonic of the event, sometimes also an indication of mental instability, is exceptionally strong linking an explosive trio of Mars Saturn Uranus.
Chris Evans - shunted into the driving seat  From: Marjorie(18 Jun 2015 14:25): 
Chris Evans, the wealthy BBC radio presenter (amongst other things), is to replace Jeremy Clarkson on the hugely popular and commercially successful petrolhead TV programme Top Gear. He's largely outgrown his bad boy image from the past.

Born 1 April 1966 he's an impulsive Sun Mars in Aries; with the JK Rowling T Square of Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto square Jupiter in Gemini, so lucky, talented, scattered, prolific, prone to ups and downs.
He looks edgy and frustrated this year with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars and tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars midpoint. 2016 has more than a few blips with a disappointing tr Neptune square Sun/Jupiter which tr Saturn also opposes. Tr Pluto will make a road-block square to Mars (which can also be accident prone as can Uranus Mars) but tr Pluto also trines Sun/Jupiter. So some good, some definitely not so great moments.

He won't have the same magic touch with Top Gear which Clarkson had.
Clarkson's relationship chart with Top Gear (see previous post) had a mega-successful, enthusiastic and aggravated Mars Jupiter opposition Pluto.
Evan's relationship chart with the programme has the aggravated Mars opposition Pluto but without Jupiter's lift. Plus a dithery, doubtful composite Saturn opposition Neptune; and a superficial Jupiter square Venus which is being squelched in 2016 by tr Saturn. Plus the composite Sun picks up the tr Uranus conjunction from April 2016 on and off for a year which could hint at separations.
Chilcot Inquiry - as old as Methuselah  From: Marjorie(18 Jun 2015 14:24): 
The endless saga of the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry is getting as boring as the Greeks on the edge of a financial precipice. It was kicked off on 15 June 2009 and brought to light some useful information, then ran into the lawyerly morass of getting it written, asking those criticised for comments and could now be 2016 (maybe) before it appears.

It launched on an over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune conjunction square Mercury. With the Gemini Sun blocked by an opposition from Pluto and squaring onto a scattered Uranus in Pisces. With the Sun also in square to dreary, nit-picky Saturn in Virgo; and Pluto in a tough trine to Mars Venus. It's a real mish-mash of a chart with only one Cardinal sign, Pluto.
The Solar Arc Uranus is square the Pluto now which coincides with a sharp elbow in the ribs from the Prime Minister and calls for Chilcot's resignation from other MPs.

John Chilcot, 22 April 1939, is a Sun Taurus conjunct Saturn in Aries with both square Pluto; and Saturn also square Mars in Capricorn. So certainly tough-minded but tending to get himself hemmed in. He's also got Venus Jupiter in Pisces opposition Neptune which is the exact opposite - overly charming, tending to be diffuse, impractical.

2016 certainly looks a heavily pressured year for him with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars and trine his Uranus as well as tr Uranus conjunct his Saturn - that's a huge amount of frustration, aggravation and major jolts. He's not going to feel popular at all.
Mo Farah - a confidence sapping saga  From: Marjorie(18 Jun 2015 14:19): 
Mo Farah, the Somalian-born UK Olympic Gold medallist for distance running, has been caught up in the doping allegations made about his coach, Cuban Albert Salazar. Both strenuously deny any involvement in doping.

Mo Farah, 23 March 1983, is a fiery, inspirational Sun Aries trine Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius; with an ultra-determined Mars in Aries opposition Pluto. Albert Salazar, 7 Aug 1958, is a Sun Uranus in Leo square Mars (Moon) in Taurus, so not a dissimilar mix.

Salazar looks discouraged and stuck at the moment with Solar Arc Saturn opposing his Sun; and tr Saturn square his Pluto and Mercury between now and the end of the year. With shocks from tr Uranus square his Venus.

Mo Farah equally looks less than happy ahead with an insecure tr Uranus conjunct his Mars from next week, off and on for a year ahead. Tr Uranus in a jolting square to his Sun/Saturn this year; and an enthusiasm-dampening tr Saturn conjunct his Uranus Jupiter before the end of this year. With a dreary slog tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Saturn midpoint in 2016/2017.

He'd miss Salazar if he had to leave. And their relationship chart is under very disappointing influences this year and ahead.
Balcony Collapse - Saturn Pluto  From: Marjorie(17 Jun 2015 18:06): 
The balcony collapse in Berkeley, California which killed 5 young Irish students and another young woman occurred at 1am on 16th June. At that point the tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint was conjunct the MC and opposition Moon (Mars Sun). Saturn was also 45 degrees from Pluto - so a very heavy time. Saturn Pluto is a tough and destructive energy. In aspect to the Moon it's to do with loss and to Mars with violent actions.

The Ireland 1922 chart has a Moon Pluto in Cancer square Saturn in Libra which is under heavy pressure for several years from the tr Uranus square tr Pluto - so it could be seen as connected in part to that.
Donald Trump - blowing his trumpet  From: Marjorie(17 Jun 2015 09:55): 
Donald Trump, heaven help us, has also said he'll run for a GOP nomination, announcing in New York at 11am 16 June 2015. This puts Sun Moon Mars in Gemini in the 10th so certainly ambitious. Plus a grandstanding, attention-grabbing Pluto in the 5th. But a slippery Neptune in the 7th square Mercury suggest muddled communications and a general feel of untrustworthiness. Saturn on the IC, Uranus in the 8th and Jupiter Venus in the 12th, all in the hidden houses, are not that helpful for a public campaign.

His personal chart, 14 June 1946 9.51am New York, does have tr Jupiter just crossing into his 1st exactly now so an outgoing and confident time. Tr Uranus is opposing his Jupiter this year and tr Pluto squares Jupiter in 2016/2017 so he won't be short of chutzpah, though he's likely to overblow his credentials and step across the line in his enthusiasm.
Despite some zizz from his Jupiter, he's also got ambition-dampening transits this autumn and worse through 2016 which looks irritable, insecure, full of jolts and disappointments.
Jeb Bush - divided opinions  From: Marjorie(17 Jun 2015 09:54): 
Jeb Bush has thrown his hat into the ring for a bid for the GOP Presidential nomination, despite the drag of the Bush name. He announced in Miami at 3pm on 15 June 2015.
This gives a hopeful 11th house Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus, sextile a vocal 9th house Sun Mars in Gemini. The mini Grand Trine itself is lucky. But it has Pluto conjunct the IC, hinting at the less favourable family connection, opposition MC square a divisive 7th house Uranus. Neptune also trines the MC which is rather dithery. The focal point Sun Mars is opposition the Saturn/Pluto midpoint which is a real stumbling block. The Iraq War and aftermath (Sat Pl) looming large. And Pluto = Jupiter/Neptune which is usually high hopes dashed.

On his natal chart, 11 Feb 1953 8.500pm Midland, Texas, he has a devastatingly bad tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Saturn at the election, and indeed right through 2015/16. He also has tr Pluto opposing his 10th house Uranus through the same period up to Nov 2016 - which does suggest his life is changing out of all recognition which can go either way. Over the Inauguration tr Uranus is sextile his MC, tr Jupiter sextile his Pluto and tr Saturn moving out of his low profile first quadrant into his 4th - so there may be something coming out of it for him.
Jackson Pollock - a talented and anguished life   From: Marjorie(17 Jun 2015 09:53): 
Jackson Pollock, the influential and provocative American artist known for his 'action' abstract expressionist paintings, dripping paint onto the canvas, is being exhibited at the London Tate.

Born 28 Jan 1912 12.06pm Cody, WY, US, into a dirt poor family with a father who may have been sold as an orphaned child to a farming family, he, like all his brothers, wanted to be an artist. He started drinking in his teens, may have been bi-polar, was taken under the patronage of Peggy Guggenheim and was killed in an alcohol related car crash when he was 44.

His 10th house Aquarius Sun would make him seek a public life. It squares a depressive 12th house Saturn in Taurus on one side and is sextile an enthusiastic Jupiter in Sagittarius on the other - so ups and downs.
His breaking-boundaries Uranus is conjunct his MC and his Sun which makes sense of his rebellious and innovative life and talents. Uranus is in a highly strung, generational, opposition to Neptune.
He had an angry Moon Mars in Taurus on his Ascendant trine Uranus so volatile and emotionally fraught. His 8th house Venus in Sagittarius opposes his Pluto, so intense feelings and possessiveness.
Not an easy life but certainly an interesting chart.

This exhibition focuses on his black paintings, a change in style from his earlier colourful drippings and was a significant change of direction for him in the early 1950s. At that point his Solar Arc Pluto was opposing his Sun and tr Pluto was moving conjunct his Moon/Saturn and Mars/Saturn midpoints and heading to square his Moon. So very plutonic.
When he died in 1956 tr Pluto was moving to square his Mars and tr Saturn to oppose his Moon.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics are strong.
Prince Carl Philip & Sofia - a glitzy wedding  From: Marjorie(14 Jun 2015 16:34): 
Prince Carl Philip married his glamour model wife Sofia yesterday June 13th at around 4.50pm for the vows in Stockholm, Sweden [see previous post].
This gives an indulgent and glamorous Venus Jupiter in Leo with Jupiter conjunct the MC - so starry; both are square a Taurus 7th house Moon and Jupiter is trine Uranus - indulgent and adventurous. There's a Sun Mars in Gemini on the cusp of the 9th so perhaps much travelling.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate Sun Venus conjunction square Uranus - so an unconventional match.
Rachel Dolezal - creating a new identity  From: Marjorie(14 Jun 2015 16:33): 
There's the odd tale of the white civil rights activist who's been claiming she's black and has now been outed by her biological parents. She claims they are not her real parents and they are estranged. She had four adopted black siblings and has been changing her appearance over the past decade to appear more authentic.

Rachel Dolezal, 12 Nov 1977 in North Carolina, clearly has a troubled family history. But whether she is an out and out fantasist or just acting the part to make more impact isn't clear. She's a professor of Africana studies.

She has a Scorpio Sun conjunct Uranus. Her Uranus is conjunct Venus in Scorpio and both square Mars in Leo. So intense, rebellious, excitable. Her Sagittarius Moon may be conjunct Neptune Mercury which would certainly suggest an emotional muddle and they all trine Mars - so drawn to publicity and has anger issues. It's a Water Fire chart so she will be prone to finding creative solutions though overly impulsive at the same time.

Her Solar Arc Mars is exactly square her Neptune now which will bring publicity and panic.

Her 7th harmonic is strong which can indicate a degree of instability; as is her rise-and-fall 10H; her victim/helper 12H.

All quite strange.
Prince Harry - Prog Moon and Venus  From: Marjorie(14 Jun 2015 16:31): 
Prince Harry does have his Venus at 17 degrees Libra which has one hit so far in April from tr Uranus in opposition and there'll be two more in Oct/Nov and Feb next year and shortly thereafter in 2016/2017 tr Pluto squares his Venus for two years after that. So there's a good deal going on for him emotionally through this patch. From 2018 for two years tr Pluto is trine his Moon which will bring changes either within the family or him moving domestic base.
What is also pertinent to a possible relationship is his Progressed Moon moving into his 7th house of close relationships from Dec this year for two years plus after. This often increases the pressure to find a committed relationship and settle down.
The risk is he might aim for a relationship more for the sake of security than for real affection.

He does have a Virgo Sun square Neptune so will find making an out and out commitment tricky. The love of his life was Chelsy Davy but she clearly couldn't cope with the spotlight and nor could Cressida Bonas who wanted to pursue an acting career.

But I'd think his Progressed Moon in the 7th plus his Venus being triggered would do it.

[More on Prince Harry in previous posts in the search function.]
Christopher Lee - varied life though never realised his full potential  From: Marjorie(12 Jun 2015 15:36): 
Christopher Lee who made his name as Dracula in a run of horror movies, though he was always a better actor and more intelligent than the films he starred in. Latterly he appeared in James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and Star Wars. He had a magnificent voice and sang as well as acted.
Born 27 May 1922 2.45pm London to a military father and an Italian mother, with an operatic grandmother, and Ian Fleming as a relative, he was brought up partly on the continent, had a busy WW11 and then went into acting. He married a Danish painter in 1961 and they were together till his death.

He had a 9th house Sun Moon and Mercury spread out through Gemini - so much travelled and philosophically inclined. His Sun was square a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Libra on his Ascendant which latter perhaps contributed to his iconic status, albeit in the very unLibran Count of darkness. He had a charming, controlling and influential 10th house Pluto Venus in Cancer. It's an Air Water chart with two Fire planets and no Earth - so quite cool emotionally though he'd wobble at times where his feelings were concerned. Quite snappy with Mercury opposition a 3rd house Mars in Sagittarius.

Jussi Bjorling, the acclaimed Swedish tenor, once tried to persuade him to take up opera. He said he regretted not continuing to train his singing voice.
Bjorling was born 5 Feb 1911 11pm Borlange, Sweden. He had a much more Fixed chart than Lee with an Aquarius Sun, Moon Saturn in Taurus (rules throat) opposition Jupiter in Scorpio. And five Earth signs. Opera is a demanding career and more repetitive than film acting and more physical.
Al Quaeda & ISIS - the enemy of my enemy .......  From: Marjorie(11 Jun 2015 16:57): 
There's an interesting background piece in today's Guardian, URL below, about how Al Quaeda's intellectual godfather mentored the founder of ISIS who then went on to set up the brutal and degenerate force that is rampaging through the Middle East. And in the process destroyed Al Quaeda.

The two charts are quite starkly at odds. Al Quaeda, 11 Aug 1988. ISIS 15 Oct 2006.

Al Q's Leo Sun has ISIS's Saturn conjunct and ISIS's Neptune in opposition - so a disintegrating effect. ISIS's heavily aspected Pluto is conjunct Al Q's Saturn Uranus so a mighty clash of aims.
Both have Leo Moons and both have North Node in Pisces so they share an ambition to be grand and follow a vision. Both are quite ruthless charts with Al Q's Mars inconjunct Pluto and square Neptune; and ISIS worse with Saturn trine Pluto, sextile Sun Mars.

Their relationship chart has an angry and harsh composite Mars square Saturn and trine Sun; a disappointing Sun trine Neptune; a mutually undermining Mars Neptune; and a power struggling Jupiter square Pluto.

The theory appears to be that Al Quaeda is almost no more but if anything emerges from the remnants they seem implacably opposed to ISIS, with relations worsening over the next three or four years.

Tim Hunt - foot in the mouth brilliance  From: Marjorie(11 Jun 2015 16:56): 
Tim Hunt, the Nobel Prize winning scientist whose unwise remarks on women in his science lab forced his resignation, was born 19 Feb 1943, Neston, England. He said they were a distraction since he either fell in love with them (like his wife) or vice versa and they cried when criticised. Oops. The howling mob descended on his head.
He's a last degree Sun Aquarius or Pisces possibly opposition a Leo Moon - so fairly detached, probably marginally uncomfortable with feelings. Though he has a sensitive Venus in Pisces and a happy-home Jupiter in Cancer.
His chart is predominantly Air with a Grand Trine of Mercury in Aquarius trine Uranus Saturn in Gemini trine Neptune in Libra, formed into a Kite by Mercury opposition Pluto. So up in his head and tends to express himself fairly forcefully, though clearly obviously hugely talented and innovative in his thinking.
Tippi Hedren - destined to attract ruthless men  From: Marjorie(11 Jun 2015 16:55): 
There's a birth time for Tippi Hedren, the actress for whom Alfred Hitchcock formed an obsession and who after she refused his advances, ruined her career [see previous post in search]. 19 Jan 1930 6.30 am New Ulm, Minnesota (Sly Scholfield).

That birth time gives her the superstar filmic aura of an 8th house Neptune. Her hugely difficult Pluto opposition Mars Venus Sun in Capricorn falls across her 7th/1st axis so she would tend to attract very intense, possessive partners. She has been divorced three times with one long engagement.

Hitchcock's Mars was conjunct her Moon and opposition her Uranus so an aggravating interface. His Leo Moon Venus and Mercury all fell in her 8th which gives a clue to his relentless passion. His Scorpio Moon Jupiter was conjunct her Midheaven so he undoubtedly made her a success. But at too high a price.
Denis O'Brien - a steamroller of an entrepreneur  From: Marjorie(09 Jun 2015 17:12): 
Billionaire Denis O'Brien, 19 April 1958, is Ireland's richest born citizen and owner of a good many of Ireland's media outlets, amongst other mainly telecoms businesses. This week he attempted to stop the reporting of a speech made under Parliamentary privilege about loans made to one of his companies by a state-owned bank, which has created quite rightly a huge furore. He's a crony of Bill Clinton, a member of the Bilderberg group and lives now in Malta.

And does he have some chart? He has an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of New Moon Mercury in Aries (or possibly Sun Aries conj Taurus Moon) trine Pluto trine Saturn in Sagittarius - so inspirational, super-confident and tough. That is formed into two Kites by Pluto in a ruthless opposition to Mars in uncompromising Aquarius; and Sun opposition expansive Jupiter. Undoubtedly over flowing with talent and initiative but he doesn't let much stand in his way - very combative. His Neptune is probably opposition Moon square Uranus in Leo - so an innovator.

From media reports it seems the Irish Government are unlikely to stand in his way at least for the time being. He does have a blocked tr Saturn square his Pluto mid June to mid Sept this year which may slow him down temporarily. But some fairly upbeat transits to one of his Jupiter midpoints in 2016/2017. What will give him more of a problem is his Neptune square Uranus moving by Solar Arc to undermine his ultra-determined Mars opposition Pluto from about 15 months hence on through 2018 and beyond. That will start to erode his power. He's never likely to be looking for tomorrow's breakfast but it will upset his applecart from than somewhat.
Alexis Tsipras - a minnow versus the whales  From: Marjorie(08 Jun 2015 16:44): 
Greek PM Alexis Tsipras is continuing to enfuriate the EU and the IMF with his erratic yes/no strategy, telling his government one thing and his creditors another. Even Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, the two mediators have now almost thrown in the towel where he is concerned.
He told the IMF he'd pay the most recent due payment then swerved at the last minute and said he'd bundle it all together by the end of June. Believe it if you like.
There's now a birth time for Tsipras - 28 July 1974 1.30 am Athens (astrotheme).
Christine Lagarde, the redoubtable IMF head, is the last person he wants to tangle with since her ferocious Mars Saturn is conjunct his Scorpio Moon and her Capricorn Sun is opposition his Saturn; and her bullishly confident Pluto Jupiter are conjunct his Mars. Their relationship chart has tr Neptune undermining the composite Jupiter at the moment until mid August. And tr Pluto reversing back in trine to the composite Uranus/Pluto midpoint from now (early June) till late July - so upheavals.

Juncker, President of the European Commission, who was deemed a friend, is now getting publicly tetchy, accusing him of lying. Juncker's Mercury is conjunct Ts's Neptune so slippery evasiveness was to be expected. J's Mars is also square T's Neptune so more disappointments there. Their relationship chart is aggravating at the best of times with more irritations and discouraging slog ahead.

Donald Tusk, Polish President of the European Council, who has stopped soft pedalling on Tsipras was born 22 April 1957. His Sun Venus in Taurus opposition Neptune square Uranus in Leo clashes mightily with Tsipras's Leo Sun so it was always going to be difficult getting co-operation.

Ts's Saturn in Cancer is conjunct Angela Merkel's 8th house Jupiter with his Pluto square her Jupiter - so obstinacy and power struggles that have a dampening effect on her. Ts's Uranus is closely conjunct her 10th house Neptune so he certainly twangs her strings.
Certainly more pushing and pulling, manipulating for the upper hand through this month.

All a complete EU Horlicks. Ditto the IMF who only bailed Greece out to get German and French bankers off the hook and left them even more massively indebted than they were before. The Greeks don't help themselves but they are in an impossible double bind.
Lili St Cyr - Scorpio, Taurus and trail blazing Uranus  From: Marjorie(07 Jun 2015 18:11): 
Marie von Schaak was a famous American burlesque striptease artist in her day. Dancing under the name of Lili St Cyr she was named the most famous woman in Montreal in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

Born 3 June 1917 8am Minneapolis, Minnesota (birth certificate, Sy Scholfield) she was married six times and on retiring set up a lingerie business.

She had an 11th house Sun in Gemini. But what is most marked in her chart was an intense and sexy Scorpio Moon opposition 10th house Mars Jupiter Mercury in indulgent, tactile Taurus squaring onto a maverick Uranus in the 8th house of sexuality. A leader in her field. She also had a 12th house Pluto opposition North Node in Capricorn square her Aries Midheaven - so plumbing the depths of desire in furtherance of her career.
Saturn in late Cancer was conjunct Neptune in Leo, straddling the Ascendant - so she promoted a tantalising out-of-reach image with a seductive aura.
Interesting chart.
Turkey - change in the air  From: Marjorie(07 Jun 2015 18:10): 
There could be a surprise result in the Turkish election with AKP perhaps losing its outright majority for the first time in 13 years. It will upset Islamist President Recep Erdogan's hopes for boosting his office's powers. He has increasingly come to be seen as a dictator, with corruption allegations swirling around, suppression of civil liberties and media; and constructing the world's largest palace for himself.

Born 26 Feb 1954 he is a Sun, Mercury, Venus in Pisces squaring onto Mars (Moon) in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter with Saturn in Scorpio trine his Pisces planets. Certainly confident, a risk-taker, ego-centric, overly scattered though obsessive Saturn will anchor him down. He has the 'financial' Jupiter trine Neptune and fanatical Neptune square Uranus.

It never looked like a good year for him with tr Neptune conjunct his 7 degree Pisces Sun and tr Saturn moving to square before the year end. As well as tr Saturn being conjunct Mars; and into 2016 opposition Jupiter. So a long run of disappointments.

The Turkey 29 Oct 1923 8.30pm Ankara chart has tr Pluto sextile Uranus (conj MC) this year so a change looked likely at the top. The economy has stalled in recent times and it doesn't look great ahead. Tr Uranus will oppose the 4th house Mercury Saturn which looks like a restless, tense population and more changes of direction. With a bubble bursting Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Jupiter after mid 2016. Then there's a total road-block Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto in 2017.
Kardashians - does everything have to be dragged into public?  From: Marjorie(03 Jun 2015 17:53): 
There's much fluttering going on amongst the downstairs TV reality royals with the Kardashian papa Bruce changing sex to become Caitlyn. A distinctly unsettling Vanity Fair spread with sexy pics of the voluptuous Caitlyn is running with tales from Bruce saying how controlling mama Kris was when they were married. She has responded by saying he was passive-aggressive.

Kris, 5 Nov 1955 6.42am San Diego CA; Bruce/Caitlyn 28 Oct 1949 6.16 am Mount Kisco, NY.

In fact both are remarkably similar in temperament with Scorpio Suns and controlling 10th house Plutos. Admittedly matriarch Kris comes out as the more heavyweight since she has a powerfully confident Jupiter Pluto square a stubborn Saturn Venus in Scorpio.

It was never a good match with his Neptune conjunct her Mars so he would undermine her; and his ambitious Mars in Virgo is conjunct her Jupiter Pluto MC - so quite a clash there, part successful and part a battle for the upper hand. Her Uranus opposes his Aquarius Moon and she anyway has a Moon Uranus conjunction so like to go her own way.

Their relationship chart has a mutually-beneficial composite Sun Jupiter in an adventurous trine to Uranus so it wasn't all drear. But the composite Moon opposes Neptune Saturn and squares Uranus - so emotionally not a good fit. The composite Venus on the Ascendant looks good but doesn't connect to the rest of the chart, so more appearance than romance.

At the moment tr Neptune is square the composite Venus undermining their connection; with tr Uranus opposition Saturn and square Uranus causing humps and bumps along the way. There won't be peace for a while.
Crown Prince Fred and Mary - smiling for the cameras  From: Marjorie(03 Jun 2015 17:50): 
Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark married Australian marketing consultant, now Princess Mary, on 14 May 2004. They have four children. I'm not a Royal follower, apart from UK, so not aware of their public image, but it appears to be chirpy and fun loving.

He was born 26 May 1968 11.50pm Copenhagen, Denmark and has a really tricky and difficult chart despite the Geminian playboy image of his youth. He has a 4th house New Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus in last degree Taurus so clearly rooted in his family and lineage. His Venus Moon are trine an 8th house Uranus (Pluto) in Virgo and opposition Neptune - so emotionally changeable, not always feeling in control and not relating easily.
His Pluto (Uranus) sits on one leg of a Yod in sextile to Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Aries. So a pretty heavy karma to bear through life. His mischievous 5th house Mercury in Gemini squares Pluto Uranus so he'll be prone to ups and downs.

She on the other hand is an ambitious 10th house Sun Mercury in Aquarius trine Moon Uranus in Libra; with an excitable, freedom-loving Moon Uranus opposition Mars in Aries on her Ascendant. She has a dreamy 8th house Neptune opposition Saturn in late Taurus so quite sensitive. Her Venus is in Pisces in the friendly 11th.

Her Sun falls in his 1st which is excellent for a close relationship - she brightens his image. His Sun Moon is in her 2nd giving her financial security and the chance to indulge. Her Neptune is on his MC which is perhaps why she gives him a starry quality though it is ethereal, not always real.
His Saturn is conjunct her Mars Ascendant so he'll squelch her impulsive, not to say reckless streak. Her Saturn is conjunct his Venus Moon Sun so she'll put emotional barriers up and perhaps be overly organised at home. Her Moon Uranus oppose his afflicted Saturn which is a very edgy, grating cross over.

Their relationship chart has a needs-space composite Sun opposition Uranus. An irritable, not always kind composite Moon square Saturn Mars. And a sugary sweet, superficially charming, good for social occasions composite Venus opposition Jupiter.
The wedding chart also shows signs of strain with a Mars Saturn conjunction possibly square Moon; and a power-struggling Sun quincunx Pluto. And an adventurous Jupiter opposition Uranus.

Their relationship has been under tremendous pressures in recent years with a 10 degree Aries composite Sun opposition a 6 degree Libra Aries getting hammered by tr Pluto square tr Uranus. So not all sweetness and light. Indeed some relationships would have split under that strain.

Why has she changed so much in appearance, turning into a designer addict? There's nothing very transformational been happening on her chart. Maybe just moulding herself with a 10th house Sun into the role. She won't suppress her rebellious streak though with tr Uranus opposing her Uranus Moon this year and moving to cross her Ascendant Mars by 2017. She's also got a major reputation boost coming in 2017 with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Sun. And he has tr Uranus conjunct his Yod focal point Saturn in 2016 so his life is due for a major shift.

There are hot denials that his 75 year old, chain-smoking mother Queen Margrethe will abdicate but something is definitely happening in their lives.
Charles Kennedy - universally liked  From: Marjorie(02 Jun 2015 16:45): 
Charles Kennedy, former Liberal Democrat leader and MP until he lost his seat in the recent election, has died suddenly aged 55. He was universally liked and had been in the House of Commons for three decades since he was 24, speaking out against the Iraq War and also against Scottish Independence. He had a well-publicised alcohol problem and major difficulties in recent years losing his mother in 2013, his brother paralyzed in an accident a year later and his father to whom he was very close dying this April.

He was born 25 Nov 1959 2.15am Inverness, Scotland and had an enthusiastic Sun Mercury Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd so was a consummate communicator. That squared onto a 12th house Pluto so he would have a fairly intense inner and private life. He married in 2002 and had a son but that marriage was dissolved in 2010.

His Pluto was trine a 4th house Saturn in Capricorn, sextile Neptune. His 12th house Virgo Moon was sextile Mars in Scorpio - so again a problematic emotional life.

Since 2013 tr Neptune had been squaring his Mercury, Sun and more recently Sun/Jupiter midpoint and opposing Pluto, which would all have been disillusioning and disappointing. Then tr Saturn from late December last year started to move across his Mercury and Sun. Plus his Solar Arc Saturn was just over the square to his Mercury and rapidly approaching the exact square to his Sun. So depressing certainly at a mental level but physically as well. To date there's no indication of why he died but he hadn't been well recently. Tr Neptune was also moving through his 6th house of health which wouldn't help.
Jack Vettriano - life turned upside down  From: Marjorie(01 Jun 2015 16:42): 
Scottish painter Jack Vettriano, one of the world's best selling artists, has said that due to a dislocated shoulder he's stopping painting for the foreseeable future.

Born 17 Nov 1951 9.30 am Methil, Scotland, he has a hidden and intense 12th house Scorpio Sun square a 9th house Pluto. With an 8th house Moon Uranus in Cancer which squares onto a Jupiter in Aries opposition Saturn in Libra conjunct his MC. So his inspiration comes from a deep place, erratically. His artistic Neptune is conjunct his MC as well.
At the moment tr Uranus is opposing his Midheaven, throwing career plans off balance. His 9th house Mars in Virgo was opposing the March Pisces Solar Eclipse which may also be relevant to an accident. Tr Pluto opposes his Uranus through this year hinting at a change of lifestyle; and tr Uranus is moving to oppose his Neptune which is usually stressed, from later this month on and off for a year. So his recovery may take a time.
His Solar Return from Nov 2014 has a 6th house Sun Saturn conjunction suggesting health issues; as well as an explosive Mars Pluto square Uranus. The Moon is also trine Mars Pluto so much frustration.
Enrique Iglesias - Uranus Mars strikes again  From: Marjorie(01 Jun 2015 16:42): 
Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias did himself a mischief when he tried to grab a drone camera during a concert he was giving in Tijuana. He finished his turn dripping blood from a bandaged hand before being whisked off to hospital.
Born 8 May 1975 8.17pm Madrid, Spain, son of Julio, he has a 7th house Taurus Sun which sits exactly midway between his Mars and his Saturn (rather like John Kerry). His Jupiter (Moon) in Aries opposes Pluto and squares Saturn. At the moment tr Pluto is two degrees away from the trine to his Sun. But tr Uranus is exactly conjunct his Sun/Mars midpoint; and even more accident-prone his Solar Arc Mars is opposing his Uranus.
Demi Lovato - smiling through her troubles  From: Marjorie(01 Jun 2015 16:41): 
American singer songwriter Demi Lovato has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and is now speaking out about how much better she feels knowing what caused her depressions. Her father was schizophrenic and bi-polar.

Born 20 Aug 1992 8.02 pm Albuquerqe, New Mexico, She has a 6th house Leo Sun on the point of a T Square to a Taurus Moon in the 3rd opposition Pluto - so a heavy chart, very intense and stuck though also entertaining and oddly quite ego-centric with such an emphasised Sun.
She also has the highly strung Neptune Uranus in Capricorn formed into a Kite in trine to the Moon trine a Venus Jupiter in Virgo. So again quite a mix of high-wire with a charming 7th house Venus Jupiter
Her Mercury in Leo is in a self-doubting opposition to a 12th Saturn in Aquarius which latter in turn is square Pluto and trine Mars - so anger and frustration issues. Her 4th house Mars in Gemini is in an adventurous, enthusiastic square to Jupiter Venus.
Obviously a tricky emotional background and upbringing but enough Jupiter to keep her bouncing. Though I suspect it's as well her Sun is in entertaining Leo since she'd need an outlet for her energy.
John Kerry - the last straw  From: Marjorie(31 May 2015 18:07): 
US Secretary of State John Kerry has broken a leg in the French Alps in a cycling accident. Born 11 Dec 1943 8.03 am Aurora, Colorado.
He does have a fairly accident-prone Mars Uranus in Gemini in his 6th house of health and he was wounded during the Vietnam War. Tr Neptune is moving in square to the midpoint of Mars Uranus this year; with tr Saturn in opposition in the autumn.
His Sagittarius Sun on the Ascendant opposes his Gemini Moon; and his Moon sits exactly conjunct the Mars/Saturn midpoint which is prone to breaking bones. Tr Uranus has just passed by a degree the trine to his Sun and two degrees to the opposition to his Moon and Mars/Saturn. You wouldn't have put an exact date on his fall but it certainly didn't look like a trouble free year for him. And indeed it may take a while to recuperate since there look to be lingering health and other strains on into 2016.
There may be a chance he won't see out his full term of office. His relationship chart with Barack Obama looks stretched to the limit this year with the tr Pluto square tr Uranus hammering away at the composite Sun. And tr Neptune square tr Saturn does the same to the composite Moon from late this year, through 2016.
He took up office on 1 Feb 2013 and Saturn has moved by Solar Arc to close the square to the Sun to exact now with similarly Solar Arc Mars now exactly conjunct Neptune.
Sepp Blatter & Michael Platini - birth times  From: Marjorie(31 May 2015 17:40): 
Apologies to non-football fans of which I most definitely am - but the game hasn't been this interesting ever.
There's a birth time for Sepp Blatter, 10 March 1936 4.10pm Visp, Switzerland. That fixes the exact degrees of his planets so he's due the coming-to-a-dead-halt Solar Arc Pluto opposition his 8th house Mars in slightly over six months' time. And with a 16 degree Libra Moon, he's emotionally stressed through this year with tr Uranus in opposition and then tr Pluto square through 2016/17. All his bluff and bluster won't blow the ill effects of all that away.
What's saving him at the moment is tr Pluto trine his MC, but it is also conjunct his Neptune at the same time - so some success in the midst of chaos and confusion. His topple-of-perch might be delayed till tr Uranus square his Pluto in 2017.

There's thought that UEFA, under Michael Platini, might boycott Fifa/the World Cup but that is looking less likely in the very near future since getting agreement between European nations won't be easy. The UEFA/FIFA relationship chart hints it may be into 2016 before the cracks really widen with tr Neptune square and tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun.

Michael Platini, 21 June 1955 9am Joeuf, France is a last degree Gemini Sun. He's looking very stressed, edgy and insecure this year with the tr Pluto square tr Uranus in hard aspect to his Moon Mars at 15/17 Cancer and that runs on through 2016/17.

Greg Dyke, head of UK FA, is pushing him to pull together a boycott but their relationship chart looks disappointed and irritable into 2016 and even more distant and devastated in 2016/17 so it may not all run smoothly.

Michael Platini's relationship with Blatter whom he pushed not to stand last week, looks emotionally stressed, and very bad tempered in early June (i.e now) and again in September.
Tony Blair - Uranus Pluto-ed off his perch  From: Marjorie(29 May 2015 17:39): 
Just a snippet about Tony Blair exiting his Quartet Peace Envoy mission to Palestine Israel which he took up on leaving No 10 on 27 June 2007. On that chart the Solar Arc Pluto is opposing the Sun; and Solar Arc Uranus is approaching the square to Pluto. That latter aspect is often one seen when terms of office topple over.
Sepp Blatter, Putin, Loretta Lynch  From: Marjorie(29 May 2015 17:37): 
Sepp Blatter is expected to win the FIFA Presidency vote because of African, Asian and Russian support. Though the general consensus is he's tainted and can't last. Mind you, we said that about Berlusconi and he slithered on for years. But he's certainly not having an easy time ahead.

His 5th Harmonic is strong, which is typical amongst those who impose their designs on the world around them. Though it is stressed with a Yod joining tough-minded Saturn Pluto to assertive Mars; and a controlling Sun square Pluto. His 10th harmonic which often marks those who rise and fall is even stronger; with an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine, formed into a Kite with materially ambitious Saturn the driving planet.

He does harmonise reasonably well with Vladimir Putin since SB's Libra Moon is conjunct VP's Libra Sun. SB's crusading Jupiter in Sagittarius is conjunct VP's Mars - and that is an adventuring and sporting combination. Pluto if Putin's 5.46am birth time is accurate, then SB's Sun Saturn falls in VP's 5th house of sport.

Their relationship chart has a friendly composite Sun Venus although also conjunct a business-like Saturn in a lucky sextile to Jupiter, and a slippery square to Neptune. The good feelings and confidence between them will be damped down later this year and into 2016 with tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter and opposition the composite Uranus.

Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney General, 21 May 1959 South Carolina grew up in the segregated south, became a renowned and tough New York federal prosecutor and recently had the longest confirmation hearing ever because of Republican shenanigans. She was born on the same day that FIFA was founded some 55 years earlier. Grey Dyke, head of the UK FA, was born 21 May - so lots of stalwart Taureans around this dispute.
Loretta Lynch is a confident and ultra-determined Sun Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio square Pluto at 0 Virgo. With a Scorpio Moon; Venus in Cancer trine Neptune, opposition Saturn; and Mars also in Cancer. So quite emotional as well as stubborn and lucky.
It doesn't look like being the easiest years for her with her Solar Arc Sun conjunct her Mars; and Solar Arc Saturn square her Sun and moving to oppose her Pluto over the rest of Obama's term.

Her relationship chart with Blatter, has the same upset point as he has with FIFA - mid 2016. She's said this is the beginning not the end so he may well come a cropper through the investigations.
Gigi Jordan - family tragedy  From: Marjorie(29 May 2015 17:36): 
Gigi Jordan, a New York socialite has been sentenced to 18 years for the manslaughter of her 8 year old autistic son. She insisted it was to save him from his abusive father but the judge was scathing in his closing remarks, saying she showed no remorse for her actions.
She was born 2 Dec 1960, her son Jude 13 July 2001 and he died of an overdose on 3 Feb 2010.

She's a Sun Sagittarius, possibly opposition Gemini Moon square Pluto - so controlling. She's also got major anger issues from Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn Venus in Capricorn.

Her son had Mars Pluto in Sagittarius opposition Saturn Venus in Gemini - so born at a very difficult time - and that clashes mightily with his mother's Sun Pluto. His Cancer Sun was also conjunct her Mars and opposition her Saturn - so again a very gritty interface.

Their relationship chart had a composite Sun Mars opposition Saturn Venus Jupiter - so cold, conflicted, irritable.

There was an exact tr Saturn square tr Pluto when he died; with tr Saturn retrograding within less than a degree of the exact opposition to the composite Jupiter.

She's rolling in money. You'd have thought she could have found him good carers for life.
Gina & Bianca Rinehart - Australia's Dynasty  From: Marjorie(28 May 2015 16:32): 
The formidable mining magnate Gina Rinehart, Australia's richest person, has lost control of the family trust to her estranged daughter, after a long-running legal battle.
Two of her four children launched the legal action against their mother in 2011. The judge was scathing about Gina Rhinehart's actions and fired a scud missile or two at the accountants who had done her bidding, amongst others.
GR, 9 Feb 1954 9.41pm Perth, AU, has quite a chart. She has a larger-than-life 5th house Sun Venus in Aquarius trine Neptune trine Jupiter in an Air Grand Trine, formed into a Kite by Sun Venus opposition Pluto - making controlling Pluto the driving planet. Plus that opposition squares onto a 2nd house Mars in Scorpio - so utterly determined, ruthless, not a one to bend in the breeze.
Her daughter Bianca, 13 March 1977, is a Sun Mercury in Pisces square Neptune so a different temperament altogether. B's Uranus is conjunct G's Saturn in Scorpio for a real clash of modern versus the status quo. More pointedly B's Mars in Aquarius is conjunct her mother's Sun Venus and opposition her Pluto - so angry enough to stand her ground.
Their relationship chart has an OK-ish composite Sun square Jupiter; but also a cold, disruptive and intense composite Venus opposition Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, trine/sextile Neptune. So a relationship that was always guaranteed to go through major upheavals. Tr Pluto is trine the composite Uranus exactly now for the first major jolt and that runs on for another 18 months with tr Pluto trine Pluto and finally Saturn in years following. This is unlikely to be the end of the battle.
George Clooney - not all perfection  From: Marjorie(27 May 2015 14:46): 
George Clooney's latest movie Tomorrowland looks like being an expensive flop. His recent movies have been a mixed bag with Argo (producer) and Gravity doing well and Monuments Men (co-wrote, directed and starred) and August: Osage Country (producer) not so well. He's talked of giving up acting in favour of directing, producing and presumably pushing his global activities with his wife Amal.
He does have tr Pluto now moving through his 11th house which certainly suggests changing future plans and tr Saturn moving towards his MC next year which might well start a peak in a more organisational role. Plus he has tr Uranus trine his MC at the moment and tr Pluto trine his Sun - so he doesn't look as if this is a major setback. Though Solar Arc Pluto square his Moon, exact in about seven months time does suggest some emotional impasse. SArc Pluto then moves on to square his Saturn by 2017 - so uphill ahead.

There has been comment that his wife Amal is shrinking in public view, getting overly-thin as she moves into full designer fashion mode. She does have tr Uranus opposing her Pluto this year which does suggest that the universe is pushing her to make major changes in her life. But she's got quite a Fixed chart with an Aquarius Sun Venus, Uranus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo so won't be easy for her. Without a birth time there's not much going on in her chart though her Sagittarius Moon Neptune does get the tr Saturn conjunction late next year.
Her Neptune is conjunct George's MC suggesting that she's pushing him in a more humanitarian/idealistic direction though she could also undermine his ambition/ego.

Their relationship chart is very powerful, emotionally intense and private with a composite Water Grand Trine formed into a Kite with Pluto as the driving planet (conjunct Uranus). Clearly wanting to push back the boundaries but it's also quite controlling.

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