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Lubitz, Manning, Holmes, Kouachi  From: Marjorie(28 Mar 2015 17:20): 
The parallels between Andreas Lubitz and Bradley/Chelsea Manning, born a day earlier are striking. Venting their spleen against a hated authority figure, wanting to be famous for a day (or several) no matter what the consequences.
Sun Saturn suggests a father figure for whom nothing was ever enough and Sun Uranus the unpredictable father. Moon Mars Pluto is severely damaged emotionally with tremendously deep seated fears, compacted anger and resentment, and a need for revenge.
Saturn Uranus can be autocratic and trine Jupiter would inflate the need to be grand or at least seen as someone of substance. Evidently Lubitz was upset because vision problems were going to put paid to his dream of being a chief pilot.

His comment to his ex-girl friend who said he could be aggressive is significant. "One day I'm going to do something that will change the whole system, and everyone will know my name and remember." It sounds like a narcissistic personality disorder which is sometimes due to early deprivation so there may have been problems just after his birth which left him marooned in a fantasy land that could never be attained. That would fuel terrible rage.
A birth time would make a considerable difference to how these energies played out.

Cherif Kouachi, one of the Charlie Hebdo shooters, had his Sun Uranus and three other planets in Sagittarius, with Mars in Capricorn square Saturn Pluto in Libra - so relatively similar.
James Holmes, the Batman cinema shooter, 10 Dec 1987, had the same Sun Saturn Uranus Mercury in Sag with Mars Pluto in Scorpio square a Leo Moon. So not dissimilar.
Lufthansa & Lubitz - devastating consequences  From: Marjorie(27 Mar 2015 17:06): 
The crashed plane is a budget airline owned by Lufthansa. And they are in real trouble if it can be proved they knew of the co-pilot Lubitz's mental problems and did nothing. They were founded on 6 Jan 1953 in Cologne, Germany which gives a Capricorn Sun right in the eye of the tr Pluto square tr Uranus storm exactly at the moment; with tr Uranus moving to square Uranus; and tr Pluto in 2016//17 opposing Uranus. So a huge upheaval, which will knock them sideways.
Germanwings was set up on 27 Oct 2002 with Pluto in Sagittarius and Saturn in late Gemini. That has now moved by Solar Arc to close the opposition to exact - so mourning, hardship, tough conditions. And was being squared by the Solar Eclipse.

Andreas Lubitz's relationship charts with both companies look over controlled and aggravated.

His chart with four planets including Sun in Sagittarius and three in Scorpio is somewhat similar to Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, who had four planets in Sagittarius and Saturn Mars Pluto in Scorpio (Sun Capricorn, Moon Cancer).
Germanwings crash - Mars/Saturn midpoint  From: Marjorie(26 Mar 2015 17:44): 
The Germanwings Airbus 4U9525 that crashed two days ago took off from Barcelona, Spain at 9.55am. There's nothing too notable at first glance apart from the exact Uranus square Pluto with Pluto in the 8th; and Pluto widely square Sun and Mars, indeed square the Sun/Mars midpoint. Neptune was in the 10th square Saturn Descendant.
There's more down into the midpoints with Jupiter opposition Mars/Saturn; Saturn = Mars/Pluto = Mars/Uranus; and Pluto = Sun/Mars= Mars/Node.

There are slight similarities to the LAM flight 470 which was thought to be a deliberate pilot crash. It took off from Maputo, Mozambique on 29 Nov 2013 at 11.26am local time. Neptune was conjunct Ascendant and square Sun MC in Sagittarius; plus Uranus square Pluto. In the midpoints the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter are all = Mars/Saturn; with Saturn = Mars/Pluto = Mars/Uranus.

The co-pilot, whom early reports suggest was at the controls solo, Andreas Lubitz, was according to latest reports born 18 December 1987 in Montabur, Germany. This would make him (if accurate) a Sun Uranus Saturn Mercury in last decan Sagittarius - so changeable, swinging between highs and lows, autocratic, stubborn. And rattled by a square from the recent Solar Eclipse.
More pertinently he would also have a Pluto Mars maybe Moon conjunction Scorpio which is very intense, given to huge emotional frustration, dark, bitter, vengeful.
When he had his over stressed period in 2009 and had to give up his flight training his Solar Arc Saturn had moved to sextile his Mars and tr Uranus opposition tr Saturn was square his Sun and other Sagittarius planets. So he'd be depressed and fluctuating fairly wildly.
At the moment on that chart the Solar Arc Uranus is within less than a degree conjunct the natal Venus - so a time of emotional tension.
Zayn Malik - talented but stressed  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 18:15): 
Zayn Malik, one of the boyband One Direction has walked off a world tour claiming stress. They will continue as a four piece. He says he wants a normal life after five years heady success.
Born 12 Jan 1993 10 am? Bradford, England, he is one of the highly strung Uranus Neptune conjunction which in his case is conjunct Mercury and Sun in Capricorn and opposes Mars in Cancer - so he will be quite high-wire in terms of tension. Though that opposition helpfully squares onto a lucky and better balanced Jupiter in Libra.
The tr Uranus square tr Pluto is hitting on his Mercury and Mars exactly at the moment which may have proved just too challenging. And tr Uranus will continue on to square his Uranus Neptune before mid year and again later.
Tr Pluto will reverse to square his Jupiter twice more before the end of the year and again late 2016 which will boost his confidence.
If his birth time is accurate then tr Uranus will trine his Midheaven in June onwards which could indicate a change of career direction. Though he still looks confused and disappointed romantically with tr Neptune moving through his 1st to conjunct his Venus.
Malcolm Fraser - stubborn but charming  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 18:15): 
Malcolm Fraser who was Prime Minister of Australia from 1975 to 83 has died. Born 21 May 1930 7.45pm Melbourne, he was one of that stalwart Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto in Cancer square Uranus and in his case Mars in Aries group. Enduring, determined, innovative and quite volatile I'd imagine with his Mars Uranus squaring Pluto and Saturn. Definitely on the tough side.
Though he had a fun loving 5th house Taurus Sun Mercury and a sociably charming Venus Jupiter in Gemini. His Pisces Moon opposed Neptune and squared his Sun so probably vague at times and rather chameleon like.
Amanda Knox - the agony drags on  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 16:58): 
Italy's top court was expected to deliver their decision on whether to uphold the convictions of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher today. Instead they will hear from Sollecito's defence team on Friday before the judges give their verdict. That is bad news for Knox since Sollecito has distanced himself sharply from her and indicated he cannot confirm her alibi. The judges could order a re-trial for one or both and Sollecito is arguing he was only charged because of his affair with her.
She has her 16 degree Cancer Sun under a huge amount of pressure from late this month as tr Uranus squares it and then through 2016/217 as tr Pluto opposes it from the 8th. So it looks like a long dragged out nightmare of a trap for her.
There's less obvious pressure on Sollecito's chart apart from a few bumps, glitches and disappointments this year.
Their relationship chart interestingly has a composite Mars which was exactly opposed by last week's Solar Eclipse when his defence team ramped up a last minute undermining of Knox. [see previous posts for data]
Jeremy Clarkson - gone  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 16:58): 
Jeremy Clarkson has been reluctantly let go at the BBC after a foul-mouthed fracas in which a producer ended up with a split lip. The probably had no choice but they will lose around £67 million ($100 million USD) a year from the Top Gear brand if it sinks without him.
His first appearance on Top Gear which brought him to fame and fortune was on 27 Oct 1988 when there was intriguingly Mars at 29 Pisces square Uranus Saturn at 28 Sagittarius. So it was always destined to be a fairly rumbustious and fractious show and one which the recent Solar Eclipse managed to wrong foot.
The BBC chart has the tr Pluto square tr Uranus exactly in hard aspect to the 5th house Saturn in Libra at the moment. Saturn in the 5th is often a sign of organisation in the entertainment business; and there have been comments about this being a management failure of talent.
All a mess.
Robert Durst - stalked by death  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 16:56): 
There is a confused and complicated tale of wealthy Robert Durst, son of a NY property real estate mogul, around whom deaths appear to swirl. His wife disappeared and has never re-appeared; a friend of both was murdered; a neighbour of his was killed and dismembered for which he stood trial, claimed it was an accident and was acquitted of murder but did some jail time. He's now up for the friend's murder and another death is being investigated. He was diagnosed with Aspergers' and his family have taken out restraining orders against him.
Born 12 April 1943 in New York he is an Aries Sun square Jupiter (Moon) in Cancer, sextile Mars in Aquarius. With Mars square Venus in Taurus and Uranus (conjunct Saturn) in Gemini. His Neptune is trine Saturn Uranus, sextile Pluto.
It's a chart that really needs a birth time which we haven't got. He'll be impulsive with Aries Sun + Mars in uncompromising Aquarius; and expects too much with the square to Jupiter. A focal point Pluto is controlling. Mars square Venus is insensitive; square Uranus volatile.
His Jupiter squares his Mars/Saturn midpoint; his Neptune = Mars/Pluto = Sun/Saturn - so edgy from those.
His midpoints look very stressed over the coming three years, especially 2016/17.
Rahm Emanuel - swimming against the tide  From: Marjorie(23 Mar 2015 17:51): 
Rahm Emanuel, 29 Nov 1959, is facing a run-off election for Mayor of Chicago on April 7th against Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, 12 April 1956. Polls show Emanuel ahead, though polls haven't been too reliable recently (Israel & France). There are no birth times so dodgier than usual trying to sort out possibilities.
Emanuel had tr Neptune square his Sagittarius Sun earlier this year so a a wobbly start; with tr Neptune square Sun/Jupiter exactly now bringing down high hopes; and tr Saturn conjunct Mars/Jupiter which isn't great; plus tr Uranus opposition Mars/Pluto which is disastrous. Though he does have tr Uranus opposition Jupiter/Uranus which will bring him some luck. My memory from last Mayoral election was he won in spite of some dreary influences, so he may over ride them again
Garcia, an Aries Sun opposition Neptune square Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus; and Sun trine Jupiter Pluto in Leo is clearly capable and confident. He's got an unpopular tr Neptune square his Venus and one decent Jupiter midpoint transit.
If Emanuel gets in he's got an uncertain, panicky, maybe scandal-strewn late 2016 but on these influences he could be facing an upset now.
Ted Cruz - impetuous, too much Neptune for his bid  From: Marjorie(23 Mar 2015 12:47): 
Ted Cruz, the junior Republican Senator for Texas threw his hat into the ring for a bid for the GOP presidential candidacy with a midnight tweet today. This gives a 4th house Aries Sun and a 5th house Uranus opposition North Node square a 2nd house Pluto. So plenty expensive. There's also (time being accurate) an Earth Grand Trine of Virgo MC trine Pluto trine Moon Venus in Taurus in the 6th, forming a Kite with MC opposition Neptune, IC, Mercury. Business-oriented but focussing on a Neptune IV doesn't sound that great. There's also an erratic, overly excitably 5th house Mars in Aries as well as Uranus square Pluto - which looks like an uphill struggle, bad tempered and given to outbursts.
Born 22 Dec 1970, Calgary, Canada, he's a Sun Capricorn square Pluto in last degree Virgo. That Pluto is opposed by last week's Pisces Solar Eclipse so obviously empowering him to have a go. He's got a stubborn though not always lucky Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars Venus in Scorpio. His Saturn picks up the trine from tr Pluto from early 2016 so a really tough time thereafter. Before then a fair few bumps as tr Pluto squares his Uranus. His midpoints look singularly undermined and unlucky this year.
Lee Kuan Yew - dictatorial capitalist  From: Marjorie(23 Mar 2015 12:45): 
Singapore's founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, who led the city-state for more than three decades, has died aged 91. To some he was a ruthless tyrant, to others a benevolent dictator. His exclusive focus was on encouraging prosperity through a dominant role for the state. The end result was a Singapore with an efficient bureaucracy, a corruption-free government, clean air, safe streets, excellent schools, affordable healthcare, high home ownership, and the third highest per capita income in the world.
His rule has been described as a rigid pragmatism. It was illiberal and anti-democratic, necessary he thought to maintain stability in the multi-ethnic and multireligious country. Under his regime there were arrests and detentions without trials, defamation suits, expensive court cases and bankruptcy (for his opponents).
Born 16 September 1923 9.07 am Singapore, he had a practical, charming Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo as well as Mars North Node in Virgo - so definitely pragmatic. But also an innovator with his Virgo planets opposing Uranus in Pisces; and Uranus in a Water Grand Trine to Pluto in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio, turned into a Kite with Uranus opposition Mars Sun Venus. Jupiter in Scorpio is focussed on money; Jup Pluto turns ideas into solid results; Jup Uranus is willing to take risks. He was creative but also exceptionally private. He remarked recently "They think they know me, but they only know the public me." That's a Water Grand Trine. His Grand Trine's powerful, lucky energy was channelled through his Mars Sun Venus - so ego-centric, aggressive at times.
He also had a visionary Neptune in Leo in his 10th so he followed his dream, though obviously with Neptune's chilling fanaticism at times. His Pluto was in a ruthless sextile Mars and in a tough, unyielding square to Saturn.

He had a strong 'obsessive dream' 11th Harmonic; a get-it-together 5H; and an especially notable, materially oriented 9H.
T H White - escaping into fantasy  From: Marjorie(22 Mar 2015 18:01): 
T H White was an English novelist best known for his Arthurian stories - 'The Once and Future King' which became Camelot on Broadway and 'The Sword in the Stone' etc. He was evidently an inspiration for JK Rowling when writing the Harry Potter books. His tragic life story is interwoven in Helen MacDonald's recent memoir 'H is for Hawk' about how training a goshawk saved her sanity.
He was born in India on 29 May 1906 at 3.30pm Mumbai/Bombay to a violent, alcoholic police superintendent father, whom he walked in daily dread would shoot him; and a cold mother. He became a school teacher then left to write and to try to train a hawk. He was a repressed homosexual who struggled throughout his life to form any meaningful relationships.
He had an 8th house Sun Jupiter in Gemini with Jupiter conjunct a 9th house Mars Pluto in Gemini. His 8th house would give him another wordly connection. His Mars Pluto, descriptive of his brutal father especially since it squared Saturn in Pisces, in the 9th would give him the ability to communicate widely and with vigour. Though his Saturn was also square his Sun Jupiter giving him a deep seated fear of failure.
He also had an idealistic and creative 9th house Venus Neptune in Cancer opposition Uranus. His Leo Moon and North Node were inconjunct Saturn - so emotionally complicated and conflicted.
His Mercury in Taurus in the 8th was unaspected by planets though oddly it did aspect his Sun/Moon midpoint so maybe words were his connection.
He had a bleak 'victim' 12th Harmonic and an exceptionally strong writers' 21H.
Elton John - family strife  From: Marjorie(21 Mar 2015 18:14): 
Elton John is having a fractious time, falling out with Dolce & Gabbana over his children; and his estranged mother having her 90th birthday party with an Elton lookalike singing. They haven't spoken in a few years since she evidently made comments which did not go down well with David Furnish, his husband.
Elton, 25 March 1947 4pm Pinner, Eng, does have an intense 8th house Aries Sun opposition Neptune so he won't take slights easily. His 9th house Taurus Moon is square Saturn Pluto in Leo and sextile Mars Mercury, so he would certainly experience his mother as cool, possessive and angry at times. He was partly brought up by his maternal grandmother (8th house). He also has Uranus in his 10th so although it set him out on an unconventional career he would see his mother as erratic.
Assuming mum was born around 14 March 1925 she has Sun Uranus in Pisces which sits conjunct his Mars causing flare ups. Her Saturn in Scorpio is opposition his Moon so there would always have been an emotional distance between them.
David Furnish, 25 Oct 1962, has his Venus on Elton's Jupiter and his Jupiter on Elton's Descendant so a good cross over though some scratchy moments as well with D's Pluto opposition E's Mars.
If the date is sound then her relationship chart with DavidF is certainly fraught with a composite Mars square Neptune, so not mutually supportive and a game-playing, power-struggling composite Jupiter opposition Pluto.
France - resisting change  From: Marjorie(21 Mar 2015 18:13): 
Disquiet is mounting about France's inability to reform economically with the fear that it will impact on the wider EU.
Friday's Pisces Solar Eclipse is exactly opposite the France 8th house Virgo Sun so there's definitely a wake up call sounding loud and clear over coming months on the financial front. The anti-EU and right-wing Marine Le Pen is expected to do well in the coming local elections with murmurs that she might even be the next President come 2017.
Relations with Germany look to be cooling even further come July and August this year.
Though there's little prospect of France backing out of the EU, no matter how much the population yearn for the old France. The relationship chart with the EU has a Fixed Moon Saturn square a Fixed Sun Pluto Mars - and that is chained together with tungsten. There'll be bad tempered outbursts across the summer into September but nothing cataclysmic.
John C Malone - challenging Earth Water  From: Marjorie(21 Mar 2015 18:13): 
John C Malone, net worth 7.5 billion USD, is the US's largest landowner with 2.2 million acres in Maine. His interest is primarily telecoms and media and he heads the Liberty group. He is a philanthropist, with according to Bloomberg a history of creative tax-avoidance personally and for his businesses.
Born 7 March 1941 in Milford, CT, he is a Sun Pisces which is surprisingly often a hugely successful business sign. More to the point he has Mars in ambitious Capricorn trine a high flying, inventive and stubborn Saturn Jupiter Uranus in Taurus; with the Sun on the midpoint. So a combination of hard driving, risk-taking Earth energy channelled through a visionary Pisces Sun.
His Mercury in high-tech Aquarius is on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile North Node Neptune - so once he found his niche he'd be off. His Mercury also squares Uranus so he thinks ahead of the game.
His two strongest Harmonic charts are the 9th which is humanitarian but also has a connection to material pleasures. And the obsessive 11H.
Tony Blair - walking into the shredder  From: Marjorie(18 Mar 2015 17:33): 
Tony Blair it is rumoured is about to give up his role as Quartet Middle East Peace negotiator which always was a bad joke, with comments flying about his credibility being shot. This was always going to be the time around 2015 when his real problems began astrologically.
At the moment the tr Uranus square tr Pluto is hitting on his Venus in Aries square Uranus which is tied into a T Square - so the start of a tumultuous three or four years. His Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Uranus exactly in about eight months time which will be another major disruption. Plus tr Saturn conjunct his Descendant, Mars and Jupiter backwards and forwards over the next few months which will dampen his confidence and enthusiasm and bring partnership rifts.
There has also been speculation about his relationship with Cherie, his wife, whom he barely sees as both pursue busy travelling schedules with hints that the debacle over Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch's ex, widened the gulf between them. 2016/17 does look a very troubled time between them with tr Uranus square Uranus Sun and opposing Neptune on their relationship chart.
Cherie has this week's Solar Eclipse exactly opposing her Virgo Sun so she'll be feeling the winds of change blowing in her life.
Israel - a conflicted result  From: Marjorie(18 Mar 2015 17:32): 
Benjamin Netanyahu won a convincing victory in the Israel elections against all the polls. Haaretz, the left-liberal Israeli newspaper is talking about a country in mourning and a leader who lost his image by playing the race card. It leaves the already tattered peace process destroyed and his relationship with the USA under Barack Obama at its lowest ebb for decades. Continued occupation of Palestinian territory and apartheid appear to be the colours he has nailed to his mast and he was voted in.
The Israel chart has its Solar Arc MC at 28 Virgo so exactly opposed by this week's Solar Eclipse so a domestic crisis which it certainly will be if this result brings increased sanctions against the country.
2015/16 look a slow uphill struggle for BN with tr Pluto trine his 10th house Saturn in Virgo; with some upsets and upheavals, domestic and otherwise. Where he'll run into major problems is late 1016/17 with his Solar Arc MC square his Pluto and his Solar Arc Sun will be opposition his Uranus - so a major stumbling block and a profound disruption. At that point the Israel chart is seriously aggravated as well.
His relationship with Obama, as in previous post, is badly undermined and aggravated from mid April this year till the end of Obama's term.
The US/Israel relationship0 chart is depressed in 2015/16; as well as deeply unsettled. With worse outbreaks of irritability or worse in 2016.

The Palestine 1988 chart is unsurprisingly badly rattled with the Solar Eclipse opposition their Mars and square their Uranus Saturn - so inducing fear and rage. Their relationship chart with Israel has the Solar Eclipse conjunct the composite Uranus and opposition the composite Pluto - so collapsing whatever fragile balance there was and totally destabilising relations ahead. 2016 looks to be a year of especial upsets between them.
Vladimir Putin - wobbling on his power base  From: Marjorie(15 Mar 2015 17:22): 
Conspiracy theories are swirling around the normally impenetrable politics of the Kremlin with the disappearance of Vladimir Putin from public view for ten days. Is it a bad dose of flu? Or a behind-the-scenes power struggle.
The recent arrests for the assassination of Boris Nemtsov of Chechens close to Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader and ally of Putin's, have certainly raised eyebrows. One theory is that the Security Service chiefs were getting more than edgy about the power wielded by Kadyrov and this is a manoeuvre to sideline him and bring Putin to heel.
Putin's own chart is ploughing through increasingly heavy seas. He has at the moment tr Pluto square his Sun/Saturn midpoint which certainly could be illness or depression due to difficulty in making progress. Tr Uranus is also in opposition to that midpoint which is high tensions, seclusion, imprisonment, mourning. The Pisces Solar Eclipse this coming week will square his Mars which could indicate heated arguments and facing up to combative competition. From mid this week tr Neptune also is conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint which will undermine his confidence.
From mid April tr Uranus opposes his Saturn and then squares his Uranus - so an extended period of jolts, jangles and major upsets erupting into the open. None of this will go away in a hurry. Indeed will worsen in 2016/17 with tr Pluto square his Saturn.
His Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10pm, has the de-stabilising Solar Arc Uranus closing the square to Pluto now; with continuing uncertainty, aggravation and gloom from tr Saturn in hard aspect to the Neptune opposition Mars square Moon right through this year.
The Russia, 8 Nov 1917 2.12 am Leningrad chart, has tr Neptune square Jupiter from mid April this year on and off till late 2016 which looks like a deflating situation vis a vis the rulership; perhaps also tr Neptune square MC if the time is accurate.
The Russia 1991 chart has the Pisces Eclipse exactly conjunct the Descendant this week and square MC as well as a 14 degree 4th house Neptune being assaulted by the tr Pluto conjunct in 2015/16 - so a time of major domestic confusion.

Putin's relationship charts with those mentioned so far in the media as Security chiefs and Interior minister - Kolokoltsev, Patrushev and Bortnikov - are all on red alert at the moment and through the next eighteen months. So the conspiracy theories might well have a mite of truth in them.

Hillary Clinton - built for secrecy  From: Marjorie(14 Mar 2015 17:41): 
Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to be coping too well with the accusations about using a private email account when Secretary of State. The fact that she used it exclusively seems to have raised major questions - presumably about record keeping, transparency and accountability and thwarting the Freedom of Information Act. She has gone into prickly, defensive Scorpio gear about the whole thing which doesn't bode well for her press relations running into 2016.
She does have exceptionally strong Neptune midpoint aspects to her Sun which is conjunct her Mercury/Neptune, square her Neptune/North Node and = Saturn/Neptune. Her Neptune is also conjunct her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which is usually a signifier of career matters. So she's constitutionally designed to obfuscate and evade.
At the moment the transiting North Node is conjunct her Neptune. Tr Saturn will conjunct her Jupiter twice between now and the autumn which will damp her enthusiasm and confidence.
Without a settled birth time it's difficult to tell what the long term outcome will be.
Julian Assange - ups and downs  From: Marjorie(14 Mar 2015 17:40): 
Julian Assange will now be questioned by Swedish prosecutors over sexual assault allegations in his hidey hole at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London because the statute of limitations will run out this August on certain potential charges.
The Assange team are claiming this as a great victory though his popularity has slid dramatically in recent times.
His Solar Arc Jupiter is moving at the moment to square his Uranus which will undoubtedly give him a lift, coming exact in about six months time; and following on to oppose his Sun in 2016. However his Solar Arc Uranus will square his Mars before then, exact in three months time which suggests a shock and insecurity.
Tr Saturn will cross and recross the conjunction to his Neptune and opposition to his Saturn through this year till late on which will be anxiety-provoking.
His midpoints don't look so good either with the long station of tr Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces squaring his Mars/Pluto from April to August and repeating early 2016 which will be messy, aggravated and undermining. His Sun/Moon midpoint is also being afflicted (birth time being 2 to 2.30pmish) across the middle of this year and into early 2016 which will be confused, uncertain and again not good for his public image.
On this birth time tr Saturn is also now moving into and through his 1st quadrant for several years which tends to be low profile and less successful.
Greece - cracks widening  From: Marjorie(12 Mar 2015 18:12): 
Relations between Greece and Germany which were bad before are careering faster downhill with the new Greek PM demanding the Germans pay reparations for damage caused during occupation in World War 11.
The Greece 1974 chart has Moon Pluto in Libra which is conjunct Germany's Mars with Germany's Saturn in square. Greece's Saturn opposes Germany's Capricorn Sun. So a really hostile interface.
The relationship chart has a power struggling composite Sun square Pluto Moon and an explosive Uranus Mars conjunct. Tr Pluto is just over the trine to the composite Mars and returns on and off till late 2016 which will give rise to implacable dislike and frustration on both sides. Where it is likely to pull apart at the seams is from late June this year on and off for the following 12 months as tr Uranus opposes the composite Sun. Which is also when there is most strain on the relationship chart between PM Tsipras and Finance Minister Varoufakis.
The Bank of Greece chart, 14 May 1928, has Mars in late Pisces catching the conjunction from this month's Solar Eclipse so a time of great upsets.
John Maynard Keynes - who'd have thought it?  From: Marjorie(12 Mar 2015 18:11): 
John Maynard Keynes was a British economist whose ideas have fundamentally affected modern thinking on economics. Alas it always sounded so dry I never attempted to plumb the mysteries of his theoretical position. A new biography of him has turned up the surprising truth of his rampant sex life. Everything from rent boys to a lover of Lytton Strachey's, threesomes, foursomes with both sexes and he married a Russian ballerina. He collected and catalogued his sexual encounters in detail.
Born 5 June 1883 9.45am Cambridge England, he certainly had an amazing chart with 7 planets in the 10th which included a Gemini Sun Moon mercury conjunct, Saturn Pluto in Leo conjunct, Venus Neptune in Taurus conjunct. Mars in Taurus was in his 9th house of higher education and ideas. He had Uranus in Virgo in his 2nd no doubt hinting at his inventive ideas on the subject of money square his Sun Moon Mercury and trine his Neptune Venus MC.
Mars Venus Neptune in Taurus would certainly give him a sensual streak. Gemini has a tendency to wander and be experimental, especially square Uranus. But all those 10th house planets would give him a fairly exclusive focus on ambition and career. Pluto in the 10th often goes along with an individual who has great influence.
His 17th Harmonic of those who leave a legacy behind them is very strong.
Terry Pratchett - talented and brave  From: Marjorie(12 Mar 2015 18:10): 
Terry Pratchett, fantasy author and creator of the Discworld series, has died aged 66, eight years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He wrote more than 70 books during his career and completed his final book last summer.
Born 28 April 1948 he was a Sun Mercury North Node in Taurus square Pluto Saturn Mars in Leo so a fairly heavy chart. What leavened it was Jupiter in Sagittarius perhaps conjunct a Sag/Cap Moon and trine Mars which gave him confidence and courage to push forward new ideas. His Neptune is unaspected except perhaps for a late birth time square Moon. Such a Neptune would certainly give rise to a vivid inner fantasy and imaginative world.
Mars Uranus Pluto - angry, violent, risky  From: Marjorie(11 Mar 2015 12:47): 
There is a powerful, risky and enraging Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus square Pluto today which has been in effect for several days. With the final exact Uranus square Pluto to follow next week as well as the Pisces Solar Eclipse. So a time of heightened activity.

The Mars Uranus Pluto influence would certainly bring crashes or other violent events:-

French sports stars dead in helicopter crash in Argentina.

11 US military dead in helicopter crash in Florida.

Armed attackers in French jewel heist on motorway.

Poisoning at Crufts Dog Show.

It would also provoke outbursts of anger:-

Jeremy Clarkson fracas and suspension which has triggered an anguished response from fans.

HillaryC knee deep in email scandale.

Greece hotting up with ever more intemperate comments from the new Greek cabinet.

UK MP Margaret Hodge blows a fuse at the new BBC Trust head, omitting to remember her own sins of omission from the past vis a vis Islington Care Homes Abuse.

I'm sure there'll be a lot more examples in different countries. Just interesting to see what the influences throw up.
Jeremy Clarkson - a Neptunian nemesis?  From: Marjorie(10 Mar 2015 18:12): 
Jeremy Clarkson, the abrasively larger than life Top Gear presenter has been suspended by the BBC following a fracas with a producer. He was given a final warning last year after some ill-judged comments.
He does have a tricky chart with an impetuous Aries Sun opposition Moon square Saturn in Capricorn which will make him unwilling or unable to share the driving seat with others. He's also got a bullying Mars in Pisces opposition Pluto which is being undermined last year and this by tr Neptune and tr Saturn and that runs into2016. He's also got tr Uranus coming up to square his Saturn which will be a major jolt come May.
His Sun/Mars midpoint is catching the conjunction from this month's Solar Eclipse exactly.
His relationship chart with the BBC indicates success plus resentment. His high profile and money making potential have earned the BBC a huge amount so it'll be painful if they are forced to part company. Tr Saturn will reverse back to conjunct the composite Jupiter soon, dampening enthusiasm all round.
Rupert Sheldrake - withstanding denial  From: Marjorie(10 Mar 2015 18:11): 
Rupert Sheldrake was trained as a plant biologist at Cambridge, worked in India and developed the theory of morphic resonance which says that memory resides in nature. He has carried out experiments into telepathy and precognition and been resoundly sneered at by the mainstream science community since he published his first book 35 years ago. But he continues undeterred.
Born 28 June 1942 6pm (memory) in Newark-on-Trent, England. Most noticeably he has a fearsome Mars Pluto in Leo in the 9th house of higher education, widespread communication and opinion. His personality is mild mannered but he has stood up to a good deal of hammering over the years for his views which that Mars Pluto has coped with remarkably well.
He has a Saturn Uranus (and Venus) conjunction in Gemini trine Neptune in late Virgo - that will give him a talent for being creative and inventive. His Sun Jupiter conjunction in Cancer is probably in his 8th though the Sun is nearly in the 9th. Mercury in Gemini is probably 8th. The 8th house tends to see what lies beyond surface reality.
He also has a Yod onto a Capricorn Moon inconjunct Mars sextile Saturn so a capacity once he is on the right track for nurturing others.
His capable 5th Harmonic is strong; as is his determined 11H. He also has a notable 'genius/break through 13H; and leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H.
Harrison Ford - perilous times  From: Marjorie(06 Mar 2015 13:03): 
Actor Harrison Ford appears to be largely unhurt after crash landing his vintage small plane on a golf course after its engine failed. He has been praised for his quick thinking. Last year he broke a leg at Pinewood while filming Star Wars. So quite a risky time for him.
Not surprisingly he has two difficult influences pointing to jeopardy. One is his Mars/Saturn midpoint which is accident prone which has had tr Uranus square and tr Pluto in opposition for the past year; and tr Pluto continuing till late this year. Plus his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Mars, exact within two months.
And his Solar Arc Mars is square his Moon/Pluto midpoint now as well.
The approaching Solar Eclipse in Pisces is opposition his Neptune in Virgo and his Solar Arc Sun and Moon - so quite a shake up.
Richie Sambora & Orianthi - two mavericks  From: Marjorie(06 Mar 2015 13:02): 
Richie Sambora, former lead guitarist with Bon Jovi, is stepping out with Orianthi, the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist.
He was born 11 July 1959 7.33am Perth Amboy, New Jersey and has had a long and successful career though with substance abuse issues which have continued until recently. He's a Sun Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio, sextile a Virgo Moon; with a tough Saturn in Capricorn trine Venus Pluto in Virgo; and a volatile Mercury Uranus Mars in Leo in his 1st.
Orianthi, 22 Jan 1985, has played with Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper. She's an Aquarius Sun conjunct Jupiter in late Capricorn with an Aquarius Moon (perhaps New Moon). Her Venus Mars in Pisces trine a determined Saturn in Scorpio, and square Uranus. She's quite detached; passionate and excitable as well as determined.

It's a marginally odd combination since he's Sun Cancer, Moon Venus in Virgo. Admittedly her Venus Mars in Pisces trine his Sun and Jupiter which is great and oppose his Moon which will be enlivening. But her obsessively perfectionist Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct his 4th house Jupiter which doesn't sound too relaxing at home. Her Neptune is conjunct his Saturn so at cross purposes at times. Her Moon is in his 7th which is positive for mutual support; and her Venus Mars is in his 8th so a deep connection. Her Sun Jupiter is in his 6th which is good for a working relationship.

Their relationship chart has some strong and positive aspects - a mutually supportive and enthusiastic composite Sun trine Jupiter; a passionate Mars Venus in a possessive trine to Pluto though also to wayward Uranus so it will be a sparky combination at times. Mars Venus also oppose Saturn and Neptune - so muddles, confusion, suspicions and not always kindness.

So not perfect but maybe good enough for the moment. Tr Neptune square tr Saturn will cause problems over the next two or three years bringing some disappointments. And he's got tr Uranus square his Sun from May this year onwards which will cause some upheavals in his life.
Floyd v Manny - the loser still wins  From: Marjorie(04 Mar 2015 17:32): 
Boxing fans are all of a twitter over the long awaited Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquaio welterweight (sub-middle weight) fight in Las Vegas on May 2nd. FM is undefeated so the favourite. Though both stand to gain huge payouts, towards $100 million each, win or lose so basically a win win whichever way it goes.

Manny Pacquaio was born 17 Dec 1978 in the Philippines and is a Sun Neptune Mercury in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Leo and a tough Mars in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo.
Floyd Mayweather, born 24 Feb 1977, is a Sun Pisces with a disciplined, hard-edged Mars in Aquarius opposition Saturn in Leo and a solidly successful Jupiter in Taurus.

There are no birth times but if anything MannyP has the stronger influences with a tr Pluto trine his Solar Arc Jupiter as well as several confidence boosting transits to Jupiter midpoints through this year.
FM has his Solar Arc Sun opposition his Pluto which will increase the pressure on him; one mildly lucky Uranus transit to a Jupiter midpoint on the day.
Nothing too decisive.
Edward Snowden - hope over experience  From: Marjorie(04 Mar 2015 17:31): 
Lawyers for Edward Snowden have indicated he wants to return from Russia to the USA as long as he is assured a fair trial. The USA wants Snowden to stand trial for leaking extensive secrets of electronic surveillance programs by the National Security Agency (NSA). The U.S. position is that Snowden is not a whistleblower. He is accused of leaking classified information and inflicting harm on national security.
Given what happened to Bradley/Chelsea Manning who ended up with a 35 year sentence I'm not sure what he expects to face.
Born 21 June 1983 4.42am Elizabeth City, MO (ADB) he is a Sun Mars in Gemini opposition Neptune, and trine Saturn Pluto in Libra - so idealistic, ultra-determined, very stubborn.
This month's Pisces Solar Eclipse is exactly square his Sun so it is a significant and critical time over coming months. Tr Saturn will shortly reverse over the conjunction to his Jupiter, then go forward again over it in the autumn and conjunct his Uranus late in the year - all of which looks enthusiasm-dampening. 2016 has tr Saturn opposition his Mercury.
2017/18 have tr Uranus opposition his Pluto Saturn which will be a tremendous upheaval.
He does have some cheerful tr Pluto to Jupiter midpoints in the three years ahead so will clearly be pushing hard and in hope. But he does have tr Pluto moving through his 8th until mid next decade which is usually trapped and frustrating. Plus his Progressed Moon is just entering his 8th for two years ahead which is usually a time of intense struggle.
Russia may not suit him but he's naive if he expects leniency if he returns home.
Boris Nemtsov - a life cut short  From: Marjorie(28 Feb 2015 18:03): 
Boris Nemtsov, one of Putin's fiercest political opponents especially over the Ukraine issue, has been assassinated in Moscow near the Kremlin. Like Putin he was a Sun Libra.
Putin has been issuing denials and condolences with equal vehemence though since that area is evidently heavily populated by surveillance cameras he can be in little doubt as to who did it.
Nemtsov, 9 Oct 1959, Sochi, Russia was a Sun Mars in Libra with Venus Pluto in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius. Unusually there are glaring warning signals on his chart - Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Sun; Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Saturn; and Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Mercury. Plus a 14/15 degree Libra Sun being rattled by the tr Uranus square tr Pluto. At the very least a hugely worrying time of great turmoil.

His synastry with Putin is stark. BN's Uranus conjunct VP's Pluto and perhaps Midheaven - so capable of destabilising his power base. BN's Sun Mars conjunct VP's Sun Saturn Neptune Mercury in Libra so he would heighten Putin's paranoia. BN's Saturn conjunct Putin's Mars in Sagittarius creating great anger.

Their relationship chart shows all the fault lines in different form with a composite Saturn Mars (assassination) square Pluto opposition a power struggling Jupiter - and that is pretty brutal.

Putin's Mars is feeling the effect of the square from the March Pisces Solar Eclipse which will make it a very combative time for him.
Leonard Nimoy - a lasting legend  From: Marjorie(28 Feb 2015 18:02): 
Actor Leonard Nimoy, Dr Spock from Star Trek, has died. Born 26 March 1931 8.30am? Boston, MA, he was a Sun Aries with that dynamically driving batch of Cardinal planets from that year with Saturn in Capricorn opposition Mars and Pluto in Cancer with Jupiter also in Cancer square Uranus Mercury North Node in Aries. So he was clearly never going to take life quietly.
He had a charming though detached Venus in Aquarius in his 10th (birth time being sound) trine a Gemini Moon. His North Node tied into that Cardinal T Square would certainly set him in the middle of the zeitgeist to play an iconic role.
His actor's 15th harmonic had an enthusiastic, lucky Sun Jupiter square Mars.
Eclipse jolts  From: Marjorie(27 Feb 2015 18:12): 
Several names have hit the headlines for a variety of reasons, all in life changing situations, and all rattled by the upcoming Pisces Solar Eclipse.
Two political grandees in the UK, Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind saw their reputation and careers go down the chute in a journalistic sting over cash for access. MK, 21 June 1946, has his Gemini Sun exactly squared by the Eclipse and his Neptune opposed. JS, 3 Aug 1946, has his Mars in Virgo opposed by the Eclipse.
Pop singer Gary Glitter, 8 May 1944, has been sent down for 16 years for child sex offences. The Eclipse will oppose his Solar Arc Mars and natal Neptune and square his Saturn.
Rajendra Pachauri, 20 Aug 1940, the Climate Change Panel chairman, has resigned facing sexual harassment charges. The Eclipse opposes his Neptune and Solar Arc Venus.
Bikram Choudhury, the hot yoga founder, 10 Feb 1946, is facing more sexual assault charges. The Eclipse will oppose his Solar Arc Saturn and Mars.
Roman Polanski, the film director, 18 Aug 1933, is facing yet another attempt to extradite him to the USA to face child abuse charges. The Eclipse opposes his Jupiter Venus in Virgo.
Cliff Richard, the pop singer, 14 Oct 1940, can't have been pleased to hear the police investigation into him for historical sex offences has expanded (which he denies flatly). The Eclipse will oppose his Neptune.

Eclipses need not be disastrous. But they are usually a wake up call, which in the above cases clearly was not heeded in time.

Nearly forgot. Prince Harry has announced he is giving up his military career to focus on his charity work and conservation. The Eclipse opposes his Sun and more closely squares his Neptune Jupiter - so life changing but not a catastrophe.
Mohammed Emwazi - Jihadi John - hyped up Mars  From: Marjorie(27 Feb 2015 17:48): 
N.B. This is a touch speculative.

Mohammed Emwazi has been more or less identified as Jihadi John who beheaded or was present at the killing of several hostages - James Foley, Steven Sotloff and Alan Henning. He was born in Kuwait on 17th August probably 1988, brought up in the UK, made an attempt to train in Somalia and then left for ISIS two years ago.
He's a Sun Leo trine Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius so quite flamboyant, autocratic, an adventure-seeker. His assertive/aggressive Mars in Aries is heavily aspected being on the point of a T Square to a Venus opposition Neptune - so a dreamer but that is channelled into attack mode via Mars in a highly disruptive and impulsive way.
His Mars is also on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Mercury which quadruples up the aggression, hostility and daring. The Yod would certainly make him feel he did not fit into his environment and he would have no outlet for those nuclear levels of passion, anger and sexual tension which such a Mars would bring.
When he disappeared in 2013 the tr Pluto square tr Uranus were both hitting on his Mars.
Ironically two of the hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff (see previous posts) also had focal point Mars on Yods though in their case it was Taurus which is less overtly aggressive.

Footnote: Interesting that he evidently had anger therapy when at school to teach him to cope with his emotions. Clearly not a great success. Also he had a brain injury from running into a goalpost after which he was never quite the same. That is very Aries.
Without a birth time not easy to say what comes next. However his Sun/Jupiter midpoint is heavily aspect this year and next so confident, powering ahead though always with the risk that he'll let over confidence trip him up.
2016 will see his Solar Arc North Node conjunct his Mars which might have a salutary effect. 2017 will be rattled, jolted and jangled, much more dangerous. And 2018 is when he meets his nemesis if he survives that far with his Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto which is either trapped or destructive.
South Africa - a few troubling years ahead  From: Marjorie(23 Feb 2015 14:41): 
Whither South Africa?

"South Africa is luxury game lodges and rolling winelands and elite golf estates. But it is also rat-infested shacks, abandoned inner-city buildings and graveyards of the township dead." Guardian.

The white minority is better off than ever, and more than a third of young black people are without a job. On the other hand the proportion of people living below £1.60 a day fell dramatically in 2011; life expectancy has gone up, HIV down. More houses are being built, more welfare grants given; the numbers attending university have doubled which will lead to a new black middle class.
It is lagging in economic growth vis a vis some other African countries.

So a fairly mixed bag of credits and debits.

The South Africa 1994 chart has Saturn at 9 Pisces which mirrors the South Africa 1910's Sun at 9 Gemini. Tr Neptune will hard aspect both on and off for a year from mid April this year till late 2016 - so undermining, disappointing, confused, panicky. The 1994 chart certainly indicates financial worries. With more tensions and upsets through 2016/17 as tr Uranus squares Neptune and then Uranus. Plus a seriously stuck Solar Arc MC conjunct Pluto in 2017.
The 1910 chart indicates this as a truly difficult year with tr Neptune square Sun as well as tr Uranus square Neptune Mars from mid April on and off for a year. Then in 2016 tr Pluto opposes Neptune which is fairly devastating and opposes Mars in 2017/18 which is deeply frustrating, perhaps violent.

Jacob Zuma's Second Term chart, 24 May 2014 11.35am Pretoria, always did look lacklustre as well as aggravated with a Sun square Neptune; and Mars opposition Moon Uranus square Pluto opposition Jupiter. A hint of lawlessness about that from Jupiter Pluto Mars' certainly violence. His term will be especially bedevilled late this year with tr Saturn opposition Sun and square Neptune. It'll hit a major wobble also in 2016 when Solar Arc Pluto closes the square to Uranus to exact. Sometimes that's enough to topple leaders (if it's possible in South Africa?) but even if not he'll be increasingly precarious thereafter.

Greece and Germany - a culture clash  From: Marjorie(21 Feb 2015 17:37): 
There was a down-the-the-wire, cobbled together last minute deal to - maybe - give Greece four months breathing space to sort out their debt problem with the EU. They have two days to get together a set of promises that will satisfy the EU, though probably not their own populace. The Germans have been especially outspoken in their insistence that the Greeks have to toe the line and uphold old commitments.
Wolfgang Schnauble, German Finance minister and former tax officer, definitely has bad chemistry with the abrasive, Marxist, Game Theory Professor Yanis Varoufakis, who heads the Greek finance team.
WS, 18 Sep 1942, is a meticulous Sun Neptune in Virgo conjunct Mars in Libra. With a dry Saturn Uranus in Gemini and Mercury in Libra. YV on the other hand is an excitable Sun Aries square Mars in Cancer; with his Sun in opposition to WS's Mars Neptune (Sun).
Their relationship chart has a downright hostile composite Mars Pluto conjunction; an evasive, distrusting Sun trine Neptune; and a chilly Sun opposition Mercury square Saturn.
The March Solar Eclipse will rattle the composite Sun opposition Mercury square Saturn so there'll be continuing rumbles next month. But it is June which stokes up real trouble between them and that's when this four month period of grace is up.
Mark Rylance - powerful projections  From: Marjorie(21 Feb 2015 17:37): 
Actor Mark Rylance who has afficianados riveted by his powerfully understated performance of Thomas Cromwell in the BBC adaptation of Hillary Mantel's Wolf Hall was born 18 January 1960 in Ashford, Eng. He is multi-award winning for his stage performances, was first Artistic Director of the Globe, writes plays and supports indigenous rights. An all round star.
He has his Sun and Mercury conjunct in late Capricorn trine a Virgo North Node; and Mars Saturn in early Virgo trine Pluto, sextile Neptune. Plus a charming Venus Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Uranus.
So like Alan Howard (post below) he is earthy with some fire and no air. The lack of Air is odd since both are masters of the spoken word and textual analysis. Both have strong Pluto Mars, Pluto Saturn aspects despite being rather quiet personalities in real life but clearly use that compacted energy to project great power on stage.
Ukraine - into the whirlpool  From: Marjorie(20 Feb 2015 18:19): 
The Ukraine 24 Aug 1991 2.31pm Kiev chart is certainly showing major confusion if not devastation at the moment with tr Pluto conjunct Neptune with tr Uranus moving to square Neptune as well right now. Tr Pluto stays on that Neptune on and off till late 2016.
Petro Poroshenko's Presidency chart always did look violent and unstable, 7 June 2014 10.20 am Kiev. There's Uranus opposition Mars square Pluto widely opposition Jupiter. There could be a crunch point coming with tr Pluto moving to square Uranus exactly from March 2nd and tr Uranus following a few days later to return to the conjunction.
From memory 15 degrees Cardinal was a trigger point in international relations between East and West which picks up as March opens.
If Poroshenko survives in power his relations with Putin will sour even further through 2016.
Lady Gaga - perhaps not too tuneful  From: Marjorie(20 Feb 2015 18:19): 
Lady Gaga, the hugely successful and flamboyant singer songwriter has just announced her engagement to actor Taylor Kinney. She was born 28 March 1986 10.55pm Yonkers, New York and he 15 July 1981, Lancaster, PA.
It's an intense though not easy relationship. His Cancer Sun and Mercury are in her 8th making for a deep connection with his mars in Gemini on the cusp of her 8th opposing her Uranus - so an aggravated interface. His Pluto opposes her Venus in Aries bringing passion and possessiveness; without his Uranus falls in her 12th conjunct her Scorpio Moon. His (maybe) Capricorn Moon is conjunct her Mars Neptune.
Their relationship chart is tricky as well with a composite Venus opposition Jupiter Neptune - so superficially sweet but deluded. With composite Mars square Jupiter Neptune and inconjunct Pluto - they'll press each other's buttons. It'll run into trouble by 2017/18 when tr Saturn hard aspects Venus, Moon, Jupiter Neptune and Mars on that chart.

She's recently hooked up musically with veteran crooner Tony Bennett, 3 Aug 1926. There's a more rewarding cross over there with his Leo Sun trine her Saturn in Sagittarius and her Aries Sun; with his Venus Pluto in her 8th; and his Saturn conjunct her Moon which is OK for a working partnership.
Their relationship chart has a Grand Cross of Pluto (Moon) opp Mars Jupiter square Mercury Venus Sun opposition Saturn - so clearly they boost each other's confidence, work hard together and there is real friendliness between them.
Patricia Arquette - a powerhouse  From: Marjorie(20 Feb 2015 18:17): 
Patricia Arquette, up for Supporting Actress at the Oscars for Boyhood, was born 8 April 1968 11.55 am New York (from memory ADB) into an acting and creative family.
She's got a stalwart, ambitious Fire Earth steamroller chart with two planets in Water and none in Air. So she'll act with energy and inspiration but won't always have the detachment to stand back and reflect. She has self-reliant Saturn in Aries conjunct her MC, North Node and 10th house Sun - so she'll be serious about her craft and well organised, very focused on work. She also has Mars in Taurus in the 10th. Those Aries planets trine a Leo Moon Jupiter in her 1st/2nd - so a balance for all that hard driving ambition.
Her sensitive Venus in Pisces opposes Uranus Pluto in Virgo perhaps a hint about her complicated love life and divorces.
If her birth time is marginally out she'd have tr Jupiter trine her Midheaven at the Oscars and tr Jupiter is certainly moving through her 1st which is good for a confidence boost. But she's also got a frustrating tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Pluto and a couple of swampy tr Neptune hitting two Moon midpoints. So not definite.
Alan Howard - last of the greats  From: Marjorie(20 Feb 2015 18:16): 
One of the great English classical actors (and my all time favourite) Alan Howard has died. He had a voice and what a voice - "a perfectly-tuned musical instrument made flesh, producing an extraordinary range of notes - bass to alto, fortissimo to pianissimo - to orchestrate the score of the text, especially Shakespearean verse."
I can still remember it decades later from Henry V
'But we in it shall be remembered - We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.'
Born 5 August 1937 Croydon, England he came from a theatrical family. His father was an actor, his uncle was Leslie Howard of Gone with the Wind fame, and he was also related to stage actress Fay Compton and writer Compton McKenzie of Whiskey Galore. His great-great grandfather produced Henry Irving's plays at the Lyceum in the late 19th century.
He acted for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre for many years and continued to act almost until his death although suffering from Type 1 diabetes which caused him to lose a leg. He never translated across to television or film, seeming uncomfortable and diminished away from the stage.
He was a Sun Leo trine Saturn in Aries; with a fearsome Mars in Scorpio trine Pluto and a confident Pluto opposition Jupiter.
A shy man, he never sought the limelight, though was articulate about his craft to insiders.
His Mercury in Virgo is curiously sparsely aspected apart from a sextile to Venus and a trine to Uranus.
A birth time of 7pm would put his Sun and Mercury and Neptune in the powerfully resonant but highly private 8th which might work; with a confident Jupiter in Capricorn in his 1st; ambitious, hard working Mars in the 10th; and Venus which rules diabetes in the 6th.
His 5th, 11th and 15th Harmonic were all strong.
Benedict Cumberbatch - St Val's wedding  From: Marjorie(17 Feb 2015 17:06): 
Benedict Cumberbatch married theatre director Sophie Hunter at 3.30pm on Feb 14th on the Isle of Wight. This puts Uranus almost exactly conjunct the MC so I'd imagine an unconventional marriage that follows its own rules and rather up and down path. There's a fertile Moon in Sagittarius in the 5th - she's pregnant so there may be more. That Moon is square a passionately enthusiastic though argumentative Venus Mars.
A 4th house Saturn and 6th house Pluto do rather suggest too much work which mirrors what their relationship chart shows [see post Nov 7 2014].
There's a confident, showy Leo Ascendant with Jupiter nearby so it'll look enthusiastic.
Dominique Strauss Kahn - Fire Earth steamroller  From: Marjorie(17 Feb 2015 17:05): 
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the IMF and once deemed a possible President of France looks likely to be let off charges of aggravated pimping for sex parties he attended. It always did look a stretch legally. But even if he walks free the court evidence has been unpleasant and lurid, enough to turn off even the laid-back French public and elite.
Born 25 April 1949 11.10 am Neuilly sur Seine, he's undoubtedly ambitious and a heavy hitter with a 10th house Mars in Aries and Sun Venus Mercury in Taurus. His Aries Moon is conjunct his MC from the 9th.
His Mars is trine a 2nd house Saturn so he's got an unkind streak though also a good deal of discipline. His Sun is in a lucky, but expects-too-much square to Jupiter; and his Venus is in a passionate square to Pluto. He has a Fire Earth chart so a steamroller personality. He's got some lucky blips at the moment from tr Pluto to Jupiter midpoints but he also looks emotionally wrung-out with his Moon midpoints very jangled and undermined for a while ahead.
His Progressed Moon is going through his 2nd so I'd imagine a few money worries, since he presumably hasn't been working and has just been divorced. Though Moon midpoint transits might also point to a few health concerns. His year is up and down with his 4th house Neptune in Libra still being battered by a tr Pluto in the 6th square all year.
He'll probably come out fighting hard to regain some kind of public profile after his birthday this year. But he's got Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Sun by mid 2017 which looks like yet another setback.
Che Guevara - icon for Uranus Pluto  From: Marjorie(15 Feb 2015 17:41): 
Che Guevara was 'an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia in popular culture.' (wiki) He travelled all over the world as an international statesman talking out about apartheid and other injustice. He was captured in Bolivia by a CIA operative and executed in 1967. In a sense he was emblematic of the revolutionary Uranus Pluto conjunction of the 1960s.
Born 14 May 1928 3.05am Rosario, Argentina, he had Uranus in Aries exactly conjunct his Ascendant square a 4th house Pluto in Cancer so custom-built as a rebel against the established order. His 2nd house Sun was in Taurus square an idealistic 5th house Neptune. His Venus in Taurus was part of a Half Grand Sextile - Capricorn MC sextile Pisces Moon sextile Venus sextile Pluto - so talented, charismatic, passionate. He also had an inspirational Fire Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius in the 9th (= ideological) trine an enthusiastic, impulsive Jupiter in Aries in his 1st trine Neptune.
He had an extraordinarily strong 11th Harmonic - has an obsessive dream, idealistic and inspired as well as fanatical with a tendency to attract betrayal.
HMRC - winds of change beginning to stir  From: Marjorie(15 Feb 2015 17:40): 
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), equivalent of the USA IRS, has been getting it in the neck for not acting on corporate tax avoidance and specifically on HSBC's clients with Swiss bank accounts.
Amalgamated on 18 April 2005 at 12 am it has a lucky, superior Jupiter exactly conjunct the MC which may give them the impression they are above the law.
There's nothing much showing instantly though tr Neptune will conjunct their 3rd house Uranus from later this May which will produce high anxiety after the election. More jangles in June but the major jolts come in 2016 with tr Uranus square the 8th house Saturn and opposition the Solar Arc MC which will upset the status quo. With much more pressure in the three or four years following with tr Uranus conjunct Sun and tr Pluto opposition Saturn.
At the moment tr Saturn is just above the Ascendant moving across from 2016 onwards which will take the wind out of their sails thereafter. And tr Uranus is now starting to move through their 4th causing internal upheavals.
North West Kardashian - deserves a childhood  From: Marjorie(15 Feb 2015 17:39): 
Kim Kardashian's toddler North West threw two tantrums this week (at least) sitting in the front row of NY fashion shows, one of them beside a decidedly frosty Anna Wintour. Stupid place to take a kid.
Born 15 June 2013 5.34 am Los Angeles, she has a very fractious 12th house Mars in Gemini on the point of a T Square to a 4th house Virgo Moon opposition Neptune MC; and inconjunct Pluto. Her Moon is also trine Pluto. She has an enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in Gemini in her 1st and from all that I'd imagine she gets on better with her father than her mother.
A 10th house Neptune suggests a mother who is not good at mirroring back to the baby and will expect the child to look after her. A Moon square Mars is a mother who suppresses (and provokes) the child's anger; and Moon Pluto is possessive.
Hollywood parents - who'd have them?
Tom Brokaw - one of the old school  From: Marjorie(14 Feb 2015 17:51): 
Tom Brokaw is a respected veteran of NBC News, who started his career in television and stayed there. Born 6 Feb 1940, he has a Sun Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus which suits the Uranian world of TV. With a hard-edged, disciplined Mars Saturn in Aries opposition North Node, keying him into the great crises of his time as main presenter, including 9/11. Plus an enthusiastic Jupiter in Aries.
Brian Williams succeeded him though there would be no love lost between them with an irritable composite Mars square Saturn; and Sun square Uranus in their relationship chart.
David Carr - another journalistic loss  From: Marjorie(14 Feb 2015 17:50): 
Another prominent journalist has died suddenly. David Carr was media correspondent for the New York Times and had been covering the Brian Williams debacle and other media stories when he collapsed in the newsroom. He had formerly written a bleak memoir of his time as a cocaine addict.
Born 8 Sept 1956 he was a lucky Sun Jupiter in Virgo (another writers' sign) opposition Mars in Pisces, so not that dissimilar to Bob Simon with his Gemini Sun Jupiter square Mars in Pisces.
Tr Pluto was just over the tine to his Jupiter and was sitting on his Sun/Jupiter when he died, so clearly unexpected.
Francesca Schettino - self and other destructive  From: Marjorie(14 Feb 2015 17:49): 
Francesco Schettino, the captain who sank the Costa Concordia and bailed before the passengers has been sent down for 16 years despite tearful protestations.
Born 14 Nov 1960 3.55pm Napoli, Italy, he has a 7th house Scorpio Sun as well as Mercury Neptune conjunct in Scorpio there. So evasive and not so good at loyalty in his marriage. He also has Saturn in Capricorn opposition Mars in cancer at 14/18 degrees so this was also going to be a hugely negative time for him with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto bouncing off it now and for the next several years. Plus his Solar Arc Sun which was conjunct his Saturn when he ran the ship aground and will be opposition his Mars next year. His Virgo Moon and his Venus in Sagittarius will both catch the hard aspect from the March Solar Eclipse.
He has a staggeringly strong self-destructive 16th Harmonic.
The Costa Concordia was launched 2 Sept 2005 and had a charming Venus Jupiter in Libra which ran at cross purposes to FS's Mars opposition Saturn. The CC Virgo Sun was conjunct his wannabe-important 5th house Pluto which was what caused the problem.
The relationship chart has an argumentative and accident prone composite Sun Saturn trine Mars; as well as a fated Saturn Pluto trine North Node. Not a match made in heaven, that's for sure.

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