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Denzel Washington - good for the long haul  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:53): 
Denzel Washington's latest film The Equalizer has opened to good box office and not so great reviews. One industry commentator said he was the most consistently bankable star over three decades.
Born 28 Dec 1954 12.09 am Mount Vernon, New York, he has a quick witted 3rd house Sun Mercury in Capricorn and a detached entertaining 5th house Aquarius Moon which is square Saturn (Venus) in Scorpio in the financial 2nd. Two things mark out his chart - one is a lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer in his 10th suggesting an out-of-the-ordinary career which brings him increasing respect as he grows older. The second is the Water Grand Trine formed by Jupiter Uranus trine Venus trine a hard working Mars in Pisces in his 6th. So talented, creative, private, self protective.
His career is at its lowest ebb with tr Saturn going through his 2nd and if this is as bad as it gets he's doing well. He looks to be going strong for many years to come.
UK Conservatives - twanging like an overstrung harp  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:51): 
The UK Conservative Party are having a difficult conference with absconding members and one sex scandal to keep the media engaged. Tr Saturn on their Scorpio Sun, 12 Nov 1867, did indicate less than rapturous times but that will pass quickly. They still have tr Neptune squaring their Mercury through 2015 for misspeaks and communication glitches, as well as unclear policies. What is more worrying for them, quite literally is their Neptune in Aries square Uranus in Cancer which is being plucked and twanged by tr Uranus into 2015 and by tr Pluto till late 2015. So high levels of tension with continuing pressure for major changes.
Tr Saturn in Sagittarius will be criss crossing the conjunction to their Venus Mars Mercury around the election time which doesn't look too upbeat.
Their Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct their Node in Virgo in 2015 which is difficult to pin down meaning-wise. On the upside more spiritual understanding, on the downside self deceit.
Ashraf Ghani - Afghanistan new hand on the tiller  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:50): 
Ashraf Ghani took over as the new President of Afghanistan from Hamid Karzai on 29 September 2014 around 11 am. He upset conservatives in his opening address by publicly naming and thanking his wife for her support. Karzai's wife a gynaecologist was never seen.
His Presidency chart has Moon Mars conjunct the Ascendant so an assertive administration not scared of an argument. The Sun is in the 10th along with good PR Venus with Sun opp Uranus square a 2nd house Pluto - so money a key issue. Neptune square Mars Moon so perhaps a hint too much attention to publicity and not always practical which is backed up by Saturn in the 12th.

His birth date is uncorroborated but may be 12 Feb 1949 making him a Sun Aquarius opposition Pluto with Mars in Pisces opposition Saturn; and Jupiter in Capricorn square Neptune. So if accurate he's tough enough though not always lucky with an impractical streak. The Mars on this chart is conjunct the Afghanistan 1919 chart's Midheaven; with his Uranus in the 1st conjunct Asc and Jupiter in the 8th - so he could be a reforming force for good.

Afghanistan looks discouraged this November/December with tr Saturn square the Leo Sun, opposition Moon, conjunct Node and square Uranus so he'll have to rouse all his enthusiasm over the start of his term. But tr Uranus is moving into the 11th from early 2015 so hints of new directions being taken.
CY Leung HK leader - a Hollande clone  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:49): 
CY Leung, leader of Hong Kong has been calling on protesters to clear the streets. He was born on the same day as Francois Hollande, 12 Aug 1954, which does not give much hope for his chances. Tr Saturn is square his Sun Pluto in Leo conjunction over this uprising, running through till November so he isn't going to get unblocked anytime soon.
He took up his position on 1 July 2012 when the Uranus Pluto square was exact and tied into a tight T square to the Cancer Sun within a degree of the other two. Tr Neptune is reversing towards the square to his Jupiter within three weeks so disappointment there maybe on the financial front.

The civil disobedience plan was agreed at 1.40am 28 September in Hong Kong which puts an unhappy and determined populace Moon Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th; with a grandstanding Mars in the 5th. There's confidence galore with Jupiter in Leo in the 1st and reforming ideas with Uranus in the 9th. Good, intelligent communication with Sun in the 3rd. Though a tough slog with Pluto in the 6th. Neptune in the 8th perhaps indicates the effect on HK's international finance business not prospering under the threat of disruption.

CY Leung's relationship with Xi Jinping is a mix of friendly and deceptive/disruptive. It's under particular pressure from the tr Uranus square tr Pluto this year though till late 2016 and beyond.
Hong Kong - broken promises  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 09:21): 
When Hong Kong moved from the Brits to the Chinese on 1 July 1997 12am the then Chinese President promised a 'one country two systems' policy which guaranteed HK's way of life for 50 years. So no surprises there was unrest when Xi Jinping, the present increasingly patriarchal Chinese President effectively stitched up the 2017 elections in advance by decreeing only acceptable candidates would be allowed to stand.

When Xi Jinping took over power on 14 March 2013 Pluto was moving through HK's 10th with a Mars Uranus conjunction conjunct the HK Aries Ascendant; with both tr Pluto and tr Uranus hitting on the HK Cancer Sun square Mars in Libra - so it was always going to be a struggle for power and a rebellious mix with HK determined to display its independence.
Xi Jinping may have decided to have this fight early but he's now boxed into a corner since police brutality is likely to harden demonstrators' attitudes. Yet he can't afford to be seen to back down because of the spin off for mainland China. Heaven forfend the peasants there should get uppity ideas about open democracy.

Born 1 June 1953 he's a Sun Jupiter in Gemini with Mars sextile Pluto; and a Cardinal T Square of Uranus opposition Moon square Saturn Neptune opposition Venus (shades of Tony Blair). He's made enemies with his anti-corruption drive and he does seem to be in a panicky, sliding few years with tr Neptune square his Jupiter Sun till 2017 and tr Uranus hitting his Cardinal Grand Cross from this year with tr Pluto to follow.

His Presidency chart, 14 March 2013 11.51 am Beijing has Pluto in the 7th so power-struggling and intense neighbourly relations and that is being stressed at the moment; with further major wobbles coming by 2016 when Uranus moves by Solar Arc to square the Pluto. So HK could turn out to be his Achilles Heel.

Relations between HK and China will worsen dramatically in 2016 as tr Neptune opposes the composite Mars.
At the moment on the HK 1997 chart the Solar Arc MC has moved to exactly square the HK Saturn and trine Moon - so pitting the authorities against the people. There'll be disappointment in 2015; more resistance to reform in 2016 and by 2017/18 not much indication of independence, more an indecisive drift internally.
Dennis Kimetto - making use of his Mars Pluto  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:09): 
Kenyan runner, Dennis Kimetto has set a new world record for the marathon bringing the possibility of an under two hour marathon tantalisingly close at some point ahead. Just six years ago he was a poor farmer in Africa and only started competitive running two years ago.
Born 22 Jan 1984 he's a Sun Aquarius square Mars Pluto in Scorpio with Saturn also in Scorpio - so certainly not short of a relentless, do or die determination. And what good use he's put it to! He's also got a Jupiter Neptune Mercury in Capricorn sextile Mars Pluto; with Neptune conjunct Venus in late Sagittarius - so plenty of Neptune and dreams.
John Cleese - Moon Saturn in the 8th  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:08): 
Comic John Cleese has come out with an autobiography in which he blames his 'tyrant, egotistical, emotionally difficult' mother for his subsequent problems with multiple marriages (now on his fourth) which have put him in therapy for a large part of his life.
Born 27 October 1939 3.15 am Weston Super Mare, England, he's a Sun Scorpio with Venus Mercury also in Scorpio opposition Uranus square Mars in Aquarius - so unforgiving, angry, volatile though that wouldn't all be his mother. His Sun is square Pluto as well.
His Moon aspects are certainly not wonderful with a n Aries Moon Saturn conjunction in the 8th with Moon sextile Mars. So mother would be inaccessible, emotionally distant. Saturn also squares his Sun/Moon midpoint suggesting marriages will always require effort from him.
Catalonia - causing an uproar  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:07): 
The fraught matter of the Catalonia referendum for independence is at boiling point with the Barcelona regional parliament agreeing to a public vote on November 9th and the Madrid Government saying they'll stop it.
Artur Mas the Catalonia president, 31 Jan 1956, is a Sun Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars Saturn in Sagittarius, square Neptune in Scorpio - so stubborn, keen on his cause, tough and an idealist/dreamer. With Mercury opposition Uranus forming a T Square onto Neptune making him outspoken and slightly fanatical. He's also got a confident, flashy Jupiter Pluto in late Leo square Saturn.

His chart doesn't look too hopeful with Solar Arc Mars conjunct Sun this year indicating a collision of sorts and two loss-making transits to midpoints in the coming months. Plus tr Saturn square Pluto Jupiter in December.

His chart sits very uneasily with the Spain 1975 chart with his Saturn conjunct the Spain Sun; his Uranus conjunct the Spain Saturn; his Sun Mercury square the Spain Uranus. And his Neptune conjunct the Spain Uranus in Scorpio both of which will catch the conjunction from the late October Scorpio Solar Eclipse.
His relationship chart is equally difficult with a composite Sun Venus square Saturn; and worse Pluto Mars Uranus conjunct on the focal point of a composite T Square - hostile, power struggling, rebellious.
Sepp Blatter FIFA - day of reckoning coming  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:06): 
The unlovely Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, is insisting that the corruption report into the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups should remain secret, despite growing pressure for its release from inside and outside soccer's world governing body. He appears to have plain lied about the matter not being raised in committee.
Born 10 March 1936 he is expected to stand for a fifth term as president - and win! He's a slippery Sun Saturn in Pisces opposition Neptune square Jupiter so grandiose and self righteous as well as evasive. His Sun also trines Pluto so controlling. Mercifully what may grind him to a halt is his Mars in Aries which will continue to be destabilised by tr Uranus conjunct till early 2015 and trapped by tr Pluto square. Even better, though not for him, his Solar Arc Pluto is moving to oppose his Mars in 2015 which might just put a spanner in his works.
Though his relationship chart with FIFA does not look that shaken up until 2016 when it should finally finally part company with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun.
Lynda Bellingham - sad news  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:05): 
Lynda Bellingham, the ever smiling open-faced actress, star of the Oxo adverts and loose Women has announced she will die of cancer possibly around this Christmas.
Born 31 May 1948 3pm Montreal, Canada, she's a 9th house Gemini trine Neptune on her Ascendant in Libra, with Saturn Pluto in Leo sitting midway and sextile both. So quite a heavy feel though much travelled and with a charming persona. Her Sun squares a hard working Mars in Virgo which in turn is sextile Venus conjunct MC in Cancer. Her Venus MC square Neptune.
Her sensitive Pisces Moon in the 6th house of health is emphasised being on the focal point of a T Square to Uranus opposition Jupiter.
Tr Neptune is opposing her Mars this year and both tr Uranus and tr Pluto have been tugging on her Neptune for the last two years. So undermining and devastating.
She looks a lovely woman from her chart. What a tragedy.
George and Amal - in grand style  From: Marjorie(28 Sep 2014 10:22): 
The ever photogenic George Clooney sashayed expertly through a well-staged 7 star wedding in Venice to Amal Alamuddin. The knot was tied at sunset in Venice on 27 September 2014, with an official registration due around 12.30 midday on Sept 29th.
The 26th wedding chart has Jupiter in flashy Leo in the 5th as the glittering assembly of Hollywood celebs and family socialized in style. There were plenty of photo opportunities though the ceremony itself was strictly protected for American Vogue and a chunky charitable donation which fits a controlling Pluto in the 10th.
There's an affectionate, romantic Libra Sun conjunct Venus in late Virgo sitting around the Descendant which is very positive. Though there's also a Scorpio Moon Saturn conjunction which is less so - too much work, rather defensive when it comes to feelings.
A Fire Grand Trine of a 9th house Mars in Sagittarius trine Jupiter trine Uranus in Aries gives confidence, flare, spontaneity, adventure, high impulsiveness, not much humility.

On synastry he's a Sun Taurus, Venus in Aries, Moon Saturn in Capricorn while she is a Sun Venus in Aquarius with a Sagittarius Moon Neptune. There are some cross overs but a hint of too much Saturn and a a shying away from not much intimacy.

Their relationship chart is strong - in one sense - since it indicates a power couple. There's a composite Sun Pisces opposition Pluto which is exactly what Brad Pitt and Angelina have on their relationship chart. In this case it is even stronger being the driving rod of a composite Kite onto a highly private Water Grand Trine of Sun Mars and Neptune. So there'll be an urge to have influence, make changes in the world. He has said he may move into politics.

It'll be worth looking out to see what effect the Solar Eclipse of March 20th next year brings since it falls exactly at the degree of Pisces of their composite Sun.
Charlotte Clinton - full of fire  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2014 16:51): 
Chelsea Clinton had a baby daughter Charlotte 7.03 pm September 26 2014 in New York (Daily Mail).
This puts Pluto in the 10th conjunct MC square Uranus Ascendant opposition Ascendant North Node and 6th house Libra Sun. So she will be a figure of some influence, wanting to be in control in her life. Though it also suggests a fairly controlling, smothering mother and quite possessive father against whom she'll probably rebel given that individualistic Uranus Asc.
She'll be a hard worker with Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo in her 6th. Though also confident socially with Jupiter in Leo in the 5th and will adore children. Her Scorpio Moon falls in her 7th along with Mercury North Node in Libra so she'll want the security of a close partner though will not find intimate relationships easy with Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius in her 8th. Strong grandparental influence there.
She does have the inspirational, entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine so she will be lucky, adventurous, confident though the 8th house Mars may damp it a touch.
A 12th house Neptune trine her Moon could point to addictive tendencies in adult life. A strong 8th house might point to expertise in business finance. Her Sun Libra sits uncomfortably with an intense Scorpio Moon - so rather oddly matched parents and quite a mix of detached and emotionally intense.

Charlotte's Moon falls conjunct grandma Hillary's Sun so there will be a close connection. Her Sun is conjunct grandpa Bill's Mars Neptune Venus Asc so she'll be drawn in by his charm.

It's not an easy chart so she will have her struggles in early adult life. But she has a very communicative get-it-together 5th Harmonic; an exceptionally strong 13th which can be inventive, breaking with the orthodox, tinged with genius; and a leaving a legacy for history 17H.
UK ISIS strike vote - hope over experience  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2014 16:50): 
Just to put it on record. The UK Commons vote to allow RAF planes to bomb ISIS was taken at 5.18pm 26 Sept 2014 London. That puts an ambitious Mars in Sagittarius on the MC though in a square to indecisive, lack lustre Neptune - so perhaps more for show than anything else. Jupiter is on the Descendant - comforting for the allied coalition perhaps, good for neighbourly (western) relationships. There is a Fire Grand Trine of Jupiter trine MC Mars trine Uranus so lots of confidence, enthusiasm and high ideals, though not necessarily practicality.
Four planets including Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon and the North Node in the 8th house of national death and renewal. Just hope it's symbolic not actual.
Ebola - western Africa in its grip  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2014 16:49): 
Ebola is devastating Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in Western Africa and the US Disease Control authority say the number of cases worldwide could explode to 1.4 million by next January if urgent measures are not taken. We have lived through these panics before which have not amounted to much in terms of western health. But it is a touch worrying given that the Saturn square Neptune is due late in 2015 which usually accompanies pandemics.
Liberia is the worst hit so far, 26 July 1847, which has tr Neptune conjunct the Saturn/Moon midpoint this year and tr Saturn about to square the Solar Arc Saturn/Neptune. Tr Pluto is square, tr Uranus opposition and Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Libra North Node. Plus there's a Capricorn Moon around 14 degrees for midday start time which is being battered by tr Pluto conjunct and tr Uranus square. Though if anything Liberia's worst time is yet to come from 2016 onwards.
Sierra Leone, 27 April 1961 12 am Freetown, has Solar Arc Saturn opposition it's Virgo Moon. And its Taurus Sun opposition Neptune has been triggered by the Scorpio/Taurus Solar Eclipses from last November, through the two this year. With the Aries/Libra Lunar Eclipse hitting on its Mars opposition Saturn. Again it looks almost worse 2015 when the Virgo Solar Eclipse will hit its Moon and through 2016/17 with tr Pluto conjunct the Capricorn Ascendant.
Guinea, 1 Oct 1958 12 am Conakry, has a blocked Solar Arc Sun square Pluto at the moment; as well as tr Pluto square MC and opposition Ascendant; and tr Neptune square Solar Arc MC. Guinea's Taurus Moon square Uranus caught this year's Solar Eclipses; and its Libra North Node the April 2014 Lunar Eclipse. Into 2015 the Guinea Venus in Virgo square Saturn will be elbowed by the Pisces/Virgo Solar Eclipses.
Not sure what any of this proves since these countries are always going through troubled times one way or another. Though this is certainly worse with their health services collapsing.
Chris Martin - attracted to blonde successes  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2014 17:01): 
Coldplay singer Chris Martin, 2 March 1977, who split recently from Gwyneth Paltrow appears to be hitching his wagon now to another blonde actress, Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence. Though a somewhat younger model born 15 Aug 1990 8.17pm Louisville Kentucky.
He's a Sun Pisces, Venus in Aries, Moon Saturn in Leo. While JL is a Sun Venus in Leo with a Gemini Moon. The Leo crossover will help though his Saturn falls midway between her Sun and Venus. It doesn't look over hopeful with his Uranus conjunct her Pluto so he'll attempt to change her opinions and her life; his Pluto falls in her 8th as it did with Gwyneth which is also a quite controlling aspect. He'll like to pull strings behind the scenes especially where joint assets are concerned. His Mars is conjunct her Ascendant so quite a feisty interface and his Jupiter is conjunct her Mars so there'll be adventure at least at the start.
But the relationship chart is running into trouble almost immediately with tr Saturn square the composite Sun in January and moving on to conjunct the composite Uranus later in the year. It looks like one of those instant attraction, fizz and pop and then switch off matches.
His relationship with Gwyneth is also sagging badly later in 2015 into 2016.
Kim Jong Un - cheesed off  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2014 17:00): 
The ever more portly unpleasant Dearest Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un appears to be suffering from a surfeit of cheese which has held him away from public performances from a few weeks - with gout or some other complaint.
His leadership chart 29 Dec 2011 11.57am P'yonggang, NKorea, does have Mars in Virgo in the 6th house of health and also Moon Neptune in the 12th which is at the moment being undermined by Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Moon and tr Moon about to conjunct Solar Arc Moon. By December and just into January tr Saturn will be square the Moon Neptune.
His birth date appears to be settled by Denis Rodman as 8 January 1983. The Mars/Uranus midpoint is 15/14 Capricorn and that is often an operation indicator, with tr Uranus in square at the moment - maybe gall stones? That Mars/Uranus will be further stressed through 2015/16 by tr Pluto conjunct.
He certainly looks less than enthusiastic in January next when tr Saturn is conjunct his Jupiter and following that his Uranus. It looks disruptive in 2015 as well with tr Uranus square his Sun with a couple of severely jolting solar arcs in 2016/17.
ISIS Strikes - Jupiter in Leo  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2014 16:59): 
The first US strikes against ISIS initially in Iraq started in the early hours of 8 Aug 2014. A sunrise chart for that day at Irbil, Iraq puts Sun Mercury in Leo widely conjunct Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant trine Uranus.
Jupiter was in Leo last time round for the Iraq Attack on 20 March 2003 5.30 am Baghdad, though that was a much more warlike chart with Pluto MC opposition Saturn square Sun.
This one has a rather nasty Half Grand Sextile of a 4th house Mars Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune, sextile Moon Pluto in Capricorn; with Moon Pluto trine MC sextile Neptune - so it is devastating enough. Saturn is inconjunct Uranus producing strain perhaps between caution and impulsive action.
And there's a Yod of Neptune sextile Moon inconjunct Jupiter - this certainly describes the high moral ground and rightness claimed by the coalition fighting against a particularly unpleasant group. Such a focal point Jupiter can be disorganised and does require a good deal of tolerance which with a mixed bag of allies will certainly be true. Self aggrandisement is a risk.
There's a Sun square Saturn hinting at a long struggle though there will be a definite break or pause when the Sun moves to close that square to exact by Solar Arc in early 2016. By which time tr Pluto is squaring the Strike Uranus - so a definite turning point.
The latest strikes against ISIS' Syrian oil fields which have provided them with considerable income will have an effect. The ISIS 2006 chart has tr Saturn square the Saturn/Neptune midpoint and Saturn and more pointedly conjunct their Jupiter in Scorpio through this month into October which will damp their enthusiasm and slow their cash flow.
Richard Leakey & Angelina - a lively mix  From: Marjorie(24 Sep 2014 13:13): 
Angelina Jolie is going to direct Africa, a film about ivory poachers. It will focus on Richard Leakey, the controversial 69-year-old Kenyan palaeoanthropologist, conservationist and political fixer whose efforts were critical to the stemming of the ivory trade.
Leakey has had a life described by a friend as ' a stormy brew of successes, controversies and dreadful misfortunes - Amid the internecine wars, the famines, the economic catastrophes and the all-pervasive nepotism, tribalism and corruption of modern Africa, he has muscled his way to the top and become a major African figure. No other white man has achieved such success'.

Along the way he has had two kidney transplants, one liver transplant, and has lost both legs, amputated below the knee following a light aircraft crash in 1993. He has an army of admirers and as many enemies 'who regard him as wilful, wrong-headed and vain'.

Born 19 Dec 1944 4am? Nairobi, Kenya, he's an adventurous Sun Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo; with Mars also in crusading Sagittarius opposition Uranus and trine Pluto. So he's enthusiastic, confident, overly so at times, a lover of risk and excitement and very determined. He has an Air Grand Trine of Neptune trine Venus Moon in Aquarius trine Uranus, formed into a Kite by Venus Moon opposition Pluto - so a thinker, a communicator, very drive, influential, controlling, inclined to arouse hostility with such a key Pluto. He also has Saturn in Cancer opposition Mercury in Capricorn square Neptune - so a dreamer and an idealist.

Angelina Jolie says she has always been drawn to Arica and her chart relocated to Kenya puts her Moon Jupiter Mars in her 4th opposition a 10th house Pluto - so she will feel comfortable there and in control.
Her chart with a Fire Moon and three other Fire planets tunes in well with Leakey's Sagittarius Sun Mars; and his Moon Venus fall in her 7th so a good relationship. Though his Uranus is conjunct her Gemini Sun so he won't be easy to handle. Their relationship chart has a composite New Moon and a Jupiter Saturn conjunction so they make a good complementary pair and will want to create something of value. But there's also an explosive Mars opposition Uranus and a Moon opposition Pluto - so there will be arguments and perhaps some emotional pulling and pushing.
US Secret Service - needing reconstruction  From: Marjorie(24 Sep 2014 13:10): 
The US Secret Service are in trouble again with an intruder nearly making it into the White House. There have been several scandals in the last three years with previous sex and drink mishaps hitting the headlines and leading to dismissals.
The original US Secret Service was set up on 5 July 1865 in Washington so it has a 13 degree Cancer Sun square a 10 degree Neptune in Aries - hence all the recent travails with tr Pluto square tr Uranus hitting first Neptune and this year and next the Sun. Plus Solar Arc Pluto is opposition the SS Neptune this year and tr Pluto trines the SS Pluto. So a challenging time with huge pressure for change in the face of a series of meltdowns.
The US SS does of course have the same degree Cancer Sun as the USA 1776 chart and both have Saturn in Libra - so they march to the same drumbeat, though clearly both stumbling somewhat at the moment.
Mohammed Baryalei - a complete turnaround  From: Marjorie(24 Sep 2014 13:09): 
Mohammed Baryalei, an Afghan born, Australian raised terrorist now in Syria with ISIS is wanted for a terror plot to kill Australians. He seems to have transformed from a coke-head, party loving strip club worker who gambled, into one of the world's most wanted men. His father was violent and he suffered from depression and was suicidal. Conversion to Islam five years ago seems to have turned his life in a different direction and he is now said to be close to ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.
Born 1 September 1981 he has a virtually unaspected Sun Virgo and five planets in Libra - Saturn Jupiter Moon Venus Pluto. That hardly sounds dangerous. Though the Jupiter Saturn conjunction would give him a desire to do something meaningful with his life.
What is more obvious is an excitement-loving Mars in Cancer conjunct leadership-ability North Node in Leo trine Uranus, sextile Mercury - so excitable, highly strung, explosive. Plus his Mars Node is also square Pluto which is ruthless, can be criminal.
What is also significant is that his Sun, Pluto, Mars, Node, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus also aspect Neptune midpoints - giving him a visionary, fanatical, delusional streak.
His Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Jupiter now and his tr Pluto squares his Jupiter as well till later in November - giving him a tremendous confidence boost. But he'll start sinking in 2015 with tr Neptune opposition his Sun.
His Virgo Sun is conjunct the Australia Mars and square the Au Pluto and Au Uranus - so an aggravating interface.
His relationship chart with Australia 1901 is even more stark with a hostile Mars Pluto conjunction square Saturn Jupiter. At the moment tr Saturn is square that composite Mars Pluto and conjunct the composite Jupiter - so quite a shock for his country of upbringing.
The Australia chart does have tr Uranus trine Uranus and sextile Pluto - so bringing into sharp focus revolutionary activity; plus a risky tr Pluto trine Mars till late this year.
Mike Harari - idealistic and a killer  From: Marjorie(23 Sep 2014 15:38): 
Mike Harari, 18 Feb 1927, has died. He was one of Israel's best-known Mossad spies, who oversaw a string of operations targeting militants whom Israel held responsible for the massacre of its Olympics team in 1972. He also played a key role in the rescue, by Israeli commandos, of hostages at Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976.
He was a Sun Aquarius opposition Neptune in Leo square Mars in Taurus - so very Fixed, certainly brave but also brutal with that Mars in Taurus. He also had Jupiter Mercury Venus Uranus spread out through Pisces, trine Pluto and square Saturn in Sagittarius. So part idealistic with all that Neptune and Pisces and part ruthless.
What is interesting is that his focal point Mars fell in Israel's 8th conjunct its Taurus Sun - which is ideal for a secret spy, whose function in part was assassinations. His Neptune was conjunct Israel's Mars with his Sun in opposition.
The relationship chart between himself and Israel had suitably a composite Sun opposition Saturn square Mars - Mars Saturn being the traditional astrological signature for killing.
UK Labour Party - ground to a halt this year  From: Marjorie(23 Sep 2014 15:37): 
The UK Labour Party chart has been through the mill since they lost the last election in 2010. Started 12 Feb 1906 their chart has a Cardinal T square (Cross) of Uranus opposition Neptune square Mars in Aries (opposition Libra Moon). Tr Pluto and tr Uranus have been paralysing and elbowing that T square causing a major meltdown. At the moment Solar Arc Pluto has moved to square Neptune and Uranus for the present muddles over the West Lothian/Scottish devo question; plus Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct Pluto which is exceptionally blocked.
Those will have cleared by early 2015.
As far as the transiting Node is concerned it will be in early Libra around the next election so will be square Uranus Neptune and opposition Mars - so there may be a significant shift in the soul of the Labour Party. Though whether that is the result of losing another election isn't too clear.
Air France - French intransigence  From: Marjorie(23 Sep 2014 15:36): 
Air France is also in trouble with its 8 day pilots' strike not looking like ending anytime soon which the management and senior politicians have said could have catastrophic consequences. The pilots object to a new low cost arm of Air France starting up which will push their wages down.
Air France started 7 Oct 1933 so has a 13 degree Libra Sun which is caught in the middle of the tr Uranus square tr Pluto storm till late 2015. So reconstruction is crucial though clearly the French resistance to change is getting in the way.
The Air France chart has Venus Mars in Scorpio sitting conjunct the France country Mars MC in Scorpio so it is an integral part of the French national identity. Tr Saturn will oppose those Scorpio planets in November this year so there's a moment of reckoning coming.
Tesco - a Neptunian dip  From: Marjorie(23 Sep 2014 15:35): 
Tesco, once the biggest by far of the UK supermarkets chains has been sliding in the recent years and now in addition to stuck sales, falling profits and boardroom turmoil has a major accountancy problem. Several executive heads have rolled because there was a miscalculation of £250 million on profits estimates and shares have slumped dramatically as a result.
Started on 27 Nov 1947, Tesco has an enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Pluto so no doubting confidence or determination. There's also a Mars Saturn in Leo possibly square a Taurus Moon with Mercury I Scorpio so plenty of perseverance and endurance.
Three years ago the Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct the Tesco Mars starting the run of insecurity with tr Neptune square Sun and now Jupiter bringing disappointment and panics. That runs till late 2015 picking up the discouraging tr Saturn square Sun Jupiter also in 2015. By which time the Solar Arc Sun will be ready to oppose Pluto for more stuckness by 2016.
Solar Arc Uranus starting to square the Sun, then Sun/Jupiter, then Jupiter between 2016 and 2018 may just jolt it onto a better track. But change isn't something a company with a chart this Fixed will do easily.
Hilary Mantel - poison pen  From: Marjorie(23 Sep 2014 15:34): 
Hilary Mantel, the immensely talented twice Booker-prize winner author of the Cromwell novels, got into trouble last year for saying the Duchess of Cambridge was like a 'shop window mannequin'. She's now brewed up another row with a fictional short story about assassinating Margaret Thatcher which she said she personally always wanted to do herself.
Born 6 July 1952 Mantel is a quirky Sun Uranus Venus in Cancer square Neptune and square Saturn in Libra; with Mars in stinging Scorpio square Mercury in Leo; and Jupiter in Taurus in a confident square to Pluto. So not one for holding back.
Her chart clashes mightily with Maggie Thatcher's (13 Oct 1925). Hil's Saturn is conjunct MT's Mars and square MT's Jupiter and Pluto. Hil's Sun Uranus is conjunct MT's Pluto and square MT's Mars. Hil's Jupiter in Taurus opposes MT's Saturn in Scorpio.
The Duch of Cambridge doesn't fare much better since her Mars is almost the same degree as Maggie Thatcher's with a Cancer Moon and Sun in Capricorn bouncing all of Hil's Sun Uranus square Saturn Neptune as well. And Hil's Mars opposition the Duch's Jupiter.
Clearly a lady of strong likes and dislikes who reacts very much at a gut level.

Nicholas Sarkozy - irrepressible Aries Moon Mars  From: Marjorie(21 Sep 2014 11:30): 
Nicholas Sarkozy has announced he's throwing his hat into the ring with an eye to the next French presidential Election in 2017. He has kept a low profile since leaving office though he's been facing a series of legal investigations into illegal campaign funding and undue influence, one of which may yet end him up on trial.

Born 28 Jan 1955 10pm Paris, France he does look as if he has a few hoops to jump through and obstacles to overcome before 2017. 2015/16 looks a slippery, undermining time with tr Neptune conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint and square his Sun/Mars. With tr Saturn square both these midpoints. Sun/Moon does indicate the state of his marriage which looks disappointing and separated with Carla Bruni reportedly being negative about his re-run. But in a politician's chart can also point to popularity which looks equally undermined.
His Solar Arc MC will conjunct his Pluto maybe in two years' time or before depending on the absolute accuracy of his birth time, which is usually stuck. In 2017 tr Pluto is conjunct his Mars/Neptune which usually puts paid to grand plans and high hopes; with his Solar Arc Saturn moving to oppose his natal Jupiter which will also dampen his enthusiasm and dent his luck. Tr Pluto squares his Jupiter/Node in 2015/16 which will make him bullishly confident but can also be a time when transgressions backfire. His Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his 7th house Mars in 2016 which will seriously upset him.

The only positive notes will be tr Saturn moving into his 4th which usually suggests a step ahead professionally. And a 'lucky' tr Uranus square his Jupiter Uranus. Definitely more minuses than pluses.
Alibaba - a flying start  From: Marjorie(21 Sep 2014 09:48): 
Alibaba which started trading Friday Sept 19 at 11.53am in New York is the biggest U.S. initial public offering of all time. It lifted Alibaba's market capitalization to $236 billion, making it more valuable than Facebook, and Citigroup. Even Walmart, the world's biggest retailer, is only slightly more valuable than Alibaba in market terms.
It launched with a suitably flamboyant Moon Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries widely trine Mars in Sagittarius - so a Fire Grand Trine, very entrepreneurial. There's the roller coaster Uranus square Pluto tied into the Libra North Node so presumably it'll be subject to fluctuations over time.
There's also a publicity-grabbing though not always helpful Mars square Neptune. Tr Pluto will square the Uranus exactly in 2015 for some wobbles and perhaps personnel changes at the top. And a panic when Mars squares Neptune by Solar Arc in 2016. But a lucky break as well with Solar Arc Jupiter trine Uranus then as well.
Jack Ma, the founder has conflicting birth dates, either 15 Oct or 10 Sept depending on which source you read. [see previous post].
Alex Salmond - sudden departure  From: Marjorie(19 Sep 2014 17:15): 
Alex Salmond has surprisingly announced his resignation as leader of the SNP and as First Minister after losing the referendum for independence.
That is at least clear from the astrology of his First Minister Term chart, 16 May 2007. The Sun square Saturn on that chart has closed by Solar Arc to exact and tr Saturn will be opposition the Term Sun in November when he sees he will go. Less so on his personal chart. 31 Dec 1954 4.30pm Linlithgow, Scotland.
I've been puzzling over his chart all week wondering how one man could have nearly brought 300 years of history to an end. Without him - and he's undoubtedly a great orator and a shrewd politician - this campaign would never have been fought at all, never mind producing an amazingly high turnout and 45% Yes vote.
He has a Water Grand Trine of Mars Moon (MC) in Pisces trine Uranus Jupiter Ascendant in Cancer trine Saturn Venus in Scorpio. Water Grand Trine individuals are creative, healing for others, very private and self protective, can be escapist, can have an exaggerated need for dependency and general mother (Tierney). They are extremely emotionally sensitive and need periods of quiet to re-centre. So he's more vulnerable than his bombastic confidence suggests.
What might be a pointer is his wife Moira, always a background figure, who is 17 years older than him, born 9 Aug 1937. He married in his late 20s when she was in her early 40s. She's been a tremendous support to him with her super-confident Jupiter falling almost exactly on his Descendant and her well organised Saturn in his 10th. Her chart has a grounded, practical Earth Grand Trine of Uranus trine Jupiter trine Mercury Neptune (Moon) in Virgo - so she provides the ballast and anchoring he sometimes lacks. Maybe it's her turn now or perhaps she just needs more of his time in looking after her.
He won't disappear for ever. His career pattern from the past tends to be erratic and he's a man easily bored with trivia and small town politics. He need a big stage.
Scotland - astro-hindsight  From: Marjorie(19 Sep 2014 09:59): 
It's well worth looking at the charts after the event to see what was relevant to the result - or indeed to reinforce that astrology is an imperfect tool for predicting elections. And we don't even have the get out of no or iffy birth times since most are Scottish so time is on birth certificate.

Alistair Darling who led the NO Better Together campaign which won should be looking delirious. He does admittedly have Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Pluto over several months at the moment which is a major success indicator. But everything else in his chart is sagging badly. Tr Neptune square his Sun and opposition his Moon as well as square his Mars/Node.

David Cameron who must be thanking his guardian angel fervently also has Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Pluto (exact four months back) but he's also got tr Uranus opposition his Libra Sun and Solar Arc Mars - which look like game changing influences with high insecurity.

Gordon Brown who dashed in late in the day to cheer on the NO vote also has Solar Arc Jupiter square Pluto now and Solar Arc Uranus opposition his Sun/Jupiter midpoint. But he's also got several confused, undermining, failure influences as well.

Alex Salmond has had tr Pluto sextile his MC and trine his Solar Arc MC this year which is good for influence. Exactly now he has tr Saturn trine his 10th house Mars and just past the conjunction to his Saturn - but those are pressures you'd expect with an exhausting campaign. Plus his Solar Arc Venus opposition his Uranus Jupiter - which could be read as an emotional shock or the opposite. He did have Jupiter in the 10th in his Solar Return for this year.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy SNP YES leader does have tr Saturn moving through her first quadrant which is a hint of a less successful, lower profile time. Both her Cancer Sun and Salmond's Uranus Jupiter in Cancer are conjunct the fixed star Procyon which can take people to great heights and then bring them down again.

The 'divorce' stresses on the UK's Sun/Moon midpoint in 2014/15/16 will now be about the other regions - England, Wales, Northern Ireland getting antsy because Scotland was promised more devolved powers if it voted NO. It won't split the UK but it will lead to heated debate and undoubtedly bring about constitutional changes with ultimately a more federal set up in the UK. So a marriage that is going to have to weather rough storms for the next two to three years.
Though with Solar Arc Jupiter moving to conjunct the UK Pluto in late 2015 the future looks reasonably OK.
Scotland - will they won't they?  From: Marjorie(18 Sep 2014 11:21): 
Elections are difficult to call especially from individual's charts since what you are gauging is their reaction. JFK won the Presidential election and was in a complete panic since he'd never expected to win. Reagan won a second term on panicky, undermining influences. He got in but had a banana skin strewn second term. Sarkozy lost the last French Presidential Election with Jupiter in the 10th in his Solar Return.
The personal charts of the YES independence leaders are undoubtedly more upbeat at the moment than those of the NO unionist camp. But that could be interpreted different ways. The Nationalists never expected to get this far. Maybe they don't actually want total independence and will be happy with the promises of super devo-max which they have extorted out of the panickers in Westminster. Their fanatical followers may not but the leaders could be on a different agenda.
Even if they do get just over 50% my impression is that total independence depended on a 'decisive' majority, so there could be a good deal of nit picking over what constitutes decisive.
The UK 1801 chart certainly indicates a huge upheaval in the aftermath. Tr Pluto in the 4th is making the final conjunction to the UK Sun this month which is often an indication of a country splitting in civil war or coming apart at the seams. Plus tr Uranus from late this month is opposition the UK Sun/Moon midpoint which is often a 'marriage splitting' indication with tr Uranus conjunct the 7th house Aries North Node which again could point to a parting of the ways. And of course that is followed in 2015/16 by tr Pluto square Sun/Moon and square North Node which could indicate rancorous negotiations in the divorce settlement. And in 2015 tr Uranus squares the UK 10th house Moon which again suggests major upheavals and changes in how the UK is governed.
Though having said that there is still a Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Pluto late 2015/early 2016 which suggests success, confidence and a morale boost for the UK chart.
The 1 May 1707 12am Act of Union chart does have tr Saturn opposition Sun and square Jupiter Pluto late September into October which could suggest a freeze in relations - but these Saturn transits have been round many times since 1707 with no parting of the ways. There are ructions on this chart and confusion through 2015/16 with tr Uranus square Mars and conjunct Neptune - but again nothing definitive.
Neither the FTSE or the Bank of England's chart look unduly ruffled by the result.
So who knows? I'd think from the look of the gloom and devastation on the NO leaders' side they might well feel they have lost. But as to what comes next? It certainly looks better for the UK than for Scotland in coming years. [see previous posts].
Gary Busey - his own man  From: Marjorie(16 Sep 2014 14:21): 
Hollywood actor Gary Busey - The Buddy Holly Story, Point Break etc - won the recent UK Celebrity Big Brother. He has always seemed rather whacky but his chart is less madcap than I expected at first glance. He did suffer serious brain injuries in a road accident in the late 1980s, underwent cancer surgery on his sinuses more recently and still sees and talks to angels. So an eventful life.

Born 29 June 1944 11.50am Baytown, Texas, he has Sun Venus Mercury Saturn in Cancer in his 10th square Neptune in his 1st. So certainly very Neptunian - good for film, dreamy, neurotic, prone to illusions and delusions.
His 9th house Uranus (good for alternative ways of seeing the universe) is conjunct MC trine Libra Moon and sextile a 12th house Mars Jupiter in Leo - so suited to a public career and has plenty of enthusiasm.
His Uranus is also trine Neptune, sextile Pluto. With his Sun sitting exactly conjunct his Uranus/Pluto midpoint which also aspects Venus, Mars and Jupiter so a strong streak of individuality from those aspects.
He's in a good place at the moment with tr Jupiter just across his Pluto and heading to conjunct his Mars Jupiter. As well as his Solar Arc MC conjunct his Mars Jupiter between 2013 and 2015.
Prince Harry - hitting his stride  From: Marjorie(15 Sep 2014 11:32): 
Prince Harry turns 30 today having just launched Invictus, the Paralympic-style games for wounded servicemen and women. He strikes more of a chord with the public than Prince William, despite his extravagant playboy antics.
Born 15 September 1984 4.20pm London he has an 8th house Sun Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius which makes him intense, emotional and impulsively pro-active. His 4th house Taurus Moon is trine his Sun giving him an easy way socially; and also indicating his family and father are what nurture him and give him stability. His 12th house Jupiter Neptune has charitable inclinations though also a tendency to addictions. His Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct his MC from the 9th so he'll get more serious and better organised the older he gets. A 9th house Venus in Libra suggests a love of abroad and perhaps romantic partners from another country.
He's a very different from Prince William who is more emotional and dependent with a 7th house New Moon in Cancer.
But for all that he's clearly keen to settle down and have a family. Tr Jupiter is now moving through his 7th house of close relationships and social confidence. From this month till Sept 2016 tr Jupiter moves through his 8th which certainly brings financial benefits as he inherits from his mother's trust. But it will also open him up to more intimacy and is often a forerunner to a good relationship.
Even more significantly his Progressed Moon moves into his 7th house from December 2015 which might be a pointer in the two years after that. The Progressed Moon here gives an urgency to finding a committed partner. Plus his Venus is being wakened up considerably from April 2015 by a tr Uranus opposition for a year, followed by tr Pluto square Venus in 2016/17. That will certainly stir him up emotionally and could well be the catalyst for a walk up the aisle.
He's in a hard working phase of his life until the end of this decade with tr Saturn moving through his upper quadrant. And with tr Pluto now moving through his 1st he's clearly getting himself and his life together.
David Haines - sacrificed for helping  From: Marjorie(15 Sep 2014 11:32): 
David Haines, the most recent hostage beheaded by ISIS was born 9 May 1970 in the UK. He was working for a French aid agency, helping to co-ordinate the delivery of clean water, food and tents to ease the growing humanitarian crisis in refugee camps near the Syrian border with Turkey. He was kidnapped in March 2013.
He was a Sun Taurus like Steven Sotloff, in Haines' case conjunct Mercury Saturn with Sun trine Pluto - so persevering, sensible, serious, determined. And he had a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Gemini square a Pisces North Node.
His tough 8 and 16th Harmonics were especially strong adding Jupiter into aspect with Venus Mars square Pluto; and the Sun to Neptune and Saturn - so practical about creating a better world.
Magda Olivero - Saturn in Aries  From: Marjorie(12 Sep 2014 13:39): 
Magda Olivero, a world renowned Italian opera singer has died aged 104. She had an extraordinarily long singing career of fifty years with a break midway when she married, ending in her 80s. Her New York debut when she was 65 was a sensation.
Born 25 March 1910 8.30am Saluzzo, Italy she was a Sun Aries opposition Jupiter in Libra in her performing/ entertaining 5th house. Her Virgo Moon was also in her 5th opposition Mercury in Pisces square Pluto so connected to the public and intense.
She had a Taurus Ascendant, a sign often connected to opera singers and it was tied into an Earth Grand Trine to Uranus and her Moon which equally suits opera signing which is a highly physical art.
What is interesting was Saturn in Aries tucked into her 12th which sat on the focal point of a Cardinal T Square to a Neptune opposition Uranus; as well as midway on a trine between Venus in Aquarius and Pluto. Saturn here can be guilt ridden, lonely, escapist, constantly pulled into self-sacrifice and serious about creative pursuits.
She had an exceptionally well aspected 15th Harmonic which is often the actors or orators' Harmonic.
Ian Paisley - Aries + Pluto + Mars in Aquarius  From: Marjorie(12 Sep 2014 13:38): 
Ian Paisley has died who was one of the central political figures in Northern Ireland through the troubles. He was a Protestant extremist, had the oratorical style of an American Deep South preacher and came across as a firebrand and a bigoted bully. But latterly he joined hands with his former enemies in Sinn Fein and became N Ireland's First Minister beside Martin McGuiness.

Born 6 April 1926 he was a Sun Aries square Pluto and sextile Mars in Aquarius - so he had an uncompromising approach. He also had a Fixed T Square of Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn in Scorpio so did have executive abilities but was obstinate and found co-operation difficult. He disliked sharing the driving seat. Plus a Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine North Node in Cancer, possibly formed into a Kite with Node opposition a Capricorn Moon - which sounds likely for a public figure.
EU new top jobs  From: Marjorie(12 Sep 2014 13:35): 
Jean-Claude Juncker has announced his new team for the EU to murmurs of surprise and appreciation.
He has put Poland's solidly successful Prime Minister in as President of the EU Council for five years (at least). His predecessor Barroso did two terms.

Tusk, 22 April 1957 12.02 am Gdansk, Poland, has a very Fixed and enduring chart with a Taurus Sun Venus IC opposition Neptune MC square Uranus opposition an Aquarius Moon. So not dissimilar to the original EU chart of 1957 which also has a Fixed Grand Cross. His Sun Venus are trine his Pluto so charming and determined. He's also got a Saturn in Sagittarius opposition Mars square Jupiter in Virgo so can be quite scattered and erratic.

Italian Federica Mogherini takes over from Ashton as Foreign Policy chief. Born 16 June 1973 she's a hard working Sun Saturn in Gemini on the focal point of a Mutable T Square to an opposition from Mars in Pisces to Pluto. So remarkably tough, executive abilities, short tempered, can be overly scattered.

French Pierre Moscovic takes on the economic portfolio, 16 Sept 1957 8.35 am Paris, France. He's another Mutable type with a Sun Mars in Virgo and Mercury also in Virgo on the focal point of a T Square to a Gemini Moon opposition Saturn in Sag - so quite highly strung, very talkative. His Saturn is trine Uranus, sextile Jupiter in Libra - so confidently innovative.

For some reason Mogherini starts her term on November 1st with the rest getting their feet under the desk from Dec 1.
The main Dec chart looks muddled and indecisive with a Sagittarius Sun Mercury opposition MC square Neptune Desc. That has the undermining tr Neptune square the Sun in 2015/16. There's an attention-grabbing Pluto in the 5th and Mars in Capricorn also there so definite pushy grandstanding.
Mogherini's start chart is marginally less confused with a Sun Venus trine Neptune, sextile a 5th house Mars Pluto conjunction - so iron fist in a velvet glove. There's also a Jupiter in Leo Asc opposition Moon Desc square Saturn in Scorpio - so flamboyance, confidence, stubbornness, endurance.
Scotland - bravehearts buckling  From: Marjorie(10 Sep 2014 11:33): 
Whither Scotland after the referendum? Win or lose the independence vote, the two charts for Scotland look distinctly unhappy in the next three years. Either because the vote goes to continuing union with Britain; or because the costs of independence suddenly become glaringly obvious, having been obscured by Salmond's wildly unrealistic promises.
The Scotland 16 March 842 AD JC 4.21pm chart has Mars at 13 degrees Cancer opposition Saturn at 16 degrees Capricorn square Uranus 13 Aries - so great frustration, major upheaval and hardship/deprivation through 2016/17 with tr Pluto conjunct Saturn. Plus a financially disappointing tr Neptune opposition Jupiter in 2015/16.

The Scotland 25 Nov 1034 AD JC chart has an undermining, panicky tr Neptune square Jupiter Mercury Sun from now till late 2016. With again frustrations through 2015/16 as tr Pluto is conjunct the Mars/Pluto midpoint and jolts as tr Uranus squares Mars/Pluto and Pluto. Plus a sobering Solar Arc Saturn square Sun around now or into early 2015.
Franklin Expedition ship sighted  From: Marjorie(10 Sep 2014 11:32): 
There's great excitement in Canada with the discovery via sonar images of one of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago. It was one of the great mysteries in Victorian times when Sir John Franklin's expedition with two ships, HMS Erebus and Terror and 129 men disappeared in 1845. It was assumed they got landlocked by ice and died of hypothermia, starvation, lead poisoning and scurvy.
They were charting the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. The Canadian government began searching for Franklin's ships in 2008 as part of a strategy to assert Canada's sovereignty over the Northwest Passage, which has recently become accessible to shipping because of melting Arctic ice.
Sir John Franklin, 16 April 1786, was an intrepid explorer who in a previous expedition charting the north coast of Canada had lost more than half his men to starvation. He was a gung ho Sun Jupiter in Aries with an extremely stalwart Saturn Pluto in Aquarius trine Neptune and inconjunct Uranus. He was on his second Saturn Return on this ill fated trip. When it set off on 19 May 145 there was a tr Jupiter Pluto in Aries conjunct his Sun Jupiter so perhaps a hint of over confidence. More pertinently tr Uranus was square his Mars and then conjunct his Solar Arc Pluto Saturn as they disappeared into nothing probably after August 1845.
There was also a Saturn Neptune conjunction in place with tr Mars conjunct in Aquarius when the expedition set out with tr Neptune sextile the tr Jupiter Pluto - so perhaps a hint of the great uncertainties and illness ahead.

The two Captains were Francis Crozier (HMS Terror) 16 Aug 1796; and James Fitzjames (HMR Erebus) 27 July 1813.
Crozier was a stubborn Leo Sun opposition Pluto in Aquarius trine/sextile Mars in adventurous Sagittarius. With Mars opposition Saturn and Jupiter opposition Uranus - so a risk taker and tough. The tr Jupiter Pluto in Aries of the start was trine his Sun and just passed the tine to his Mars, sextile his Saturn and conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter opposition his Solar Arc Uranus - so he'd start off floating on a sea of enthusiasm and confidence, Though the tr Mars Saturn Neptune in Aquarius opposing his Sun were flagging up a warning.
Fitzjames was also a Sun Leo with Jupiter Venus there was well opposition Mars in Aquarius; with an inventive Uranus trine Pluto with Saturn in Capricorn sitting almost midway between the two. His Solar Arc Saturn was opposition his Jupiter that year which would lower his confidence and luck with the tr Saturn Neptune in Aquarius square his Uranus.
HMS Terror which Crozier captained was launched 29 June 1813 and was a Sun Mercury Venus Moon in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn; with Jupiter in Leo opposition Mars in Aquarius.
HMS Erebus, launched 7 June 1826, was a Sun Saturn in Gemini with Saturn inconjunct Uranus and a Yod of Jupiter sextile Mars inconjunct Pluto - so quite a stressed chart.
So both ships were Saturnine with marked Jupiter Mars aspects.
Erebus had Solar Arc and tr Saturn opposition Neptune, Solar Arc Jupiter square Saturn and Solar Arc Mars inconjunct Saturn in 1845 - so not a propitious year. Terror had tr Uranus square its Sun as the expedition started as well as the highly strung tr Neptune square Uranus.
They reckoned from skeletons found very recently that the sailors had got lead poisoning and possibly botulism from badly packed canned food, or from internal water pipe system in the ships. They had provisions for 7 years and the ships were exceptionally strong so they might have survived without the poisoning.
Ripper and his like   From: Marjorie(09 Sep 2014 15:40): 
The new possibility for Jack the Ripper, Aaron Kozminski has very iffy birth details - 11 Sept 1864 or 1865. Neither of them are that revealing though the 1865 date does have a Mars in Libra opposition Neptune square Uranus which could be perverse. The Virgo Sun is conjunct the Venus/Saturn midpoint which is often associated with prostitutes. Mars is conjunct Sun/Saturn and Pluto = Sun/Mars - so it's just feasible. He'd certainly be angry enough. His Venus is trine Neptune, square Pluto, sextile Mars. The 17th Harmonic of this chart (= leaves a legacy in history) is marked. When the peak of the Ripper murders occurred the tr Neptune Pluto in Gemini were around the conjunction to his Gemini Moon which would certainly make for a wildly confusing emotional state. He ended his days in a lunatic asylum.
But you'd really need a time of birth since the houses for these types of personalities are hugely important.

Peter Sutcliffe, the Brit murderer of prostitutes, 2 June 1946 8.30 pm Bingley, England, had Venus Saturn Moon in Cancer in the 8th and Mars Pluto in the 8th in Leo. He had a 7th house Sun Mercury Uranus in Gemini trine a 10th house Jupiter Neptune in Libra which sextiled in varying combinations onto Pluto Mars.

I couldn't find any birth time for the other sex worker murderers:
Joel Rifkin, 20 Jan 1959 - last degree Capricorn Sun or Aquarius trine Mars in Taurus, with Mars opposition Jupiter; Venus in Aquarius opposition Uranus. Gemini Moon.
Gary Ridgway, 18 Feb 1949 - last degree Aquarius Sun or Pisces conjunct Mars in Pisces opposition Saturn; trine Uranus in Gemini; Venus in Aquarius opposition Pluto, trine Neptune
Robert Pickton 24 Oct 1949 - 0 degrees Scorpio Sun square Jupiter in Capricorn; Venus Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn, trine Pluto, sextile Neptune.
Robert Hansen 15 Feb 1939 - late degree Aquarius Sun; Venus (Moon) in Capricorn square Saturn, trine Uranus; Mars trine Saturn. Mars widely conjunct Pluto.

So all shapes and sizes - though virtually all have stressed Venus and Moon usually with Saturn involved.
New Iraqi government - erratic  From: Marjorie(09 Sep 2014 15:39): 
The new Iraqi government under Haider al-Abadi was approved around 11.38pm (BST) on 8 September in Baghdad.
This puts Uranus close to the MC opposition Mercury square a 6th house Pluto - so unstable, unpredictable path ahead and quite an uphill struggle. There an 8th house Neptune Moon in Virgo opposition Venus Sun in Virgo - so again wobbly, rather diffuse, not practical or straight about finances, tending to be extravagant.
Saturn is in the late 4th conjunct Mars in the 5th in Scorpio trine the Moon with Saturn square Jupiter - so angry, accident prone, risky and an unhappy populace.
It's a messy chart.
Alibaba - Chairman Ma in for the long haul  From: Marjorie(09 Sep 2014 15:39): 
Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce firm with a vast reach - a sort of Amazon plus eBay plus PayPal plus Google is going public in New York which may well be the biggest ever tech IPO.
The chairman and entrepreneurial founder is Jack Ma born 15 October 1964 and he started it with friends in a back bedroom in 1999, perhaps 21st February.
His chart is certainly strong and talented enough with an Air Grand Trine of a Libra Sun Mercury trine Saturn in Aquarius trine North Node, turned into a wide Kite by a hard driving Saturn opposition Mars in wannabe-important Leo. So Mars is his driving planets and that sits in a Fixed Grand Square of Jupiter in money-attracting Taurus in a high-finance opposition to Neptune square Saturn opposition Mars.
So a bright thinker, multiply talented, a sharp scientific mind and vast amounts of stamina. His Jupiter is also in a confident, turning-thoughts-into-things trine to Pluto; with Pluto in the leading-edge revolutionary conjunction to Uranus. He's mainly Air Earth with one Fire and one Water - so cool and practical.
Alibaba has had a chequered history of ups and downs since 1999 and there may be a blip or so for Jack Ma this November when tr Saturn opposes his Jupiter; and perhaps a hint that all may not be as stratospheric as it sounds with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint till late November. But his Solar Arc Jupiter at 14 degrees Cancer at the moment is picking up the tr Uranus square and tr Pluto opposition for two years ahead; plus some lucky Jupiter midpoints being triggered - so he won't go short of enthusiasm or success.
2017 looks stickier for him.
If the Feb 21 1999 date is accurate for Alibaba, it is a Pisces Sun sextile Saturn, square Pluto and trine Mars - so a tough enough enterprise with a volatile Mars square Neptune Uranus - so risk taking and good for publicity. Again 2017 looks somewhat edgy.
Islamic State - a long fight ahead  From: Marjorie(06 Sep 2014 09:50): 
Obama has pulled together a core coalition of Nato allies to join the US in military action against Islamic State (IS) - Britain, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey so far. Even Iran is lending its verbal support and other Arab states may follow.
The ISIS 15 October 2006 chart does seem to work well and describes a remarkably resilient organisation, adept at attracting money, ruthless, tough, hints of megalomania. There's a Fixed T Square of wannabe-important Saturn in Leo opposition Neptune square Jupiter Mercury in Scorpio so lucky, determined, stubborn, paranoid, not open to argument.
There's also a talented Half Grand Sextile of Saturn sextile Venus Sun Mars sextile Pluto sextile Neptune. That contains two mini Grand Trines of Saturn trine Pluto sextile Sun Mars Venus; and Neptune trine Mars Sun Venus, sextile Pluto. So very strong driving planets.
Plus a Yod of Saturn sextile Mars inconjunct North Node in Pisces.

They are clearly deeply unpleasant but also extremely capable and don't look like being toppled anytime soon. They'll have some minor setbacks this October; upheavals in 2015. From 2016 onwards that they look to be pushing confidently on with some advances though they will be rattled with tr Uranus opposition Sun Mars. By 2018/19 they will be under enormous pressure running through till 2021 with tr Pluto square Sun Mars but also bullishly upbeat at the same time. Which makes me wonder if they are at the centre of the Saturn Pluto war of 2020.
So the three year window for defeating them which some at the Nato summit suggested looks over-hopeful.

All the relationship charts between the core coalition countries and IS look increasingly stressed towards the end of this decade - tough at the moment, ramping up through 2015/16 and worsening in 2017 and under huge challenges right through till early next decade.

The IS chart has understandably a strong, destructive though enduring 16th Harmonic and shocking 20H. Plus a 'creative' though often tinged with madness 7H. An obsessive 11H. But it is the very strong 17th harmonic which is a worry. Vendla describes it as 'Hope and faith. Despite it's fated core number 8, which represents trials, difficulties and obstacles, the 17 promises victory, inner enlightment and "immortality" in the sense that those with a strong 17 may create their own mark on history and gain both in wealth and fame, which sometimes continues after their death.'

Al Quaeda may seem small beer by the time this one is fought out. Both Pluto in Capricorn running till the mid 2020s and Neptune in Pisces running till 2026 have resonances with Muslim history in their past cycles.
Joan Rivers - 1933 a comic year  From: Marjorie(05 Sep 2014 13:37): 
Joan Rivers has died. [see previous post].
1933 was a vintage year especially for those born with that exuberant and showbizzy Neptune Mars Jupiter conjunction in place. Comic actor Gene Wilder was born only three days after Joan Rivers, Joan Collins 10 days earlier and Carol Burnett only a month before that.
Brewster Kahle - a one off  From: Marjorie(04 Sep 2014 15:25): 
Brewster Kahle is a fascinating man, an American computer engineer, Internet entrepreneur, internet activist, advocate of universal access to all knowledge, and digital librarian. He is the founder of the Internet Archive, the Internet Credit Union, Alexa and Thinking Machines and a member of the Internet Hall of Fame.
Born 22 October 1960 in New York he's a last degree Sun Libra sitting on the midoint of an adventurous and crusading trine between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Leo. So enthusiastic, fair minded, willing to take risks, definitely lucky. He's also got a hard edged, highly disciplined Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn.
Plus Uranus opposition Chiron square Mercury (Moon) in Scorpio. A Fixed Mercury on the focal point of a T Square has amazing mental endurance, is relentlessly single minded, obstinate and doesn't listen much to others which is probably why he can do what others can't.
He has a strong, very tough 5th Harmonic so a creator and imposer of his view of the universe. A marked 'obsessive dream' 11H. But it is his 13th Harmonic which is outstanding. This number is associated with exploration, genius and breaking with the orthodox. His 13H has an Air Grand Trine formed into two Kites with the driving planets being communicative Mercury for one and a confidently enthusiastic Mars Jupiter for the other.

He's not having his easiest year with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn and his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Pluto. So tough going all round and stuck.
Steven Sotloff - focal point Mars in Taurus  From: Marjorie(03 Sep 2014 11:56): 
Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist hostage to be beheaded by ISIS on video, was born 11 May 1983 in Florida, the grandson of two Holocaust survivors.
He had Sun Mercury Mars in Taurus so determined, stubborn; plus Saturn Pluto in Libra giving him grit and perseverance. His Mars in Taurus was on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto Saturn.
This is almost the same as the first hostage victim James Foley (see post below), born ten years earlier, who also had a Mars in Taurus on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune.
Sotloff had an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius while Foley had a similarly adventurous Mars square Jupiter.
Ukraine - sensitive to Uranus in Aries square Pluto  From: Marjorie(03 Sep 2014 11:55): 
Ukraine's attempts to gain independence in the 20th Century from the time of the 1917 Russian Revolution were varied and confusing. Nick Campion puts their first true independence date between January 22nd and 28th 1918, though they were in turmoil thereafter and agreed to join the USSR in 1922. There is an earlier historical unification date of 28 June 988 (NS).
Under Stalin there was a brutal campaign of russification in the 20s, 30s and 40s across all the soviet bloc countries - with the Russian language and Russian officials being imposed, much as has happened in Tibet under the Chinese boot. Worse there was a deliberate policy against indigenous populations of mass starvation, blood purges and deportation of vast numbers to Siberia which was equivalent to a death sentence for most.
In the deliberate famine of 1932/33 approximately 10 million died in the Ukraine (extermination by hunger). Although post-Stalin Russian governments admitted the policy was wrong, the scars it left behind are one reason (amongst others) that the ex-soviet bloc countries after the Berlin Wall came down were desperate to make alliances with the west - EU and NATO. Even post-Stalin from 1953 they had lived for decades under a communist straitjacket, terrified into submission by all powerful secret police.
When the Ukrainian 'Holodomor' (hunger extermination) took place in 1932/33 was the last time tr Uranus was in Aries then squaring Pluto in Cancer; and tr Neptune was in early Virgo, as opposed to early Pisces as now. So remarkably similar influences.
Finance markets etc   From: Marjorie(01 Sep 2014 10:30): 
There are the usual murmurings of terrible doom ahead for the exceptionally high stock markets. What gives with financial types? They are as neurotic as Jane Austen spinsters, always taking a fit of the vapours. Panicking if it goes up and panicking if it goes down.

The Dow Jones, 26 May 1896 9.11 am New York, does have a 5 degree Gemini Sun with tr Neptune square - but that has been running since mid 2013 with no discernible, undermining effect so far. There are another two tr Neptune hits, one retrograde this September and the final one in January 2015 so it could be waiting for a trigger. The Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the Sun/Pluto midpoint within two months which certainly looks stuck. And tr Neptune moves to square that midpoint in 2015. Plus tr Saturn is conjunct Uranus and opposition Venus in late September and October which might indicate a downward blip.

The S&P 500, 4 March 1957, often regarded as a barometer for the US economy hasn't much showing at the moment bar a couple of discouraging Saturn transits in late September and December; with perhaps 2015 looking more worrisome.

The Nasdaq, 8 Feb 1971 9 am New York, is showing some disruptions this year and next as well as patches of panic in early 2015. But it really is 2016 which is its danger point.

Not surprisingly it is the European stock markets which are showing the strain at the moment with the Dax and the FTSE Eurofirst 300 both indicating major uncertainties this year and worse next year.

The USA Federal reserve Bank, 16 Nov 1914 9 am Washington, DC, looks a touch setback in late October but again 2016 may be more of a worry.

The European Central Bank, 1 June 1998, is showing serious panic this year and next, with no real let up in the downward slide until February 2017.

The Bank of England extraordinarily isn't showing signs of too much strain at all in the foreseeable future.
Barack Obama - swimming in Neptune  From: Marjorie(31 Aug 2014 14:46): 
Barack Obama seems to be floundering around at the moment having this week convened a press conference just to tell the world that he had no strategy to counter ISIS or Putin in the Ukraine. Must have cheered them both up considerably.
With tr Saturn moving to conjunct his MC late this year he ought to be in hard working executive mode but a gear seems to have slipped somewhere.
One thing did strike me that the April Solar Eclipse was opposition his focal point Neptune. He does give every impression of being in negative Neptunian mode - drifting along, ignoring harsh reality, indecisive, tricky to pin down. This October's Scorpio Eclipse will be conjunct his Neptune which may not be much better unless he motivates himself.
His 2nd Administration chart, 20 Jan 2013 11.55am looks argumentative from mid Sept into Oct - so heat may be applied to him. Mind you it is clearly argumentative at the moment with Hagel and Dempsey making war like noises only to be firmly shut up next day. But there'll be more obvious signs of disagreement then either internally or out in the universe.
Hong Kong - skewered by the dragon  From: Marjorie(31 Aug 2014 14:10): 
China has ruled out open nominations for elections to choose Hong Kong's leader. Candidates will be nominated by a committee which is expected to limit the selection to pro-Beijing figures.
The pro-democracy Occupy Central movement condemned the decision, saying it had "dashed people's hopes for change and will intensify conflicts in the society". They are planning a sit in and demonstrations.
The Hong Kong 1 July 1997 12 am chart has Solar Arc MC square its Saturn, exact within less than 3 months descriptive of a setback. Solar Arc Pluto is also trine the HK Saturn now as well which is stuck and discouraging. With tr Saturn opposition Moon and square Jupiter in Sept/Oct this year which looks like an unhappy population. From mid 2015 tr Uranus will conjunct the HK Saturn for a year which looks rebellious and conflict-ridden. It looks a thoroughly aggravated situation.
Another one!

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