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Labour SNP - no dream team  From: Marjorie(17 Apr 2015 16:43): 
Ed Miliband, the Labour Opposition leader, has ruled out a formal coalition with the SNP. While Nicola Sturgeon, SNP, says together is the only hope they have of defeating the Tories, despite the fact that the SNP's advance is likely to make a Labour win well nigh impossible unless the polls are dramatically wrong.

The Cameron Clegg coalition duo was fraught enough over the past few years but at least their relationship chart had a friendly Sun Venus trine Jupiter - plus admittedly other highly combustible cross overs.

Sturgeon/Miliband's relationship chart has a needs-space composite Sun Uranus; a hostile and hard edged Mars Saturn conjunction with Mars trine Pluto; and Mars opposition Neptune so not mutually supportive.
Greece - scattering for help  From: Marjorie(17 Apr 2015 16:42): 
The Greek PM having gone east to ask for succour from Putin, the Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has now moved west to plead with Barack Obama to lean on the EU.
They were born in the same year so they both have the Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. Their relationship chart does have a friendly composite Sun Venus in an expansive trine to Jupiter, though Sun Venus are also in a controlling/manipulative square to Pluto. Plus there's also a volatile and argumentative Mars Uranus conjunction.
As with Tsipiras and Putin, so with Varoufakis and Obama, tr Neptune will undermine the possibilities of an alliance. With V & O, tr Neptune squares the composite Sun and opposes Pluto this year; with tr Saturn opposition Venus and later this year square Sun and Pluto.
UK child abuse - Pluto pulling on 8th house Mars  From: Marjorie(17 Apr 2015 16:41): 
No country is without its child sexual abuse epidemic, even the ones where it is not obvious. But the UK does appear to have it worse than most. One aspect of it, the 'Westminster paedophile network' story has been spilling out in lurid detail in the international media in recent months, as well as headlines over several celebrity convictions.
I've always thought the UK 1801 chart did show a propensity for perversion with an 8th house Mars in Taurus opposition Neptune square Venus in Aquarius (house of children) opposition Saturn in Leo in the 11th (house of the legislature).
When CSA first surfaced into the public domain with the Cleveland Inquiry in the late 1980s, tr Pluto was then in Scorpio opposition that 8th house Mars. In the way of all things, the denial mechanism kicked in and within two years that had all been brushed aside as a scandal of false diagnosis, though an (unpublished) NHS Report indicated the doctors' findings were better than average for medical diagnosis.
When this last batch started to erupt two years back, tr Pluto having moved two signs, was trine that 8th house Mars from the 4th. DJ charity worker Jimmy Savile was exposed; and now largely due to media and survivor pressure the offending politicians are getting dragged into the open. Plus public school (fee paying) abuse is now garnering investigations and convictions for the first time.

Jimmy Savile had Mars in Taurus at the same degree as the UK's Mars, opposition Sun Venus in Scorpio. Greville Janner, the Labour Lord, now deemed too far gone with Alzheimers to stand trial for multiple allegations against him, has his Mars in Taurus in a similar place. Cyril Smith, the late Liberal MP, born 13 days earlier than Janner, also had Mars in Taurus. I'm not saying that this placing of Mars in necessarily perverse but it certainly hooked them into something dark and murky in the UK chart.
The Uranus square Pluto will also be playing its part since it tends to bring out the underdogs to fight against the established status quo. And that recently was bouncing off the UK 4th house Capricorn Sun and is now moving towards the 10th house Cancer Moon.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - and his muses  From: Marjorie(14 Apr 2015 18:11): 
Pre-Raphaelite poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti was hugely influential but like many artists led a tumultuous and none too savoury private life which was intertwined with his professional life.
He was born 12 May 1828 4.30am London and was a 12th house Taurus Sun close to his Ascendant trine Neptune Mars in Capricorn. His Mars was opposition Saturn and Venus in Cancer squaring onto Pluto in Aries so he'd harbour a fair few demons - intense passions and a streak of cruelty.
He also had a Taurus Moon Mercury opposition Jupiter square a 10th house Uranus - so certainly leading the way but emotionally fixed, indulgent and fickle.

All of his muses and models came from poor backgrounds. He eventually married Elizabeth Siddal, against his family's wishes, though his infidelity, her poor health, a stillborn child and a laudanum overdose from which he didn't save her, finally saw her off. Born 25 July 1829, she was a Sun Saturn Mars in Leo so used enough to ill treatment in her childhood. Those planets opposed his Uranus and squared his Moon - so not a good match.

Fanny Cornforth, a blacksmith's daughter, became his housekeeper and model, though was rejected by him when she gained weight, was thrown out by his family when he became ill and ended up dying penniless in an asylum. She had a Capricorn Sun opposition Mars in Cancer square Pluto so was dealt a pretty bleak hand of cards from the start. Her Sun opposition Mars sat on top of his Mars opposition Saturn and squared his Pluto - so nasty chemistry. Her Neptune did fall in his 10th close to his Uranus so arguably well designed as a muse.
When she was ejected from his home tr Uranus then in Aries was conjunct her Pluto and square her Sun and Mars - so starting a downhill slide from which she never recovered.

Jane Morris, a stableman's daughter, who eventually married William Morris, the textile designer, modelled for and had a long affair with Rossetti but she distanced herself after she learnt of his drug addiction and managed to escape unscathed. Born 10 Oct 1939, she had a Half Grand Sextile of a passionate Venus in Libra opposition Pluto, sextile Neptune, sextile Mars Saturn in Sagittarius - so clearly talented. What possibly saved her unlike the previous two was a wide Sun Jupiter conjunction opposition Pluto which would give her confidence and luck the others seemed to lack.

He was certainly drawn to fated women and vice versa.
Mario Rubio - a Sun Gemini with flying ambition  From: Marjorie(14 Apr 2015 18:10): 
Mario Rubio, the Junior Republican Senator for Florida, son of immigrant Cuban parents, has thrown his hat into the ring for the GOP nomination bid. He made his announcement at 6.13pm in Miami on 13th April.
I'm not sure all these announcement timings work in terms of prospects of success but worthwhile following them all through till it plays itself out.
This has a confident 5th house Aquarius Moon opposition a friendly 11th house Jupiter but squaring onto an 8th house Mars in Taurus which looks more ominous - money wrangles or risk of some sort. Mars is also trine a 4th house Pluto which feels stuck. Uranus and Sun are in the 7th so divisive. Saturn in 3rd - difficulties in communication.

Born 28 May 1971 in Miami, he's a Sun Gemini opposition a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter Neptune; with an Air Grand Trine of Sun trine Mars in Aquarius trine Uranus, formed into a Kite with Jupiter Neptune leading. So high hopes but tr Saturn will be conjunct his Jupiter Neptune twice more before this autumn and then opposing his Sun - so all looks a touch enthusiasm dampening.
World Bank and AIIB  From: Marjorie(14 Apr 2015 18:09): 
The World Bank, which was set up at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 to provide loans to developing countries, got under way on 27 Dec 1945. Although international, it is based in Washington, DC with traditionally a US President.
The relationship chart between USA and the World Bank has an ultra-determined Pluto trine Mars, sextiling onto an idealistic Jupiter Saturn in Virgo so it's a better fit than the AIIB with China. The composite Sun is widely conjunct Neptune with Venus conjunct Neptune as well on the other side - so more ideals and a vision. With Sun square Mars and trine Uranus - so energy and innovative thinking.
The World Bank's Saturn Mars in Cancer does oppose the US Pluto but the WB's Jupiter also squares US Pluto - so a tough minded combination.

The AIIB's Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct China's 9th house financial Venus which doesn't sound too hopeful except in the very long term. The AIIB's Jupiter is conjunct China's aggressive 7th house Mars Pluto in Leo which might point to there being a mite of truth in the notion that it represents a Chinese attempt to spread its influence further. The AIIB's Uranus square Pluto is in hard aspect to the China 8th house Libra Sun Mercury Neptune - so again that unsettled, unstable feel.
AIIB - China financing Asia  From: Marjorie(13 Apr 2015 18:05): 
Asia has over 60% of the world's population but inadequate infrastructure. With an eye to driving future economic growth China has set up the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). France, Germany, UK, Switzerland are already signed up and the IMF has given its seal of approval. The USA fearful of China using the bank to advance its own interests is dragging its heels - pots and kettles come to mind.

It started on 24 Oct 2014 and has a New Moon Venus conjunct in Scorpio which sounds money-minded enough and they trine Neptune which is visionary though not necessarily practical or realistic. The New Moon Venus are sextile an enthusiastic Mars in Sagittarius. There are planets in all three Fire signs with Uranus trine Jupiter in Leo and Jupiter trine Mars. It's too wide to be a Grand Trine but it will certainly have confidence and think big.
Though Saturn is oddly placed being square Jupiter giving a fear of failure and could be a touch wobbly.
The road ahead especially in 2016 will be v bumpy with tr Neptune square the Mars/Saturn midpoint. But there will be successes as well and a tremendous push towards the turn of the decade.
The relationship between AIIB and China is v odd. There's a tough, really-hard-slog Sun Mars Saturn conjunction with Mars conjunct Pluto. That may be needed for a project that will support multi-billion dollar projects but still. There'll be a fair few hiccups through this year and on for the next several with tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn Sun Mars and then tr Pluto in square. There's also a composite Yod of Mars sextile Neptune inconjunct Uranus - so it may take a fair while to get onto a workable track.
Elaine Paige - Yod in gear  From: Marjorie(13 Apr 2015 18:04): 
Elaine Paige, is another petite and feisty singer, the same vintage as Lulu, with an exceptionally long career behind her and still going strong. She came to fame in the musical Evita and hasn't stopped since.
Born 5 March 1948, she's a Sun Pisces on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto Saturn in Leo - with Mars in Leo also conjunct Saturn. So resourceful, tough, enduring, though never feeling she quite fitted. Yods need a trigger to get a life to click into place. When she won the role of Evita against Faye Dunaway, Liza Minnelli and Shirley MacLaine, there was a good deal of activity around her Yod. Tr Pluto was just over the conjunction to Neptune on one leg and exactly opposition her Solar Arc Sun on the focal point; with Solar Arc Pluto opposition Sun; and tr Jupiter trine her Sun. It all took off and she never looked back.
Her Mercury in Aquarius opposes Mars Saturn, sextile Jupiter, trine Uranus - so a mix of forceful, quirky and enthusiastic.
Lulu - determined Scorpio with exuberant Sag  From: Marjorie(13 Apr 2015 18:03): 
Lulu, the indomitable Scots singer, has issued a new album of songs she has co-written with her brother Billy Lawrie. She first came to fame as a 15 year old with the hit 'Shout' and always seemed a resilient personality, married first to Maurice Gibbs of the BeeGees and then hairdresser John Frieda. But she now says she was always driven by fear and anxiety, a relic of a Glasgow childhood with an alcoholic father and warring parents. She says she loved them so not all bad but scary all the same. She and her brother were exceptionally close as children.
Born 3 Nov 1948 1.30am Lennoxtown, Scotland she has a 3rd house Scorpio Sun which does suggest a closeness to a sibling. Her Sun is square a 12th house Pluto and Pluto in turn trines her 4th house Mars - so a shadowy fear of being trapped. Her 4th house Sagittarius Moon squares Saturn in Virgo so not as nurturing a childhood as you would have liked. She's also got Jupiter in the 4th which suggests some cheerful aspects to her early home life.
Her voice always seemed larger than her petite frame and her Mercury in Libra sits exactly conjunct her hugely confident Jupiter/Pluto and hard-edged Mars/Saturn midpoints. Her Moon Mars Jupiter in Sag will give her bounce.
Gunter Grass - fantasy and guilt  From: Marjorie(13 Apr 2015 18:01): 
Gunter Grass, the German Nobel winning author of the Tin Drum, has died. Born 16 Oct 1927 at 7am. in what is now Gdansk Poland, he was politically active and focussed on the Nazi era, the destruction of war and the guilt that followed defeat. His reputation was dented when it emerged fairly recently that he had served as a teenager in the Waffen-SS.
A commentator remarked that 'His character was that of a patriarch with followers - he didn't like being contradicted. He could be quite aggressive.' So no surprises he had a Sun conjunct Mars in Libra square an opinionated 9th house Pluto. He also had a creative Water Grand Trine which would contribute to the magical realism of some of his fiction - of Mercury in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces trine Pluto. His Neptune is curiously unaspected.
His writer's 21st Harmonic has an Air Grand Trine, formed into a Kite with Uranus as the leading planet and it also sits on the focal point of a T square - so a torch bearer and a divisive talent.
Sheila Kitzinger - joyful births  From: Marjorie(13 Apr 2015 18:00): 
Sheila Kitzinger, a vehement advocate for natural childbirth whose campaigns helped to de-medicalise having babies in the UK has died. Born 29 March 1929 in Taunton, Eng. she was a fiery and radical Sun Uranus in Aries square a hard edged Mars Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn. So quite a fighter. She had a creative, healing Water Grand Trine (probably) of Mercury in Pisces trine Pluto trine a Scorpio Moon; with maybe Moon opposition a Taurus North Node. She also had a mixed Fire/Earth Grand Trine of Neptune trine Saturn trine Venus (Jupiter) in Taurus - so inspirational and earthy.
Not everyone appreciated her trenchant views on orgasmic births or the guilt she engendered about obstetric intervention and not breast feeding. But she certainly changed doctors' approach.
Hillary - further ruminations  From: Marjorie(13 Apr 2015 15:22): 
This is more a collection of astro-thoughts than a definitive conclusion.

Hillary announced her bid just after 3pm yesterday which puts that emphasised Neptune in the 7th conjunct Descendant so I would hazard a guess that trust would be a major issue for her with voters finding her slippery and evasive at times. The Sun Uranus is in the hidden 8th; Jupiter is also hidden in the 12th and Saturn in the 4th - so not exactly an open campaign. It is balanced to some extent by a charming, good PR Venus conjunct MC in the 10th and a grandstanding Pluto in the 5th plus a crusading Mars in the 9th.

One of her strategic dilemmas will be to know how closely to ally herself to Obama and the word from her campaign is she will pretty much support what he has achieved. For all that their relationship looks fairly fractious this year with tr Saturn square the composite Mars twice before the autumn and then square the composite Venus in December; plus a disappointing tr Neptune opposition Venus in 2015 till late 2016.
Mind you, her relationship to husband Bill who caused some ructions last time she ran is also a more than a touch edgy with tr Saturn square the composite Mars late this year and then an undermining tr Neptune opposition Mars right through 2016. His relationship with Obama which was part of the aggravation is a touch wobbly and under-enthused as well. Michelle Obama doesn't look too cheered by either of them all the way through.

Her birth time is, of course, questionable. She does have a confident tr Pluto sextile Sun/Jupiter through 2016 and beyond the election; and tr Jupiter in Libra sextile her Mars Pluto just after the election; and conjunct her Solar Arc Mars Jupiter at the Inauguration.

Bill has tr Pluto square Jupiter/Neptune over the election which is usually high hopes dashed and a really unpleasantly sinking tr Neptune opposition Mars/Pluto. His health might be an issue in a wearing tramp round the country. Though he does have tr Jupiter moving through his 1st and conjunct his natal Jupiter at the Inauguration.

Chelsea for whom there is an accurate birth time, has tr Neptune conjunct her Pisces Sun through this year till Feb 2016 so not an easy time for her. At the Inauguration she has tr Jupiter conjunct her Pluto opposition her Venus; and tr Uranus conjunct her Venus opposition Pluto - which could read as successful, a huge change in her life - and/or a hug relief. She does have tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint at the election which certainly looks like a lucky break.
So usual mixter maxter influences.
Hillary Clinton - puts a foot on the treadmill  From: Marjorie(11 Apr 2015 16:55): 
Hillary Clinton is due to announce her bid for the Presidential nomination tomorrow.
There's a Mars trine Pluto which suggests huge determination and also a degree of ruthlessness (perhaps dirty tricks). Pluto squares Uranus Sun for the usual amounts of - nothing will run smoothly. What would worry me most from her viewpoint is the Venus opposition Saturn square Neptune - Neptune isn't helpful for a political campaign since it's slippery and evasive. Plus an extravagant Mars square Jupiter so drawing on others' generosity and perhaps expecting too much or cutting corners. She'll run a lively campaign but possibly will be too scattered and too impulsive.

Obama announced his nomination bid in 2007 on 2 May when there was a fabulously confident and successful Jupiter Pluto in Sag in a sudden-surprises square to Uranus Mars. His 2012 bid, 5 May 2012 1.20pm Columbus, OH, had a Sun Jupiter conjunction in the 10th; with the Sun tied into an Earth Grand Trine to Mars and Pluto, formed into a Kite with Sun opposition Moon - so a good kick off date.
Andy & Kim -hitched at last  From: Marjorie(11 Apr 2015 16:54): 
Tennis player Andy Murray will marry his long-time girl-friend Kim Sears at around 5pm today in Dunblane, Scotland. They certainly picked a very intense day for the wedding with the Capricorn Moon exactly conjunct Pluto and square Uranus Sun Mercury - so indicating a marriage which will go through various upheavals and not be run-of-the-mill. Venus is also opposition Saturn square Neptune which certainly could be a fairy tale send-off but also hints at panics and uncertainty. Luckily friendly Jupiter in the 11th in flamboyant Leo is in an adventurous trine to Uranus and widely trine the Sun; as well as in a stabilising trine to Saturn.
Their relationship chart has similar with lucky Uranus Saturn trine Jupiter. Plus an affectionate, passionate, at times quite heated composite Sun Venus trine Pluto and opposition Mars.
Both are serious work-oriented personalities - he with a Moon Saturn Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius and she with a Sun Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius - so they'll understand each other. She has a Leo Moon square Mars Pluto - so quite feisty when the mood takes her.
It won't be that easy a start to marriage with tr Saturn square the composite Mars opposition Venus Sun Mercury on and off till later this year.
Royals on a roller coaster  From: Marjorie(11 Apr 2015 16:53): 
The present UK Queen is a direct descendant of the Hanoverian Monarchy which was instituted with the coronation of King George 1 on August 1 1714. The Hanoverian end split off along the way but the line remains the same.
On this chart there would certainly seem to be a very bumpy road ahead starting in three years' time with Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars, followed by Solar Arc Saturn, Venus, Mercury conjunct Mars and finally by Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Mars in 13 years' time in 2028. That last looks ominously accident prone.
The previous times in which Solar Arc Pluto was in hard aspect to the Hanoverian Mars were: 1) when the American War of Independence started in 1765 and the mad King George 111 lost the colonies; 2) when several attempts were made on Queen Victoria's life between 1845/9; and when King Edward V11 abdicated putting the monarchy in peril in 1936. So at the very least there will be a profound upheaval on the throne.
In 2028 tr Pluto will oppose the H Sun and square Neptune with tr Uranus square Pluto as well as SArc Pluto conjunct Mars - which looks pretty devastating.

N.B. The possibility of Prince Andrew being made Regent is so remote as to be unthinkable. Even blue-rinsed Tories would turn republican at the prospect.

HM Queen's Coronation chart from 1953 is under severe pressure at the moment, very uncertain in 2016 and sagging badly for two to three years thereafter. She looks in bouncing form but she can't keep up this pace for ever. The UK 19 degree Cancer Moon in the 10th suggests major changes at the top from May this year with continuing challenges on that front through 2017/18 as first tr Uranus squares the Moon and then tr Pluto opposes it.
Yemen - centre of the storm  From: Marjorie(09 Apr 2015 11:30): 
Yemen, which sits on the southern border of Saudi Arabia, at the foot of the Red Sea, is the centre of growing concern, as the Iran-supported Shia rebels have removed the President who is backed by Saudi Arabia and pro-Sunni Arab states. It is being talked off as a proxy war between the two great schisms of Islam, though more pointedly between the two nations fighting for power in the region. It could drag the USA in and destabilise the Iran nuclear agreement.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran do look ratchety exactly at the moment and again later in the year with a bad tempered patch in July and August; and a definite feel of a shift in the balance of power between them.

Saudi Arabia, 15 Jan 1902, looks seriously shaken come May this year (and again later) with tr Uranus square its Saturn in Capricorn. Plus a good deal of activity on its Uranus opposition Pluto which may hint at internal power struggles amongst younger Saudi Royals jockeying for position with an elderly ruler. It looks a fraught, risky year all round. There'll be some highs in 2016 with tr Uranus square the SA Sun Jupiter. But there's a bubble-bursting Solar Arc Neptune square Sun Jupiter in 2017 along with a dreary tr Pluto conjunct Saturn which often indicates hardship, less money and requires considerable effort.

Greece - looking east for succour  From: Marjorie(09 Apr 2015 11:28): 
Alexis Tsipras, the new Greek PM, has been cosying up to Vladimir Putin, though denying he is looking to Russia for bail-out cash. It is a provocative strategy guaranteed to upset the EU and NATO.
His relationship chart with Putin has a friendly and controlling composite Sun Venus Pluto conjunction though Uranus is also close by as the wild card. So destined to go through times of great upheaval. What will make any kind of alliance difficult is tr Neptune in opposition to the Sun from mid April onwards, on and off for a year with tr Neptune opposing Venus in 2016. With tr Saturn catching up to square Uranus, Sun, Venus, Pluto next year. So an extended period of disappointed hopes.
Iran and USA - a long and winding road  From: Marjorie(05 Apr 2015 18:05): 
The much trumpeted nuclear deal between Iran and the USA still has several major hurdles to overcome, not the least being right wingers in the US and hardliners in Iran being sceptical or downright hostile to it. Plus fine details to be worked out by June.

The USA/Iran 1906 relationship chart has tr Pluto trine Venus exactly now which could be seen as warm feelings; but also tr Neptune opposition mercury which suggests mistrust or double-speak.
The USA/Feb 1979 Iran chart has tr Pluto square the composite Mars exactly now which should be very blocked but since that squares Jupiter, it has a hint of tr Pluto opposition Jupiter, which is minorly ominous - a good deal of power play. By June tr Uranus squares the composite Jupiter which will be relief. Though it's not that great thereafter into 2016 and especially 2018 when there'll be a definite rift.

The Iran 1906 chart has Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Sun exactly now which is hugely pressured; with a frustrating tr Pluto trine Mars, repeating on and off till late 2016. Certainly there's change afoot with tr Pluto square the Sun for another few months. But it doesn't look that cheerful ahead especially in 2016 with tr Neptune conjunct Saturn which is highly uncertain.

The Iran 1979 chart has Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Pluto exact now which again hardly looks like light hearted relief at sanctions lifting. Both the above will pick up the tr Uranus opposition by June this year so everything turning on its head, a radical change.

Nothing very straightforward about any of the charts.
Celine Dion - impossible choices  From: Marjorie(04 Apr 2015 18:24): 
Celine Dion's management have said there are still no firm dates for her to return to Las Vegas after she took a break last year to look after her husband, Rene, who was suffering from throat cancer.
Today's Lunar Eclipse does exactly aspect her 10th house Saturn in Aries so is perhaps pointing to her conflict between her responsibilities to her career (10th house) and her responsibilities to her heart and family (4th house). Saturn's lessons are usually fairly tough. Tr Pluto is of course also square her Saturn on and off till late 2016 so it will be an uphill struggle for her at times. There will be upsets over the same period from tr Pluto opposing her Mars/Uranus causing insecurity; and some disappointments. So progress may be slow.
He's a generally robust sort with an Earth Grand Trine but he does look to be facing a low energy time ahead.
Marine Le Pen - haunted by her past  From: Marjorie(04 Apr 2015 18:23): 
Marine Le Pen, leader of Front Nationale, the French far right party, is not having a good week having under-performed against expectation in local elections. Now her rabidly anti-Semitic father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, from whose views and policies she has been trying to distance herself and the party, has let blast with another Holocaust minimisation clanger. In reposte she has criticised him more savagely than ever before.
She: 5 Aug 1968 11.20am Neuilly Sur Seine; He: 20 June 1928 3am Nantes, Fr.
His Pluto is conjunct her Cancer Midheaven so he clearly wants to control her. His Mars is conjunct her Saturn in Aries which is plain dislike. Her Uranus Pluto square his Gemini Sun Venus so she was guaranteed to rebel against him. Her Mars in Cancer is conjunct his Moon. So every which way a bad tempered interface.
Their relationship chart has a chained-together and resenting it composite Saturn opposition Pluto with Saturn inconjunct the composite Sun and trine Mars. So much the same as the synastry. There'll be another eruption and even wider split come mid 2015 when tr Uranus squares the composite Sun.
She has tr Neptune opposition her Jupiter through this year which is bubble-bursting and usually brings some disappointment to overly high hopes.
Fashion Police - at daggers drawn  From: Marjorie(04 Apr 2015 18:22): 
Fashion Police, the TV show on celebrity outfits which had Joan Rivers as the first presenter is in disarray after a mis-speak by Italian Guiliani Rancic led to accusations of racism and two other presenters Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin baled.
They were always a terrible match with GR's Saturn in Cancer conjunct KG's Mars in Cancer and opposition KO's Mars in Capricorn. V argumentative and gritty. KathyG especially would be at cross purposes with her most of the time since KG's Uranus is conjunct GR's Leo Sun. KO's Saturn in Scorpio is also square GR's Sun.
They definitely better off apart.
UK Election 2 - those and such as those  From: Marjorie(03 Apr 2015 17:20): 
Nigel Farage of UKIP, seems to have come out of the TV debate in reasonable fettle. He's on a roll through April and May with tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint; and tr Jupiter trines his Sun exactly on the day itself. So something will be going right for him.
The UKIP, 3 Sept 1993 chart, has a muddled feel with a confident tr Pluto square Jupiter which will give them some upswing; and downbeat tr Saturn conjunct Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Neptune pulling them back. Plus a very twangy, highly strung tr Uranus square Uranus Neptune which certainly suggests a radical change but which way? 2016/17 look ominously undermining but this year could give them some gains.

The winner of the TV debate appears to have been SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, who had plenty of practice at debating through the referendum last year. She's got a lift at the moment from tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter/Uranus though that disappears after mid April. Her Solar Arc Jupiter is trine her Mercury in Leo for a few months which will certainly boost her confidence and speaking ability. If her birth time is accurate at 3.16pm then she has tr Neptune opposition Pluto/MC over the election which is disappointing. That's really the only thing of note. Her Lunar Return for 13th April to 13th May doesn't look too encouraging; tho' 13th May for the month thereafter is much more dynamic. And tr Jupiter crosses her MC from July onwards for a year which is successful.
Both the SNP charts, 14 Dec 1933 and 7 Apr 1934 have Jupiter at 18 Libra so are getting the tr Uranus opposition in May which is usually a lucky break. Though tr Uranus will also pull on Sun Mars Pluto on one chart and Mars Pluto Uranus on the other so it could go any number of ways. Certainly quite a roller coaster ride.

Alex Salmond who is up for a Westminster seat as well as presenting himself as power broker in the event of a split vote has hugely mixed transits. Tr Uranus opposition Sun/Jupiter which is great relief; and tr Uranus square Mars/Saturn which is disaster. Plus tr Pluto conjunct Saturn/MC which according to Ebertin is a fateful struggle, success only with the greatest difficulty.

Jim Murphy who is a small player but significant since he's Leader of the Scottish Labour Party and if as polls suggest it is wiped out by the SNP then Ed Miliband's chances are dashed. He's got a couple of swampy Neptune transits to midpoints which are usually loss-making but he also has a sudden-luck tr Uranus trine his Jupiter so the result may not be as bad as he feared.

George Osborne, the Chancellor, is looking slightly panicked over the result and very deflated indeed from 19th May with tr Saturn conjunct his Jupiter Neptune and opposition his Gemini Sun.
Lunar Eclipse - Uranus Pluto  From: Marjorie(02 Apr 2015 18:18): 
There's a Total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday at 14 degrees Aries/Libra. It hits the present celestial storms head on with Sun conjunct Uranus opposition Moon North Node square Pluto. It's especially significant for the UK with Sun closely conjunct MC. Interesting to see how it plays out.
UK Election - Part One  From: Marjorie(02 Apr 2015 18:17): 
The UK goes to the polls on May 7 with the fear that it will be even more of a hung result than last time.
The UK 1801 chart is generally optimistic with a Solar Arc Jupiter approaching a conjunction to Pluto over the coming months, a hint of the improving economic situation. But both these have tr Saturn in square around election time which looks blocked.

David Cameron has a really mixed set of influences. Tr Pluto square his Libra Sun exactly; and tr Neptune in hard aspect to the confidence-denting Sun/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto midpoints this month so a wobbly run up; and exactly opposition Mars/Uranus in May. However he also has his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Pluto/Uranus midpoint, heading to conjunct his Uranus next year so luck may be on his side. Plus if his birth time is 5.30am tr Jupiter will be conjunct his Solar Arc MC which is definitely good.
The Conservative Party has a fairly squelching tr Saturn square Mars/Venus; but also a much stronger and more successful tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Jupiter.

Ed Miliband has tr Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Neptune which looks flattening; a low energy, droopy tr Uranus square Mars/Neptune; and a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct Sun/Jupiter in May.
The Labour Party chart is not looking any more cheerful, indeed less so, with tr Pluto square the loss-making Jupiter/Saturn; and an undermining tr Neptune opposition Jupiter/Pluto.

Nick Clegg was always in for a very rough year with his Capricorn Sun square Mars in Libra at 16/17 degrees getting walloped about by tr Uranus through the election and beyond, so upheavals and great frustration, ego-dents etc. He's looks gloomy from midpoints but will pick up by the autumn so he may be on to better things.
The LibDem chart 1988 hasn't much showing of note though hints of a swampy two years thereafter. The Liberal 1877 Party chart which I think works better looks confused and uncertain this year, and more so in 2016.

On the Party charts - if they hold good - the Conservatives look better than the others. More tomorrow on subsidiaries.
Germanwings crash - 20th Harmonic  From: Marjorie(02 Apr 2015 18:16): 
The Germanwings plane crashed at 10.41 am 24 March 2015 near Tete de L'Estrop, 44N17 6E30, France.
That puts Neptune nearer the MC in the 10th. The Moon in both take off and crash was conjunct Algol in late Taurus. The North Node was conjunct Vindemiatrix, 'the widow maker'.
The midpoints are stark with Jupiter opposition Mars/Saturn; Saturn square Mars/Pluto and = Mars/Uranus; Uranus conjunct Sun/Mars and square Pluto.
The 20th Harmonic is particularly marked and brutal, joining together Pluto Uranus to Mars and Saturn - which can be a shock or an awakening.
Andreas Lubitz's 20H is also stark, connecting Pluto Uranus and Mars.
Trevor Noah - sharp tongue  From: Marjorie(01 Apr 2015 17:45): 
Trevor Noah, the South African born political satirist is the surprise replacement for Jon Stewart when he retires from his Comedy Central Show before the end of 2015. Though there's been some criticism of sexist and anti-Semitic tweets from him in the past. His mother is half Jewish so he's probably allowed those. She is a black South African and his father is white. Their marriage was illegal at the time and she ended up in prison because of it.
Born 20 Feb 1984 in Johannesburg, he's a Sun Pisces trine Pluto, sextile Neptune Jupiter in Capricorn - so creative, confident, lucky, determined. He's also got Mercury in oddball Aquarius square Mars Saturn in Scorpio so his wit will be biting and angry at times.

Jon Stewart is a Sun Mercury in Sagittarius squaring onto a Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto Uranus in Virgo - he's determined enough but probably has a marginally softer style.
Nigeria - new President looking ahead  From: Marjorie(01 Apr 2015 17:45): 
Nigeria is congratulating itself on having just held an election in which the sitting President was deposed, proving that democratic elections can be held. It's a hugely resource rich country but undermined by corruption and in recent times by Boko Haram.
The new President Muhammadu Buhari, 17 Dec 1942, was a military leader in the 1980s having taken power in a coup; is seen as incorruptible though had a poor human rights record.
He's a Sun Sagittarius with a Half Grand Sextile from a hard edged Mars opposition Saturn Uranus, sextile Neptune, sextile Pluto. So talented, not overly sentimental indeed quite sharp in his attitudes; plus a can-be ruthless Mars trine Pluto, sextile Neptune.
He fits the Nigeria 1 Oct 1960 chart well since his Sun is conjunct thee N Jupiter. Though not all easy since the relationship chart has a composite Mars opposition Saturn which suggests a disciplinarian, military hand on the tiller; and a composite Sun square Pluto - overly controlling.
The Nigeria chart has a 27 Pisces Midheaven so it caught the March Solar Eclipse, changing the country's direction. It is now through a really difficult few years when its Cardinal T Square of Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn square Libra Sun was being battered every way by the tr Pluto square tr Uranus. So hopefully now it can start to consolidate and make progress.

Joni Mitchell - pluses and minuses ahead  From: Marjorie(01 Apr 2015 17:44): 
Joni Mitchell, the Canadian singer songwriter was rushed to an LA Hospital unconscious today. Though reports say she is now awake and in good spirits. She hasn't been performing recently because of a skin disorder, Morgellons, which some doctors think is a delusional condition.
Born 7 Nov 1943 10 pm Fort Macleod, Canada, she has a Pisces Moon conjunct her Midheaven opposition a 4th house Venus in Virgo square Saturn Mars in Gemini in the 12th. So she is talented but quite highly strung with all those Mutable planets with difficulties from Saturn Mars. Her Sun Mercury are in Scorpio square Pluto North Node in Leo, making her intense.

The recent Pisces Solar Eclipse was conjunct her Moon MC and opposition Her Venus which would put emotional pressure on her. Tr Pluto is moving through her 6th house of health which will also add challenges.
Two of her Mars midpoints are exceptionally stressed with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto in hard aspect to her Mars/Pluto and tr Uranus having just moved on to square her Mars/Node. But she's also got some upbeat Jupiters which will hopefully get her back on her feet.
Guy Laliberte - a one off  From: Marjorie(01 Apr 2015 17:43): 
Guy Laliberte is an extraordinary man who started out as a street performer on the streets when he was young as an accordion player, stilt walker and fire-eater. Then in 1984 with a few others he formed Cirque du Soleil which was initially a one year project. It is now a huge international organisation operating on five continents, employing 4000 people and worth gzillions.
He's also a high-roller poker player, a space tourist and his philanthropy helps street children globally.
Born 2 September 1959 in Quebec, he's a Pluto (Moon) Venus Sun in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn, sextile Neptune - so controlling, charming, a workaholic, tough and visionary. He also has an adventurous Uranus square Jupiter in Scorpio, which latter is usually good at attracting money. Plus a super-confident Mars in Vrigo sextile Jupiter.
It's not an entrepreneurial chart per se - more hard driving, practical, idealistic. His Sun sits on his Mars/Uranus midpoint which would certainly attract him to risk and anything that brings an adrenaline rush.
There's no birth time unfortunately since it realty needs houses to see the full potential/direction of the chart.
He'll have a few setbacks over the next 18 months or so with tr Neptune opposing his Venus Sun and tr Saturn square all the Virgo planets. But he'll have some highs as well and a real surge of confidence in 2017.
Astro-clones - a bouquet of choices  From: Marjorie(29 Mar 2015 16:27): 
It's one of the imponderable mysteries of life how much is set by fate, or the pattern of the birth chart, and how much is choice. Ten people given the same hand of cards, even if born on the same day, will play them slightly differently.
Gauquelin's findings (French astro-statistician) were that successful people lived out their charts more fully. Some people never grow into themselves. Part of that may be circumstances of birth - born in Ethiopian desert etc. And part of that may be choice - choosing not to take the risk of developing potential. But shouldn't that show up in the birth chart?
There is certainly a 'something' that doesn't show up in the birth chart which is how people will 'choose' to live out the energies, the hand of cards they were given at birth. There are negative and positive poles to all planetary energies. Some individuals will head for the dark side while others will turn the difficulties into spurs to achievement.
Jupiter Saturn brings a greater fear of failure than normal which spurs some onto to greater achievement while others are so fearful they don't try at all.
What is always true is that the planetary energies will play themselves out within the parameters set by their meaning. Mars Pluto can 1) stay powerless and frightened; 2) turn ruthless and nasty; 3) find external circumstances which require Mars Pluto's courage and resourcefulness.
Angelina Jolie is born on the same day as Jeremy Bieber, the alcoholic father of Justin, who has a rap sheet for assault - with Moon Mars (Jupiter) in Aries opposition Pluto. Motormouth comedian Russell Brand was also born the same day; with Damian McBride, Gordon Brown's poisonous spin doctor the day after and Katie Hopkins, another vicious media screamer a few days earlier. All are clearly hugely angry and carry deep seated frustrations about life. Jolie went down the self-harming, eating disorder, drug route before she got onto a more stable track and now throws that dark energy into helping rape victims in the Congo.

Saturn Pluto types have endurance, are stubborn with a tendency to get gloomy. Saturn Neptune types are compassionate, creative, neurotic. Uranus Pluto-ers are rebellious, chaotic, innovators and de-stabilisers. Uranus Neptune are inventive, creative, highly strung. Etc etc. Venus Jupiters are charming, indulgent and skate over unpleasantness. Sun Jupiters are lucky - and life is unfair, some people do get more good fortune than others.
Jupiter Plutos are brimming with confidence, have the ability to push for success.
Bill Gates has his Jupiter Pluto in his 2nd house of finances, which along with other factors in his chart will have marked him out as someone with a potential to be seriously rich. A specific birth time and location which sets the houses is a crucial distinguishing feature between two people born on the same day. Gates has an exceptionally strong get-it-together 5th Harmonic; a notable break-through 13H; and a powerful 22nd Harmonic which tends to feature in the charts of superstars. Though I have no doubt that some strong 22H charts never live them out.
So complicated and not all explicable.
Lubitz, Manning, Holmes, Kouachi  From: Marjorie(28 Mar 2015 17:20): 
The parallels between Andreas Lubitz and Bradley/Chelsea Manning, born a day earlier are striking. Venting their spleen against a hated authority figure, wanting to be famous for a day (or several) no matter what the consequences.
Sun Saturn suggests a father figure for whom nothing was ever enough and Sun Uranus the unpredictable father. Moon Mars Pluto is severely damaged emotionally with tremendously deep seated fears, compacted anger and resentment, and a need for revenge.
Saturn Uranus can be autocratic and trine Jupiter would inflate the need to be grand or at least seen as someone of substance. Evidently Lubitz was upset because vision problems were going to put paid to his dream of being a chief pilot.

His comment to his ex-girl friend who said he could be aggressive is significant. "One day I'm going to do something that will change the whole system, and everyone will know my name and remember." It sounds like a narcissistic personality disorder which is sometimes due to early deprivation so there may have been problems just after his birth which left him marooned in a fantasy land that could never be attained. That would fuel terrible rage.
A birth time would make a considerable difference to how these energies played out.

Cherif Kouachi, one of the Charlie Hebdo shooters, had his Sun Uranus and three other planets in Sagittarius, with Mars in Capricorn square Saturn Pluto in Libra - so relatively similar.
James Holmes, the Batman cinema shooter, 10 Dec 1987, had the same Sun Saturn Uranus Mercury in Sag with Mars Pluto in Scorpio square a Leo Moon. So not dissimilar.
Lufthansa & Lubitz - devastating consequences  From: Marjorie(27 Mar 2015 17:06): 
The crashed plane is a budget airline owned by Lufthansa. And they are in real trouble if it can be proved they knew of the co-pilot Lubitz's mental problems and did nothing. They were founded on 6 Jan 1953 in Cologne, Germany which gives a Capricorn Sun right in the eye of the tr Pluto square tr Uranus storm exactly at the moment; with tr Uranus moving to square Uranus; and tr Pluto in 2016//17 opposing Uranus. So a huge upheaval, which will knock them sideways.
Germanwings was set up on 27 Oct 2002 with Pluto in Sagittarius and Saturn in late Gemini. That has now moved by Solar Arc to close the opposition to exact - so mourning, hardship, tough conditions. And was being squared by the Solar Eclipse.

Andreas Lubitz's relationship charts with both companies look over controlled and aggravated.

His chart with four planets including Sun in Sagittarius and three in Scorpio is somewhat similar to Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, who had four planets in Sagittarius and Saturn Mars Pluto in Scorpio (Sun Capricorn, Moon Cancer).
Germanwings crash - Mars/Saturn midpoint  From: Marjorie(26 Mar 2015 17:44): 
The Germanwings Airbus 4U9525 that crashed two days ago took off from Barcelona, Spain at 9.55am. There's nothing too notable at first glance apart from the exact Uranus square Pluto with Pluto in the 8th; and Pluto widely square Sun and Mars, indeed square the Sun/Mars midpoint. Neptune was in the 10th square Saturn Descendant.
There's more down into the midpoints with Jupiter opposition Mars/Saturn; Saturn = Mars/Pluto = Mars/Uranus; and Pluto = Sun/Mars= Mars/Node.

There are slight similarities to the LAM flight 470 which was thought to be a deliberate pilot crash. It took off from Maputo, Mozambique on 29 Nov 2013 at 11.26am local time. Neptune was conjunct Ascendant and square Sun MC in Sagittarius; plus Uranus square Pluto. In the midpoints the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter are all = Mars/Saturn; with Saturn = Mars/Pluto = Mars/Uranus.

The co-pilot, whom early reports suggest was at the controls solo, Andreas Lubitz, was according to latest reports born 18 December 1987 in Montabur, Germany. This would make him (if accurate) a Sun Uranus Saturn Mercury in last decan Sagittarius - so changeable, swinging between highs and lows, autocratic, stubborn. And rattled by a square from the recent Solar Eclipse.
More pertinently he would also have a Pluto Mars maybe Moon conjunction Scorpio which is very intense, given to huge emotional frustration, dark, bitter, vengeful.
When he had his over stressed period in 2009 and had to give up his flight training his Solar Arc Saturn had moved to sextile his Mars and tr Uranus opposition tr Saturn was square his Sun and other Sagittarius planets. So he'd be depressed and fluctuating fairly wildly.
At the moment on that chart the Solar Arc Uranus is within less than a degree conjunct the natal Venus - so a time of emotional tension.
Zayn Malik - talented but stressed  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 18:15): 
Zayn Malik, one of the boyband One Direction has walked off a world tour claiming stress. They will continue as a four piece. He says he wants a normal life after five years heady success.
Born 12 Jan 1993 10 am? Bradford, England, he is one of the highly strung Uranus Neptune conjunction which in his case is conjunct Mercury and Sun in Capricorn and opposes Mars in Cancer - so he will be quite high-wire in terms of tension. Though that opposition helpfully squares onto a lucky and better balanced Jupiter in Libra.
The tr Uranus square tr Pluto is hitting on his Mercury and Mars exactly at the moment which may have proved just too challenging. And tr Uranus will continue on to square his Uranus Neptune before mid year and again later.
Tr Pluto will reverse to square his Jupiter twice more before the end of the year and again late 2016 which will boost his confidence.
If his birth time is accurate then tr Uranus will trine his Midheaven in June onwards which could indicate a change of career direction. Though he still looks confused and disappointed romantically with tr Neptune moving through his 1st to conjunct his Venus.
Malcolm Fraser - stubborn but charming  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 18:15): 
Malcolm Fraser who was Prime Minister of Australia from 1975 to 83 has died. Born 21 May 1930 7.45pm Melbourne, he was one of that stalwart Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto in Cancer square Uranus and in his case Mars in Aries group. Enduring, determined, innovative and quite volatile I'd imagine with his Mars Uranus squaring Pluto and Saturn. Definitely on the tough side.
Though he had a fun loving 5th house Taurus Sun Mercury and a sociably charming Venus Jupiter in Gemini. His Pisces Moon opposed Neptune and squared his Sun so probably vague at times and rather chameleon like.
Amanda Knox - the agony drags on  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 16:58): 
Italy's top court was expected to deliver their decision on whether to uphold the convictions of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher today. Instead they will hear from Sollecito's defence team on Friday before the judges give their verdict. That is bad news for Knox since Sollecito has distanced himself sharply from her and indicated he cannot confirm her alibi. The judges could order a re-trial for one or both and Sollecito is arguing he was only charged because of his affair with her.
She has her 16 degree Cancer Sun under a huge amount of pressure from late this month as tr Uranus squares it and then through 2016/217 as tr Pluto opposes it from the 8th. So it looks like a long dragged out nightmare of a trap for her.
There's less obvious pressure on Sollecito's chart apart from a few bumps, glitches and disappointments this year.
Their relationship chart interestingly has a composite Mars which was exactly opposed by last week's Solar Eclipse when his defence team ramped up a last minute undermining of Knox. [see previous posts for data]
Jeremy Clarkson - gone  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 16:58): 
Jeremy Clarkson has been reluctantly let go at the BBC after a foul-mouthed fracas in which a producer ended up with a split lip. The probably had no choice but they will lose around £67 million ($100 million USD) a year from the Top Gear brand if it sinks without him.
His first appearance on Top Gear which brought him to fame and fortune was on 27 Oct 1988 when there was intriguingly Mars at 29 Pisces square Uranus Saturn at 28 Sagittarius. So it was always destined to be a fairly rumbustious and fractious show and one which the recent Solar Eclipse managed to wrong foot.
The BBC chart has the tr Pluto square tr Uranus exactly in hard aspect to the 5th house Saturn in Libra at the moment. Saturn in the 5th is often a sign of organisation in the entertainment business; and there have been comments about this being a management failure of talent.
All a mess.
Robert Durst - stalked by death  From: Marjorie(25 Mar 2015 16:56): 
There is a confused and complicated tale of wealthy Robert Durst, son of a NY property real estate mogul, around whom deaths appear to swirl. His wife disappeared and has never re-appeared; a friend of both was murdered; a neighbour of his was killed and dismembered for which he stood trial, claimed it was an accident and was acquitted of murder but did some jail time. He's now up for the friend's murder and another death is being investigated. He was diagnosed with Aspergers' and his family have taken out restraining orders against him.
Born 12 April 1943 in New York he is an Aries Sun square Jupiter (Moon) in Cancer, sextile Mars in Aquarius. With Mars square Venus in Taurus and Uranus (conjunct Saturn) in Gemini. His Neptune is trine Saturn Uranus, sextile Pluto.
It's a chart that really needs a birth time which we haven't got. He'll be impulsive with Aries Sun + Mars in uncompromising Aquarius; and expects too much with the square to Jupiter. A focal point Pluto is controlling. Mars square Venus is insensitive; square Uranus volatile.
His Jupiter squares his Mars/Saturn midpoint; his Neptune = Mars/Pluto = Sun/Saturn - so edgy from those.
His midpoints look very stressed over the coming three years, especially 2016/17.
Rahm Emanuel - swimming against the tide  From: Marjorie(23 Mar 2015 17:51): 
Rahm Emanuel, 29 Nov 1959, is facing a run-off election for Mayor of Chicago on April 7th against Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, 12 April 1956. Polls show Emanuel ahead, though polls haven't been too reliable recently (Israel & France). There are no birth times so dodgier than usual trying to sort out possibilities.
Emanuel had tr Neptune square his Sagittarius Sun earlier this year so a a wobbly start; with tr Neptune square Sun/Jupiter exactly now bringing down high hopes; and tr Saturn conjunct Mars/Jupiter which isn't great; plus tr Uranus opposition Mars/Pluto which is disastrous. Though he does have tr Uranus opposition Jupiter/Uranus which will bring him some luck. My memory from last Mayoral election was he won in spite of some dreary influences, so he may over ride them again
Garcia, an Aries Sun opposition Neptune square Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus; and Sun trine Jupiter Pluto in Leo is clearly capable and confident. He's got an unpopular tr Neptune square his Venus and one decent Jupiter midpoint transit.
If Emanuel gets in he's got an uncertain, panicky, maybe scandal-strewn late 2016 but on these influences he could be facing an upset now.
Ted Cruz - impetuous, too much Neptune for his bid  From: Marjorie(23 Mar 2015 12:47): 
Ted Cruz, the junior Republican Senator for Texas threw his hat into the ring for a bid for the GOP presidential candidacy with a midnight tweet today. This gives a 4th house Aries Sun and a 5th house Uranus opposition North Node square a 2nd house Pluto. So plenty expensive. There's also (time being accurate) an Earth Grand Trine of Virgo MC trine Pluto trine Moon Venus in Taurus in the 6th, forming a Kite with MC opposition Neptune, IC, Mercury. Business-oriented but focussing on a Neptune IV doesn't sound that great. There's also an erratic, overly excitably 5th house Mars in Aries as well as Uranus square Pluto - which looks like an uphill struggle, bad tempered and given to outbursts.
Born 22 Dec 1970, Calgary, Canada, he's a Sun Capricorn square Pluto in last degree Virgo. That Pluto is opposed by last week's Pisces Solar Eclipse so obviously empowering him to have a go. He's got a stubborn though not always lucky Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars Venus in Scorpio. His Saturn picks up the trine from tr Pluto from early 2016 so a really tough time thereafter. Before then a fair few bumps as tr Pluto squares his Uranus. His midpoints look singularly undermined and unlucky this year.
Lee Kuan Yew - dictatorial capitalist  From: Marjorie(23 Mar 2015 12:45): 
Singapore's founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, who led the city-state for more than three decades, has died aged 91. To some he was a ruthless tyrant, to others a benevolent dictator. His exclusive focus was on encouraging prosperity through a dominant role for the state. The end result was a Singapore with an efficient bureaucracy, a corruption-free government, clean air, safe streets, excellent schools, affordable healthcare, high home ownership, and the third highest per capita income in the world.
His rule has been described as a rigid pragmatism. It was illiberal and anti-democratic, necessary he thought to maintain stability in the multi-ethnic and multireligious country. Under his regime there were arrests and detentions without trials, defamation suits, expensive court cases and bankruptcy (for his opponents).
Born 16 September 1923 9.07 am Singapore, he had a practical, charming Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo as well as Mars North Node in Virgo - so definitely pragmatic. But also an innovator with his Virgo planets opposing Uranus in Pisces; and Uranus in a Water Grand Trine to Pluto in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio, turned into a Kite with Uranus opposition Mars Sun Venus. Jupiter in Scorpio is focussed on money; Jup Pluto turns ideas into solid results; Jup Uranus is willing to take risks. He was creative but also exceptionally private. He remarked recently "They think they know me, but they only know the public me." That's a Water Grand Trine. His Grand Trine's powerful, lucky energy was channelled through his Mars Sun Venus - so ego-centric, aggressive at times.
He also had a visionary Neptune in Leo in his 10th so he followed his dream, though obviously with Neptune's chilling fanaticism at times. His Pluto was in a ruthless sextile Mars and in a tough, unyielding square to Saturn.

He had a strong 'obsessive dream' 11th Harmonic; a get-it-together 5H; and an especially notable, materially oriented 9H.
T H White - escaping into fantasy  From: Marjorie(22 Mar 2015 18:01): 
T H White was an English novelist best known for his Arthurian stories - 'The Once and Future King' which became Camelot on Broadway and 'The Sword in the Stone' etc. He was evidently an inspiration for JK Rowling when writing the Harry Potter books. His tragic life story is interwoven in Helen MacDonald's recent memoir 'H is for Hawk' about how training a goshawk saved her sanity.
He was born in India on 29 May 1906 at 3.30pm Mumbai/Bombay to a violent, alcoholic police superintendent father, whom he walked in daily dread would shoot him; and a cold mother. He became a school teacher then left to write and to try to train a hawk. He was a repressed homosexual who struggled throughout his life to form any meaningful relationships.
He had an 8th house Sun Jupiter in Gemini with Jupiter conjunct a 9th house Mars Pluto in Gemini. His 8th house would give him another wordly connection. His Mars Pluto, descriptive of his brutal father especially since it squared Saturn in Pisces, in the 9th would give him the ability to communicate widely and with vigour. Though his Saturn was also square his Sun Jupiter giving him a deep seated fear of failure.
He also had an idealistic and creative 9th house Venus Neptune in Cancer opposition Uranus. His Leo Moon and North Node were inconjunct Saturn - so emotionally complicated and conflicted.
His Mercury in Taurus in the 8th was unaspected by planets though oddly it did aspect his Sun/Moon midpoint so maybe words were his connection.
He had a bleak 'victim' 12th Harmonic and an exceptionally strong writers' 21H.
Elton John - family strife  From: Marjorie(21 Mar 2015 18:14): 
Elton John is having a fractious time, falling out with Dolce & Gabbana over his children; and his estranged mother having her 90th birthday party with an Elton lookalike singing. They haven't spoken in a few years since she evidently made comments which did not go down well with David Furnish, his husband.
Elton, 25 March 1947 4pm Pinner, Eng, does have an intense 8th house Aries Sun opposition Neptune so he won't take slights easily. His 9th house Taurus Moon is square Saturn Pluto in Leo and sextile Mars Mercury, so he would certainly experience his mother as cool, possessive and angry at times. He was partly brought up by his maternal grandmother (8th house). He also has Uranus in his 10th so although it set him out on an unconventional career he would see his mother as erratic.
Assuming mum was born around 14 March 1925 she has Sun Uranus in Pisces which sits conjunct his Mars causing flare ups. Her Saturn in Scorpio is opposition his Moon so there would always have been an emotional distance between them.
David Furnish, 25 Oct 1962, has his Venus on Elton's Jupiter and his Jupiter on Elton's Descendant so a good cross over though some scratchy moments as well with D's Pluto opposition E's Mars.
If the date is sound then her relationship chart with DavidF is certainly fraught with a composite Mars square Neptune, so not mutually supportive and a game-playing, power-struggling composite Jupiter opposition Pluto.
France - resisting change  From: Marjorie(21 Mar 2015 18:13): 
Disquiet is mounting about France's inability to reform economically with the fear that it will impact on the wider EU.
Friday's Pisces Solar Eclipse is exactly opposite the France 8th house Virgo Sun so there's definitely a wake up call sounding loud and clear over coming months on the financial front. The anti-EU and right-wing Marine Le Pen is expected to do well in the coming local elections with murmurs that she might even be the next President come 2017.
Relations with Germany look to be cooling even further come July and August this year.
Though there's little prospect of France backing out of the EU, no matter how much the population yearn for the old France. The relationship chart with the EU has a Fixed Moon Saturn square a Fixed Sun Pluto Mars - and that is chained together with tungsten. There'll be bad tempered outbursts across the summer into September but nothing cataclysmic.
John C Malone - challenging Earth Water  From: Marjorie(21 Mar 2015 18:13): 
John C Malone, net worth 7.5 billion USD, is the US's largest landowner with 2.2 million acres in Maine. His interest is primarily telecoms and media and he heads the Liberty group. He is a philanthropist, with according to Bloomberg a history of creative tax-avoidance personally and for his businesses.
Born 7 March 1941 in Milford, CT, he is a Sun Pisces which is surprisingly often a hugely successful business sign. More to the point he has Mars in ambitious Capricorn trine a high flying, inventive and stubborn Saturn Jupiter Uranus in Taurus; with the Sun on the midpoint. So a combination of hard driving, risk-taking Earth energy channelled through a visionary Pisces Sun.
His Mercury in high-tech Aquarius is on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile North Node Neptune - so once he found his niche he'd be off. His Mercury also squares Uranus so he thinks ahead of the game.
His two strongest Harmonic charts are the 9th which is humanitarian but also has a connection to material pleasures. And the obsessive 11H.
Tony Blair - walking into the shredder  From: Marjorie(18 Mar 2015 17:33): 
Tony Blair it is rumoured is about to give up his role as Quartet Middle East Peace negotiator which always was a bad joke, with comments flying about his credibility being shot. This was always going to be the time around 2015 when his real problems began astrologically.
At the moment the tr Uranus square tr Pluto is hitting on his Venus in Aries square Uranus which is tied into a T Square - so the start of a tumultuous three or four years. His Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Uranus exactly in about eight months time which will be another major disruption. Plus tr Saturn conjunct his Descendant, Mars and Jupiter backwards and forwards over the next few months which will dampen his confidence and enthusiasm and bring partnership rifts.
There has also been speculation about his relationship with Cherie, his wife, whom he barely sees as both pursue busy travelling schedules with hints that the debacle over Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch's ex, widened the gulf between them. 2016/17 does look a very troubled time between them with tr Uranus square Uranus Sun and opposing Neptune on their relationship chart.
Cherie has this week's Solar Eclipse exactly opposing her Virgo Sun so she'll be feeling the winds of change blowing in her life.
Israel - a conflicted result  From: Marjorie(18 Mar 2015 17:32): 
Benjamin Netanyahu won a convincing victory in the Israel elections against all the polls. Haaretz, the left-liberal Israeli newspaper is talking about a country in mourning and a leader who lost his image by playing the race card. It leaves the already tattered peace process destroyed and his relationship with the USA under Barack Obama at its lowest ebb for decades. Continued occupation of Palestinian territory and apartheid appear to be the colours he has nailed to his mast and he was voted in.
The Israel chart has its Solar Arc MC at 28 Virgo so exactly opposed by this week's Solar Eclipse so a domestic crisis which it certainly will be if this result brings increased sanctions against the country.
2015/16 look a slow uphill struggle for BN with tr Pluto trine his 10th house Saturn in Virgo; with some upsets and upheavals, domestic and otherwise. Where he'll run into major problems is late 1016/17 with his Solar Arc MC square his Pluto and his Solar Arc Sun will be opposition his Uranus - so a major stumbling block and a profound disruption. At that point the Israel chart is seriously aggravated as well.
His relationship with Obama, as in previous post, is badly undermined and aggravated from mid April this year till the end of Obama's term.
The US/Israel relationship0 chart is depressed in 2015/16; as well as deeply unsettled. With worse outbreaks of irritability or worse in 2016.

The Palestine 1988 chart is unsurprisingly badly rattled with the Solar Eclipse opposition their Mars and square their Uranus Saturn - so inducing fear and rage. Their relationship chart with Israel has the Solar Eclipse conjunct the composite Uranus and opposition the composite Pluto - so collapsing whatever fragile balance there was and totally destabilising relations ahead. 2016 looks to be a year of especial upsets between them.
Vladimir Putin - wobbling on his power base  From: Marjorie(15 Mar 2015 17:22): 
Conspiracy theories are swirling around the normally impenetrable politics of the Kremlin with the disappearance of Vladimir Putin from public view for ten days. Is it a bad dose of flu? Or a behind-the-scenes power struggle.
The recent arrests for the assassination of Boris Nemtsov of Chechens close to Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader and ally of Putin's, have certainly raised eyebrows. One theory is that the Security Service chiefs were getting more than edgy about the power wielded by Kadyrov and this is a manoeuvre to sideline him and bring Putin to heel.
Putin's own chart is ploughing through increasingly heavy seas. He has at the moment tr Pluto square his Sun/Saturn midpoint which certainly could be illness or depression due to difficulty in making progress. Tr Uranus is also in opposition to that midpoint which is high tensions, seclusion, imprisonment, mourning. The Pisces Solar Eclipse this coming week will square his Mars which could indicate heated arguments and facing up to combative competition. From mid this week tr Neptune also is conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint which will undermine his confidence.
From mid April tr Uranus opposes his Saturn and then squares his Uranus - so an extended period of jolts, jangles and major upsets erupting into the open. None of this will go away in a hurry. Indeed will worsen in 2016/17 with tr Pluto square his Saturn.
His Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10pm, has the de-stabilising Solar Arc Uranus closing the square to Pluto now; with continuing uncertainty, aggravation and gloom from tr Saturn in hard aspect to the Neptune opposition Mars square Moon right through this year.
The Russia, 8 Nov 1917 2.12 am Leningrad chart, has tr Neptune square Jupiter from mid April this year on and off till late 2016 which looks like a deflating situation vis a vis the rulership; perhaps also tr Neptune square MC if the time is accurate.
The Russia 1991 chart has the Pisces Eclipse exactly conjunct the Descendant this week and square MC as well as a 14 degree 4th house Neptune being assaulted by the tr Pluto conjunct in 2015/16 - so a time of major domestic confusion.

Putin's relationship charts with those mentioned so far in the media as Security chiefs and Interior minister - Kolokoltsev, Patrushev and Bortnikov - are all on red alert at the moment and through the next eighteen months. So the conspiracy theories might well have a mite of truth in them.

Hillary Clinton - built for secrecy  From: Marjorie(14 Mar 2015 17:41): 
Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to be coping too well with the accusations about using a private email account when Secretary of State. The fact that she used it exclusively seems to have raised major questions - presumably about record keeping, transparency and accountability and thwarting the Freedom of Information Act. She has gone into prickly, defensive Scorpio gear about the whole thing which doesn't bode well for her press relations running into 2016.
She does have exceptionally strong Neptune midpoint aspects to her Sun which is conjunct her Mercury/Neptune, square her Neptune/North Node and = Saturn/Neptune. Her Neptune is also conjunct her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which is usually a signifier of career matters. So she's constitutionally designed to obfuscate and evade.
At the moment the transiting North Node is conjunct her Neptune. Tr Saturn will conjunct her Jupiter twice between now and the autumn which will damp her enthusiasm and confidence.
Without a settled birth time it's difficult to tell what the long term outcome will be.

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