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Gary Busey - his own man  From: Marjorie(16 Sep 2014 14:21): 
Hollywood actor Gary Busey - The Buddy Holly Story, Point Break etc - won the recent UK Celebrity Big Brother. He has always seemed rather whacky but his chart is less madcap than I expected at first glance. He did suffer serious brain injuries in a road accident in the late 1980s, underwent cancer surgery on his sinuses more recently and still sees and talks to angels. So an eventful life.

Born 29 June 1944 11.50am Baytown, Texas, he has Sun Venus Mercury Saturn in Cancer in his 10th square Neptune in his 1st. So certainly very Neptunian - good for film, dreamy, neurotic, prone to illusions and delusions.
His 9th house Uranus (good for alternative ways of seeing the universe) is conjunct MC trine Libra Moon and sextile a 12th house Mars Jupiter in Leo - so suited to a public career and has plenty of enthusiasm.
His Uranus is also trine Neptune, sextile Pluto. With his Sun sitting exactly conjunct his Uranus/Pluto midpoint which also aspects Venus, Mars and Jupiter so a strong streak of individuality from those aspects.
He's in a good place at the moment with tr Jupiter just across his Pluto and heading to conjunct his Mars Jupiter. As well as his Solar Arc MC conjunct his Mars Jupiter between 2013 and 2015.
Prince Harry - hitting his stride  From: Marjorie(15 Sep 2014 11:32): 
Prince Harry turns 30 today having just launched Invictus, the Paralympic-style games for wounded servicemen and women. He strikes more of a chord with the public than Prince William, despite his extravagant playboy antics.
Born 15 September 1984 4.20pm London he has an 8th house Sun Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius which makes him intense, emotional and impulsively pro-active. His 4th house Taurus Moon is trine his Sun giving him an easy way socially; and also indicating his family and father are what nurture him and give him stability. His 12th house Jupiter Neptune has charitable inclinations though also a tendency to addictions. His Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct his MC from the 9th so he'll get more serious and better organised the older he gets. A 9th house Venus in Libra suggests a love of abroad and perhaps romantic partners from another country.
He's a very different from Prince William who is more emotional and dependent with a 7th house New Moon in Cancer.
But for all that he's clearly keen to settle down and have a family. Tr Jupiter is now moving through his 7th house of close relationships and social confidence. From this month till Sept 2016 tr Jupiter moves through his 8th which certainly brings financial benefits as he inherits from his mother's trust. But it will also open him up to more intimacy and is often a forerunner to a good relationship.
Even more significantly his Progressed Moon moves into his 7th house from December 2015 which might be a pointer in the two years after that. The Progressed Moon here gives an urgency to finding a committed partner. Plus his Venus is being wakened up considerably from April 2015 by a tr Uranus opposition for a year, followed by tr Pluto square Venus in 2016/17. That will certainly stir him up emotionally and could well be the catalyst for a walk up the aisle.
He's in a hard working phase of his life until the end of this decade with tr Saturn moving through his upper quadrant. And with tr Pluto now moving through his 1st he's clearly getting himself and his life together.
David Haines - sacrificed for helping  From: Marjorie(15 Sep 2014 11:32): 
David Haines, the most recent hostage beheaded by ISIS was born 9 May 1970 in the UK. He was working for a French aid agency, helping to co-ordinate the delivery of clean water, food and tents to ease the growing humanitarian crisis in refugee camps near the Syrian border with Turkey. He was kidnapped in March 2013.
He was a Sun Taurus like Steven Sotloff, in Haines' case conjunct Mercury Saturn with Sun trine Pluto - so persevering, sensible, serious, determined. And he had a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Gemini square a Pisces North Node.
His tough 8 and 16th Harmonics were especially strong adding Jupiter into aspect with Venus Mars square Pluto; and the Sun to Neptune and Saturn - so practical about creating a better world.
Magda Olivero - Saturn in Aries  From: Marjorie(12 Sep 2014 13:39): 
Magda Olivero, a world renowned Italian opera singer has died aged 104. She had an extraordinarily long singing career of fifty years with a break midway when she married, ending in her 80s. Her New York debut when she was 65 was a sensation.
Born 25 March 1910 8.30am Saluzzo, Italy she was a Sun Aries opposition Jupiter in Libra in her performing/ entertaining 5th house. Her Virgo Moon was also in her 5th opposition Mercury in Pisces square Pluto so connected to the public and intense.
She had a Taurus Ascendant, a sign often connected to opera singers and it was tied into an Earth Grand Trine to Uranus and her Moon which equally suits opera signing which is a highly physical art.
What is interesting was Saturn in Aries tucked into her 12th which sat on the focal point of a Cardinal T Square to a Neptune opposition Uranus; as well as midway on a trine between Venus in Aquarius and Pluto. Saturn here can be guilt ridden, lonely, escapist, constantly pulled into self-sacrifice and serious about creative pursuits.
She had an exceptionally well aspected 15th Harmonic which is often the actors or orators' Harmonic.
Ian Paisley - Aries + Pluto + Mars in Aquarius  From: Marjorie(12 Sep 2014 13:38): 
Ian Paisley has died who was one of the central political figures in Northern Ireland through the troubles. He was a Protestant extremist, had the oratorical style of an American Deep South preacher and came across as a firebrand and a bigoted bully. But latterly he joined hands with his former enemies in Sinn Fein and became N Ireland's First Minister beside Martin McGuiness.

Born 6 April 1926 he was a Sun Aries square Pluto and sextile Mars in Aquarius - so he had an uncompromising approach. He also had a Fixed T Square of Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn in Scorpio so did have executive abilities but was obstinate and found co-operation difficult. He disliked sharing the driving seat. Plus a Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine North Node in Cancer, possibly formed into a Kite with Node opposition a Capricorn Moon - which sounds likely for a public figure.
EU new top jobs  From: Marjorie(12 Sep 2014 13:35): 
Jean-Claude Juncker has announced his new team for the EU to murmurs of surprise and appreciation.
He has put Poland's solidly successful Prime Minister in as President of the EU Council for five years (at least). His predecessor Barroso did two terms.

Tusk, 22 April 1957 12.02 am Gdansk, Poland, has a very Fixed and enduring chart with a Taurus Sun Venus IC opposition Neptune MC square Uranus opposition an Aquarius Moon. So not dissimilar to the original EU chart of 1957 which also has a Fixed Grand Cross. His Sun Venus are trine his Pluto so charming and determined. He's also got a Saturn in Sagittarius opposition Mars square Jupiter in Virgo so can be quite scattered and erratic.

Italian Federica Mogherini takes over from Ashton as Foreign Policy chief. Born 16 June 1973 she's a hard working Sun Saturn in Gemini on the focal point of a Mutable T Square to an opposition from Mars in Pisces to Pluto. So remarkably tough, executive abilities, short tempered, can be overly scattered.

French Pierre Moscovic takes on the economic portfolio, 16 Sept 1957 8.35 am Paris, France. He's another Mutable type with a Sun Mars in Virgo and Mercury also in Virgo on the focal point of a T Square to a Gemini Moon opposition Saturn in Sag - so quite highly strung, very talkative. His Saturn is trine Uranus, sextile Jupiter in Libra - so confidently innovative.

For some reason Mogherini starts her term on November 1st with the rest getting their feet under the desk from Dec 1.
The main Dec chart looks muddled and indecisive with a Sagittarius Sun Mercury opposition MC square Neptune Desc. That has the undermining tr Neptune square the Sun in 2015/16. There's an attention-grabbing Pluto in the 5th and Mars in Capricorn also there so definite pushy grandstanding.
Mogherini's start chart is marginally less confused with a Sun Venus trine Neptune, sextile a 5th house Mars Pluto conjunction - so iron fist in a velvet glove. There's also a Jupiter in Leo Asc opposition Moon Desc square Saturn in Scorpio - so flamboyance, confidence, stubbornness, endurance.
Scotland - bravehearts buckling  From: Marjorie(10 Sep 2014 11:33): 
Whither Scotland after the referendum? Win or lose the independence vote, the two charts for Scotland look distinctly unhappy in the next three years. Either because the vote goes to continuing union with Britain; or because the costs of independence suddenly become glaringly obvious, having been obscured by Salmond's wildly unrealistic promises.
The Scotland 16 March 842 AD JC 4.21pm chart has Mars at 13 degrees Cancer opposition Saturn at 16 degrees Capricorn square Uranus 13 Aries - so great frustration, major upheaval and hardship/deprivation through 2016/17 with tr Pluto conjunct Saturn. Plus a financially disappointing tr Neptune opposition Jupiter in 2015/16.

The Scotland 25 Nov 1034 AD JC chart has an undermining, panicky tr Neptune square Jupiter Mercury Sun from now till late 2016. With again frustrations through 2015/16 as tr Pluto is conjunct the Mars/Pluto midpoint and jolts as tr Uranus squares Mars/Pluto and Pluto. Plus a sobering Solar Arc Saturn square Sun around now or into early 2015.
Franklin Expedition ship sighted  From: Marjorie(10 Sep 2014 11:32): 
There's great excitement in Canada with the discovery via sonar images of one of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago. It was one of the great mysteries in Victorian times when Sir John Franklin's expedition with two ships, HMS Erebus and Terror and 129 men disappeared in 1845. It was assumed they got landlocked by ice and died of hypothermia, starvation, lead poisoning and scurvy.
They were charting the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. The Canadian government began searching for Franklin's ships in 2008 as part of a strategy to assert Canada's sovereignty over the Northwest Passage, which has recently become accessible to shipping because of melting Arctic ice.
Sir John Franklin, 16 April 1786, was an intrepid explorer who in a previous expedition charting the north coast of Canada had lost more than half his men to starvation. He was a gung ho Sun Jupiter in Aries with an extremely stalwart Saturn Pluto in Aquarius trine Neptune and inconjunct Uranus. He was on his second Saturn Return on this ill fated trip. When it set off on 19 May 145 there was a tr Jupiter Pluto in Aries conjunct his Sun Jupiter so perhaps a hint of over confidence. More pertinently tr Uranus was square his Mars and then conjunct his Solar Arc Pluto Saturn as they disappeared into nothing probably after August 1845.
There was also a Saturn Neptune conjunction in place with tr Mars conjunct in Aquarius when the expedition set out with tr Neptune sextile the tr Jupiter Pluto - so perhaps a hint of the great uncertainties and illness ahead.

The two Captains were Francis Crozier (HMS Terror) 16 Aug 1796; and James Fitzjames (HMR Erebus) 27 July 1813.
Crozier was a stubborn Leo Sun opposition Pluto in Aquarius trine/sextile Mars in adventurous Sagittarius. With Mars opposition Saturn and Jupiter opposition Uranus - so a risk taker and tough. The tr Jupiter Pluto in Aries of the start was trine his Sun and just passed the tine to his Mars, sextile his Saturn and conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter opposition his Solar Arc Uranus - so he'd start off floating on a sea of enthusiasm and confidence, Though the tr Mars Saturn Neptune in Aquarius opposing his Sun were flagging up a warning.
Fitzjames was also a Sun Leo with Jupiter Venus there was well opposition Mars in Aquarius; with an inventive Uranus trine Pluto with Saturn in Capricorn sitting almost midway between the two. His Solar Arc Saturn was opposition his Jupiter that year which would lower his confidence and luck with the tr Saturn Neptune in Aquarius square his Uranus.
HMS Terror which Crozier captained was launched 29 June 1813 and was a Sun Mercury Venus Moon in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn; with Jupiter in Leo opposition Mars in Aquarius.
HMS Erebus, launched 7 June 1826, was a Sun Saturn in Gemini with Saturn inconjunct Uranus and a Yod of Jupiter sextile Mars inconjunct Pluto - so quite a stressed chart.
So both ships were Saturnine with marked Jupiter Mars aspects.
Erebus had Solar Arc and tr Saturn opposition Neptune, Solar Arc Jupiter square Saturn and Solar Arc Mars inconjunct Saturn in 1845 - so not a propitious year. Terror had tr Uranus square its Sun as the expedition started as well as the highly strung tr Neptune square Uranus.
They reckoned from skeletons found very recently that the sailors had got lead poisoning and possibly botulism from badly packed canned food, or from internal water pipe system in the ships. They had provisions for 7 years and the ships were exceptionally strong so they might have survived without the poisoning.
Ripper and his like   From: Marjorie(09 Sep 2014 15:40): 
The new possibility for Jack the Ripper, Aaron Kozminski has very iffy birth details - 11 Sept 1864 or 1865. Neither of them are that revealing though the 1865 date does have a Mars in Libra opposition Neptune square Uranus which could be perverse. The Virgo Sun is conjunct the Venus/Saturn midpoint which is often associated with prostitutes. Mars is conjunct Sun/Saturn and Pluto = Sun/Mars - so it's just feasible. He'd certainly be angry enough. His Venus is trine Neptune, square Pluto, sextile Mars. The 17th Harmonic of this chart (= leaves a legacy in history) is marked. When the peak of the Ripper murders occurred the tr Neptune Pluto in Gemini were around the conjunction to his Gemini Moon which would certainly make for a wildly confusing emotional state. He ended his days in a lunatic asylum.
But you'd really need a time of birth since the houses for these types of personalities are hugely important.

Peter Sutcliffe, the Brit murderer of prostitutes, 2 June 1946 8.30 pm Bingley, England, had Venus Saturn Moon in Cancer in the 8th and Mars Pluto in the 8th in Leo. He had a 7th house Sun Mercury Uranus in Gemini trine a 10th house Jupiter Neptune in Libra which sextiled in varying combinations onto Pluto Mars.

I couldn't find any birth time for the other sex worker murderers:
Joel Rifkin, 20 Jan 1959 - last degree Capricorn Sun or Aquarius trine Mars in Taurus, with Mars opposition Jupiter; Venus in Aquarius opposition Uranus. Gemini Moon.
Gary Ridgway, 18 Feb 1949 - last degree Aquarius Sun or Pisces conjunct Mars in Pisces opposition Saturn; trine Uranus in Gemini; Venus in Aquarius opposition Pluto, trine Neptune
Robert Pickton 24 Oct 1949 - 0 degrees Scorpio Sun square Jupiter in Capricorn; Venus Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn, trine Pluto, sextile Neptune.
Robert Hansen 15 Feb 1939 - late degree Aquarius Sun; Venus (Moon) in Capricorn square Saturn, trine Uranus; Mars trine Saturn. Mars widely conjunct Pluto.

So all shapes and sizes - though virtually all have stressed Venus and Moon usually with Saturn involved.
New Iraqi government - erratic  From: Marjorie(09 Sep 2014 15:39): 
The new Iraqi government under Haider al-Abadi was approved around 11.38pm (BST) on 8 September in Baghdad.
This puts Uranus close to the MC opposition Mercury square a 6th house Pluto - so unstable, unpredictable path ahead and quite an uphill struggle. There an 8th house Neptune Moon in Virgo opposition Venus Sun in Virgo - so again wobbly, rather diffuse, not practical or straight about finances, tending to be extravagant.
Saturn is in the late 4th conjunct Mars in the 5th in Scorpio trine the Moon with Saturn square Jupiter - so angry, accident prone, risky and an unhappy populace.
It's a messy chart.
Alibaba - Chairman Ma in for the long haul  From: Marjorie(09 Sep 2014 15:39): 
Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce firm with a vast reach - a sort of Amazon plus eBay plus PayPal plus Google is going public in New York which may well be the biggest ever tech IPO.
The chairman and entrepreneurial founder is Jack Ma born 15 October 1964 and he started it with friends in a back bedroom in 1999, perhaps 21st February.
His chart is certainly strong and talented enough with an Air Grand Trine of a Libra Sun Mercury trine Saturn in Aquarius trine North Node, turned into a wide Kite by a hard driving Saturn opposition Mars in wannabe-important Leo. So Mars is his driving planets and that sits in a Fixed Grand Square of Jupiter in money-attracting Taurus in a high-finance opposition to Neptune square Saturn opposition Mars.
So a bright thinker, multiply talented, a sharp scientific mind and vast amounts of stamina. His Jupiter is also in a confident, turning-thoughts-into-things trine to Pluto; with Pluto in the leading-edge revolutionary conjunction to Uranus. He's mainly Air Earth with one Fire and one Water - so cool and practical.
Alibaba has had a chequered history of ups and downs since 1999 and there may be a blip or so for Jack Ma this November when tr Saturn opposes his Jupiter; and perhaps a hint that all may not be as stratospheric as it sounds with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint till late November. But his Solar Arc Jupiter at 14 degrees Cancer at the moment is picking up the tr Uranus square and tr Pluto opposition for two years ahead; plus some lucky Jupiter midpoints being triggered - so he won't go short of enthusiasm or success.
2017 looks stickier for him.
If the Feb 21 1999 date is accurate for Alibaba, it is a Pisces Sun sextile Saturn, square Pluto and trine Mars - so a tough enough enterprise with a volatile Mars square Neptune Uranus - so risk taking and good for publicity. Again 2017 looks somewhat edgy.
Islamic State - a long fight ahead  From: Marjorie(06 Sep 2014 09:50): 
Obama has pulled together a core coalition of Nato allies to join the US in military action against Islamic State (IS) - Britain, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey so far. Even Iran is lending its verbal support and other Arab states may follow.
The ISIS 15 October 2006 chart does seem to work well and describes a remarkably resilient organisation, adept at attracting money, ruthless, tough, hints of megalomania. There's a Fixed T Square of wannabe-important Saturn in Leo opposition Neptune square Jupiter Mercury in Scorpio so lucky, determined, stubborn, paranoid, not open to argument.
There's also a talented Half Grand Sextile of Saturn sextile Venus Sun Mars sextile Pluto sextile Neptune. That contains two mini Grand Trines of Saturn trine Pluto sextile Sun Mars Venus; and Neptune trine Mars Sun Venus, sextile Pluto. So very strong driving planets.
Plus a Yod of Saturn sextile Mars inconjunct North Node in Pisces.

They are clearly deeply unpleasant but also extremely capable and don't look like being toppled anytime soon. They'll have some minor setbacks this October; upheavals in 2015. From 2016 onwards that they look to be pushing confidently on with some advances though they will be rattled with tr Uranus opposition Sun Mars. By 2018/19 they will be under enormous pressure running through till 2021 with tr Pluto square Sun Mars but also bullishly upbeat at the same time. Which makes me wonder if they are at the centre of the Saturn Pluto war of 2020.
So the three year window for defeating them which some at the Nato summit suggested looks over-hopeful.

All the relationship charts between the core coalition countries and IS look increasingly stressed towards the end of this decade - tough at the moment, ramping up through 2015/16 and worsening in 2017 and under huge challenges right through till early next decade.

The IS chart has understandably a strong, destructive though enduring 16th Harmonic and shocking 20H. Plus a 'creative' though often tinged with madness 7H. An obsessive 11H. But it is the very strong 17th harmonic which is a worry. Vendla describes it as 'Hope and faith. Despite it's fated core number 8, which represents trials, difficulties and obstacles, the 17 promises victory, inner enlightment and "immortality" in the sense that those with a strong 17 may create their own mark on history and gain both in wealth and fame, which sometimes continues after their death.'

Al Quaeda may seem small beer by the time this one is fought out. Both Pluto in Capricorn running till the mid 2020s and Neptune in Pisces running till 2026 have resonances with Muslim history in their past cycles.
Joan Rivers - 1933 a comic year  From: Marjorie(05 Sep 2014 13:37): 
Joan Rivers has died. [see previous post].
1933 was a vintage year especially for those born with that exuberant and showbizzy Neptune Mars Jupiter conjunction in place. Comic actor Gene Wilder was born only three days after Joan Rivers, Joan Collins 10 days earlier and Carol Burnett only a month before that.
Brewster Kahle - a one off  From: Marjorie(04 Sep 2014 15:25): 
Brewster Kahle is a fascinating man, an American computer engineer, Internet entrepreneur, internet activist, advocate of universal access to all knowledge, and digital librarian. He is the founder of the Internet Archive, the Internet Credit Union, Alexa and Thinking Machines and a member of the Internet Hall of Fame.
Born 22 October 1960 in New York he's a last degree Sun Libra sitting on the midoint of an adventurous and crusading trine between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Leo. So enthusiastic, fair minded, willing to take risks, definitely lucky. He's also got a hard edged, highly disciplined Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn.
Plus Uranus opposition Chiron square Mercury (Moon) in Scorpio. A Fixed Mercury on the focal point of a T Square has amazing mental endurance, is relentlessly single minded, obstinate and doesn't listen much to others which is probably why he can do what others can't.
He has a strong, very tough 5th Harmonic so a creator and imposer of his view of the universe. A marked 'obsessive dream' 11H. But it is his 13th Harmonic which is outstanding. This number is associated with exploration, genius and breaking with the orthodox. His 13H has an Air Grand Trine formed into two Kites with the driving planets being communicative Mercury for one and a confidently enthusiastic Mars Jupiter for the other.

He's not having his easiest year with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn and his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Pluto. So tough going all round and stuck.
Steven Sotloff - focal point Mars in Taurus  From: Marjorie(03 Sep 2014 11:56): 
Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist hostage to be beheaded by ISIS on video, was born 11 May 1983 in Florida, the grandson of two Holocaust survivors.
He had Sun Mercury Mars in Taurus so determined, stubborn; plus Saturn Pluto in Libra giving him grit and perseverance. His Mars in Taurus was on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto Saturn.
This is almost the same as the first hostage victim James Foley (see post below), born ten years earlier, who also had a Mars in Taurus on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune.
Sotloff had an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius while Foley had a similarly adventurous Mars square Jupiter.
Ukraine - sensitive to Uranus in Aries square Pluto  From: Marjorie(03 Sep 2014 11:55): 
Ukraine's attempts to gain independence in the 20th Century from the time of the 1917 Russian Revolution were varied and confusing. Nick Campion puts their first true independence date between January 22nd and 28th 1918, though they were in turmoil thereafter and agreed to join the USSR in 1922. There is an earlier historical unification date of 28 June 988 (NS).
Under Stalin there was a brutal campaign of russification in the 20s, 30s and 40s across all the soviet bloc countries - with the Russian language and Russian officials being imposed, much as has happened in Tibet under the Chinese boot. Worse there was a deliberate policy against indigenous populations of mass starvation, blood purges and deportation of vast numbers to Siberia which was equivalent to a death sentence for most.
In the deliberate famine of 1932/33 approximately 10 million died in the Ukraine (extermination by hunger). Although post-Stalin Russian governments admitted the policy was wrong, the scars it left behind are one reason (amongst others) that the ex-soviet bloc countries after the Berlin Wall came down were desperate to make alliances with the west - EU and NATO. Even post-Stalin from 1953 they had lived for decades under a communist straitjacket, terrified into submission by all powerful secret police.
When the Ukrainian 'Holodomor' (hunger extermination) took place in 1932/33 was the last time tr Uranus was in Aries then squaring Pluto in Cancer; and tr Neptune was in early Virgo, as opposed to early Pisces as now. So remarkably similar influences.
Finance markets etc   From: Marjorie(01 Sep 2014 10:30): 
There are the usual murmurings of terrible doom ahead for the exceptionally high stock markets. What gives with financial types? They are as neurotic as Jane Austen spinsters, always taking a fit of the vapours. Panicking if it goes up and panicking if it goes down.

The Dow Jones, 26 May 1896 9.11 am New York, does have a 5 degree Gemini Sun with tr Neptune square - but that has been running since mid 2013 with no discernible, undermining effect so far. There are another two tr Neptune hits, one retrograde this September and the final one in January 2015 so it could be waiting for a trigger. The Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the Sun/Pluto midpoint within two months which certainly looks stuck. And tr Neptune moves to square that midpoint in 2015. Plus tr Saturn is conjunct Uranus and opposition Venus in late September and October which might indicate a downward blip.

The S&P 500, 4 March 1957, often regarded as a barometer for the US economy hasn't much showing at the moment bar a couple of discouraging Saturn transits in late September and December; with perhaps 2015 looking more worrisome.

The Nasdaq, 8 Feb 1971 9 am New York, is showing some disruptions this year and next as well as patches of panic in early 2015. But it really is 2016 which is its danger point.

Not surprisingly it is the European stock markets which are showing the strain at the moment with the Dax and the FTSE Eurofirst 300 both indicating major uncertainties this year and worse next year.

The USA Federal reserve Bank, 16 Nov 1914 9 am Washington, DC, looks a touch setback in late October but again 2016 may be more of a worry.

The European Central Bank, 1 June 1998, is showing serious panic this year and next, with no real let up in the downward slide until February 2017.

The Bank of England extraordinarily isn't showing signs of too much strain at all in the foreseeable future.
Barack Obama - swimming in Neptune  From: Marjorie(31 Aug 2014 14:46): 
Barack Obama seems to be floundering around at the moment having this week convened a press conference just to tell the world that he had no strategy to counter ISIS or Putin in the Ukraine. Must have cheered them both up considerably.
With tr Saturn moving to conjunct his MC late this year he ought to be in hard working executive mode but a gear seems to have slipped somewhere.
One thing did strike me that the April Solar Eclipse was opposition his focal point Neptune. He does give every impression of being in negative Neptunian mode - drifting along, ignoring harsh reality, indecisive, tricky to pin down. This October's Scorpio Eclipse will be conjunct his Neptune which may not be much better unless he motivates himself.
His 2nd Administration chart, 20 Jan 2013 11.55am looks argumentative from mid Sept into Oct - so heat may be applied to him. Mind you it is clearly argumentative at the moment with Hagel and Dempsey making war like noises only to be firmly shut up next day. But there'll be more obvious signs of disagreement then either internally or out in the universe.
Hong Kong - skewered by the dragon  From: Marjorie(31 Aug 2014 14:10): 
China has ruled out open nominations for elections to choose Hong Kong's leader. Candidates will be nominated by a committee which is expected to limit the selection to pro-Beijing figures.
The pro-democracy Occupy Central movement condemned the decision, saying it had "dashed people's hopes for change and will intensify conflicts in the society". They are planning a sit in and demonstrations.
The Hong Kong 1 July 1997 12 am chart has Solar Arc MC square its Saturn, exact within less than 3 months descriptive of a setback. Solar Arc Pluto is also trine the HK Saturn now as well which is stuck and discouraging. With tr Saturn opposition Moon and square Jupiter in Sept/Oct this year which looks like an unhappy population. From mid 2015 tr Uranus will conjunct the HK Saturn for a year which looks rebellious and conflict-ridden. It looks a thoroughly aggravated situation.
Another one!
NATO - paralysed with indecision  From: Marjorie(31 Aug 2014 14:08): 
NATO is at a crossroads with Putin making ever more war-like noises and moving Russian military into the Ukraine with the West in disarray, indecisive and demilitarized. If he isn't stopped in the Ukraine which of the ex-satellite Soviet countries does he pick off next?

The NATO chart, 24 Aug 1949 11.42 am is certainly in a state of some shock at the moment with Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Moon absolutely exactly now and moving on within months to conjunct Saturn. So very high tension with irritations spilling over into major arguments. Plus tr Neptune opposition Moon and Solar Arc Uranus in 2014 and opposition Saturn in 2015 making for uncertainty and confusion. In addition Neptune at 13 degrees Libra is catching the tr Uranus in opposition and tr Pluto square with the Solar Arc MC conjunct in 2015 - so all in all it'll be a panicky swamp until late 2015.
David Cameron - a coach crash year  From: Marjorie(31 Aug 2014 14:07): 
UK PM David Cameron is certainly getting the full brunt of his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Sun which always feels like a collision of sorts. In the weeks before its exact position he had ex-communications director Andy Coulson off to prison and lost the EU fight against Juncker. Since then he's had a steady stream of one disaster after another. Boris Johnson back as competition and a Tory MP hopping the fence to UKIP. Plus all manner of mayhem in the world he doesn't know what to do about in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine with the prospect of a shoal of the jihadists noir arriving back on UK soil. And the Scottish referendum isn't looking too good either from his viewpoint. Into late September he has the panicky tr Saturn conjunct his Neptune and in Dec square his Mars.
All in all not a good time.
Rob Ford - a rubber ball personality  From: Marjorie(29 Aug 2014 10:24): 
Rob Ford, the chaotic, drug and drink-addled, scandal-strewn and seemingly irrepressible Mayor of Toronto is up for re-election on October 27th and according to reports could actually win.
If he does get in, the future looks much the same as the past as tr Neptune will square his 7 degree Gemini Sun, Mercury, Solar Arc Venus and Mars over the next three years.
Though the likelihood is of a job change with his Jupuiter/Saturn midpoint under challenge.
Joan Rivers - a bubbly Mars Jupiter  From: Marjorie(29 Aug 2014 10:22): 
American comedienne Joan Rivers is in a medically induced coma after problems in an operation on her vocal chords. Born 8 June 1933 2 am Brooklyn, New York she's a 2nd house Sun Gemini opposition an 8th house Moon square an over-the-top Mars Jupiter in Virgo in the entertaining 5th. So she's keen on money, very excitable, scattered and quite manic with that focal point Mutable Mars Jupiter. Her Sun does trine Saturn in Aquarius which will steady her somewhat. She's got rebellious, outspoken Uranus on her Aries Ascendant so comes on strong, saying the first thing that comes into her mind. Her chatty and on occasion charming Venus Mercury in Gemini are in her 3rd.
Her Midheaven at around 14 degrees Capricorn is being challenged by tr Pluto conjunct and tr Uranus square (her birth time is memory only so may be out by five or ten minutes). So certainly a critical time for her life's direction. Her Secondary Progressed Moon is just into her 8th which is very intense and about to square her Neptune within weeks exactly so lack lustre.
Tr Uranus is conjunct her Sun/Saturn exactly which Ebertin describes as crisis, imprisonment. Plus tr Pluto trine two Neptune midpoints till late November so a confusing, worrisome time.
Recep Erdogan sworn in - slippery slope ahead  From: Marjorie(29 Aug 2014 10:21): 
Recep Erdogan was sworn in as President of Turkey at around 2pm in Ankara on 28 Aug 2014. This consolidates his power after 11 years as an economically successful Prime Minister. Though there are worries he is becoming increasingly autocratic.
The Presidency chart does have Pluto on the point of a T square to Uranus opposition North Node but the Pluto falls in the 2nd or 1st houses not the 10th so seems less problematic though it will be prone to jolts and jangles with Uranus Pluto.
There's a less than wonderful Sun opposition Neptune which looks vague, rather impractical. And Mars Saturn in Scorpio, maybe in the 12th square Venus Jupiter - so fearful of failure, rather erratic, cruel, overly keen on the military, perhaps if 12th then heavy internal security/secret police etc.
The Sun will move by Solar Arc to close the opposition to Neptune in 2015 - so a lack lustre first 18 months. Major upheavals also in 2015 from tr Pluto square Uranus exactly.
Angelina & Brad - Jupiter to the rescue  From: Marjorie(29 Aug 2014 10:20): 
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tied the knot in a private ceremony after three biological children and several adopted, on 23 Aug 2014 near Brignoles in France.
This gives a glitzy, extravagant Moon Jupiter Venus in Leo which would fit the lifestyle. But that squares Mars Saturn in Scorpio so it won't not all be a rose garden. Too much work and aggravation. Plus a vague, dreamy and evasive Sun opposition Neptune. Pluto the Uranus Pluto square tied into a T square from Uranus opposition North Node - so destined to go through upheavals and disruptions.
Their relationship chart is possessive with a composite Sun opposition Pluto; passionate with Venus trine Mars; showbizzy but not always mutually supportive with Mars square Neptune. It has been through some exceptionally bumpy patches but seems to have weathered the storms. The composite Jupiter in the 7th is well aspected this year which may have been the catalyst.
I've always thought that what held it together was Brad Pitt's Jupiter in his 4th stemming from a happy childhood and love of family which he's obviously brought into his adult life. His Jupiter is conjunct Angelina's Aries Moon Mars Jupiter and opposition her Pluto - so he anchors her fairly chaotic emotional state. His Sun is in her 5th house of children and his Moon Venus conjunct her Descendant from the 6th.
Her Sun is in his 7th conjunct his Descendant which is excellent for one-to-one partnerships; and her Moon Mars Jupiter is in his 4th so she brings considerable enthusiasm to his domestic set up if not too much calm.
Her Pluto falls in his 10th so she's controlling and her Saturn falls in his 8th so not good for intimacy.
She's got tr Jupiter going through her 1st at the moment which is good for her confidence. He has tr Jupiter through his 8th which is good for intimacy (and money). Tr Uranus is conjunct her 13 degree Aries Moon and tr Pluto square this year - so major emotional and domestic changes.
It's a relationship with strong points and a good many rough edges - but they do live an extraordinarily odd, pressured and separated-by-work life so that may soak up a good deal of the aggravation.
Eva Green - talents in all directions  From: Marjorie(28 Aug 2014 11:19): 
Eva Green, the French actress - Bertolucci's The Dreamers, Kingdoms of Heaven, Casino Royale (Daniel Craig), presently the television horror series Penny Dreadful - was born 5 July 1980 10.05 am Paris, France.
She has a complicated chart with her Cancer Sun on the focal point of a Cardinal T Square to an 8th house Aries Moon opposition Pluto; and her Saturn Mars in Virgo on the focal point of a Mutable T square to Venus in Gemini opposition Neptune. Plus a Mystic rectangle from those two oppositions in sextile/trine to each other.
Her Uranus opposes her MC squaring onto a 12th house North Node in Leo; and is trine her Sun, sextile Saturn Mars. Aah and there's a Yod as well of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct her MC.
So she has Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable T squares and a reasonable mix of Water, Earth as well as Air, Fire charts.
She's quite ego-centric with that focal point Sun but it falls in her 11th so she'll be a good friend/team mate. She's exceptionally hard working and probably hard on herself with Mars Saturn emphasised in Virgo. Charming with a 10th house Venus trine Pluto square Jupiter; but also emotionally private with a hidden Moon opposition Pluto.
When not working she says she's quite a homebody (Cancer Sun) and collects preserved skulls and insects which is an odd hobby - maybe an 8th house Moon tied into Pluto plus Mars Saturn aspecting Neptune.
Her Solar Return for July 2014 has Jupiter exactly 9wihtin a minute of a degree) exact her MC so should be a lucky year for her. Her career has many years to run with tr Saturn now moving through her 4th so another 20 years of upward trajectory.
Christine Lagarde - unbalanced by old domestic wrangles  From: Marjorie(28 Aug 2014 10:06): 
Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF has been put under formal investigation in France for negligence during her time as Finance Minister in the Sarkozy government. A supporter of Sarkozy was awarded what some say was an overly generous settlement (527 million euros) in a compensation deal which was overseen by her department.
She denies any wrong doing and clearly isn't now being investigated for active involvement merely that it happened on her watch.
Born 1 January 1956 1.40pm Paris, she is one tough lady with a 9th house Capricorn Sun and Mars Saturn in Scorpio square Moon Pluto in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. Her Sun is exactly square her Mars/Pluto and Mars/Jupiter midpoints and = Mars/Saturn. So definitely robust and not one for scaring easily.
She does look somewhat discouraged and irritable with tr Saturn conjunct her Mars in early October and then square her Moon Pluto Jupiter in Nov/Dec. So certainly denting her confidence. As this was announced tr Uranus had just moved to oppose her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint till late September which certainly brings high tension and is often around for career setbacks. Tr Neptune also squares her Mars/Node midpoint mid October to mid December - so although at the moment she is refusing to resign she's going to have some sinking moments before the year end.
She took up the IMF job at midnight 5 July 2011 in New York when there was Pluto in the 10th opposition Sun square Saturn opposition Uranus in the 1st - so it was always going to be a whirlwind term. This December looks her most critical time with the IMF with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on the 12 degree Cancer Sun.
Gaza ceasefire - for now  From: Marjorie(27 Aug 2014 17:54): 
The open-ended ceasefire between Gaza and Israel went into operation on 26 Aug 2014 at 4pm. Neither side emerged as winners or with much glory - Hamas did not get the extensive lifting of the blockage they wanted, only a promise of humanitarian aid and construction materials getting through, which they could have got some weeks ago. Israel has dented its reputation fairly catastrophically.
The ceasefire chart is fairly stark and tough with a Virgo Moon trine Pluto Asc, sextile Saturn Mars; and Uranus opposition North Node square Pluto. So general gloom despite the airbrushing of a Venus Jupiter in Leo. Plus an evasive Sun opposition Neptune.
Haaretz, the Israeli left wing daily newspaper is worth reading to see that the liberal Israelis are just as horror struck by Netanyahu's thuggish policies and associates as the outside world. See:
Neil Young - end of a long road  From: Marjorie(27 Aug 2014 17:54): 
Neil Young, the talented, successful and enduring Canadian singer songwriter and musician has filed for divorce from his wife of 36 years Pegi.
Born 12 Nov 1945 6.45 am? Toronto, Canada he does not have an easy chart either for himself or for those close with a Scorpio Sun on his Ascendant square an Aquarius Moon opposition Pluto. Very intense, quite ego-centric, never knowing quite what he wants, both possessive and rather detached. That Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon is a difficult combination.
His Mars in Leo is conjunct Saturn on one side and conjunct Pluto on the other as well as being square Venus in Scorpio so major anger issues, not always sensitive, often acutely frustrated by his life. His 8th house Uranus trines Jupiter (Neptune) in Libra - he does suffer from epilepsy which may well account for some of his aggravation or perhaps it feeds into it.
His father was serially unfaithful and divorced his mother in his early teens at which point he was split from his elder brother.

His wife Pegi has been an activist for children with learning difficulties and environmental issues, and helped in his career, at one point as a backing singer. She launched her first solo album in 2007. She was born 1 December 1952 so is a Sun Sagittarius opposition a Gemini Moon.

Her Jupiter does fall in his 7th which is good for enthusiastic co-operation but it would never have been an easy match. Her Moon is conjunct his Uranus with her Sun in opposition; her Uranus conjunct his Saturn and opposition his Venus; her Sun Mercury are trine his Mars Pluto. So fairly ratchety.
Their relationship chart is fairly all over the place, held together by a composite Sun trine Jupiter. There's a strong Saturn square Venus and widely square Sun so more work than indulgence; and a disagreeable Saturn trine Mars, sextile Uranus.

Her Sun/Moon midpoint is getting the tr Saturn square very late in 2015 which is when the divorce he has filed for may go through. His Sun/moon midpoint is 1 degree Capricorn so has been taking quite a battering since 2008 onwards with tr Pluto, tr Saturn and tr Uranus all in hard aspect. Divorces are usually the result of several years of angst and he looked as if he went through his in 2008 to 2011/12.
It may well be to do with her forging a solo career since 2007. He's very controlling and might well not have taken kindly to her flexing her wings and taking flight on her own career-wise.
He does have tr Saturn moving into his 1st quadrant now which means he wants to stand back and wind down which may be something to do with the timing. Plus tr Uranus is sextile his 8th house Uranus which will be prompting some changes psychologically.
There's probably a good deal more behind the scenes than we know which may emerge along the way.
California quake - Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Uranus   From: Marjorie(25 Aug 2014 11:44): 
There was a 6.0 magnitude quake in California's San Francisco Bay area yesterday, the strongest there in 25 years. It struck at 3.20am near American Canyon, CA. There was some damage but no-one was killed.
California's chart, 9 Sept 1850, does have tr Pluto exactly square its Mars at the moment and tr Uranus within less than a degree of retrograding to square the Mars/Saturn midpoint - both of those are fairly destructive influences.
The April Solar Eclipse had that difficult Cardinal Grand Cross with Mars MC opp Uranus IC square Jupiter opp Pluto located to American Canyon - so indicative of a significant event in that area. The Mars in the Eclipse chart was exactly the same degree as the Mars in the California chart - so adding a further layer of connection. The April Lunar Eclipse also had the angles emphasised in that area with the Full Moon falling across the MC/IC axis and Mars conjunct MC as well.
La France resisting belt-tightening  From: Marjorie(25 Aug 2014 11:43): 
Francois Hollande's administration is in convulsions with his Prime Minister resigning and dissolving the government to form a new one. This follows damaging criticism of his handling of the faltering economy from the economy minister who presumably will not be asked back. He had indicated his resistance" to the "excessive obsessions of Germany's conservatives". La France and austerity don't sit well together.
Hollande's Presidency chart, 15 May 2012 10.45am Paris, has the Uranus Pluto closing to an exact square by Solar Arc at the moment hence the instability and rebellions. In another country it would have toppled him. There's more gloom before the year end with tr Saturn opposition his Presidency Sun Jupiter and worse in 2015 with tr Neptune opposition Mars. So nothing to suggest he'll turn the country round.
The Banque de France, 18 January 1800, chart certainly looks in a flat panic now and over the next several months. And the France, 21 Sept 1792 3.30pm chart is extremely stressed financially with tr Pluto square Venus till this December. Plus tr Neptune square Moon mid October to mid December which looks like an exceptionally unhappy population and possibly a terminally undermined rulership. There are murmurs Hollande might not survive the full term though I'm not sure of the mechanism for baling half way through. The France chart also has tr Saturn square Uranus Pluto and conjunct Mars MC in Oct and Nov this year - so a definite forced facing up to reality.
But there's nothing much thereafter to suggest catastrophe so maybe the economy will draw back from the brink somehow or other.
Richard Attenborough - Fire Water and an Earth Sun  From: Marjorie(25 Aug 2014 11:42): 
Richard Attenborough, the film director has died just before his 91st birthday. He started life acting but moved over to a long and successful career making movies from the other side of the camera - Gandhi, Oh What a Lovely War, Shadowlands, Cry Freedom, Chaplin etc.
Born 29 August 1923 Cambridge (rectified 4.03 am), he came from an illustrious family with a Cambridge scholar father and his younger brother David was a BBC executive and is now a globally renowned natural history documentary maker. Both brothers have had long and enduring careers.
Richard was a charming Sun Venus in Virgo with a creative and private Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Uranus, formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition North Node. He also had an Aries Moon opposition Mercury square Pluto.
He never recovered from losing his eldest daughter and grand daughter in the 2004 tsunami when tr Uranus was in a clearly shocking opposition to his Sun; and tr Pluto was square his Mars/Saturn midpoint which often turns up around the death of those close. And his Solar Arc Mars was square his Neptune which suggests devastation.
He had a Water Fire chart with an Earth Sun which is the same as his brother David, 8 May 1926 (rectified 2.58am Cambridge). Water Fire is often found in creative individuals' charts being inspired and intuitive.
David Attenborough is a Taurus Sun with a Pisces Moon Uranus and a Fixed Grand Cross of Jupiter in Aquarius opposition Neptune square Saturn in Scorpio opposition his Sun. He also has a Water Grand Trine of Moon Uranus trine Saturn in Scorpio trine North Node (Pluto) in Cancer, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition his Sun.
Their father Frederick, 4 April 1887, was clearly a driving force in their lives. He was a Sun Mars in Libra square Saturn - so a disciplinarian as well as a rebel.
A talented and ambitious family.
Galileo 5 & 6 - off course  From: Marjorie(24 Aug 2014 12:16): 
The latest two Galileo satellites for Europe's version of the American GPS satellite navigation system have not gone into the correct orbit. They have ended up in a lower orbit than expected. It is not known what impact this will have or indeed whether it can be corrected.
The satellites Doresa and Milena were launched on 22 August 2014 at 12.27pm GMT Kourou French Guinea.
This gives a wide-ish Water Grand Trine of MC trine Neptune trine Mars Saturn in Scorpio with MC opposition Pluto hugging the IC - quite a drag from that and clearly not wanting to let go mother earth. There's also a Sun opposition Neptune.
The previous two satellites David and Sif were launched 12 Oct 2012 6.15pm GMT Kourou which gives a dynamic and decisive Mars closely conjunct MC; with Jupiter in the 4th trine Sun. They ended up in the right place.
Helen Bamber - creating her vision  From: Marjorie(24 Aug 2014 12:15): 
Helen Bamber, who set up the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture has died aged 89. It is the largest such organisation in the world and has dealt with more than 50,000 victims from around the world.
Born in London on 1 May 1925 to Jewish parents of Polish extraction, she had an unhappy poor childhood with warring parents and a father who was terrified by the rise of fascism. At 19 she volunteered to care for survivors of the Nazi concentration camp at Belsen. She dedicated her life to helping people scarred by trauma and torture.
She was a Sun Venus in Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio square Moon North Node Neptune in Leo - so stubborn, enduring, idealistic with a strong sense of being unloved.
She also had two wide Yods of Mars in Gemini sextile Neptune inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn; and Jupiter sextile Uranus inconjunct Neptune. So her Neptune was doubly emphasised and her Jupiter was strong. The strain of the Yods would make her feel she did not fit into a normal life. In 1945 when she found her vocation her Neptune and Jupiter had moved by Solar Arc to trine and square her natal Sun respectively. Tr Pluto was conjunct her leadership-ability Leo North Node and tr Saturn was in the bleak conjunction to her Pluto.
A remarkable woman. Three Water signs, three Fire, three Earth made her inspired, sympathetic, practical - a good combination.
Eyjafjallajokull & Bardarbunga - Tolkeinesque rumbles  From: Marjorie(24 Aug 2014 11:33): 
The previous Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull started to erupt on 20 March 2010 at 6 am. But it was the second phase of eruptions on 14 April onwards which shut down European air travel.
The March 2010 chart did have Sun Uranus Mercury trine Mars and opposition Saturn square Pluto - so was explosive and very tough. On that chart Neptune = Pluto/Node and the North Node was conjunct Mars/Saturn and square Mars/Pluto so descriptive of a destructive event.
The second phase April eruption also had North Node = Sun/Pluto and Mars/Uranus - so much the same.

This time round, Bardarbunga has nothing like as tricky aspects at the moment anyway. Apart from the accident and delay-prone Mars Saturn conjunction tomorrow there's nothing much. The North Node is aspecting Neptune as indeed is the Sun this coming week but nothing of an explosive or disruptive nature.
The Eclipses were not too pointed last time located to Iceland with only the Dec 2009 Lunar Eclipse having Mars Asc and Saturn IC on show.
This year the Solar Eclipse of April 2014 certainly had Jupiter IC opp Pluto MC square Mars opp Uranus which looks explosive enough. Tr Pluto has now retrograded to be exactly square Uranus on that Eclipse chart. The Solar Eclipse of October 2014 for Iceland is very watery with Neptune MC trine the New Moon - but nothing too disruptive.
Cliff Richards - seamless success  From: Marjorie(23 Aug 2014 10:47): 
There's a major argument running about the BBC's involvement in a police raid on pop star Cliff Richards UK house as part of an investigation of allegation of historic sexual abuse. Richards flatly denies the allegation and there's nothing to be said at this early stage when legal proceedings may or may not follow. Though even if they don't it will still have harmed his squeaky clean image.
Born 14 Oct 1940 7.55pm Lucknow, India, his parents were British though he supposedly had a Spanish great-grandmother which gave him his dark hair and complexion. His early pop singing career in the late 1950s was modelled on Little Richard and Elvis Presley and deemed too sexy for television. By the mid sixties he had taken up Christianity and become more middle-of-the-road. He has sold 250 million records worldwide in a staggeringly long career which is still running into its sixth decade.
He has never married and now lives in Barbados and Portugal with an ex-priest as his companion and property manager.
He has 3 planets in his entertaining 5th house including an unaspected Libra Sun along with Mars in Libra and Neptune in Virgo - so well suited to a career as a musical performer. His Aries Moon opposes his Mars and is trine/sextile Pluto in Leo so issues around women. His Pluto is further emphasised being on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a 12th house Saturn Jupiter in Taurus opposition Mercury in Scorpio - so private, controlling, enduring, certainly strong enough to carry a mega-successful career. His 4th house Venus in Virgo (likes beautiful homes) trines Saturn Jupiter so an odd mix of indulgent and austere.
At the moment tr Saturn is square his MC which indicates a career setback. He's got a tranche of tricky influences between now and the year end with Solar Arc Sun square Mars now which almost always involves a shock of some variety. Plus an undermining tr Neptune opposition Mars/Pluto from early Sept till late Oct and returning in Dec; late Oct/Nov has the insecure tr Uranus opposition Sun/Mars - and that picks up the tr Pluto square in 2014/15. Tr Pluto is trine Saturn this year (Dec again) and then trines Jupiter - so maybe difficulties before success. Though that tr Pluto square Sun/Mars in 15/16 is not going to be easy - trapped and slightly scary.
Ukraine - high tension  From: Marjorie(23 Aug 2014 10:41): 
The tension in Ukraine has heightened with a Russian 'aid' convoy of lorries crossing the border without permission into rebel held areas. No one seems sure what was in the lorries though the Russians insist it is only humanitarian supplies.
The Ukraine, 24 Aug 1991 2.31pm Kiev chart does look stuck at the moment with tr Saturn conjunct Pluto and moving to square Jupiter, Mercury, Venus Sun before the year's end. Plus the highly strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and its midpoint being hard aspected by tr Uranus square and tr Pluto conjunct right through 2014 to late 2016. Late 2015/16 looks challenging in the extreme with Solar Arc Sun conjunct Mars.
The Russia 1991 and Ukraine 1991 relationship chart looks to be similarly on edge right through these difficult three years.
NZ John Key - upsetting the applecart  From: Marjorie(23 Aug 2014 10:40): 
'A spectacular exposé alleging prime minister John Key and his National party colleagues were involved in dirty tricks campaigns has created the most significant political maelstrom in nearly six years in office and blown the government's re-election strategy dramatically off course' (Guardian).
John Key, the heretofore popular New Zealand PM was born five days after Barack Obama on 9 Aug 1961 and had looked like a shoe-in for the September 20 elections. Furious denials are flying around.
He has just had tr Saturn square his Sun as the allegations emerged and across this year has the 'car-crash' Solar Arc Mars square his Sun; plus a tr Neptune opposition his Pluto, not exact at the minute but running across the year; and a tr Neptune opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint in the immediate aftermath of the election none of which is good news. Indeed on election day he has tr Saturn conjunct his Jupiter/Pluto dampening his confidence.
His 2011 Administration chart, 14 Dec 2011 11 am Wellington, NZ, has tr Saturn square the MC just after the election. With Solar Arc Saturn square the Moon, exact in late 2014 so firmly in effect now which will bring unpopularity and a setback.
Nick Clegg facing his demons and ducking  From: Marjorie(22 Aug 2014 10:48): 
The Lib Dems in the UK appear to be stumbling from one disastrous sex scandal to the next, historical and otherwise, in terms of their inept handling of the aforementioned. The smug, portly Lord Rennard who has admitted he may have "inadvertently" encroached upon "personal space" - in other words a groper - has had his membership suspension lifted. His organisational skills are clearly thought to trump bad behaviour around women when an election is close. Though one would have thought the votes lost in letting a sexual dinosaur back in might have weighed more heavily on party leader Nick Clegg's calculations.
What is salient is that Rennard's Saturn is closely conjunct Clegg's Capricorn Sun. That is a difficult cross over since it brings the Sun individual face to face with their shadow. Clegg has always seemed squeaky clean but clearly confronting this issue has him stymied.
The other cross overs are not great either since Rennard's Saturn opposition Cancer Sun crashes into Clegg's Capricorn Sun square Mars in Libra; and Rennard's Mars in Taurus is conjunct Clegg's Taurus North Node.

Their relationship chart does have an over-confident composite Sun opposition Jupiter which may be part of it. But high hopes may be dashed with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto bearing down on both their charts very heavily over the next couple of years.
BKS Iyengar - from sickness to long life  From: Marjorie(22 Aug 2014 10:47): 
BKS Iyengar, credited with bringing yoga to the west has died aged 96. He rose to fame after helping the violinist Yehudi Menuhin who invited him to Switzerland since he believed yoga improved his playing. Later Iyengar set up centres all over the world.
Born 14 Dec 1918 3am? Belur, India into a poor family he was a sickly, weak child who struggled with malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and general malnutrition. His brother in law taught him yoga in his mid teens which transformed his life.
He had a 2nd house Sun Venus in Sagittarius which suggests indulgence and extravagance though he appeared to live very simply - which rather suggests the birth time is out. He had an inspirational, entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of Sun Venus trine Saturn in Leo trine Aries Moon, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Uranus - so innovative Uranus was the driving planet. He was introduced to yoga when tr Uranus was conjunct his Moon, trine his Saturn and Sun Venus - so a time of liberation and enlightenment for him. His Solar Arc Neptune was also opposition his Uranus then.
James Foley - a martyr for free speech  From: Marjorie(22 Aug 2014 10:45): 
James Foley, the American photojournalist who was beheaded by ISIS was born 18 Oct 1973, Rochester, New Hampshire.
He had an extraordinary chart with a Sun Uranus conjunction in Libra so freedom loving and fair minded. He also had five other planets in early degrees in a complicated series of aspects. Saturn in Cancer opposition North Node square Pluto in Libra. Pluto trine Jupiter in Aquarius, sextile Neptune Venus. His Mars in Taurus was sextile Saturn, square Jupiter and on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune. His Saturn was on the focal point of another Yod to Neptune sextile Jupiter.
So Mars and Saturn were Yod focal points describing an individual who was: Mars - assertive, courageous, possibly destined to sever ties from the past for a period of self confrontation (see Gao Zhisheng post below 15 Aug). Saturn - fated, able to draw on inner strength, enduring.
He was obviously not designed for a standard 9/5 life with two Yods and would be attracted to high risk, crisis situations. He had already been captured and imprisoned while working in Libya by Gaddafi loyalists in 2011 but was released.

He was then captured while reporting from Syria by militia on Nov 22 2012 and possibly handed over the ISIS by Assad's regime.
In Nov 2012 Pluto Mars Uranus Saturn and Neptune were all in early degrees hard aspecting various of his planets - tr Mars in Capricorn (conj tr Pluto) square tr Uranus was bouncing off his Pluto and Saturn.

His relationship chart with ISIS is not surprisingly stark with a composite Sun square Mars Saturn (Moon) - cruel.
Nawal El Saadawi - Scorpio courage  From: Marjorie(20 Aug 2014 11:05): 
Nawal El Saadawi is an Egyptian feminist, activist, doctor, psychiatrist who has fought over a lifetime against female genital mutilation and the suppression of women. She was born 27 Oct 1931 4 am Banha Egypt (Sly Scholfield).
She has had a packed career, being imprisoned at one point for her writings and forced to flee to the US nearly 30 years ago because of political harassment. She once said:"Danger has been a part of my life ever since I picked up a pen and wrote. Nothing is more perilous than truth in a world that lies."
She's a Sun Mercury Venus in Scorpio opposition an 8th house Taurus Moon with Mars also in Scorpio - so enduring, redoubtable, a force to be reckoned with. Plus a powerful 10th house Pluto opposition Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th square Uranus in the 7th. She was born in that tough generation with reforming tendencies with the emphasised Uranus. Falling in her 7th would make close relationships tricky especially in a culture that expected compliant women. She has been divorced three times and said all her ex husbands were scared of her.
Ireland - clinging on to the past  From: Marjorie(20 Aug 2014 11:04): 
Ireland still appears to be stuck in the dark ages despite recent changes to legislation as an immigrant woman, pregnant because of a rape was refused an abortion. She was suicidal, went on hunger strike and was forced to continue to 25 weeks when a caesarean was done and the baby removed off elsewhere.
The Moon in the Ireland 6 Dec 1922 5pm Dublin chart is exactly (within one minute of a degree) conjunct Pluto and square Saturn with the Moon also 135 degrees from Mars on the MC, trine Uranus, trine Jupiter - so the feminine is pretty much under the cosh. Bleak, unyielding, over controlled with only a smidgeon of Jupiter to act as a balance.
The tr Pluto square tr Uranus is hammering away at that Ireland Moon Pluto square Saturn through till late 2017 so another three or four years before the old attitudes are hopefully relegated to the history books.
Athletic babies - another one  From: Marjorie(20 Aug 2014 11:03): 
Another athletic baby has been born - this one to 800 metre runner Alysia Montano, who competed when 8 months pregnant. The baby was born 15 Aug 2014 2.29am Canyon Country, California. This follows on from the baby who arrived two days after the mother competed in a marathon. 9 Oct 2011 10.29pm Chicago.
What is intriguing if not a coincidence is both babies have almost exactly the same degree of a Cancer Ascendant with Pluto conjunct Descendant and Neptune in the 9th. They also both have Sun Saturn hard aspects; Moon Uranus conjunct in the 10th; Mars square Jupiter and Venus Jupiter in aspect. Remarkably similar.
Julian Assange - moving house  From: Marjorie(18 Aug 2014 13:48): 
Julian Assange has announced he may leave the London Ecuador Embassy soon where he has been trapped for two years. His health appears to be failing with the cramped conditions and lack of sunlight.
He does have his Solar Arc Sun opposition his Mars, exact about three months ago but still in effect, which often coincides with a shock of sorts. Plus tr Saturn square both in early October and conjunct his Jupiter late Nov/early Dec - which are depressing and discouraging.
If his birth time of 2.07pm is accurate then what is interesting is that all five of the outer planets and his Sec Prog Moon are moving into a new house (Koch) around now. Uranus is hovering on the cusp of his 6th house of health. Pluto is moving towards his 3rd house later this year. Saturn is now exactly on his Ascendant going into his 1st. Neptune by next year will be into his 5th house. And Jupiter is exactly now on his MC moving into his 10th.
Uranus in the 6th can bring up sudden health isues, sometimes stress related.
Pluto in the 3rd makes everyday life and communications more intense.
Saturn into 1st tends to be lower profile for some years ahead.
Jupiter into his 10th - more in the public eye?
Neptune into his 5th - rather disappointing in romance, can be creative.
His Secondary Progressed Moon is within a couple of weeks on this birth time moving into his 8th for 2 years plus which tends to be a time of emotional pushing and pulling, not being sure what he wants.
His midpoint are not great. He had a high-irritation, scary tr Pluto square Mars/Saturn and conjunct Mars/Neptune till late this November. With a panicky tr Neptune square Mars/Pluto April 2015 on and off till late 2016.
Hamas & Gaza - not winning much  From: Marjorie(18 Aug 2014 09:46): 
The five day ceasefire in Gaza is nearly at an end with some gloom over prospects for a settlement. Netanyahu is adamant about making Gaza a demilitarized zone and Hamas is equally firm about the blockade being lifted. At this point Hamas and the Gazans are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they give in without any concessions then their very considerable sacrifice of lives and property will have been in vain. If they don't give in then the devastation will continue.
Khaled Meshaal, 28 May 1956, the hawkish Hamas leader sitting in Qatar, does not look like he is winning much with tr Neptune square his 7 degree Gemini Sun in 2014/2015; plus tr Saturn square his Jupiter Pluto and Mars late this October and November.
The Hamas chart, 14 Dec 1987, looks discouraged and unpopular this year with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Venus and on a slide with tr Neptune square its Solar Arc Pluto Mars from 2015 for several years thereafter.
Ferguson Riots - Mars in top gear  From: Marjorie(18 Aug 2014 09:45): 
Missouri is sending the National Guard to the town of Ferguson as protests escalate over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager on August 9. Police last night clashed with angry crowds who were throwing molotov cocktails and bottles at security forces, and setting up barricades.
The state of Missouri joined the Union on 10 August 1821 which gives a 17 degree Leo Sun being squared at the moment by tr Saturn, reaching a climax on August 25th as tr Saturn is conjunct tr Mars in Scorpio. So a volatile situation and Mars Saturn has military associations. There is also a Capricorn Moon which may be picking up the tr Uranus square tr Pluto as well as the Solar Arc Mars opposition Uranus Neptune - so an angry and highly unsettled population.
Ferguson, Missouri, was incorporated on 19 Nov 1894 giving a 16 degree Uranus (= Mars/Pluto) which picked up the high tension tr Saturn conjunction recently and tr Uranus inconjunct. So elastic at breaking point. There's also a Neptune Pluto conjunction in Gemini which has Sec Prog Mars within less than a degree approaching a conjunction to Pluto. So the aftermath will be long and enraging.
The Lunar Eclipse of April this year has Saturn exactly conjunct MC for Ferguson, MO; with the April Solar Eclipse having the New Moon conjunct the IC and the Pluto opposition Jupiter across the Asc/Desc axis. So descriptive. The coming October Solar Eclipse has Mars conjunct the MC which does not bode well.
Just what Obama and the world didn't need at the moment - another violent hot spot. Though the USA 1776 chart does have the tr Pluto square t Uranus hitting its Cancer Sun square Saturn this year and for the next two years as well. So it was never going to be easy.
Marguerite Duras & Yann Andrea - the odd couple  From: Marjorie(17 Aug 2014 11:20): 
Yann Andrea has died, the much younger companion to novelist Margeurite Duras (Hiroshima Mon Amour etc)in her later days. In her sixties she was deemed finished having succumbed to alcoholism and depression when Andrea, a student and fan of her work struck up a correspondence with her. They finally met and he moved in, acting as chauffeur, secretary, valet, nurse and live-in companion and buffer for her volcanic temperament. She said they were lovers while he was openly homosexual and insisted it was platonic.
He got her into detox and she finally wrote The Lover which won the Prix Goncourt and consolidated her reputation. They were together for 20 years till her death.
She was born 4 April 1914 4 am Gia-Dinh, Vietnam and was an upfront Sun Aries in an argumentative square to a volatile Moon Mars in Cancer in her 5th. She also had attention-seeking, possessive Pluto in the 5th. Her Venus in Aries squared Neptune in Cancer. A 4th house Saturn squared Mercury was trine a 12th house Uranus Jupiter in Aquarius. A complicated lady with luck and talent though also emotionally stressed. She grew up in poverty in Vietnam, her father dead, with an abusive mother.

She had a marked though stressed creative 5th harmonic with a Yod of Saturn sextile Sun inconjunct Neptune. Her writers 21st Harmonic was very strong with a Cardinal Grand Cross tying together MC Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus - so a major talent.

Yann Andrea, 24 Dec 1952, was a Sun Capricorn with an Aries Moon conjunct her Sun. His Venus in Aquarius was conjunct her Jupiter Uranus in the 12th. His Uranus was conjunct her Moon Mars so it would be sparky - she used to erupt when he disappeared for several days at a time on trysts with men. His Pluto was in her 7th so an intense relationship and his Pluto was opposition Mars falling on her Ascendant. He was clearly used to putting up with scary temperaments and would handle crisis well. And perhaps his Mars on her Ascendant was the catalyst for the resurgence of her image.
Their relationship chart had a composite Sun opposition Saturn, so involving a fair amount of work and Saturn often appears where there is an age difference. What held it together was a charming composite Venus Jupiter conjunction trine Pluto - so there would be affection and fun in their relationship. Plus a volatile Uranus Mars conjunction so needing space. And an intense Mercury opposition Pluto no doubt exacerbating arguments.
Asteroid hit - ways away  From: Marjorie(17 Aug 2014 11:19): 
A scientist's calculator has been working overtime to hint the world may end on March 16 2880 as an asteroid heading for Earth may cause destruction of biblical proportions. The likelihood is put at 300/1 though there is time in hand to invent a defence strategy.
If my software has got it right, 16 March 2880 does have a devastating Neptune Pluto conjunction on Gemini sitting on the midpoint of Uranus in Leo trine Saturn North Node in Aries. Plus a Sun Mars in Pisces (not bad for a cosmic collision) trine a magnified Jupiter.
So at the least a worrisome time. Neptune Pluto often occurs around natural disasters though there'll have been another conjunction between now and then. There were four such Neptune Plutos in the past 2000 years - and the world managed to hold together.

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