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Ched Evans - triple conjunction + Mars in Aries  From: Marjorie(22 Oct 2014 16:37): 
Ched Evans, is a Welsh born Man United/Sheffield footballer who was sentenced to five years for rape in 2012, did two and a half years and is now out. There's a great furore over whether he should be allowed to play again. He and another footballer found a girl who was paralytically drunk and had non-consensual sex with her which has caused controversy with some commentators suggesting her behaviour mitigated the crime. The other footballer was inexplicably let off. Evans is in denial about doing anything wrong.
Born 28 Dec 1988 his Capricorn Sun sits right in the middle of the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune. His Moon is Virgo; he has Mars in Aries trine Venus in Sagittarius; and Jupiter in Taurus very widely opposition Pluto in Scorpio.
The triple conjunction is highly strung, at times chaotic. His chart down in the midpoints shows pushy self confidence and high levels of Mars/assertion, so not a shrinking violet.
He's not looking happy ahead with Saturn transits square 4 of his important midpoints in Nov/Dec this year; a couple of depressing and insecure Solar Arcs plus tr Uranus conjunct his volatile Mars in Aries in 2015. He'll be bullish as well in 2015 but definitely more minuses than pluses. Then in the years after tr Pluto squares his Mars - so he's got a longish period of setbacks.
It's kind of a generational thing since the oldies tend to assume getting slaughtered does carry with it a degree of responsibility for --- get robbed of handbag, taken advantage of etc. But they did seem to have deliberately gone out hunting an incapable victim.
A proper sense of shame and contrition might have sent him off to do good works in a back water for several decades. But he doesn't seem burdened by guilt.
Denis Mukwege - a healer in hell  From: Marjorie(22 Oct 2014 12:49): 
Denis Mukwege, a Congolese gynaecologist, has won the EU Sakharov human rights prize for helping thousands of war rape victims in his homeland. He often performed 10 surgeries in his 18 hour working day and had to flee the country at one point under threat of assassination having spoken out about the plight of these women.
Born 1 March 1955 in the Dem Rep of Congo he's a Sun Pisces with a Gemini Moon; and a T Square of Venus in Capricorn opposition Jupiter Uranus square Neptune - so compassionate Neptune in its better guise. Plus a stubborn Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto. With Mars in determined Taurus. He has a wide healing Water Grand Trine.
His get-it-together 5th Harmonic is enormously strong with possibly a Grand Cross involving Sun Mars Saturn Moon which certainly suits working with cruelty; plus an Air and Earth Grand Trines. His 7th, 8th and 12H are also notable.
Ben Bradlee - a Uranian Virgo  From: Marjorie(22 Oct 2014 12:48): 
Ben Bradlee, executive editor of the Washington Post, who challenged the Nixon Administration over the right to publish the leaked Pentagon Papers and Watergate info, has died at 93.
Born 26 Aug 1921 in Boston he was a Sun Mercury in Virgo as befits a journalist which opposed a rebellious Uranus in Pisces so well designed as a campaigning newspaperman. His Moon was probably Gemini maybe on the focal point of a T Square to Sun Mercury Uranus which also suits.
He had Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Virgo giving him a streak of idealism with a publicity-attracting Mars Neptune in Leo.
His relationship chart with Richard Nixon who resigned ultimately over Watergate had a heavily aspected Neptune giving rise to suspicion on both sides and an aggravated/hostile composite Mars square Saturn. Through the two years of the Watergate scandal tr Uranus was conjunct that composite Mars - so an explosive time.
He was genuinely fond of journalist Bob Woodward who broke the Watergate story with Bernstein with a composite Sun Mercury Venus sextile Jupiter and Jupiter in a risk-taking square to Mars; with a revolutionary composite Pluto square Uranus.
His relationship with Carl Bernstein was more fraught, intense and slightly jagged.
Oscar Pistorius - Eclipse shock  From: Marjorie(21 Oct 2014 16:53): 
Oscar Pistorius was finally committed today after an extraordinarily long marathon of a trial and sentencing pleas to five years in prison. He may only serve 10 months inside and then will be under house arrest. Though he has no house, no money and no career so won't be easy for him.
The final result was handed down only two days before the Scorpio Eclipse this Thursday which is conjunct his Venus Pluto - so an emotional shock.
He looks very insecure as he enters South Africa's notoriously brutal prison system with tr Uranus square his Sun/Mars midpoint late Oct till late Nov; with confused, uncertain, highly anxious Neptune transits to two critical midpoints; plus a scary, deeply frustrated tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Mars over the New Year into January. Admittedly tr Pluto is also sextile his Jupiter over that latter time which will give him a minor boost. But I'd worry about his mental health as well as his safety.
Oscar de la Renta - Venus Jupiter and Leo  From: Marjorie(21 Oct 2014 16:52): 
Oscar de la Renta, the Dominican born fashion designer, famous for creating Jackie Kennedy's clothes and most recently Amal Clooney's wedding dress has died.
Born 22 July 1932 he has (probably) a last degree Cancer Sun conjunct Pluto opposition Saturn, square Uranus and trine Pisces Moon North Node.
So undoubtedly hard working, sensitive, quite controlling especially where women were concerned with Cancer and Pisces involved. His fashion flare would be emphasised with a flamboyant Jupiter Mercury in colourful Leo in an innovative, adventurous trine to Uranus and both sextile passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Gemini. Jupiter Venus is really the signature of high fashion.
His Sun was conjunct JackieO's early Leo Sun and his Jupiter in Leo though not conjunct would boost her morale. Both had Venus in Gemini and his Mars was conjunct her Venus. So again he'd shake her into a different gear.
Lynda Bellingham - smiling through a tough fate   From: Marjorie(21 Oct 2014 16:51): 
Actress Lynda Bellingham has died of cancer after announcing she hoped to make it to Christmas recently. Known as the happy mother in the Oxo adverts in reality she had a difficult life. She was adopted out at 4 months old by an unmarried mother, was a rebellious teen, married a soft porn producer which ended badly with her attempting suicide. Her second marriage was violent and abusive so she turned to drink, only staying because of the two children. Her mother whom she contacted was not comfortable with too much contact. Her sister died of cancer 9 years ago. Her third marriage to a property developer in 2008 was happy but then cancer cropped up.

Born in Canada on 31 May 1948 she was a Sun Gemini trine Neptune, sextile Pluto Saturn in Leo. So bubbly, good for films though slightly addictive and quite bleak at times. Her Sun was also square Mars in Virgo. Her sensitive Pisces Moon was almost a singleton and on the focal point of a T Square to Jupiter opposition Uranus which would be one reason she went into acting. A focal point Moon needs attention from a wide group of people to feel nurtured.
Interestingly actor John Nettles, 11 Oct 1943, who was also adopted at birth with his unmarried mentally unstable mother institutionalised has a singleton Pisces Moon. In his case either opposition Venus square Uranus or opposition Mercury square Mars Saturn. He went on to have a long and successful career in television in Bergerac and Midsomer Murders.
Glenn Close - straitjacket childhood  From: Marjorie(18 Oct 2014 14:05): 
Actress Glenn Close has been talking of the damaging effects of being trapped until she was 22 in a right wing religious cult to which her father, an eminent doctor in Africa belonged. Moral Rearmament was the movement and it propagated ideas of lifting morale and tolerance for all religions which sounds positive. But it dictated almost everything about how lives should be lived. "You basically weren't allowed to do anything, or you were made to feel guilty about any unnatural desire," she said. Started by Frank Buchman, he was so vociferously opposed to communism he sounded as if he was pro-Hitler at times. He was accused of being a despot.

Glenn Close certainly has a truly difficult chart. Born 19 March 1947 2.12pm Greenwich, CT, she has an 8th house Pisces Sun trine a 4th house Jupiter which is turn squares Moon Venus in Aquarius in her 7th. That in itself would not be a problem. But she also has an 8th house Mars in Pisces on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto (Saturn) in Leo; with Mars also square Uranus. So a great deal of strain from the Yod with a volcano of buried anger. She has a sister who is bi-polar.

Buchman,4 June 1878 4 am Pennsburg, PA, was a Sun Gemini with Jupiter North Node in Aquarius conjunct his MC so custom built for a cause to which he could devote his life and be successful at. His 12th house was packed with Venus Neptune in Taurus square his Jupiter; and Mercury Pluto also in Taurus square his Uranus. Plus Pluto Mercury sextile Mars Moon in Cancer. The Gemini Sun trine Jupiter would give him a light, enthusiastic feel but it was what was behind the scenes that caused the trouble - Jupiter square a 12th house Neptune turned him into a guru on a pedestal and Pluto there is manipulative with a fair clout behind it being in Taurus.
Marijuana - freedom beckons  From: Marjorie(18 Oct 2014 14:04): 
5 US states are now ready to legalise marijuana. Neptune on the whole rules narcotics with an undertow of Pluto for the criminal aspect.
The legislation making marijuana illegal crept forward in increments in the 20th century but probably the defining moment was the Boggs Act 2 Nov 1951. That has a T Square of Saturn in Libra opp Jupiter square Uranus - and that focal point Uranus is being shaken up considerably by tr Uranus square and tr Pluto opposition in 2014/15. Plus a Solar Arc Sun opposition Uranus - so major upheavals/changes do look to be coming. With much argument since Solar Arc Mars is conjunct Mercury and Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct Mars. So the debate will be lively.
John du Pont - Foxcatcher self destructs  From: Marjorie(18 Oct 2014 14:03): 
Foxcatcher, the movie about convicted murderer and multi-millionaire John du Pont will be premiered in November, having made its debut at Cannes this year and collected the Best director prize.
John Eleuthère du Pont, born Nov. 22, 1938, in Philadelphia was a great-great-grandson of industrialist E. I. du Pont, who in 1802 built gunpowder mills in Delaware that evolved into one of the biggest corporations in the US, manufacturing chemicals.
John Du Pont built the Delaware Museum of Natural History to house his collections of 66,000 birds and two million seashells. And on his 800-acre estate, he built a $600,000 training center for pentathletes, swimmers and wrestlers, who competed under his sponsorship as Team Foxcatcher.

In 1997, he was found guilty but mentally ill in the shooting death of Olympic gold medal wrestler Dave Schultz. He was sentenced to 13 to 30 years in prison and died there in 2010 of natural causes.
He was a last degree Scorpio Sun conjunct Venus square Jupiter in Aquarius - so intense, charming and expansive. He tended to over confidence or grandiose thinking with Uranus opposition North Node in Scorpio square Jupiter. His Moon was in sporting Sagittarius most likely trine Saturn in Aries and trine Pluto with Saturn opposition Mars - so bleak childhood emotionally, quite damaging.
He had evidently become increasingly paranoid since a car crash and his mother's death and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. When he shot Schultz for no good reason tr Pluto may have been conjunct his Moon; with his Solar Arc Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint.

His wealth-generating ancestor EI du Pont, 24 June 1771, certainly had a go-getting chart with an Earth Grand Trine (good for business) of superlatively confident Pluto (Jupiter) in Capricorn trine Neptune in an inventive trine to Uranus formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition a Scorpio North Node which in turn squared Mars Saturn in Leo - so not a bad description for a man who made his fortune from gunpowder and wars.
Stock Market FTSE - timings and transits  From: Marjorie(17 Oct 2014 15:21): 
The UK FTSE Stock Market has been especially hard hit with the recent slump, losing 10% since early September. None of which was entirely obvious on the FTSE 31 Dec 1983 chart which I normally use. Even the FTSE First Trade 3 Jan 1984 10 am chart is not that instructive - though it does have a Sun Moon at 12/14 Capricorn which is certainly being shaken up through 2014/15/16. Plus this month's Scorpio Eclipse is conjunct the FTSE Pluto and there are a couple of loss-making, panicky Neptune transits to midpoints (Jup/Sat & Sun/Mars) running from early September till January 2015.

The original FTSE 10 April 1962 chart does have a Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto at 3/7 degrees mutable - so I suppose tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter created the bubble which it is now proceeding to burst. But it is not that obvious on the exact timing.

Oddly the FTSE 250, 12 Oct 1992, is clearer with tr Uranus in an insecure square to Mars when the slide started and continuing on to square Uranus at the moment rattling a Cardinal T Square which will continue to be in a state of upheaval through 2015.

In some ways the original London Stock Exchange chart, 3 March 1801, is almost the best with Pluto at 4 Pisces square Mars at 6 Gemini catching the tr Neptune hard aspects; and the trigger of tr Saturn conjunct its Neptune in September.

Sorry if this is all a touch arcane. Stock Market prediction is notoriously tricky but I just thought it was a good point to check out which charts worked and which didn't. The Dow Jones which is also slumping has tr Neptune square its Gemini Sun so more obvious. Though that has been running off and on since 2013 so again pin pointing a time not simple.
David Greenglass - betrayed his country and family  From: Marjorie(16 Oct 2014 16:14): 
David Greenglass has died, a convicted spy for the soviets whose false testimony sent his sister Ethel Rosenberg to the electric chair in 1953. Ethel's husband Julius who was guilty of passing atomic bomb secrets to Russia was also executed. In reality it was Greenglass's wife who typed the stolen documents and he lied to save her condemning his sister. A charmer.

Greenglass, born 2 March 1922, was a Sun Uranus Venus in Pisces trine Pluto in Cancer. With two wide-ish Yods of Neptune sextile Jupiter inconjunct Venus and Neptune sextile North Node inconjunct Sun. And his Neptune opposed Mercury - so controlling and fairly Piscean/Neptunian - slippery. His Mars in Sagittarius was square Uranus Sun so he liked excitement.
His Saturn was conjunct his sister's Libra Sun Venus which seems fairly apt. She was born 25 Sept 1915 and was a Sun Venus in Libra square Pluto; with a difficult Mercury probably opposition Aries Moon square Mars Saturn in Cancer - a difficult life which treated her unfairly.
Her husband Julius, 12 May 1918 was a Sun Taurus trine Mars in Virgo and square Uranus in Aquarius - so impulsive, rebellious.
Ethel's relationship chart with her brother David had a friendly composite Sun Mercury Venus conjunction trine Saturn possibly trine Moon - so a mix of hot and cold. When she was executed tr Saturn Neptune were possibly opposition the composite Moon which might make sense of a clearly damaged family; and square Ethel's natal Mars.
Greenglass said he never regretted what he'd done.
Richard Flanagan - a talented Capricorn honouring his father  From: Marjorie(15 Oct 2014 14:59): 
The Australian novelist Richard Flanagan has won the Man Booker with his novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North set during the construction of the Thailand-Burma Death Railway in World War Two. It was based partly on his father's experiences there who died recently at 98, the day he finished writing it. The judges said it is a "remarkable love story as well as a story about human suffering and comradeship".
Born I January 1961 in Tasmania, he's a Sun Mercury Jupiter in Capricorn in a Half Grand Sextile - opposition Mars in Cancer; with Sun Mercury Jupiter trine Pluto North Node, sextile Neptune and Mars trine Neptune sextile Pluto. His Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn; his Uranus opposes Venus in Aquarius; and his Moon is late Gemini or Cancer. So certainly talented, confident, lucky, determined, practical, driven to a degree by anger (Mars Pluto) and the desire to make a difference (Jup Sat).
He has an especially strong 'major writer's' 21st Harmonic with a Grand Cross and an Air Grand Trine. And also strong creative 5H and 7H as well as the obsessive dream 11H.
At the moment his Solar Arc Jupiter is opposing his Pluto giving him a confidence boost. Though since his Saturn is five degrees later than his Jupiter his life's pattern will tend to be luck/success and then difficulties as transits hit that Saturn which in his case will be from 2015 onwards for several years. Possibly the next novel will be a protracted struggle since this one took 10 years and five major re-writes to get a finished book.
Jocelyn Stevens - a piranha to the end  From: Marjorie(15 Oct 2014 14:57): 
Jocelyn Stevens known none-too-affectionately as 'piranha teeth' has died who was a significant figure in UK newspapers and latterly in English Heritage and the RCA. He revelled in his image as a posh bully and stories of his temper are legendary - typewriters out of windows, firing staff over the intercom etc.
Born 14 Feb 1932 his chart bears striking similarities to Patrick Leigh Fermor's with its Sun Mars Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus(see post below). Though Fermor was more Saturnine. Stevens had Jupiter in flamboyant Leo opposition his Aquarius planets probably squaring onto a Taurus Moon so not short of confidence or chutzpah.
His mother died shortly after his birth for which his father never forgave him so he grew up rich and isolated (apart from maids, nannies, chauffeurs etc). So both had emotionally distant parents.
His focal point Moon would certainly suit him for a public career. And he had a knack of cost cutting ruthlessly which did improve the businesses he was in. He had Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto widely square Uranus so was an innovator. Though being popular was never his style.
Women sex offenders - Scorpio Eclipse  From: Marjorie(12 Oct 2014 11:15): 
Two female teachers in Louisiana USA are being charged with - in one case with sex with an under age minor and being involved with group sex with another 17 year old, who said he consented.
They usefully issued the arrest documents which gave birth data. Shelley Defresne, 12 Sep 1982 and Rachel Respess, 29 June 1990.

SD is a Sun Virgo square Neptune, sextile Mars in Scorpio with a Cancer Moon perhaps square Saturn Pluto in Libra. Her Venus sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio and squares Uranus.

RR is a Sun Mercury in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn; with Jupiter in Cancer opposition Saturn square Mars in Aries. Her probably Libra Moon may square Uranus (Neptune) and trine Venus in Gemini.

Both have strong 12th Harmonics suggesting they may have been victims themselves and even stronger self-destructive 16th Harmonics in both cases with a Yod.

The Cancer Sun/Moon is interesting - mothering instincts gone badly wrong. RR has a Mars square Saturn and SD has Venus and Neptune both = Mars/Saturn midpoint. So a streak of cruelty.

I'm not sure what the general astrological impetus is for more of these cases surfacing. Maybe Uranus square Pluto as Sakoian & Acker suggest. Woman have always been the hidden factor in child sexual abuse, not as frequent as men but there, just not reported.
Plus of course the Scorpio Eclipse coming up - when these eclipses come round something usually nasty erupts. Now that I look Rosemary West went on trial one day before a 0 degree Scorpio Eclipse in 1995 in the UK - that was for multiple murders of teenage girls but there was heavy sexual abuse involved as well. Her husband had previously hanged himself in prison. The UK was thoroughly sickened through that trial.

Malala - hyper-active with an educational Yod  From: Marjorie(11 Oct 2014 17:44): 
Malala Yousafzai has become the youngest Nobel Peace prize winner ever for her struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education. She was shot and critically injured in her home town in Pakistan after speaking out against the Taliban. She came to the UK for rehabilitation and remains there with her family who were also threatened with reprisals.
She has continued her activism speaking last year at the UN, meeting HM Queen Elizabeth, and Barack Obama with whom she raised the question of drone strikes. Reception in Pakistan is mixed, some seeing her as a western dupe and sections of the Taliban calling her an infidel and an obscenity.
Born 12 July 1997 she's a Sun Cancer opposition Neptune square Saturn in Aries widely opposition Mars (Moon) in Libra - so oodles of initiative from all that Cardinal energy, impulsive, scattered, Her Mercury in Leo opposes Uranus - so outspoken. Her Venus in Leo opposes Jupiter - so charming and sociable. She's also got a Yod of Saturn in self reliant Aries sextile Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius inconjunct a Virgo North Node which is perfect for education.
She started blogging anonymously for the BBC when she was 11. Her profile rose in following years when her Solar Arc Jupiter was square her Pluto - though that always carries a slight earning about over confidence.
She will never have a calm uncomplicated life with what is effectively a Cardinal Grand Cross pulling her in all directions but she will be constantly active. She will experience turbulence as tr Uranus squares her Sun and conjuncts her Saturn in 2015/16, followed by the tr Pluto square aspects. So continual challenges for years to come.
Though tr Uranus sextile her Jupiter as well as conjunct her Saturn in 2015/16 could see breakthrough opportunities for her; with more progress when tr Pluto trines her North Node in 2018/19.
Her relationship with Pakistan is mixed. Her pro-active Mars is conjunct the Pak 1st house Neptune so she'll expose their weakness. But her Sun is closely conjunct the Pak 10th house Moon so she's obviously a significant influence for women and could be very valuable if they would let her.
The relationship chart with Pakistan is affectionate at one level but also contains within it the seeds of revolution or rebellion since there's a composite Uranus opposition Pluto which is being triggered right through till 2017.
Patrick Leign Fermor - unemployable talent  From: Marjorie(10 Oct 2014 18:20): 
Patrick Leigh Fermor, once described as "a cross between Indiana Jones, Graham Greene and James Bond" has had his book about one of his more daring WW11 exploits published three years after his death. He captured and kidnapped a German general, evaded detection and got him to Cairo.
Born 11 Feb 1915 he was the 'wild and wilful child' of distant parents, expelled from several schools and was reckoned to be 'hopeless, idle, easily distracted, unemployable'. He became a decorated war hero, brilliant conversationalist, historian, Hollywood scriptwriter and perhaps the finest travel writer of his generation.
As a very young man in the 1930s he resolved to travel on foot from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul living on just £5 a month - part wandering scholar, part tramp, to decide what to do with his life. By the time the war came he spoke four languages fluently and many others passably so went into special operations.
He fell in love after the war with Joan Rayner with whom he had a (non-exclusive) relationship for 20 years before marrying her and staying together for 35 years till her death.
He was a Sun Aquarius trine Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Cancer; with a Mars Uranus conjunction in Aquarius so depressive, bleak, tough, excitable, keen on adventure and risk, stubborn.
What is interesting is the relationship with his eventual wife Joan, born 5 February 1912. They are practically a mirror image of each other. He was Sun Aquarius trine Saturn; she was Sun Aquarius square Saturn. He had Mars Uranus conjunct while she had Mars trine Uranus. Both had Venus in Capricorn. He had a Capricorn Moon while hers was in Virgo. Both Air Earth personalities so they'd understand where the other was coming from. Emotionally cool but impulsive.
Their relationship chart has a composite Venus opposition Pluto square Mars in Aries; and Uranus trine Saturn, sextile Mars - so as much anger and aggravation as passion, never boring.
Patrick Modiano - reclusive Sun Pluto in Leo  From: Marjorie(09 Oct 2014 17:34): 
French novelist Patrick Modiano has won the Nobel prize for Literature. Not known or much translated until recently outside his own country he has been writing since his 20s about memory, identity and the occupation of France in World War 11.
He was born 30 July 1945 10.30pm Boulogne-Billancourt, Fr to a father of Jewish Italian origins and a Belgian actress mother. His father was absent during his childhood, his mother often away on tour and a brother to whom he was close died aged 10.
He has a hard working 6th house Sun Pluto in Leo which sits midway between a 3rd house Mars in Gemini trine Neptune- so a troubled relationship with a difficult father. Odd how often Sun Plutos have absent fathers rather than controlling ones - well the father is outside their control altogether really which is just a different facet of the energy.
His Aries Moon is sextile Venus and square Saturn so a charming but not indulgent mother.
His Mercury in Virgo on his Descendant squares Mars and is conjunct his Sun/Jupiter and Jupiter/Pluto midpoints so he has confidence in his ability to write and communicate. Though with Pluto conjunct his Mercury/Saturn midpoint his themes tend to be heavy and sad.
His 7th and 21st Harmonics are not surprisingly strong. The 7H connects Saturn to Moon, Mars and Pluto - so again angry and bleak. His writers' 21st Harmonic is more upbeat connecting Uranus Venus and Jupiter as well as Mercury, Saturn, Midheaven.
Michael Mori - Libra, Sag, Aquarius lawyer  From: Marjorie(08 Oct 2014 13:10): 
Michael Mori was a US military defense lawyer for Guantanamo Bay detainee Australian David Hicks who was picked up in an Afghanistan Al Quaeda training camp in 2001. Mori won plaudits from civil liberties and legal groups globally, but was subsequently passed over for promotion. He finally made Lt Col but is now out of the Marine Corps in private practice.
Born 4 Oct 1965 Beverly, Massachusetts he has a fair minded Libra Sun Mercury, a typical lawyer's sign, with (probably) a humanitarian Aquarius Moon that isn't scared to shock. He's also got the Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn of his mid 1960s rebellious generation.
What's interesting about his chart are two quincunxes - Sun inconjunct Saturn; and Jupiter in Cancer inconjunct crusading Mars in Sagittarius (the other lawyerly sign). Though these 150 degree aspects create strain, making it tricky to fit easily into the environment they have a strength in that the outsider can see what others don't. So not scared to march to a different drumbeat.

David Hicks, now free from a largely suspended sentence, was born 7 Aug 1975 Adelaide, AU so is a New Moon in Leo with an impulsive, adventurous Jupiter in Aries opposition Uranus square Saturn in Cancer; and an argumentative Mars in Scorpio opposition North Node square Mercury in Leo. A focal point Fixed sign Mercury is single track minded, dogmatic, wilful. Equally a Cardinal Saturn on the point of a T Square can be domineering and overly impatient, and also suffers from anxieties and setbacks in early adult life.
That Cardinal T Square had moved by Solar Arc to hard aspect his Fixed T Square when he went to Afghanistan and was arrested in 2001. With tr Uranus also hard aspecting the Fixed T Square.

Hicks's Pluto is conjunct Mori's Libra Sun so he undoubtedly had a transforming effect on Mori's life though also making him feel trapped. Their relationship chart had a workmanlike composite Sun Mercury trine Saturn. But also a Jupiter opposition Neptune square Mars - so quite a few ideals, illusions, delusions and aggravations.
Shrien Dewani - more minuses than pluses ahead  From: Marjorie(08 Oct 2014 13:07): 
Shrien Dewani standing trial for orchestrating the death of his wife on honeymoon four years ago in South Africa, was born 29 Dec 1979. He's a Sun Capricorn trine Jupiter Mars in Virgo with a Taurus Moon. So earthy, ambitious, enthusiastic, indulgent, hard working especially with Saturn also in Virgo. I've never thought there was anything too significant in his chart pointing to a murderous streak. Though a birth time and houses could alter that somewhat. But all the same I'd have expected to find more.
Presumably the prosecution will explain how he managed to step off a plane and nobble the first taxi driver he met to set up a hit? Sounds far fetched unless he had a buddy already there.
His way ahead looks stressed with tr Pluto in a challenging and trapped trine to his Mars till late 2015, plus some undermining Neptune transits to mid points. He does have some lucky relief through 2015 so not all gloom. Though he has a seriously unpleasant, scary, frustrated Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Pluto in 2016. There may be a trial and then an appeal which could drag it out. [see previous posts].
France - a Saturnine lesson  From: Marjorie(07 Oct 2014 14:37): 
France's failing sclerotic economy is now deemed to be the Achilles' Heel of the EU (apart from Italy) - and with Germany creaking badly with lower exports it could get ugly again.
France, 21 Sept 1792 3.30pm Paris, does have a Fixed chart with Mars in Scorpio MC square Uranus in Leo opposition Pluto and Saturn in Taurus opposition Jupiter so change doesn't come easily. Though I suspect it's also its deeply buried and deeply bureaucratic Sun Mercury in Virgo in the 8th with Venus in Libra also 8th. The country is tottering under the weight and cost of its bloated public sector, twice that of Germany, and over generous benefits/health system. Any time there's an attempt at reform the pitchforks come out and the authorities back down.
Interestingly France's Virgo Sun is exactly conjunct the EU Ascendant so to some degree it mirrors the EU image. France's Neptune Jupiter is also conjunct the EU's Neptune Jupiter - so common delusions. France's Saturn falls in the EU 8th - so a drag on joint finances. France's Pluto falls in the EU 5th so a major player who demands status and attention. Those last two might well be a pointer to France's determined demands to subsidise their farmers against all sense in the Common Agricultural Policy.
There's a raft of tr Saturn hard aspects to various of the relationship charts and France's own in Oct/Nov and beyond - so maybe there will be a few feet put down hard.
Tr Saturn is moving to square the France Uranus opposition Pluto in October and then conjunct MC Mars in November which does suggest high tensions, frustrations, blockages and really bad temper.
The France/EU relationship chart has tr Saturn just off the conjunction to the composite Sun and moving to conjunct the composite Pluto in November and Mars by the New Year. So definitely fractious.
The same goes for the France/Germany chart with tr Saturn just a degree past the conjunction to the composite Sun and moving to square Jupiter, conjunct Mercury and Venus in Nov/Dec. So the old allies for whom the EU was meant to be a healing force pulling apart from than somewhat.
Steve Martin - Leo with a Scorpio Moon  From: Marjorie(07 Oct 2014 14:36): 
Actor, comic, writer and musician Steve Martin is to be awarded the American Film Institute's life achievement award. He's been working almost flat out since the late 1960s, starting in stand up, winning his first Emmy as a write aged 23 and on and on and on.
He was born 14 August 1945 5.54 am Waco, Texas, with an aspiring actor as a father whom he said he hated in his teens. He has Pluto conjunct his Leo Ascendant with a Leo Sun also in his 1st house which is sextile a zany, volatile Mars Uranus in Gemini. He does have tricky Moon influences with a 4th house Scorpio Moon, square Pluto, trine a 12th house Venus in Cancer (conjunct Saturn), sextiling onto Mercury in Virgo - so expressing all that emotional intensity and angst through his Mercury. He also has Jupiter in Virgo conjunct Neptune in Libra.
Tr Jupiter has just crossed his Ascendant so giving his confidence a boost and his Solar Arc MC is conjunct his North Node in Cancer.
North Korea - the monster swallows its tail  From: Marjorie(06 Oct 2014 11:37): 
There are murmurings from North Korea that Kim Jong Un's cheese-induced gout may be a cover up for a coup within the country, with him remaining as the puppet prince. One thought is that the Organisation and Guidance Department have taken over. According to insiders it has always been at the heart of the NK totalitarian system, making key policy decisions and supporting the one Dear Leader since it started on 15 Sept 1948. Kim Jong-il headed it until his death in 2011.
Since Kim Jong Un's uncle was despatched last year as a traitor and his aunt followed behind, the feeling is that power has shifted to Hwang Pyong-so the present head (born 1949), who also seems to control the army.
Kim Jong-Un's leadership has certainly had a very bumpy ride since it started on 29 December 2011 11.57 am with the Uranus square Sun Pluto in Capricorn moving to exact by transit. A few months ago Solar Arc Saturn opposed the Jupiter exactly curbing enthusiasm and creating setbacks. The uncertain 12th house Moon Neptune conjunction has also been made more so by transits and Solar Arcs.
This October's Scorpio Solar Eclipse hits the Leadership wobbly Jupiter opposition Saturn head on. And next year's March Pisces Solar Eclipse falls conjunct the Leadership chart Ascendant so we may see a new facet of the internal power struggle then.
Malaysia 370 - Eclipses and Neptune  From: Marjorie(06 Oct 2014 11:34): 
The next phase of the search for the missing Malaysian Flight 370 is beginning with the first of three ships trawling the depths of the southern Indian Ocean, north west of Perth, AU, with specialised sonar equipment. They say it may take a year.
There's a faint chance that this October's Aries/Libra Lunar Eclipse might just produce some results - though it could as equally just point to this new initiative.
The take-off 8 March 2014 12.41am Kuala Lumpur has Pluto opposition Jupiter square Uranus which will catch the Lunar Eclipse Aries Moon Uranus and Neptune, Saturn are returning to their Eclipse positions, with Pluto ditto by the end of the year. The April 2015 Libra/Aries Lunar Eclipse could also prove a catalyst. And the Sept 2015 Solar Eclipse in Virgo will oppose the take off chart's Pisces Sun.
Having said that it may well prove to be an unsolved mystery with tr Neptune now into the take-off 4th squaring the 7th house Moon by next year which looks like confused and disappointed relatives.
Putin's hero - Russia's heavy history  From: Marjorie(04 Oct 2014 17:54): 
As Putin tries singlehandedly to resurrect the bad old days in Russia or push it back into its glorious past as he sees it, there's a prospect of a new statue being erected to Felix Dzerzhinsky. The previous one was torn down in 1989.

Dzerzhinsky established Cheka, the Soviet secret police force, forerunner to the KGB on which Putin served. Cheka was notorious for mass summary executions, performed especially during the Red Terror and the Russian Civil War. And does he ever have a chart that reflects just how cruel he was!
Born 11 September 1877 2.15am Vilnius, Lithuania he had an 8th house Mars Saturn in Pisces opposition Sun square a 5th house Jupiter. Mars Saturn = assassinations amplified in the 8th all focussing onto a grandstanding 5th house. Plus he had an iron-control Pluto in Taurus in the 10th trine Sun, square Uranus. So liked his own way and would turn everything upside down to get it. With Neptune in Taurus also in the 10th opposition a Scorpio Moon - Neptune which can be cosmically cold at its nastiest.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oligarch whom Putin imprisoned for ten years on fraud in what most believed was a politically motivated trial has said Putin can't last for ever. Once he goes then all bets are off. Putin's Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10pm Moscow, does indicate major wobbles within weeks if not months as the Solar Arc Uranus squares Pluto exactly; plus there's an undermining tr Neptune square Mars/Neptune and then opposition Mars into early 2015; with tr Saturn dampening his enthusiasm and confidence this month as well.
But no one seriously expects him to tumble any time soon. Indeed he looks on a high by 2016 with Solar Arc Sun conjunct Jupiter. There's every possibility he could stand again and win another six years in 2018. So Khodorkovsky could have a long wait.
Andreas Fransson - an extreme life  From: Marjorie(04 Oct 2014 17:53): 
Andreas Fransson, the Swedish extreme skier has died in an avalanche in Patagonia. He made near-impossible descents of mountain faces, his speciality being slopes of up to 60 degrees (the steepest black run will be no more than 30 degrees). Considered the boldest skier of his generation, he was an extreme climber as well as skier, and an explorer of unvisited mountains around the world.
Born 15 April 1983 he had an almost perfect see-saw chart with all planets being contained within two sextiles opposite one another across the zodiac. His Aries Sun was opposition Pluto Saturn; his Mars in Taurus was opposition Saturn in Scorpio; his Venus in Gemini was opposition Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius; his Neptune in Sag was opposition North Node in Gemini. His Taurus Moon Mercury were the only two planets not in an exact opposition.
Certainly ultra-determined and able to put up with hardship, a risk-taker/gambler with Jupiter Uranus - and constantly struggling to find balance within himself.
His Solar Arc Mars was moving to oppose his Uranus now which is accident prone.
Alan Henning - exuberant Leo with a Saturnine Yod  From: Marjorie(04 Oct 2014 17:52): 
Alan Henning, the latest hostage to be killed by ISIS on video was born 15 Aug 1967 in Manchester, England. He seemed a terribly nice, helpful taxi driver turned aid worker.
He was a Sun Jupiter Mercury in Leo so upbeat and those were trine a self-reliant Saturn in Aries possibly trine a Sagittarius Moon - so an inspirational Fire Grand Trine. His Leo planets were square Mars Neptune in Scorpio so impulsive, idealistic, not always practical. His Uranus Pluto in Virgo probably squared his Moon and were sextile Mars Neptune so keen to step out of the mould to make a difference.
What is more pointed is a Yod from Venus sextile Mars inconjunct Saturn in Aries. The first two hostage victims Foley and Sotloff had Yods on their chart with focal point Mars and Foley has a second Yod with focal point Saturn.
Yods always create strain making the individual feel they don't quite 'fit' into their environment. Saturn especially on the focal point can indicate a stressed life. Others who had this placing - Sebastian Junger the war photojournalist; Rebekah Brooks, the Murdoch editor; Sofie Grabol, the Killing actress; Prince Johann Friso, killed in an avalanche; Paul Walker Fast and Furious actor killed in car crash. The first three of those are still thriving but it takes effort with a strained Saturn.
George Clooney - mixed messages  From: Marjorie(03 Oct 2014 13:10): 
George Clooney's bizarrely public and hugely extravagant wedding (several millions cost) did seem to be making a statement. Though quite what? His wife is a human rights lawyer yet stepped out in some questionable couture of knicker-baring length - not quite Kardash trash but a multi-page Hello spread does not inspire confidence. [Silly question - how do you keep cream beige floor-sweeping length trousers clean? Wear once and throw away.]
If he wants to become a liberal Democrat icon, it's an odd way to make an entrance.
His astrocartography, if birth time accurate, is no help with political predictions. Schwarzenegger has his Jupiter MC line through California. Reagan (4.15am being accurate) had Jupiter MC through USA east coast. Obama has his Jupiter MC through mid to eastern USA. It's not a hard and fast indicator - GWB for instance doesn't have any of the above - but it would undoubtedly help.
Clooney has said recently he is freer to have an influence as a non-politico and he's probably right.
He undoubtedly wants to make a difference with a Saturn Jupiter conjunction and a strongly aspected Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius. He also got a heavily aspected 13th Harmonic so being a helper/healer may be his way to go.
With a mid Sagittarius Midheaven he is rising towards a time of more responsibility certainly from 2017 onwards. But with his Solar Arc Pluto squaring his Moon in 2015 and then his Saturn in 2017 there will be blockages and setbacks. 2020 might just be too late for him with tr Saturn aiming for his Ascendant.
I can't really see it - he's an actor, an orator and a helper, not a leader.
Deborah of Devonshire - not all gilt and furs  From: Marjorie(02 Oct 2014 17:42): 
Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire has died, 31 March 1920. Though her life sounds straight out of Downton Abbey it was not easy. She was the last of the Mitford girls, sixteen years younger than her eldest sister, born into a family where her father thought girls didn't need educating.
Her husband, a second son, unexpectedly inherited Chatsworth House, the family estate, after his brother was killed. They had seven children of whom four died shortly after birth. Her husband was an alcoholic who had multiple affairs. She spent her life restoring the house, improving the garden and organising money making schemes as well as being involved with the Queen's art collection.
She was a Sun Aries with (probably) a Virgo Moon Saturn opposition Uranus so not an easy childhood or adult emotional life. She had a Water Grand Trine of Mars in Scorpio trine Uranus trine Pluto - so private, self protective, creative, healing for others if not for herself. All that anger channelled into Moon Saturn in Virgo - she created a house.
She had Jupiter Neptune in Leo trine Sun and square Mars and Venus Mercury in Pisces. What seems wonderful about her was that she came across as an exceptionally nice person despite having quite a burden to bear.
Lynsey de Paul - Gemini and Taurus  From: Marjorie(02 Oct 2014 17:40): 
Singer songwriter Lynsey de Paul has died suddenly aged 64. She wrote prolifically from the 1970s onwards for others and herself - 'Sugar Me', 'Won't Someone Dance with Me' etc. She won two Ivor Novella Awards and appeared on Eurovision Song Context for the UK. She also produced a self defence dvd to help victims of domestic violence. She never married but lived for some years with actor James Coburn and was associated with several celebrity lovers.
Born 11 June 1950, she had a violent father, from whom she finally escaped and changed her name. She was a Sun Gemini (often a pop singers' sign) which was in a downbeat square to Saturn in hard working Virgo and also in an assertive/angry square to Mars in Virgo. Her Sun was trine Neptune and sextile Pluto - so a powerful influence.
She had Venus and Mercury both in Taurus, again often a singer's sign since it rules the throat. Her Jupiter was in a lucky trine to Uranus.
I used to have her birth time and from memory there were several 8th house planets. Putting Aquarius on the Ascendant with a midnight birth would give Sun Uranus in the performing 5th; and Saturn Mars Neptune in the 8th which might fit. Plus an intense Pluto in the 7th. She was quite a fire cracker, very intense but clearly finding close relationships tricky.
Upcoming Eclipses - better than the last lot  From: Marjorie(02 Oct 2014 17:39): 
The Total Lunar Eclipse coming on October 8th at 15 degrees Aries/Libra does look powerful with Moon Uranus opposition Sun Venus North Node Square Pluto - so picking up the revolutionary, de-stabilising Uranus Pluto square. However it also has an inspirational, confident Fire Grand Trine of Moon Uranus trine Jupiter in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius, formed into a Kite with Moon Uranus opposition Sun Venus. It thus puts charming Sun Venus into the driving seat and will provide high energy which needs to find an outlet either through physical or creative activity. It'll be about breaking old moulds and doing something radically different.

The 23rd October Partial Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio is in a Saros Series which Bernadette Brady describes as: impulsive, passionate and exciting. Much socialising involved and more motivation for financial projects or for relationships. This is in contrast to last April's Taurus Solar Eclipse which signified wasted energy, nothing much worked as planned.
This Scorpio Eclipse is conjunct Venus trine Neptune so soft, seductive, artistic, kind. Admittedly that trine does have Mars in late Sagittarius as a midpoint so it won't be all drifting and dreaming.

Both of the Eclipses could provide a useful impetus though obviously it depends if they aspect planets in an individual chart.
Denzel Washington - good for the long haul  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:53): 
Denzel Washington's latest film The Equalizer has opened to good box office and not so great reviews. One industry commentator said he was the most consistently bankable star over three decades.
Born 28 Dec 1954 12.09 am Mount Vernon, New York, he has a quick witted 3rd house Sun Mercury in Capricorn and a detached entertaining 5th house Aquarius Moon which is square Saturn (Venus) in Scorpio in the financial 2nd. Two things mark out his chart - one is a lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer in his 10th suggesting an out-of-the-ordinary career which brings him increasing respect as he grows older. The second is the Water Grand Trine formed by Jupiter Uranus trine Venus trine a hard working Mars in Pisces in his 6th. So talented, creative, private, self protective.
His career is at its lowest ebb with tr Saturn going through his 2nd and if this is as bad as it gets he's doing well. He looks to be going strong for many years to come.
UK Conservatives - twanging like an overstrung harp  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:51): 
The UK Conservative Party are having a difficult conference with absconding members and one sex scandal to keep the media engaged. Tr Saturn on their Scorpio Sun, 12 Nov 1867, did indicate less than rapturous times but that will pass quickly. They still have tr Neptune squaring their Mercury through 2015 for misspeaks and communication glitches, as well as unclear policies. What is more worrying for them, quite literally is their Neptune in Aries square Uranus in Cancer which is being plucked and twanged by tr Uranus into 2015 and by tr Pluto till late 2015. So high levels of tension with continuing pressure for major changes.
Tr Saturn in Sagittarius will be criss crossing the conjunction to their Venus Mars Mercury around the election time which doesn't look too upbeat.
Their Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct their Node in Virgo in 2015 which is difficult to pin down meaning-wise. On the upside more spiritual understanding, on the downside self deceit.
Ashraf Ghani - Afghanistan new hand on the tiller  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:50): 
Ashraf Ghani took over as the new President of Afghanistan from Hamid Karzai on 29 September 2014 around 11 am. He upset conservatives in his opening address by publicly naming and thanking his wife for her support. Karzai's wife a gynaecologist was never seen.
His Presidency chart has Moon Mars conjunct the Ascendant so an assertive administration not scared of an argument. The Sun is in the 10th along with good PR Venus with Sun opp Uranus square a 2nd house Pluto - so money a key issue. Neptune square Mars Moon so perhaps a hint too much attention to publicity and not always practical which is backed up by Saturn in the 12th.

His birth date is uncorroborated but may be 12 Feb 1949 making him a Sun Aquarius opposition Pluto with Mars in Pisces opposition Saturn; and Jupiter in Capricorn square Neptune. So if accurate he's tough enough though not always lucky with an impractical streak. The Mars on this chart is conjunct the Afghanistan 1919 chart's Midheaven; with his Uranus in the 1st conjunct Asc and Jupiter in the 8th - so he could be a reforming force for good.

Afghanistan looks discouraged this November/December with tr Saturn square the Leo Sun, opposition Moon, conjunct Node and square Uranus so he'll have to rouse all his enthusiasm over the start of his term. But tr Uranus is moving into the 11th from early 2015 so hints of new directions being taken.
CY Leung HK leader - a Hollande clone  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 16:49): 
CY Leung, leader of Hong Kong has been calling on protesters to clear the streets. He was born on the same day as Francois Hollande, 12 Aug 1954, which does not give much hope for his chances. Tr Saturn is square his Sun Pluto in Leo conjunction over this uprising, running through till November so he isn't going to get unblocked anytime soon.
He took up his position on 1 July 2012 when the Uranus Pluto square was exact and tied into a tight T square to the Cancer Sun within a degree of the other two. Tr Neptune is reversing towards the square to his Jupiter within three weeks so disappointment there maybe on the financial front.

The civil disobedience plan was agreed at 1.40am 28 September in Hong Kong which puts an unhappy and determined populace Moon Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th; with a grandstanding Mars in the 5th. There's confidence galore with Jupiter in Leo in the 1st and reforming ideas with Uranus in the 9th. Good, intelligent communication with Sun in the 3rd. Though a tough slog with Pluto in the 6th. Neptune in the 8th perhaps indicates the effect on HK's international finance business not prospering under the threat of disruption.

CY Leung's relationship with Xi Jinping is a mix of friendly and deceptive/disruptive. It's under particular pressure from the tr Uranus square tr Pluto this year though till late 2016 and beyond.
Hong Kong - broken promises  From: Marjorie(30 Sep 2014 09:21): 
When Hong Kong moved from the Brits to the Chinese on 1 July 1997 12am the then Chinese President promised a 'one country two systems' policy which guaranteed HK's way of life for 50 years. So no surprises there was unrest when Xi Jinping, the present increasingly patriarchal Chinese President effectively stitched up the 2017 elections in advance by decreeing only acceptable candidates would be allowed to stand.

When Xi Jinping took over power on 14 March 2013 Pluto was moving through HK's 10th with a Mars Uranus conjunction conjunct the HK Aries Ascendant; with both tr Pluto and tr Uranus hitting on the HK Cancer Sun square Mars in Libra - so it was always going to be a struggle for power and a rebellious mix with HK determined to display its independence.
Xi Jinping may have decided to have this fight early but he's now boxed into a corner since police brutality is likely to harden demonstrators' attitudes. Yet he can't afford to be seen to back down because of the spin off for mainland China. Heaven forfend the peasants there should get uppity ideas about open democracy.

Born 1 June 1953 he's a Sun Jupiter in Gemini with Mars sextile Pluto; and a Cardinal T Square of Uranus opposition Moon square Saturn Neptune opposition Venus (shades of Tony Blair). He's made enemies with his anti-corruption drive and he does seem to be in a panicky, sliding few years with tr Neptune square his Jupiter Sun till 2017 and tr Uranus hitting his Cardinal Grand Cross from this year with tr Pluto to follow.

His Presidency chart, 14 March 2013 11.51 am Beijing has Pluto in the 7th so power-struggling and intense neighbourly relations and that is being stressed at the moment; with further major wobbles coming by 2016 when Uranus moves by Solar Arc to square the Pluto. So HK could turn out to be his Achilles Heel.

Relations between HK and China will worsen dramatically in 2016 as tr Neptune opposes the composite Mars.
At the moment on the HK 1997 chart the Solar Arc MC has moved to exactly square the HK Saturn and trine Moon - so pitting the authorities against the people. There'll be disappointment in 2015; more resistance to reform in 2016 and by 2017/18 not much indication of independence, more an indecisive drift internally.
Dennis Kimetto - making use of his Mars Pluto  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:09): 
Kenyan runner, Dennis Kimetto has set a new world record for the marathon bringing the possibility of an under two hour marathon tantalisingly close at some point ahead. Just six years ago he was a poor farmer in Africa and only started competitive running two years ago.
Born 22 Jan 1984 he's a Sun Aquarius square Mars Pluto in Scorpio with Saturn also in Scorpio - so certainly not short of a relentless, do or die determination. And what good use he's put it to! He's also got a Jupiter Neptune Mercury in Capricorn sextile Mars Pluto; with Neptune conjunct Venus in late Sagittarius - so plenty of Neptune and dreams.
John Cleese - Moon Saturn in the 8th  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:08): 
Comic John Cleese has come out with an autobiography in which he blames his 'tyrant, egotistical, emotionally difficult' mother for his subsequent problems with multiple marriages (now on his fourth) which have put him in therapy for a large part of his life.
Born 27 October 1939 3.15 am Weston Super Mare, England, he's a Sun Scorpio with Venus Mercury also in Scorpio opposition Uranus square Mars in Aquarius - so unforgiving, angry, volatile though that wouldn't all be his mother. His Sun is square Pluto as well.
His Moon aspects are certainly not wonderful with a n Aries Moon Saturn conjunction in the 8th with Moon sextile Mars. So mother would be inaccessible, emotionally distant. Saturn also squares his Sun/Moon midpoint suggesting marriages will always require effort from him.
Catalonia - causing an uproar  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:07): 
The fraught matter of the Catalonia referendum for independence is at boiling point with the Barcelona regional parliament agreeing to a public vote on November 9th and the Madrid Government saying they'll stop it.
Artur Mas the Catalonia president, 31 Jan 1956, is a Sun Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars Saturn in Sagittarius, square Neptune in Scorpio - so stubborn, keen on his cause, tough and an idealist/dreamer. With Mercury opposition Uranus forming a T Square onto Neptune making him outspoken and slightly fanatical. He's also got a confident, flashy Jupiter Pluto in late Leo square Saturn.

His chart doesn't look too hopeful with Solar Arc Mars conjunct Sun this year indicating a collision of sorts and two loss-making transits to midpoints in the coming months. Plus tr Saturn square Pluto Jupiter in December.

His chart sits very uneasily with the Spain 1975 chart with his Saturn conjunct the Spain Sun; his Uranus conjunct the Spain Saturn; his Sun Mercury square the Spain Uranus. And his Neptune conjunct the Spain Uranus in Scorpio both of which will catch the conjunction from the late October Scorpio Solar Eclipse.
His relationship chart is equally difficult with a composite Sun Venus square Saturn; and worse Pluto Mars Uranus conjunct on the focal point of a composite T Square - hostile, power struggling, rebellious.
Sepp Blatter FIFA - day of reckoning coming  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:06): 
The unlovely Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, is insisting that the corruption report into the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups should remain secret, despite growing pressure for its release from inside and outside soccer's world governing body. He appears to have plain lied about the matter not being raised in committee.
Born 10 March 1936 he is expected to stand for a fifth term as president - and win! He's a slippery Sun Saturn in Pisces opposition Neptune square Jupiter so grandiose and self righteous as well as evasive. His Sun also trines Pluto so controlling. Mercifully what may grind him to a halt is his Mars in Aries which will continue to be destabilised by tr Uranus conjunct till early 2015 and trapped by tr Pluto square. Even better, though not for him, his Solar Arc Pluto is moving to oppose his Mars in 2015 which might just put a spanner in his works.
Though his relationship chart with FIFA does not look that shaken up until 2016 when it should finally finally part company with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun.
Lynda Bellingham - sad news  From: Marjorie(29 Sep 2014 17:05): 
Lynda Bellingham, the ever smiling open-faced actress, star of the Oxo adverts and loose Women has announced she will die of cancer possibly around this Christmas.
Born 31 May 1948 3pm Montreal, Canada, she's a 9th house Gemini trine Neptune on her Ascendant in Libra, with Saturn Pluto in Leo sitting midway and sextile both. So quite a heavy feel though much travelled and with a charming persona. Her Sun squares a hard working Mars in Virgo which in turn is sextile Venus conjunct MC in Cancer. Her Venus MC square Neptune.
Her sensitive Pisces Moon in the 6th house of health is emphasised being on the focal point of a T Square to Uranus opposition Jupiter.
Tr Neptune is opposing her Mars this year and both tr Uranus and tr Pluto have been tugging on her Neptune for the last two years. So undermining and devastating.
She looks a lovely woman from her chart. What a tragedy.
George and Amal - in grand style  From: Marjorie(28 Sep 2014 10:22): 
The ever photogenic George Clooney sashayed expertly through a well-staged 7 star wedding in Venice to Amal Alamuddin. The knot was tied at sunset in Venice on 27 September 2014, with an official registration due around 12.30 midday on Sept 29th.
The 26th wedding chart has Jupiter in flashy Leo in the 5th as the glittering assembly of Hollywood celebs and family socialized in style. There were plenty of photo opportunities though the ceremony itself was strictly protected for American Vogue and a chunky charitable donation which fits a controlling Pluto in the 10th.
There's an affectionate, romantic Libra Sun conjunct Venus in late Virgo sitting around the Descendant which is very positive. Though there's also a Scorpio Moon Saturn conjunction which is less so - too much work, rather defensive when it comes to feelings.
A Fire Grand Trine of a 9th house Mars in Sagittarius trine Jupiter trine Uranus in Aries gives confidence, flare, spontaneity, adventure, high impulsiveness, not much humility.

On synastry he's a Sun Taurus, Venus in Aries, Moon Saturn in Capricorn while she is a Sun Venus in Aquarius with a Sagittarius Moon Neptune. There are some cross overs but a hint of too much Saturn and a a shying away from not much intimacy.

Their relationship chart is strong - in one sense - since it indicates a power couple. There's a composite Sun Pisces opposition Pluto which is exactly what Brad Pitt and Angelina have on their relationship chart. In this case it is even stronger being the driving rod of a composite Kite onto a highly private Water Grand Trine of Sun Mars and Neptune. So there'll be an urge to have influence, make changes in the world. He has said he may move into politics.

It'll be worth looking out to see what effect the Solar Eclipse of March 20th next year brings since it falls exactly at the degree of Pisces of their composite Sun.
Charlotte Clinton - full of fire  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2014 16:51): 
Chelsea Clinton had a baby daughter Charlotte 7.03 pm September 26 2014 in New York (Daily Mail).
This puts Pluto in the 10th conjunct MC square Uranus Ascendant opposition Ascendant North Node and 6th house Libra Sun. So she will be a figure of some influence, wanting to be in control in her life. Though it also suggests a fairly controlling, smothering mother and quite possessive father against whom she'll probably rebel given that individualistic Uranus Asc.
She'll be a hard worker with Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo in her 6th. Though also confident socially with Jupiter in Leo in the 5th and will adore children. Her Scorpio Moon falls in her 7th along with Mercury North Node in Libra so she'll want the security of a close partner though will not find intimate relationships easy with Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius in her 8th. Strong grandparental influence there.
She does have the inspirational, entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine so she will be lucky, adventurous, confident though the 8th house Mars may damp it a touch.
A 12th house Neptune trine her Moon could point to addictive tendencies in adult life. A strong 8th house might point to expertise in business finance. Her Sun Libra sits uncomfortably with an intense Scorpio Moon - so rather oddly matched parents and quite a mix of detached and emotionally intense.

Charlotte's Moon falls conjunct grandma Hillary's Sun so there will be a close connection. Her Sun is conjunct grandpa Bill's Mars Neptune Venus Asc so she'll be drawn in by his charm.

It's not an easy chart so she will have her struggles in early adult life. But she has a very communicative get-it-together 5th Harmonic; an exceptionally strong 13th which can be inventive, breaking with the orthodox, tinged with genius; and a leaving a legacy for history 17H.
UK ISIS strike vote - hope over experience  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2014 16:50): 
Just to put it on record. The UK Commons vote to allow RAF planes to bomb ISIS was taken at 5.18pm 26 Sept 2014 London. That puts an ambitious Mars in Sagittarius on the MC though in a square to indecisive, lack lustre Neptune - so perhaps more for show than anything else. Jupiter is on the Descendant - comforting for the allied coalition perhaps, good for neighbourly (western) relationships. There is a Fire Grand Trine of Jupiter trine MC Mars trine Uranus so lots of confidence, enthusiasm and high ideals, though not necessarily practicality.
Four planets including Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon and the North Node in the 8th house of national death and renewal. Just hope it's symbolic not actual.
Ebola - western Africa in its grip  From: Marjorie(27 Sep 2014 16:49): 
Ebola is devastating Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in Western Africa and the US Disease Control authority say the number of cases worldwide could explode to 1.4 million by next January if urgent measures are not taken. We have lived through these panics before which have not amounted to much in terms of western health. But it is a touch worrying given that the Saturn square Neptune is due late in 2015 which usually accompanies pandemics.
Liberia is the worst hit so far, 26 July 1847, which has tr Neptune conjunct the Saturn/Moon midpoint this year and tr Saturn about to square the Solar Arc Saturn/Neptune. Tr Pluto is square, tr Uranus opposition and Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Libra North Node. Plus there's a Capricorn Moon around 14 degrees for midday start time which is being battered by tr Pluto conjunct and tr Uranus square. Though if anything Liberia's worst time is yet to come from 2016 onwards.
Sierra Leone, 27 April 1961 12 am Freetown, has Solar Arc Saturn opposition it's Virgo Moon. And its Taurus Sun opposition Neptune has been triggered by the Scorpio/Taurus Solar Eclipses from last November, through the two this year. With the Aries/Libra Lunar Eclipse hitting on its Mars opposition Saturn. Again it looks almost worse 2015 when the Virgo Solar Eclipse will hit its Moon and through 2016/17 with tr Pluto conjunct the Capricorn Ascendant.
Guinea, 1 Oct 1958 12 am Conakry, has a blocked Solar Arc Sun square Pluto at the moment; as well as tr Pluto square MC and opposition Ascendant; and tr Neptune square Solar Arc MC. Guinea's Taurus Moon square Uranus caught this year's Solar Eclipses; and its Libra North Node the April 2014 Lunar Eclipse. Into 2015 the Guinea Venus in Virgo square Saturn will be elbowed by the Pisces/Virgo Solar Eclipses.
Not sure what any of this proves since these countries are always going through troubled times one way or another. Though this is certainly worse with their health services collapsing.
Chris Martin - attracted to blonde successes  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2014 17:01): 
Coldplay singer Chris Martin, 2 March 1977, who split recently from Gwyneth Paltrow appears to be hitching his wagon now to another blonde actress, Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence. Though a somewhat younger model born 15 Aug 1990 8.17pm Louisville Kentucky.
He's a Sun Pisces, Venus in Aries, Moon Saturn in Leo. While JL is a Sun Venus in Leo with a Gemini Moon. The Leo crossover will help though his Saturn falls midway between her Sun and Venus. It doesn't look over hopeful with his Uranus conjunct her Pluto so he'll attempt to change her opinions and her life; his Pluto falls in her 8th as it did with Gwyneth which is also a quite controlling aspect. He'll like to pull strings behind the scenes especially where joint assets are concerned. His Mars is conjunct her Ascendant so quite a feisty interface and his Jupiter is conjunct her Mars so there'll be adventure at least at the start.
But the relationship chart is running into trouble almost immediately with tr Saturn square the composite Sun in January and moving on to conjunct the composite Uranus later in the year. It looks like one of those instant attraction, fizz and pop and then switch off matches.
His relationship with Gwyneth is also sagging badly later in 2015 into 2016.
Kim Jong Un - cheesed off  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2014 17:00): 
The ever more portly unpleasant Dearest Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un appears to be suffering from a surfeit of cheese which has held him away from public performances from a few weeks - with gout or some other complaint.
His leadership chart 29 Dec 2011 11.57am P'yonggang, NKorea, does have Mars in Virgo in the 6th house of health and also Moon Neptune in the 12th which is at the moment being undermined by Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Moon and tr Moon about to conjunct Solar Arc Moon. By December and just into January tr Saturn will be square the Moon Neptune.
His birth date appears to be settled by Denis Rodman as 8 January 1983. The Mars/Uranus midpoint is 15/14 Capricorn and that is often an operation indicator, with tr Uranus in square at the moment - maybe gall stones? That Mars/Uranus will be further stressed through 2015/16 by tr Pluto conjunct.
He certainly looks less than enthusiastic in January next when tr Saturn is conjunct his Jupiter and following that his Uranus. It looks disruptive in 2015 as well with tr Uranus square his Sun with a couple of severely jolting solar arcs in 2016/17.
ISIS Strikes - Jupiter in Leo  From: Marjorie(26 Sep 2014 16:59): 
The first US strikes against ISIS initially in Iraq started in the early hours of 8 Aug 2014. A sunrise chart for that day at Irbil, Iraq puts Sun Mercury in Leo widely conjunct Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant trine Uranus.
Jupiter was in Leo last time round for the Iraq Attack on 20 March 2003 5.30 am Baghdad, though that was a much more warlike chart with Pluto MC opposition Saturn square Sun.
This one has a rather nasty Half Grand Sextile of a 4th house Mars Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune, sextile Moon Pluto in Capricorn; with Moon Pluto trine MC sextile Neptune - so it is devastating enough. Saturn is inconjunct Uranus producing strain perhaps between caution and impulsive action.
And there's a Yod of Neptune sextile Moon inconjunct Jupiter - this certainly describes the high moral ground and rightness claimed by the coalition fighting against a particularly unpleasant group. Such a focal point Jupiter can be disorganised and does require a good deal of tolerance which with a mixed bag of allies will certainly be true. Self aggrandisement is a risk.
There's a Sun square Saturn hinting at a long struggle though there will be a definite break or pause when the Sun moves to close that square to exact by Solar Arc in early 2016. By which time tr Pluto is squaring the Strike Uranus - so a definite turning point.
The latest strikes against ISIS' Syrian oil fields which have provided them with considerable income will have an effect. The ISIS 2006 chart has tr Saturn square the Saturn/Neptune midpoint and Saturn and more pointedly conjunct their Jupiter in Scorpio through this month into October which will damp their enthusiasm and slow their cash flow.
Richard Leakey & Angelina - a lively mix  From: Marjorie(24 Sep 2014 13:13): 
Angelina Jolie is going to direct Africa, a film about ivory poachers. It will focus on Richard Leakey, the controversial 69-year-old Kenyan palaeoanthropologist, conservationist and political fixer whose efforts were critical to the stemming of the ivory trade.
Leakey has had a life described by a friend as ' a stormy brew of successes, controversies and dreadful misfortunes - Amid the internecine wars, the famines, the economic catastrophes and the all-pervasive nepotism, tribalism and corruption of modern Africa, he has muscled his way to the top and become a major African figure. No other white man has achieved such success'.

Along the way he has had two kidney transplants, one liver transplant, and has lost both legs, amputated below the knee following a light aircraft crash in 1993. He has an army of admirers and as many enemies 'who regard him as wilful, wrong-headed and vain'.

Born 19 Dec 1944 4am? Nairobi, Kenya, he's an adventurous Sun Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo; with Mars also in crusading Sagittarius opposition Uranus and trine Pluto. So he's enthusiastic, confident, overly so at times, a lover of risk and excitement and very determined. He has an Air Grand Trine of Neptune trine Venus Moon in Aquarius trine Uranus, formed into a Kite by Venus Moon opposition Pluto - so a thinker, a communicator, very drive, influential, controlling, inclined to arouse hostility with such a key Pluto. He also has Saturn in Cancer opposition Mercury in Capricorn square Neptune - so a dreamer and an idealist.

Angelina Jolie says she has always been drawn to Arica and her chart relocated to Kenya puts her Moon Jupiter Mars in her 4th opposition a 10th house Pluto - so she will feel comfortable there and in control.
Her chart with a Fire Moon and three other Fire planets tunes in well with Leakey's Sagittarius Sun Mars; and his Moon Venus fall in her 7th so a good relationship. Though his Uranus is conjunct her Gemini Sun so he won't be easy to handle. Their relationship chart has a composite New Moon and a Jupiter Saturn conjunction so they make a good complementary pair and will want to create something of value. But there's also an explosive Mars opposition Uranus and a Moon opposition Pluto - so there will be arguments and perhaps some emotional pulling and pushing.
US Secret Service - needing reconstruction  From: Marjorie(24 Sep 2014 13:10): 
The US Secret Service are in trouble again with an intruder nearly making it into the White House. There have been several scandals in the last three years with previous sex and drink mishaps hitting the headlines and leading to dismissals.
The original US Secret Service was set up on 5 July 1865 in Washington so it has a 13 degree Cancer Sun square a 10 degree Neptune in Aries - hence all the recent travails with tr Pluto square tr Uranus hitting first Neptune and this year and next the Sun. Plus Solar Arc Pluto is opposition the SS Neptune this year and tr Pluto trines the SS Pluto. So a challenging time with huge pressure for change in the face of a series of meltdowns.
The US SS does of course have the same degree Cancer Sun as the USA 1776 chart and both have Saturn in Libra - so they march to the same drumbeat, though clearly both stumbling somewhat at the moment.

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