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Turkey and Russia - the fire starts crackling  From: Marjorie(24 Nov 2015 18:22): 
There's much sound and fury after Turkey shot down a Russian military plane flying in its airspace on the Syrian side of the border. Russia had already been warned by NATO to watch its step and clearly decided it was worth the risk and paid the price. Although Russia claims to be attacking ISIL, its' main target are the anti-Assad rebels (various), some of whom are Turkish allies.

This incident, commentators say, will probably subside without lighting a touch paper to World War 111. But tensions are very high and relations between Turkey and Russia look to be worsening especially in 2018/19.

Vladimir Putin's Presidential chart has tr Saturn square Mars exactly now so it was always going to be a bad tempered patch though that will pass by the year end.

Recept Erdogan's Presidential chart, 28 Aug 2014 2pm, has an unpleasant and vengeful, military Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. That has closed by Solar Arc to exact just now; with Solar Arc Sun opposition Neptune and both being squared by tr Saturn exactly now - so harsh and panicky.

The relationship chart between Putin and Erdogan is on edge at the moment, reigniting in Feb 2016 and getting jolted in March 2016. Relations will not improve in 2016; and will worsen in 2017 with a total collapse of old agreements.

Turkey which geographically sits on the borders of the present Middle Eastern chaos looks extremely edgy in 2016 and at a total and dangerous impasse in 2017 with Solar Arc Mars opposition its' Pluto. And at a complete standstill by 2020 with the tr Saturn Pluto squaring its 4th house Saturn.

NATO, of which Turkey is a member, 24 Aug 1949 11.42am Washington, DC, looks fairly paralysed and on high alert at the moment with Solar Arc Pluto square its' Mars now. Tr Saturn square tr Neptune are also in hard aspect to the NATO Virgo Moon Saturn through Nov/Dec this year and tr Neptune will return to the opposition across 2016. So uncertainty and confusion.
Tr Uranus then squares the NATO Mars from late April 2016 so high insecurity which could lead to fast action. That returns on and off till 2017. Then 2018/2019 tr Pluto opposes the NATO Mars which suggests it will be drawn into the thick of the melee. With Solar Arc Saturn square Pluto by late 2018 as well. So a very tough time ahead.
Marlene Jobert & Eva Green - talented family  From: Marjorie(23 Nov 2015 18:09): 
Marlene Jobert, is a French actress and author of children's books and others on classical music. She was an Algeria-born pied-noir - 4 Nov 1940 6.15pm Algiers -came to France as a child, married a Swedish dentist and has twin daughters, one of them an actress - Eva Green.

She has a very earthy and Fixed chart with a hard-working 6th house Scorpio Sun opposition Jupiter Saturn in Taurus square a 4th house Pluto - so controlling, tough. She also has an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus in Taurus trine a 9th house Capricorn Moon trine a 5th house Neptune; with Uranus opposition Mercury in Scorpio. So practical, talented, a good communicator, creative, lives away from her country of birth (Moon in 9th).

She has Venus in Libra beside Neptune in her performing and child-loving 5th; with Mars in Libra in the 6th square her Moon. She'll be volatile with that Moon Mars, argumentative at home; plus the emphasised 4th house Pluto making her not the easiest of people to live with.

Her actress daughter Eva Green made her debut with Bertolucci in The Dreamers in her early 20s and has worked constantly since including in Casino Royale. She was born 6 July 1980 (according to her website and Facebook) at 10.05 am in Paris.

She has a friendly 11th house Sun and Mercury in Cancer trine a 4th house Uranus sextiling onto Saturn in Virgo - so a changeable home life, with the emphasis on work. Her 9th house Aries Moon opposes Pluto and squares onto Mercury - so like her mother funnels a good deal of her energy into communication. Her Sun is also square Pluto - so she'd feel fairly controlled by both parents.

She has a charming 10th house Venus in Gemini opposition a 4th house Neptune square Saturn (Mars in 2nd) in Virgo - quite complicated dynamics around family, career and money.

She'll live abroad (away from France) in her adult life and has a long career ahead of her. Her Sun is conjunct Sirius which promises fame and wealth, though not always happiness. And her Ascendant is conjunct Regulus which also indicates wealth and prominence.

Benjamin Clementine - another triple conjunction mould breaker  From: Marjorie(23 Nov 2015 18:08): 
Benjamin Clementine has won the Mercury Prize 2015 for music with his debut album. Born in Ghana, 7 Dec 1988, he grew up in London, then left his family to sleep rough in Paris busking to eat before he made his first album. His vocal range has been compared to Nina Simone and his passionate vocal delivery to Edith Piaf.

He's another of the triple conjunction generation of Saturn Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, like Adele and several of the Paris terrorists. It was always going to produce an individualistic set of people - chaotic, highly strung, with potential for fanaticism, and for some tinged with genius.
He has a Sun Mercury in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries. Piaf - same Sagittarius Sun trine Mars in Leo. And an intense Venus Pluto Moon in Scorpio. His Mars is square Neptune Saturn Uranus - so quite volatile, suited to showbiz but used to a tough life and a rule-breaker.

His Pluto is trine a Pisces North Node, sextiling onto Neptune - so creative and musical.
Lady Colin Campbell - melodrama amongst the grubs  From: Marjorie(21 Nov 2015 18:25): 
Celebrity Jungle has been shining the spotlight on Lady Colin Campbell, the arrogantly toffish loud-mouth who loves to shock. Born 17 August 1949 to a wealthy family in Jamaica, she had a birth defect which labelled her as a boy until she went for corrective surgery in her late teens. Her father was moody with a turbulent temper and her mother was narcissistic and cruel.

A brief early marriage gave her a title which she has hung onto. She's written various books about the Royals, spilling the beans about Diana's affairs and casting aspersions about the Queen Mother's parentage amongst other titbits.

She is a Sun Pluto in Leo with Sun inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn - a hint of grandiosity and snobbery in there. Her Moon is either late Taurus or Gemini; though more likely Gemini square Saturn in Virgo which would be the cold mother; with Mercury Venus also in Virgo. Plus an excitable, overly impulsive focal point Mars in Cancer in a showbiz square to Neptune opposition North Node in Aries.

Her chart is reasonably similar to Princess Anne's, born a year later, with the Leo Sun Pluto and Saturn Mercury in Virgo.

She looks less certain than she appears at the moment with tr Neptune opposition her Saturn and tr Pluto square her Neptune. But tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint till late this month will bring her luck.
Her 2016 looks mixed with a lucky tr Uranus square Jupiter but also tr Pluto opposing her Mars which will be fraught.
Kamel Daoud - talented, brave and making a difference  From: Marjorie(21 Nov 2015 18:23): 
Kamel Daoud is an Algerian journalist and novelist whose first novel The Meursault Investigations won the Prix Goncourt amongst others. He's had a fatwa issued against him for his writings on Islam (see Saudi Arabia below).

Born 17 June 1970 in Algeria, he's a Sun Gemini square Pluto, trine Jupiter in Libra; with Pluto in a tough trine to Saturn in Taurus; and a high-adrenaline Mars in Cancer square Uranus. So a mix of communicative, determined, fair-minded and used to risk.

He's got creative quintiles linking Sun Venus and Pluto in his 5th Harmonic. His even more creative 7th Harmonic is exceptionally strong with two Grand Trines. His 'obsessive dream' 11th is also marked; as is his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H.

He's got a fairly tough 2016/17 ahead with tr Pluto trine his Saturn and into 2017 tr Saturn opposition his Sun and square his Pluto.
Saudi Arabia & Daesh/ISIL - not much difference  From: Marjorie(21 Nov 2015 18:22): 
There's an outspoken (and much-needed) piece in yesterday's New York Times by Algerian novelist Kamel Daoud. It became their most emailed story, so the pressure is building on Saudi Arabia.

'Black Daesh, white Daesh. The former slits throats, kills, stones, cuts off hands, destroys humanity's common heritage and despises archaeology, women and non-Muslims. The latter is better dressed and neater but does the same things. The Islamic State; Saudi Arabia. In its struggle against terrorism, the West wages war on one, but shakes hands with the other. This is a mechanism of denial, and denial has a price: preserving the famous strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia at the risk of forgetting that the kingdom also relies on an alliance with a religious clergy that produces, legitimizes, spreads, preaches and defends Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on.'

In military terms Saudi Arabia is training Syrian troops to combat ISIL and has suffered attacks within its own borders. But it still practices an extreme form of Islamism, this week condemning a Palestinian poet for apostasy (abandoning the Muslim faith). It also has the highest rate of executions, in the world, usually beheadings; one of only four countries that carries them out publicly.

The relationship chart between Saudi Arabia 1902/DAESH 2006 does show distinct signs of slump and separation with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on the composite Sun at 7 Sagittarius at the moment; and tr Saturn then continuing to conjunct the composite Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus in 2016/17; as well as tr Uranus conjunct the composite Neptune.

Which doesn't mean that Saudi Arabia will abandon Wahhabism or move into the 21st Century. They may just regard Daesh/Isil as a troublesome neighbour but it may become more difficult for Western leaders to offer unconditional support to Saudi Arabia in return for stratospheric defence sales, if public pressure grows.

Further thought on Daesh/Isil: Next year their Uranus at 11 degrees Pisces will be hit by a tr Neptune conjunction and squared by tr Saturn; and critically will be triggered by the September Virgo Eclipse which falls closely opposition their Uranus squaring Mars in Sagittarius. That plus tr Uranus opposition their Sun Mars will be violent and exceedingly challenging.
Not that destroying them will be the answer to all woes since there is likely to be: 1) a vacuum in Syria and Iraq which will require a political strategy of a robust variety unseen in any previous Western interferences in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. 2) The disaffected who won't be fighting in the Middle East will come back/or not leave to wreak havoc on Europe and elsewhere.
Adele - on a winning streak  From: Marjorie(20 Nov 2015 17:22): 
As light relief and to ensure normal life continues:- singer Adele has a new album out, which is amazon's most pre-ordered ever. Given that her last album sold 30 million it looks good for her.
Born 5 May 1988 2.02am London (astrotheme), she's mouthy, talks constantly, swears a lot, jokes and has been written off by critics as singing boring music. She should care.
She has Sun Jupiter in the 3rd opposition Pluto square a 1st house Mars in Aquarius so quite a heavyweight personality, pushily-confident, uncompromising and determined to go her own way.
She's also got the triple conjunction in Capricorn with Neptune trine her Sun Jupiter; and Saturn Uranus and a Sagittarius Moon all opposition Venus square a North Node in Pisces. Emotionally quite volatile. Her Venus is in the entertaining 5th.

Tr Saturn is now moving through her 10th so a peak for her, stretching on till 2020. With tr Jupiter moving through her 8th at the moment and on till late 2017 giving her business finances a boost.

Her first hit album when she was 20 came with tr Pluto conjunct her Uranus and then through what must have been dizzying and stressful success tr Pluto crossed her Saturn and more recently Neptune with tr Uranus pitching in as well. It can't have been easy for her.

At the moment tr Pluto is trine her Jupiter and will continue off and on to trine her Sun till late 2016 - so very progressive for her.
Mali shootings - Mars Pluto Uranus  From: Marjorie(20 Nov 2015 17:21): 
Another day another atrocity. This time in Mali, a former French colony in western Africa, where a breakaway Al-Quaeda group of terrorists held guests and staff hostage at a hotel favoured by westerners. 18 are reported dead so far, some of them gunmen after special forces stormed the hotel. French and US troops have recently been in the country helping to fight Islamist groups.

Mali gained independence on 20 August 1960 at 2 am GMT, capital Bamako. It has a fairly tough, unsettled chart with the Leo Sun conjunct Uranus on one side and conjunct Pluto on the other. With Pluto Venus in Virgo square Mars and trine Saturn in Capricorn.
Over the past two years tr Uranus square Pluto have been in hard aspect to the Mali Saturn though that is now past. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune have also been elbowing the Mali Pluto. The September Virgo Solar Eclipse was exactly conjunct the Mali IC, so a domestic crisis was indicated.

The attack started around 7am this morning in Bamako when Saturn was on the Ascendant square Neptune on the IC. Alongside the panic of that and perhaps more pertinently Mars in Libra, on the ingress on the day of the Paris shootings last Friday, is now moving towards the square to Pluto (Dec 6) and opposition to Uranus (Dec 11). The run up to this particular aspect is very accident prone, enraging and can be violent. And it often triggers early.
Donald Sutherland - 50 year career and more  From: Marjorie(19 Nov 2015 18:30): 
Actor Donald Sutherland is still going strong at 80 after a hugely varied and successful film and TV career and is now back hitting the headlines in the Hunger Games film series. He hit the big time playing in M*A*S*H and oddball roles in The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes.

He was born 17 July 1935 11.30am St John, NB, Canada (ADB) and has some chart. His 10th house Cancer Sun Pluto oppose the North Node and square onto Mars in Libra - so a forceful personality. His Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd opposes a whacky 8th house Uranus squaring onto a 5th house Aquarius Moon - so custom built to play crazy roles that earned him money and attention.

He also has a creative, self-protective Water Grand Trine of a 10th house Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter trine a 6th house Saturn in Pisces. That is formed into two Kites by Jupiter opposition Uranus and Saturn opposition Venus Neptune in Virgo. Just overflowing with talent though not an easy man emotionally. His son Kiefer Sutherland, also multi-talented, has had a few problems along the way.

The 6th house Saturn is interesting since he has been plagued with numerous health problems - pneumatic fever, polio, hepatitis, an appendectomy, scarlet fever and a near-death experience when he had spinal meningitis.
France - liberty won in blood  From: Marjorie(19 Nov 2015 18:29): 
The France chart is pretty stark and indeed bloodthirsty which isn't surprising since La Republique was born out of the bloody revolution of 1792. Which is also why the national anthem, the Marseillaise, is so gory - 'Let an impure blood water our furrows - To arms citizens'
It has the rebellious Uranus in Leo opposition Pluto in Aquarius squaring onto a vengeful Mars in Scorpio on the MC. 21 Sept 1792 3.30pm Paris. And a packed 8th house including the Virgo Sun and Mercury and Venus in Libra.

Oddly for a chart which has revolution embedded so firmly in the national psyche it is also excessively Fixed and quite immune to change, which is why the country is in an economic trough at the moment, seemingly incapable of reforming its sclerotic labour laws and bureaucracy.

Tr Pluto won't get anywhere near that Fixed T Square until the late 2030s, so a long ways off. Though tr Uranus in Taurus will make hard aspect in 2023/4 which will cause considerable upset, especially as it moves through the 4th thereafter causing domestic unrest and upheavals.

The major aspects coming sooner are tr Uranus trine Uranus and sextile Pluto from late March 2016 on and off for a year. That's tr Uranus moving through the 3rd so affecting transport, communications and bringing a generally highly strung mood. And tr Saturn opposition Mercury Sun in 2017 which looks more financial.

Hollande has ignored EU diktats on budget deficits to increase defence spending substantially though that should lower unemployment.

The Banque of France looks pretty stuck in 2018/19 so the defence spending may catch up with them eventually.
Paris terrorists - Fire, Yod and triple conjunction  From: Marjorie(19 Nov 2015 18:28): 
Two more Paris terrorists just to get them in the archive: Data is net sources so may be iffy.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader, was Belgian born of Moroccan descent and grew up in a neighbourhood of high unemployment amidst other Arab immigrants, He travelled to Syria and back and was killed by the French raid at St Denis today. Born 8 April 1987 he was an Aries Sun trine Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius; with a Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Jupiter - so pro-active, excitable, given to grandiosity and self-righteous beliefs.
His midpoints tie the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto into his Sun and Mars; with Mars also opposition his Saturn/Pluto. Pluto conjunct Sun/Mars; and Venus conjunct Mars/Saturn. All fairly violent.

Hasna Aitboulahcen, 12 Aug 1989, the first female suicide bomber to blow herself up in Europe, perhaps a cousin of the above, also died today. Friends remember her as a bubbly extrovert who wore cowboy hats and drank alcohol until she was radicalised. Born 12 Aug 1989 in France she was a Sun Leo square Pluto; with the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune opposition Jupiter in Cancer, trine/sextile Mars Mercury in Virgo with Venus also in Virgo. Leo would certainly like to attract attention, the Pluto hard aspect may have made her easily led. The triple conjunction is highly strung and in aspect to Mars has the potential for violence. Her North Node was in Aquarius which likes to be associated with a cause.
Jonah Lomu - a Beckham of the rugby pitch and vice versa.  From: Marjorie(19 Nov 2015 18:27): 
New Zealand rugby player, Jonah Lomu, one of the sport's greats and obviously much loved has died young. He had suffered from serious kidney problems for some years.
Born 12 May 1975 11.30 am Auckland, NZ, only ten days after footballer David Beckham interestingly enough, he had the same Taurus Sun and the same super-confident and disciplined T Square of Jupiter in Aries opposition Pluto square Saturn in Cancer.

Both had/have Mars in Pisces which is traditionally associated with dancing - or being light of foot which comes to the same thing. Lomu also had a Taurus Moon. His Neptune, often a sporting sign oddly enough, is in the entertaining and sporty 5th house, as is Beckhham's (9.30am BT).
Cynthia Payne - criminal in a different way  From: Marjorie(17 Nov 2015 17:16): 
Cynthia Payne who was Britain's best loved madame, who served a prison sentence for running a brothel and emerged to be a celebrity, has died.
She was a chirpy, motherly blonde, who served tea and poached eggs on toast to her clients.

Born 24 December 1932 9pm Bognor Regis, England (ADB) she had a hairdresser father and her mother died young.

She had a Capricorn Sun in the entertaining 5th so she loved to party. Neptune Mars Jupiter in Virgo were in her 1st so suited to showbiz, enthusiastic and adventurous. Her Neptune was trine her Sun; and formed a T Square opposition North Node in Pisces squaring onto a 4th house Venus Mercury in Sagittarius. She used her home for her business which was pleasure - of an odd variety admittedly - but that fits.

She also had an intense, sexy Scorpio Moon in the 4th trine Pluto; with Pluto square an 8th house Uranus so experimentation wasn't a problem. Her North Node was in her 7th and although she had relationships, she never married.

Two things are intriguing about her chart. One is her 9th Harmonic which is exceptionally strong, more so than her natal chart. There's an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus to Sun Pluto to Mars, focussed onto Neptune as the driving planet from an opposition to Uranus. So a very earthy and criminal lifestyle, all channelled through selling-a-dream Neptune. The 9H Sun Pluto also opposed Jupiter squaring onto Saturn - so super confident and tough minded.
The 9th Harmonic is about pleasure, can be humanitarian and also dissolute and money-grubbing. She managed to be all those things since she regarded her work as a kind of social service to lonely men.

The other are her midpoints which are not dissimilar to the Paris and other terrorists. Just goes to show there are different ways of living them out. Her Sun = Neptune/Pluto =Mars/Pluto and opposition Mars/Uranus. Mars Pluto can be criminal as well as violent. Mars/Uranus wants excitement. Neptune/Pluto is impressionable. Her Venus opposed her rebellious, away-from-the-norm Uranus/Pluto. Her Mars was square her Sun/Moon - so marriage would be an argumentative affair if it had ever happened.
Charlie Sheen - a chaotic lifestyle  From: Marjorie(17 Nov 2015 17:14): 
Actor Charlie Sheen, who has been troubled by drink and drug misuse, messy divorce and custody battles and being fired from his hit TV show, has been forced into an admission of having HIV by media stories. He says he feels betrayed since only his friends knew and no one was at risk. Though his chaotic lifestyle would hardly be reassuring.

Born 3 September 1965 10.48pm New York, he's very scattered with planets in all four Mutable signs - A Sagittarius Moon opposition Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces opposition Pluto Uranus Sun. A windmill in a hurricane will be his default lifestyle, with depressive periods and highs as well.
He does have Mars Neptune in Scorpio natally in his 6th house of health so any astrologer would have warned him off excess of any sort.

At the moment his Secondary Progressed Moon is on the cusp of his 6th which would suggest that looking after himself physically will be important over the next three years. Though there's no real risk from HIV if he sticks to his meds. He got the diagnosis four years ago when tr Saturn was moving through his 6th.

The recent September Virgo Eclipse was conjunct his Pluto Uranus and opposition his Saturn - so causing considerable upset. His Secondary Progressed Mars is also square his exact Saturn opposition Uranus this year; and then moving to square his Pluto in two years' time which won't be easy. Tr Neptune will also oppose his Sun in 2016 which will be lack lustre and then moves in in following years to conjunct Saturn and oppose Uranus Pluto. None of which look helpful either for home or career.
Mostefai & Amimour - Venus Pluto in Scorpio and more similarities to others  From: Marjorie(16 Nov 2015 18:10): 
Another two terrorists:
Omar Ismael Mostefai, 21 Nov 1985, Paris-born of Algerian origin. Involved in petty crime but never imprisoned. Became radicalised at a local mosque, travelled to Syria, returned and joined a group of Salafists (violent jihadists/Sunni)at Chartre. He blew himself up and was identified by a fingertip.

He was a last degree Scorpio Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius; with a mini Grand Trine of Mars trine Jupiter in Aquarius, sextiling onto Mercury Uranus in Sagittarius - confident, adventurous. An emphasised Uranus in Sagittarius is a good description of rebel for a cause. He also had Venus Pluto conjunct in Scorpio with a Pisces Moon.

His Sun was conjunct Saturn and both were semi-square Mars. His Uranus was conjunct Sun/Neptune so easily led by fanatics. His Neptune = Sun/Pluto = Saturn/Pluto. That combination of Neptune and Pluto can be delusional.

Samy Amimour, from a French-Algerian family, who blew himself up after the shootings at the Bataclan concert. Born 15 October 1987, Paris. His father travelled to Syria to try to extract him in 2014 and failed.
He was a Sun Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries which was sextile/trine Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius. Not short of confidence. Saturn Uranus can be autocratic but also has the ability to create changes. He also had the emotionally intense Venus Pluto conjunction in Scorpio (and Mercury) which others have as well. His Moon was Cancer/Leo.
His Sun was exactly conjunct his Mars/Pluto midpoint, square Pluto/Node and = Neptune/Pluto. His Pluto was also conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint. So all fairly familiar.
Islam - Pisces, Pisces, Pisces and Virgo  From: Marjorie(16 Nov 2015 15:10): 
The significant dates in Islam's history are the birth of Muhammad and the start of the Islamic Calendar. He was born in 582 when there was a triple conjunction of Pluto Uranus Saturn in Pisces square Neptune in Gemini. So born into a time of huge change. He established Islam as a faith around 622 when Uranus Neptune were conjunct in Virgo opposition Jupiter in Pisces; with Saturn the following year aiming to make it a triple conjunction. So Pisces/Virgo very emphasised.

The deal between Abdul al-Wahhab and the Saudi dynasty, which has kept the monarchy in place for over a quarter of a millenium was made in 1744. Pluto was in Scorpio then trine Neptune in Cancer, maybe sextile Saturn in Virgo.

Al-Wahhab himself was born in 1703 when Saturn Neptune were conjunct in Aries square Uranus and trine Pluto in Leo - so tough, fanatical.

Not sure whether any of this helps in knowing whether Saudi Arabia will split from fundamentalist Islam and in any event it has now spread.

What is intriguing is the Pisces link which Carl Jung always associated with Christianity. Age of Pisces - fishes etc - but repeats even more visibly in Islam's history, right through to modern times. The Saudi Arabia 1902 chart has Venus and a stressed Moon both in Pisces. The Saudi Arabia 1932 chart has a Pisces North Node and Jupiter Neptune Mercury in Virgo.
Osama bin Laden, (10 March 1957?) was a Sun Venus Mercury in Pisces with Sun opposition Jupiter in Virgo square a self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius. Al-Baghdadi, (28 June 1971), the ISIL founder, is/was a Sun Mercury in Cancer with Moon and Pluto in Virgo.
Salah Abdesalam (yesterday's post) had a Pisces Moon as does Mostefai another of the Paris terrorists.

So tr Neptune in Pisces may not be so far off the mark.
Abdeslam Salah - Paris terrorist - Sun Mars in Virgo  From: Marjorie(15 Nov 2015 18:19): 
French police have announced one of the Paris attackers they want to apprehend - Brussels-born Abdeslam Salah, 15 September 1989. His brother was evidently one of the suicide bombers. Salah was the logistics co-ordinator.

He's a Sun Mars in Virgo; with the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn opposition Jupiter in Cancer. His Mars is square Uranus and widely Saturn Neptune - explosive, uncompromising and hard. His Mercury in Libra is square Neptune Saturn Uranus. So that highly strung, chaotic but also often talented triple conjunction is highlighted.
He has an intense Venus Pluto in Scorpio and a Pisces Moon. A very Earth and Water chart with only one Air sign. His North Node is in Aquarius, which is often associated with causes.

His Mars is semi-square Pluto and = Sun/Uranus. His Pluto is conjunct his Sun/Uranus and Mars/Uranus midpoints. His Uranus = Mars/Saturn = Sun/Saturn =Sun/Neptune. Plenty of potential in those midpoints for violent rebellion and fanaticism.

The September Solar Eclipse was conjunct his Sun and the previous March Pisces Eclipse was opposition his Mars so a critical and angry stage in his life. Indeed his Mars is close to the France Virgo Sun.

[Said Kouachi one of the Charlie Hebdo shooters was also a multiple Virgo, his brother a Sun Sagittarius.]
EU - meeting roadblocks  From: Marjorie(15 Nov 2015 11:26): 
The Paris shootings are going to be a gamechanger for the EU, already riven with disagreement over how to handle the flood of migrants from the Middle East. The old 'open border' policy was already crumbling with individual countries pulling up the drawbridge.

Tr Saturn is moving through the EU 3rd house of everyday travel and communications until 2018, which will create delays, put obstacles in the way of traffic flow, as well as lead to difficult discussions. Tr Saturn will conjunct the EU Mars from the 20th of this month for a week which is either accident-prone or hugely irritable. The Sec Prog Moon is also opposition the 3rd house Saturn at the moment, which the recent Solar Eclipse was square - all highlighting difficulty with neighbouring countries as well as the above. And tr Saturn will reach the EU's First Saturn return by late 2016 which is 'grow up and face reality time'.

2015 has also seen the undermining Solar Arc Mars square the EU's 2nd house Neptune through aggravated conversations over Greece and EU finances. But there's worse to come with the Solar Arc Pluto moving to conjunct the EU 2nd house Jupiter/Neptune midpoint over coming months, bringing losses, scandals and dashed hopes.

The March 2015 Virgo Eclipse was exactly conjunct the EU Ascendant bringing an image crisis, challenges and forced change.
Neptune in Pisces - not a romantic daydream  From: Marjorie(15 Nov 2015 11:25): 
I've been pondering on ISIL and the chaos they are inflicting both in the Middle East where it has carved out an empire the size of the UK, and the more recent Russian plane and Paris atrocities. The rise of Al Quaeda through the 1990s culminating in 9/11 felt like a Pluto in Sagittarius phenomenon - rigidity of religious ideology. ISIL/Daesh seem to be of a different order, their barbarity criticised even by Al Quaeda hardliners.

What keeps niggling at me is Neptune in Pisces (2011 to 2025). The standard view is that it should be dreamy, poetic, spiritual. Yet Neptune has a cosmically chilling side which can be so detached from reality that empathy doesn't exist. To give just two examples - Josef Mengele was a Sun Pisces trine Neptune in Cancer; John Gacy, serial rapist and killer of at least 33 young men and boys, was a New Moon in Virgo opposition Neptune.

Janet Daley in today's Telegraph described ISIL as a 'hysterical death cult' with whom there is no reasoning. There can be a brutal logic where Pluto is concerned, but none with Neptune doubled up in its own sign.

Both Al Quaeda 11 Aug 1988 and ISIL 15 Oct 2006 have the North Node in Pisces and ISIL also has Uranus in Pisces. Both charts are violent and ruthless. Al Quaeda has Mars in Aries inconjunct Pluto and widely trine Sun, square Neptune, Venus and sextile Jupiter.
The ISIL chart is much better tied together with a warlike Saturn in Leo trine Pluto, sextile Sun Mars. With Saturn opposition Neptune square Jupiter Mercury in Scorpio. All that anger and hostility hijacking Pisces' supposed religious leanings to cosmeticise their actions.

ISIL has no Earth signs; Al Quaeda only Neptune in Capricorn - and yet they inflict the most physical of damage, their weakest element out of control.

ISIL also has its Sun square the delusional, megalomaniac Neptune/Pluto

Looking back over previous Neptune in Pisces, keeping in mind that planets never act in isolation, there are always other astrological factors in play: Great dynasties were begun and in historical times they never came without bloodshed. Suleiman the Magnificent, the zenith of Ottoman Empire. The Ming Dynasty started in China; and Genghis Khan was crowned the Great Khan, in whose wake came the largest land empire in history.

The previous Neptune in Pisces from 1848 (along with a triple conjunction) oversaw the Taiping rebellion which ranks as one of the bloodiest wars in human history, with estimates of war dead ranging from 20 to 70 million.
The Crimean War of Russia versus France, UK, Ottoman Empire which was described as having a "great confusion of purpose" and a war noted for its incompetent international butchery, including the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Other Neptune in Pisces, occurring roughly every 165 years, saw two great famines in France on separate occasions. One of largest naval battles in history in China. The Sack of Rome - end of Italian renaissance. Henry V111 breaks with Rome. First Muslim Empire in India. Third crusade under way. Richard 1 of England defeats Saladin. Christian Queen of Jerusalem tho' also open to Muslims.
And last but not least MacBeth succeeded to the Scottish Throne after King Duncan's death.

Whether tr Uranus opposition the ISIL Sun Mars in 2016/17 will be enough to dislodge it is questionable. It'll damage but not destroy it. It may have to wait for tr Pluto square the ISIL Sun Mars, 2018 to 2021, to halt it in its tracks.
Paris shootings - Mars/Pluto, Uranus Pluto and Saturn Neptune  From: Marjorie(14 Nov 2015 10:17): 
France's second terrorist atrocity this year following on from the Charlie Hebdo shootings in January came with attacks at six separate places in Paris, including a rock concert and a football stadium. Nearly 130 are dead according to reports with another 180 injured. President Hollande has declared a state of emergency.
The January shootings were by a pair of disaffected Algerian-French, who had been radicalised in prison. But this latest has been claimed as an ISIL operation and seems to have been very professional. Following on from the Russian plane crash, now deemed a bombing, it appears ISIL are ramping up their war.

France has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe, largely marginalised, poor and discriminated against; with the secular state refusing to give into multi-cultural ideas where they cut across French traditions - banning burqas etc. France also takes pride in fighting jihadists worldwide in Mali, Libya, Iraq and Syria. Inside France's prisons, 70 per cent of the inmates are estimated to be Muslims in comparison to 14 per cent in England and Wales.

Last night's shootings started around 9.20pm (local time) in Paris putting Mars on the IC with a confident Jupiter trine Pluto. The Uranus Pluto is highlighted with Uranus in 10th as well as the Saturn square Neptune. Bad combination with the destructive, destabilising Uranus Pluto and neurotic Saturn Neptune together. Oddly the last time France declared a state of emergency after the 2005 race riots there was also a Saturn Neptune opposition that time, square Sun opposition Mars.
Yesterday the Sun was also conjunct the ruthlessly violent Mars/Pluto midpoint and Pluto/North Node as well as square Pluto/MC when the shootings started. Raw power. Pluto was conjunct Sun/Neptune which is both megalomania and devastation. With the tr North Node exactly opposition the France Virgo Sun.

The France 21 September 1792 3.30pm chart has tr Saturn just one degree over the conjunction to the 10th house Moon (time being accurate) and both the September Eclipses fell in the France 8th house, the Solar conjunct Mercury North Node, and the Lunar conjunct Venus.

The 28 September 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse located to Paris had Mars exactly on the Ascendant opposition Neptune square Saturn in the 4th and IC. With the Full Moon in 2nd/8th squaring onto a grandstanding 5th house Pluto which was square Uranus. So descriptive enough.
The previous Eclipses: the March Solar Eclipse was exactly opposition the France Sun; and the Total Lunar Eclipse of 4 April 2015 located to Paris has Sun Uranus MC opposition Moon square Pluto which again sounds like trouble.

The France chart also has a devastated tr Pluto square Sun/Neptune though also a confident tr Pluto square Jupiter/Node.
There are signs of a major shift in France's chart in 2016 with tr Uranus trine Uranus and sextile Pluto from April onwards. (on country charts soft aspects tend to act like hard).
This will also send shudders through Europe already reeling under the avalanche of migrants.
Michael Fassbender & Saoirse Ronan - Irish Aries .   From: Marjorie(13 Nov 2015 17:36): 
Actor Michael Fassbender's Steve Jobs role is getting critical acclaim but poor audiences. He's German-Irish, born 2 April 1977 12.30am Heidelberg, Germany, but grew up in Ireland. He's had a successful and varied career - Band of Brothers, Inglourious Basterds, Jane Eyre, Hunger, 12 Years a Slave - amongst others.

He's got a very powerful chart with a Fire Grand Trine of a 4th house Sun Venus in Aries trine Saturn in Leo trine Neptune on his Sagittarius Ascendant, formed into a Kite by Sun Venus opposition Pluto conjunct his MC. Very confident, inspirational, demanding, controlling, a mover and shaker. With that chart I'd imagine he'll go into producing since he likes to be in charge.
His Virgo Moon opposes Mars and squares Neptune - good for the film business, less useful for a settled emotional life, a mix of anger and dreaminess.

Tr Saturn is about to drop below his Ascendant from late 2016 so he may decide to step back from the spotlight for a while, or find he is less bankable.

Actress Saoirse Ronan (pronounced Sersha as in inertia evidently) is another Irish talent, born in New York with a film business father but brought up mainly in Ireland. She may get her second Oscar nomination for her recent performance in Brooklyn, based on Colm Toibin's bestselling novel. She's very young but has caught attention in Atonement, The Lovely Bones, Grand Budapest Hotel.
Born 12 April 1994, she has a highly strung Aries Sun square Neptune Uranus in Capricorn. Her Mars in Pisces is trine Pluto, sextile Uranus Neptune - so she's got steel in her backbone. Her Moon Venus in Taurus oppose Jupiter in Scorpio so able to turn on the charm.

There's no birth time so no way of knowing what stage she is at career-wise. But she's due for major changes in 2016 with tr Uranus conjunct her Sun and square Neptune. Tr Uranus can go either way being a trickster planet - either opening up new opportunities or pushing her off track. She's also got an uncertain tr Neptune conjunct Saturn in the early part of next year. Though she's also got her Progressed/Solar Arc Sun conjunct her Venus at the moment which should do her love life good.
Becky Matthews murder - Mars/Pluto + Mars/Saturn  From: Marjorie(11 Nov 2015 18:06): 
A gruesome UK murder trial has finished with Nathan Matthews found guilty of the murder of his step-sister Becky, and his partner, Shona Hoare, guilty of manslaughter. Becky died in the midst of a sexually-motivated kidnap plot, spurred on by violent pornography the pair regularly watched, and her body was dismembered.

Matthews was brought up by grandparents, had physical problems and anger issues growing up. Shona Hoare was brought up partly in care, partly by a mother with 7 other children and she hooked up with Matthews when she was 14. She acted as carer for Becky's mother.

Nathan Matthews, 9 Jan 1987, is a Sun Mercury in Capricorn, with Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces; and a Taurus Moon. Only down in his midpoints do his actions become clearer. His Sun sits on the midpoint of Mars/Pluto - brutal, ruthless. His Venus is conjunct his Uranus/Pluto so emotionally volatile; and Pluto squares his Mars/Saturn = Uranus as well which is cruel.

Shona Hoare, 12 Feb 1994, has Sun Venus and Mars in Aquarius; with an adventurous Jupiter square Mars; and a controlling/controlled, tough-life Pluto square Sun Venus and Saturn in Pisces. Her midpoints are also stark with Sun on the midpoint of Mars/Saturn; Venus = North Node = Saturn/Pluto which is a bleak emotional life. And Mars = Uranus/Pluto = Neptune/Pluto which is violent and delusional.

He is being committed for the more serious crime but I'd wonder. Shona's relationship with Becky seems more fraught than his. Admittedly the Nathan/Becky chart has an explosive composite Mars square Saturn Uranus conjunction. But the Shona/Becky one has a composite Mars opposition Jupiter square Pluto; and a Sun square Uranus Neptune which suggests a real struggle for the upper hand and intense dislike.

Sink Britain. And such a waste of a young life. Well all three to be honest.
Tibet - the struggle continues  From: Marjorie(11 Nov 2015 18:05): 
The Chinese appear to be coming down hard on those who follow the Dalai Lama or visit him in India, more so even than in the past. He retired a few years ago from his political responsibilities, it is thought as a way of strengthening the Tibetan parliament in exile. Had he died carrying both religious and political functions it was thought the Chinese would attempt to foist a reincarnation of their choosing and under their control, to replace him. However the Chinese are so entrenched in Tibet there is little realistic prospect of them easing up.

There is no definitive chart for Tibet, though the original 23 October 127 BC (OS) does seem to work relatively well. If that holds good then there's mixed fortunes ahead with the Sun square Jupiter on the Tibet and the Chinese relationship chart catching tr Uranus in hard aspect, which might provide some relief in 2016/2017. But there are also downbeat Saturn and Neptune transits as well. So some possible rays of sunshine and more of the same, I'm afraid.
Narendra Modi - afflicted Mars in Scorpio - more hatred  From: Marjorie(10 Nov 2015 18:23): 
The Guardian isn't pulling its punches about the visit of India PM Narendra Modi to the UK.

'This week the Indian prime minister makes a triumphant visit to the UK after cosying up to everyone from Silicon Valley CEOs to Rupert Murdoch. What's behind the uncritical embrace of a man who has presided over a rising tide of assassinations and religious zealotry, and driven the country's writers and artists into revolt?'

During his term, 26 May 2014 6.13pm New Delhi, Hindu supremacists have been emboldened to attack activists, scholars, secular intellectuals and "westernised" women as well as public figures with Muslim and Christian names. Several influential Indians have spoken out against the rising tide of sectarian hatred. Though there are signs the electorate is tiring of him with defeats in a recent regional poll.

He's certainly got an aggressive chart with a vengeful Mars in Scorpio on the focal point of a wide opposition of Pluto to Jupiter in Aquarius; with a Virgo Sun Saturn Mercury sextile Mars as well. So not one to hold back.

There are evidently two birth times for him, one with a Libra Asc and the 11am Mehsana, India giving him a Scorpio Ascendant conjunct Mars which feels about right. Either will give him tr Saturn moving through his 1st quadrant which usually not a time of great success and he has the tr Saturn square tr Neptune denting his popularity further as it crashes into his (maybe) 10th house Venus in December and early 2016.

His term chart is fairly similar to that of Al Sisi of Egypt, coming as it did only two weeks earlier, with the Cardinal Grand Cross of Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto opposition Jupiter - so explosive, ruthless, confident and faced with rolling crises.

Though the axis is different and in Modi's case there is also an unhelpful Sun square Neptune. That latter is getting a reality-check in November from tr Saturn. Then from this New Year tr Pluto will start to square the Uranus for two years which could destabilise him. Plus Solar Arc Pluto exactly square Uranus in 9 months times so the run up to that will add to the wobbles which might see him off his perch altogether.

His personal chart is not dissimilar to Al Sisi who has a Scorpio Sun on the point of a T Square to Pluto opposition Mars.
International Athletics - more sport corruption  From: Marjorie(10 Nov 2015 18:22): 
A bombshell has dropped on the International Athletics Association with the long awaited report on drug testing with allegations that laboratory tests were interfered with and officials bribed to stay silent. Russia has come in for the most serious criticism - 'state-sponsored doping' - which the Kremlin has said are groundless and politically motivated. There are calls for Russia to be banned from the 2016 Rio Olympics. Though they aren't the only ones.

All of which has landed a poisoned chalice in the lap of Sebastian Coe who only took over as Chairman on August 31 this year.

As mentioned in a previous post Coe was always going to be facing a testing run with heavy criticism already about his weak response. The Aug 31 chart has a disappointing Neptune opposition Jupiter Sun; and an impulsive, insecure Uranus trine Mars Venus in Leo; with admittedly a confidently pushy Pluto trine Sun Jupiter.

Later November will see the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting the Sun and in December tr Saturn squaring Neptune - so there is a swamp ahead for him.

The IAAF chart, 17 July 1912, has tr Saturn conjunct Jupiter through this month deflating its confidence and denting its image. With a highly strung, nervy tr Uranus square the Neptune Sun conjunction from late May next year extending across the August Olympics. Which suggests the consequences of this report will bedevil next year's major events.

As far as Sebastian Coe is concerned 2018 looks a real danger spot for him with tr Pluto square Uranus which could topple him.
Pope Francis versus the Old Guard - Vatican turf war  From: Marjorie(08 Nov 2015 17:23): 
Efforts by Pope Francis to reform the mismanaged, greedy and corrupt Vatican bureaucracy may be helped rather than hindered by the leaking of documents to the author of two new books. One is called The Merchants of the Temple and the other simply Avarice. He faces stiff resistance from the old guard to his reform agenda, which was supposedly what led his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI to take the unthinkable step of resigning.

Francis' Election chart, 13 March 2013 7.06pm Rome, always did look divisive with Uranus in the 7th conjunct Mars in Aries square a mutinous 4th house Pluto. That looks set for a jolt come late 2016 when Solar Arc Uranus closes the square to Pluto. There's also a strained Yod of a 2nd house Saturn in Scorpio inconjunct Jupiter sextile Uranus which makes sense.

That chart also has tr Pluto square the 7th house Moon from early 2016 for two years which will heighten emotions considerably.

His relationship chart with the Vatican has the composite Moon under pressure this month with tr Pluto square; and more serious upheavals from spring 2016 as tr Uranus squares Pluto and is conjunct the composite Uranus. That relationship chart has Neptune Mars in the 2nd opposition Jupiter Venus Sun in the 8th - so finances were always going to be the key factor in the relationship. Though whether he'll win or not is questionable against vested interested.

His own personal chart, 17 Dec 1936 9pm Buenos Aires, has a disruptive, shocking (sometimes literally) tr Uranus opposition Mars; and then a dreary, tough slog tr Pluto sextile Saturn in 2016/17. With a dead-halt Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Mars in 2017. He is getting on in years and has said he'll resign when he feels he can't do anymore. The next two to three years will certainly test that thought.

The Vatican chart has tr Uranus square Pluto now and then tr Pluto opposition Pluto in 2016/17 - which suggests forced changes against heavy resistance. With a discouraging tr Saturn opposition the Gemini New Moon through 2016; and a Saturn Return in 2017 which is always face-reality time.
Bellucci and Seydoux - Bond birds on parade  From: Marjorie(07 Nov 2015 17:51): 
Spectre, the most recent James Bond has launched with the usual fanfare and looks to be as successful commercially as the last several Daniel Craig ones.

This one stars the oldest Bond lady ever, Monica Bellucci, born 30 September 1964 2.30pm Citta di Castello, Italy. She was a former model and once married to Vincent Cassell (Black Swan). She's an 8th house Sun Libra with Uranus Pluto and Mercury all in Virgo in the 8th as well - so very intense; with a Moon Mars in Leo conjunction in her 7th with Venus in Leo also in the 7th. Fiery, feisty and very charming.

Her Venus opposes Saturn in Aquarius squaring Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune in Scorpio - a Fixed Grand Cross makes her stubborn, enduring, not one to shift in a hurry. She has tr Pluto sextile her MC in 2016/17 and a couple of good Jupiter midpoints keeping her high profile through the next two or three years. Then around 2019 tr Saturn moves below her Capricorn Ascendant when she'll pull back a bit.

Another of this crop of Bond ladies is French actress Lea Seydoux, a multiple award winner for past films. She was born 1 July 1985 10.30 am Passy, France and is a Sun Mars in Cancer with Sun trine Pluto and opposition Neptune. It's significant how many successful people, not just actors, have Sun in aspect to both Neptune and Pluto. She's also got a Fixed T Square of Venus in Taurus opposition Saturn square Jupiter in Aquarius. So like MonicaB built for the long haul. She's got a tougher time ahead over the next three or four years, some ups and a good deal of slog. But has a long career ahead of her.

They probably never met during filming which is probably as well since they aren't too friendly a match. Mind you the same can be said for Daniel Craig with both of them. Born 2 March 1968 in England, he's a Sun Pisces with Mars Saturn Moon in Aries so quite an odd mix of dreamy and hard-edged. He has a friendly, though detached Venus in Aquarius and a flamboyant Jupiter in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio.
He's been through a challenging and accident-prone several years with tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Mars Saturn; and this year the tail end of the depressing tr Saturn conjunct his Neptune and square his Jupiter. Which is possibly what produced his sour words about never doing another Bond. Which he almost certainly didn't mean.

His relationship chart with Monica Bellucci has a composite Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Sun with Mars square Pluto - so chained together by circumstances and not happy with it. His relationship chart with Lea Seydoux has a needs-space composite Sun opposition Uranus with a cross-purposes Saturn square Uranus. Though there's a more adventurous feel to their connection.
China and Taiwan - beware the dragon smiling  From: Marjorie(07 Nov 2015 17:49): 
The leaders of China and Taiwan have held talks in Singapore - their first in more than 60 years. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province which will one day be reunited with the mainland. But many Taiwanese see it as independent and are concerned at China's growing influence.
It's tricky finding a chart for Taiwan since it has been under Chinese and Japanese domination since the 17th Century and fighting for independence throughout. But it does celebrate 25 October 1945 as one significant date.
Assuming that holds good then that relationship chart with China has tr Uranus trine Saturn as better diplomatic ties are put out for show. Though how much of it is cosmetic isn't clear. Tr Uranus has also been opposing the composite Sun indicating a turnaround in the relationship.
Though I'd be wary. The Taiwan 1945 chart has tr Uranus square their Mars Saturn in Cancer in 2016/into 2017 which looks explosive, aggravated and unhappy; with worse in 2017/18 with Solar Arc Saturn and then Mars conjunct Neptune Venus.
Looking back on previous flare ups - in 1954, 1958 and 1995 - there were late Cardinal outer planet transits in hard aspect to the composite Sun/Venus midpoint and then Venus. Those are coming up in 2017/18 so the forced smiles and pretty words now may ring a little hollow in a couple of years' time.
Julia Hartley-Brewer - Fixed and flamboyant  From: Marjorie(06 Nov 2015 17:41): 
Julia Hartley-Brewer, is a newspaper columnist and TV/radio panellist and pundit, who seems to specialise in controversial comments - we don't need more immigrants; Tony Blair was right to invade Iraq; you can't prosecute everyone who has sex with a drunk or some version thereof.

Born 2 May 1968, she has her Sun, Mercury and Mars spread out through Taurus; with her Mars opposition Neptune square Jupiter in Leo. That latter certainly suits her for the showbiz world of publicity and an emphasised Jupiter in Leo makes her expansive, confident, attention seeking, at times intolerant.
Her Sun is trine Pluto; with Pluto conjunct Uranus; and a self-reliant Saturn in Aries widely conjunct Venus in Aries. So determined, changeable, quite hard-edged. Not too sympathetic with that Saturn in Aries inconjunct her Pluto.

She's certainly got a powerful, go ahead chart.

Her Solar Arc Uranus will oppose her Sun in a year's time which will bring great changes in her life. And with tr Uranus conjunct her Saturn at the moment till early 2016; and then tr Pluto square Saturn in 2017/18 it won't all be easy. Quite a tough slog through that lot.
Plane crash - hurting Egypt and Russia  From: Marjorie(06 Nov 2015 17:39): 
The Russian plane crash is a major headache for Egypt's Al Sisi who faces his tourism industry being demolished and for Putin who must be wondering whether his gung ho attack in Syria was such a great idea after all. Stirring up the hornets' nest of Chechen, battle-hardened militants now at large could give him real problems.

Ex-General Al Sisi's Presidency chart, 8 June 2014 11.18am, always did look exceptionally volatile with Mars Moon in Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto widely opposition Jupiter. A Cardinal Grand Cross which even without explosive Mars Uranus Pluto tends to bring continual rolling crises. Mars has moved by Solar Arc to close the square to Pluto to exact in 3 months' time, though the effect is usually strongest in advance.
Then tr Pluto will move to square the 8th house Uranus from this New Year on and off for two years thereafter. Tr Pluto will also square the 2nd house Moon from January 2016 - so a financial hit.

With a weaker leader it could also threaten to destabilise his position but he's an exceptionally tough nut. Born 19 Nov 1954, he has Sun Venus Saturn Mercury in Scorpio; with Sun Venus on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a Mars in Aquarius opposition Pluto, and trine Uranus Jupiter in Cancer. With Mars also trine Saturn. Nothing short of an assassination will shift him.

Putin's Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10pm, has different problems, stemming from a Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune square a 4th house Sagittarius Moon. The Moon is catching the tr Saturn conjunction at the moment exactly before it moves later this month to square Mars; plus Neptune has moved by Solar Arc to close the opposition to Mars to exact over the next four months. And the tr Saturn square tr Neptune will catch the Solar Arc Mars right across mid 2016. He'll recover since his Presidency chart has Solar Arc Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 10th late 2016/into 2017 which will boost his confidence. But it'll be an uneasy year ahead for him.

The Egypt 14 March 1922 10.43pm chart has a sinking tr Neptune square Mars from April 2016, on and off till late 2017. And hardship from Solar Arc Saturn opposition Pluto in 2017 as well. So not flourishing short term anyway.
Saturn Neptune - fostering sympathy, or the reverse  From: Marjorie(06 Nov 2015 17:37): 
Saturn Neptune conjunctions come round roughly three times a century, happening before in 1989 in Capricorn, 1953 in Libra and 1917/18 in Leo. The next one falls in Aries in 2026.
Historically they have been associated with the fight for womens' and workers' rights, epidemics, religious events and collapsing empires.

There's always a dual nature to them - Neptune undermining health and Saturn finding new remedies. Suppression of heretic religious leaders and the building of cathedrals. They oversaw successive peasants' revolts in England and the Russian 1917 revolution; and the crowning of Queens and the enactment of legal protections for women.

Although Saturn Neptune doesn't sound rebellious it tends to bring the state and the status quo (Saturn) into conflict with spiritual movements or the underdogs (Neptune). The flower power, hippie movement was very much a Saturn Neptune in Libra phenomenon in the 1950s.

The 20th Century ones aren't necessarily a good guide since the 1989 one was a triple conjunction with Uranus; and the 1953 had Saturn Neptune square Uranus.
The 1917/18 Saturn Neptune oversaw the Spanish flu epidemic which wiped out more people in a single year than the Middle Ages black death plague had done.

Previous Saturn Neptunes in Aries: - 1703 (with a Jupiter conjunction as well) had the War of Spanish Succession raging (1701 to 1714) which was arguably the first world war. 1380 - nothing too notable.

It certainly isn't good for the UK with previous Saturn Neptunes overseeing 19th Century defeats in South Africa leading to a general retreat and the beginning of the end for British interests in the USA colonies with the 18th Century Boston Tea Party.

Interesting thought - since the 2026 conjunction falls in Aries it will square the UK, Germany and EU Capricorn Suns. So some collapse there of old empires. And will affect the USA and China as well.

It doesn't happen in isolation, of course. In 2026 Neptune has just moved into Aries and Pluto two years earlier into Aquarius and Uranus is poised to move into Gemini - so quite a shift of the outer planets. At one point there will be a Pluto sextile Uranus with Saturn Neptune as the midpoint. At best that could be a reforming movement that leads to a fairer society. Though that's probably wildly optimistic.

Saturn in Aries tends to be tough and hard, producing circumstances that require self-reliance; Saturn Pluto is war-like and deprived; Neptune Pluto fosters megalomania. But there'll be enough good in there to produce positive changes (Saturn Uranus), creative inspiration (Uranus Neptune) and the perseverance to make at least some benefits of new thinking stick.

Lorenzo Mendoza - commerce in a socialist enclave  From: Marjorie(05 Nov 2015 18:17): 
Billionaire Lorenzo Mendoza is third generation head of Venezuela's largest beer and food company, Empresas Polar. The President Nicholas Maduro is considering taking legal action against him. Mendoza has often been cast as a symbol of unscrupulous capitalism by socialist President Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez.
The government which blames an "economic war" by political foes for Venezuela's recession, product shortages, currency collapse and the highest inflation in the world has recently been rounding up political opponents and businessmen.

Mendoza, 5 October 1965, is a Sun Libra with an Aquarius Moon; Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn; and Neptune Venus in Scorpio with Venus conjunct Mars in Sagittarius.

He's certainly not a great mix with Maduro, 23 Nov 1962 4.30pm Caracas, with Mendoza's Mars conjunct Maduro's Sun Mercury; and Maduro's Mars in Leo opposition Mendoza's Moon and square his Neptune. So angry clashes and at cross purposes.

Their relationship chart has a cold and suspicious composite Saturn square Venus Neptune.

Maduro's Term chart, 19 April 2013 2.05pm, always looked volatile with Uranus Mercury in Aries in the 8th square Pluto; and Sun Mars in Aries in the 8th, cusp of 9th; and a shifty Neptune in the 7th.

Empresas Polar was founded on 14 March 1941 and looks to be facing a very fraught two years ahead with tr Pluto conjunct Mars from early 2016 for two years which could bring it grinding to a halt.
Justin Trudeau sworn in - confident, idealistic, not always practical  From: Marjorie(04 Nov 2015 18:04): 
Justin Trudeau was sworn in as the new Canadian Prime Minister at 10.45am this morning.

'The move could see an increase in public spending, better relations with the US and an increase in the number of Syrian refugees being taken in.
He was elected after running on a plan to reject austerity and spend billions on infrastructure projects that would see Canada run a deficit for three years.' [BBC]

The hope-for-a-better-and-fairer-society Saturn square Neptune is there. Though with Saturn on the cusp of the 12th and Neptune in the 3rd - there may not be realistic plans or clear communications.
There'll certainly be plenty of confidence and enthusiastic schemes pushed with a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in the 9th with Jupiter also in the 9th trine Pluto. A 3rd house Uranus suggests a fairly frantic schedule for his first term.

Then there are those peculiar Neptune/Pluto midpoints square the Sun and in aspect to Venus and Mars which can suggest anything from being too impressionable and blown around by events; or over-doing drink and drugs, consulting mediums or becoming invested in totally off-the-wall schemes. Be interesting to see how that works out.
There are also tougher ones of Mars square Saturn/Pluto and Saturn = Sun/Mars which do suggest hard decisions, difficult circumstances, risk, but are probably just part and parcel of being a leader nowadays.
Yitzak Rabin - flame quenched  From: Marjorie(03 Nov 2015 18:09): 
Some though not all in Israel are honouring the anniversary of the death of Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli PM and Defence Minister, who was the best hope of peace until he was assassinated by a ultra-nationalist, religious extremist Yigal Amir on Nov 4 1995.

Rabin, 1 March 1922 4.17pm Jerusalem, had a diplomatic and reforming 7th house Sun Venus Uranus in Pisces trine Pluto square Mars. With a Fire Grand Trine of Mars in Sagittarius trine an Aries Moon trine Pluto with Moon opposition Saturn - so confidence and executive ability.

His Taurus Midheaven was conjunct the Israel 8th house Sun so he was a significant figure for the country's identity; with his Neptune in Leo conjunct the Israel 10th house Saturn Pluto so a healing, softening influence.

Amir, 23 May 1970, had his Mars conjunct the Israel Uranus and his Saturn conjunct the Israel Taurus North Node so an inflammatory figure who blocked the country's development.

When Rabin was killed the tr Uranus Neptune in Capricorn was straddling the Israel IC and opposing the midheaven sending shock waves through the country.
Eva Carneiro - bedevilled by Yods  From: Marjorie(03 Nov 2015 18:07): 
Eva Carneiro, 15 September 1973, is a Gibraltar-born British sports medicine specialist, best known for serving as the first-team doctor of Chelsea from 2009 to 2015. There was an argument when she went onto the pitch to tend an injured player when coach Jose Mourinho thought it wasn't necessary. She is now suing for constructive dismissal.

She's a Sun Virgo with a determined Mercury Pluto in Libra square Saturn in Cancer. She's confident and impulsive with Jupiter in Aquarius trine Pluto Mercury and square Mars in Taurus.
She also has three Yods in her chart: Jupiter sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn; a wide one of Saturn sextile Mars inconjunct Neptune; and Pluto Mercury sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars. So a fair amount of stress from that and difficulty feeling she fits.

Her relationship with Jose Mourinho, who doesn't have his troubles to seek at the moment (see previous post) is very tricky indeed with a hostile composite Mars square Pluto Uranus, inconjunct composite Sun Mercury Venus Neptune - so it would never be an easy pairing. There are two Yods in the realtionship chart: Jupiter sextile Saturn inconjunct Pluto; and Saturn sextile Mars inconjunct Sun Mercury Neptune Venus - so all at cross purposes and out of step.
Burma elections - no contest  From: Marjorie(03 Nov 2015 18:06): 
The Burma elections to be held on 8th November, if popular sentiment holds and there isn't too much chicanery, will see a win for Aung San Suu Kyi's party. Though the last time they won in 1990 the military dumped the MPs-elect in prison.

The military control half the Burma economy, another 25% is controlled by businessmen who are close to them. So her ambition put an an end to the military presence in parliament and an end to the bar against her standing for the presidency is likely to meet with resistance. That won't happen without constitutional changes which are in the hands of the President who holds great power. So back to stalemate again even if she wins.

Her chart (without birth time) looks frustrated at the moment with tr Pluto opposition Solar Arc Mars; Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her Jupiter and tr Neptune square her Mars/Mode now and then her Mars/Saturn in January next. Tr Jupiter will conjunct her Jupiter after mid November but that won't be strong enough to provide an antidote.

The Burma, 4 Jan 1948 4.20am chart, looks paralysed from now till January with tr Neptune opposition Mars, unhappy and panicked. Tr Saturn will be in an irritable square to Mars late Nov/early December and then move to lower enthusiasm as it conjuncts Jupiter through most of 2016. There is a slight hint of progress from tr Pluto sextile the MC (time being accurate) but that's it.
Oscar Pistorius - trapped and angry  From: Marjorie(03 Nov 2015 18:05): 
South African judges are considering whether athlete Oscar Pistorius, now out on bail under house arrest, should be convicted of murder instead of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. No date was set for the judgement that could see him return to prison.
ADB have his birth time as 10.30am 22 Nov 1986 Johannesburg - from memory. He looks cornered and enraged at the moment with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Mars midpoint till December this year. He's heading for his first Saturn Return by December which is usually pressured in advance and through its passage till Sept 2016. Next year looks uncertain and undermining with tr Neptune square his Solar Arc MC and his Saturn with a deflating tr Saturn square Jupiter as well.
Nothing that looks too upbeat.
Justin Trudeau - a Neptune/Pluto term  From: Marjorie(01 Nov 2015 18:19): 
Talking about midpoints. Justin Trudeau's administration has a sticky and bizarre bunch. I'll do it properly after he's sworn in on Nov 4th, estimated time 10.30am.

The Sun, Mars and Venus all aspect the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. Ebertin classifies Nep/Pluto under Supernatural and you do find it in clairvoyants' charts. At a more mundane level it suggests an over-sensitivity and being too impressionable to external events. Lack of energy and stamina, being used as a tool for other peoples' interests.

And both Venus and Mars square the Saturn/Pluto midpoint which suggests being alienated and suffering mistreatment.

Plus Uranus is opposition Sun/Mars which suggests an over-burdened government that makes impulsive decisions.
Russian plane crash - midpoints  From: Marjorie(01 Nov 2015 18:18): 
The Russian Airbus flight KGL9268 which crashed in the Sinai Desert, with all 217 passengers killed, took off from Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt at 5.51 am, heading for St Petersburg.

The take-off chart has the Scorpio Sun on the Ascendant and an 8th house Gemini Moon square Mars Venus. But there's nothing too noteworthy about it.

Down in the midpoints however there are familiar patterns for plane crashes. The Saturn/Pluto midpoint which is to do with loss and mourning is square Mars and = Sun. And the Sun/Moon midpoint, which is to do with relationships, is square Saturn and = Uranus. Pluto = Sun/Mars which is risky, high-stress, violent.

Of the three other plane crash charts I looked at - 2 had Saturn = Sun/Moon; two had Mars = Sun/Moon. 2 had a planet = Saturn/Pluto; two had Neptune = Mars/Uranus and the other Neptune = Mars/Pluto.
Halle Berry - wedded to her work  From: Marjorie(30 Oct 2015 18:17): 
Actress Halle Berry has talked in the past about her abusive childhood and bad choice of partners in marriage (see previous posts in search). Her latest to French actor Oliver Martinez appears to have fallen foul of a career imbalance. She was successful; he struggled to get a foothold in Hollywood.

Born 14 Aug 1966 11.59pm Cleveland Ohio, her Leo Sun is in her 4th conjunct her Mars/Pluto midpoint so there are traces there of her own ambition and tendency to attract Mars Pluto men. Her Sun/Moon midpoint is also in aspect to her Saturn which is again not conducive to easy partnerships, though they may become easier the older she gets. She also has Neptune on her Descendant which again hints at a less than committed approach to marriage; or an attraction for Neptunian types who are ditto.

Oliver Martinez, 12 Jan 1966 9.55pm Paris, France, has a 5th house Capricorn Sun trine Uranus Pluto on his Ascendant opposition Saturn on his Descendant. So relationships not easy for him either.

His Sun opposes her Venus Mars in Cancer so there would be a real spark initially. This reflects as a composite Venus Mars opposition Sun on their relationship chart which forms a Half Grand Sextile to Moon and Jupiter. So it had a good deal going for it. But clearly not enough to withstand the rigours of inequality. Admittedly there is also a composite Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto which reflects both of their birth year - so destined to live through upheavals.
Rugby World Cup Final - Australia maybe  From: Marjorie(30 Oct 2015 18:16): 
The Rugby World Cup Final will be played off in the UK tomorrow between Australia and the New Zealand.

Without birth times which could make a difference, the Australia coach Michael Cheika, 4 March 1967, has one hugely helpful successful influence - tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter which could be the clincher.

Steve Hansen, 7 May 1959, the NZ coach hasn't anything too pass remarkable on his chart, apart from some bad tempered influences. He doesn't look devastated.

Astrology not much help I'm afraid if you're betting.
Shaker Aamer - back from Guantanamo  From: Marjorie(30 Oct 2015 18:15): 
Shaker Aamer, the last British resident held in Guantanamo Bay has been released after nearly 14 years without any charges ever having been laid and claiming he was tortured during his time there. He claims he was in Afghanistan doing charity work in 2001 when he was picked up by bounty hunters.

Born 12 December 1968 in Saudi Arabia, he's a Sun Mercury in Sagittarius trine Saturn in Aries, sextile Mars in Libra and square Pluto in Virgo. He's also got an adventurous and lucky Jupiter Uranus in Libra, which no doubt kept his optimism up, trine Venus in Aquarius.

When he was picked up tr Pluto was moving to conjunct his Sun with the tr Saturn in opposition not long after, which both then moved to hard aspect his Pluto - so immense stress.

Although he looked happy on landing he's evidently in bad health and will almost certainly be suffering PTSD as a consequence of his treatment. His Saturn opposition Mars is picking up the tr Uranus hard aspects till eartly next year; and then tr Pluto will square both in 2017/18/19 - so not an easy re-entry.
Margaret Trudeau - back into the goldfish bowl  From: Marjorie(30 Oct 2015 18:14): 
Canada is about to acquire a former wild child grandmother when Justin Trudeau moves into the top seat on November 4th.
His father Pierre was PM for 16 years and aged 52 married the 22 year old Margaret whom he'd met four years earlier. She grew to resent the stifled life of a politician's wife, took to drugs and as the marriage disintegrated, she started partying it up in New York. She had a fling with Ted Kennedy and associated with the Rolling Stones. She suffered from bipolar disorder, lost custody of her three children and became a headline-hitting jet setter. The youngest was only two and Justin six when she separated from Pierre.

Born 10 September 1948 1pm Vancouver, Canada, she has a 10th house Virgo Sun square Jupiter Moon in Sagittarius so tending to be over-the-top and exuberant. Her Moon Jupiter trine Pluto Saturn in Leo which would contribute to some depression. Her hidden 12th house Mars in Scorpio opposes North Node squaring onto Venus in Leo - so flamboyant, indulgent, a lover of the high life. Her 8th house Uranus is trine her Mars - a lover of excitement.

Her relationship with Justin is marked by the difficulties of her life and temperament through his early years with an affectionate though evasive composite Venus opposition Sun Neptune. And a hard-edged composite Saturn opposition Mars. That opposition is under a good deal of stress from late this October as tr Uranus squares the composite Mars, followed by tr Pluto opposition Saturn; and worse in 2016 tr Pluto conjunct the composite Mars.

She has said she wants to be 'Canada's crazy grandmother' but it may not all be quite as rosy as she imagines.
USA & China - worsening relations  From: Marjorie(30 Oct 2015 18:13): 
The USA/China relationship chart has tr Uranus exactly square the composite Mars at the moment which is volatile, explosive, bad tempered and usually promotes bravado gestures. Which would fit with a US warship sailing in the South China Seas, challenging China's claims.
Pentagon officials say the US regularly conducts freedom-of-navigation operations around the world to challenge excessive maritime claims in this case close to Chinese man-made islands which it is feared will be militarised.

That trigger-happy influence is now waning though it returns late Feb/early March 2016. There may be more manoeuvring and one-upmanship games this December with tr Pluto square the composite Jupiter, repeating in Sept/Oct 2016.
The tr Saturn square tr Neptune will also hard aspect the composite Venus from this New Year till late 2017 in the case of tr Neptune - which might suggest financial repercussions, certainly sagging diplomatic relations.

What would be more worrying is tr Pluto aiming to oppose the composite Mars come 2017/18 which could see an escalation of hostilities.
Jose Mourinho - hitting a bad patch  From: Marjorie(29 Oct 2015 18:28): 
Jose Mourinho, the manager of Chelsea Football Club, regarded by many as one of the greatest and most successful managers in the world is having a bad run at the moment. A succession of football failures, outbursts at referees, his team doctor and the media have led commentators to wonder quite what is going on with him.

Born 26 January 1963 7am Setubal, Portugal, he has a 1st house Sun Saturn Moon in Aquarius square Neptune on his Scorpio MC - so the athletic Neptune to the fore, but also stubborn and quite neurotic with Saturn Neptune. His Saturn Moon opposes Mars in Leo square Neptune MC - so quite fiery emotionally, irritable and at some level lonely from that emphasised Neptune.
He's also got Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd opposition an 8th house Uranus Pluto in Virgo square Venus in Sagittarius which is good for money and friendships but there's a fair amount of psychological struggle with those 8th house planets.

At the moment his Secondary Progressed Mars is opposition his Sun, contributing to this year's volatility, exact in a few months' time, then waning. Tr Saturn will square his Uranus and then Pluto from November onwards for a year and square his Jupiter as well; with tr Neptune opposition Pluto through 2016. So all fairly uneasy and disappointing.
Raif Badawi - liberal in the wrong country  From: Marjorie(29 Oct 2015 18:27): 
Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger who set up the Free Saudi Liberals website has been awarded another prize, by the European Parliament this time. He was imprisoned for ten years for speaking out with a sentence of a 1000 lashes which his wife says he will not survive since he is in poor health.

Born 13 January 1984 Khaybur, Saudi, he's a Sun Capricorn; with Mars Pluto conjunct and Saturn all in Scorpio; and Uranus Venus Jupiter Neptune spread out through Sagittarius. So filled with idealism from all that Sag and hyper-sensitive to suppression from Mars Pluto which he has managed to attract towards him.

His Sun sits conjunct the Saudi (15 Jan 1902 3.45am ) Sun Jupiter Ascendant so he will be a significant figure affecting Saudi's image and identity. His Mars Pluto and Saturn all conjunct the Saudi MC which will be where the problem lies since his burning rage will run headlong into the country's chosen direction.

The Badawi/SA relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus so he undoubtedly feels for his country; but that is obscured by a brutal Pluto trine Mars Saturn Uranus conjunction. So a real love hate dynamic.

His personal chart is under tr Neptune square tr Saturn influences from now through 2016 so swampy, panicky, confused. Tr Uranus does trine his Jupiter/Uranus in April next year which will give him a boost. Thereafter tr Uranus will square his Sun and the composite Sun Venus on the relationship chart from May next year - it's anyone's guess how that will go. Maybe they'll send him into exile?
Paul Ryan - do-or-die determination  From: Marjorie(29 Oct 2015 18:26): 
Paul Ryan, a GOP Congressman from Wisconsin, has been elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives to replace John Boehner ousted in a right-wing coup. He ran as Mitt Romney's nominee VP in 2012.

Born 29 January 1970 2.37am Janesville, Wisconsin, he has a chatty, charming 3rd house Sun Venus in Aquarius on the point of a T Square to Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus - also ego-centric, fearful of failure, stubborn. He's controlling with a 10th house Pluto in late Virgo and ruthless since it opposes a 4th house Mars in early Aries. He won't budge in a hurry though he has a mountainous task trying to unify the chaotic Republican Party. His Moon is Libra and he has a deceptively sweet Neptune on his Sagittarius Ascendant.

He initially didn't intend to run and maybe he should have listened to his instincts. With tr Saturn now moving down through his 1st he'll be pushing against the grain. For all that he does have tr Pluto trine his MC in 2016/17 which should stand him in good stead in terms of career progress and influence. And his Solar Arc MC is heading to conjunct his Jupiter come 2017 which can only give him a boost.
His midpoint transits are mixed ahead. Four catch the tr Neptune square tr Saturn right through till the election - so some failures and uncertainty. Three Jupiter midpoints are getting a boost from tr Uranus and tr Pluto so upbeat, successful, pushily confident. Another three are getting the wrong kind of hammering so there will also be some nightmare patches of intense strain and bad temper. Sounds like a year in politics.

His Pluto falls in Obama's 8th conjunct BO's Mars and Ryan's Neptune is conjunct Obama's MC - so serious, perhaps hidden aggravation and undermining some of Obama's plans. Is he worse than Boehner for the President? Probably. There was some friendship there and less Neptunian deviousness.

Paul Ryan's Swearing in at 11.26am on 29 Oct (Election 10.46am) has the exuberantly enthusiastic Jupiter Venus Mars conjunction in Virgo in both cases in the communicative 9th. So mega quantities of hot air. However there's a highly aspected Neptune in the 3rd trine the Sun and square the 12th house Saturn opposition a 6th house Moon. That sounds like mixed messages, crossed lines, not enough practical strategy. But his run won't be short of confidence with Pluto trine Jupiter Venus Mars - he'll not give way easily.
4th house Uranus - divided GOP, domestic base and that opposes a 10th house Mercury - so speaking with different voices and no clear way from this chart for finding a middle way.
Spain elections - a Uranus Pluto experience  From: Marjorie(28 Oct 2015 18:07): 
The Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has called a general election on December 20th. The Uranus Pluto square is close at that point though not exact but it might still indicate a considerable change.

The Spain 1975 chart is certainly at a significant point in its destiny with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct its Scorpio North Node. There looks to be confusion and uncertainty in the immediate aftermath with tr Saturn conjunct the Spain Neptune; but also tr Pluto square Jupiter on one leg of a Cardinal T Square which could suggest a surge of confidence - though Pluto Jupiter has a habit of going a step too far and tripping itself up, so it could be misplaced.

Mariano Rajoy's chart, 27 March 1955 does not look too great at election time or into January 2016 with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto bouncing off his Sun/Neptune midpoint which looks fairly devastated. Solar Arc Pluto is also square his Uranus exactly so that looks like a major upheaval for him. If his birth time of 12pm is accurate tr Neptune is also conjunct his MC which isn't helpful.

The Ibex35, the main Spanish stock index, 14 Jan 1992, looks also in a state of upheaval and quite frazzled over the election and beyond with tr Pluto conjunct Uranus and then Neptune; and tr Uranus square Neptune exactly at the election.

The Madrid Exchange, 20 Oct 1831, is ploughing through very heavy seas in 2016/17 with tr Pluto square its Mars; with tr Uranus opposition Mars just after the election. With tr Neptune opposition Saturn in 2016 as well.

The central Bank of Spain, 2 June 1782, is also having a sagging 2016 with tr Neptune square and tr Saturn opposition its Gemini Sun.

So the financial end doesn't not look enamoured of what comes after the election.
Maureen O'Hara - Leo Sun Mars in Scorpio  From: Marjorie(28 Oct 2015 17:27): 
Irish-born actress Maureen O'Hara, one of the last of the Hollywood greats from a different era, has died aged 95. She was red-haired, tempestuous, worked with John Ford frequently and John Wayne.

She was born 17 August 1920 11.50pm Dublin, Ireland and her mother was an opera singer, her father in the clothing business. She trained in drama and dance through her childhood.

She had an exuberant 4th house Sun Jupiter conjunction in Leo square a 6th house Mars in Scorpio - so a happy childhood, exceptionally hard working, argumentative and fiery. She also had a creative, self-protective Water Grand Trine of Uranus in the 10th trine Pluto trine North Node in Scorpio, formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition Venus Saturn in Virgo. Undoubtedly talented, she thrived on doing what she loved well. Her Libra Moon was in the performing 5th.

Relocating her chart to Los Angeles it puts her Moon on the Midheaven, perfect for a public career; with the super film star placing of Neptune in the 8th. Plus a not altogether easy Pluto in the 7th which saw her through two bad marriages and then into more supportive relationships. After the death of her aviator third husband when she was retired from acting, she took over as CEO and President of his airline. Not a woman who took life lying down.

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