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Cyprus - another interminable dispute  From: Marjorie(22 Jul 2014 15:40): 
The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is now at the 40th anniversary of the Greek coup which led to partition and a continuing situation of simmering resentment on both the Turkish Cypriot (18%) and Greek Cypriot (75%) sides.

Potted history: Cyprus was a British colony for around 80 years until it was granted independence on 16 Aug 1960 at 12 am. In the years running up to 1960 Greek-backed EOKA terrorists attacked Brit military forces on the island aiming to eject them and become united with Greece. They also murdered Turkish Cypriots.
By 1974 Archbishop Makarios was President and resisting pressure from the pro-Greece faction. Though former British PM Alec Douglas Home wrote later in his memoirs that 'if Makarios could not bring himself to treat the Turkish Cypriots as human beings he was inviting the invasion and partition of the island.'
A Greek force backed by the Athens military junta duly invaded on July 15 1974 and were much condemned at the UN Security Council. Turkey asked the UK for assistance to protect its people and nothing was done. So five days later Turkish troops arrived and partitioned the north of the island.
Ever since, Turkey and the northern Turkish Cypriots have been castigated as the bad guys. Though it is difficult to see what alternative they had given the murder of their people over the previous decades.

This year there seems to be a renewed push to find a solution.

The 1960 chart is in itself descriptive of a country where feelings are likely to run high and hostile with
Mars Moon in Gemini square a 4th house Pluto Venus in Virgo. Pluto Venus are also trine an 8th house Saturn - so fairly resistant to change. There's also a Sun Uranus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius pointing to its other more adventurous face as a sunny tourist spot.
Tr Pluto is now moving through its 8th house of business and joint finances being conjunct Saturn till late 2015 - so not good news economically, very tight. Tr Uranus is also square that Saturn into Jan 2015 which will bring more economic instability.
Tr Neptune has already been opposing the 4th house Pluto Venus and continues on through 2015/16/17 to square Mars Moon - which doesn't look like a settled happy population. More like panicky, disappointed and undermined.
There's some faint hope of positive change from tr Uranus trine the Cyprus Uranus Sun and Jupiter in 2016 and from tr Uranus sextile the MC in 2017.
But experience from elsewhere would indicate that ethnically split countries where blood feuds have grown out of past atrocities do not unite easily if at all.
The Greece 1821 and Greece 1974 relationship charts with the Turkey 1923 chart look if anything more tense, hostile and fractious in the second half of this decade. So outside forces will do nothing to assist internal solutions for Cyprus.

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart - bewitched  From: Marjorie(22 Jul 2014 10:56): 
Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, 27 May 1948, just died, was a self-styled witch. With her husband, Oberon she dedicated her life to studying the "Dark Arts", helping him to run the world's only registered wizard academy, the Grey School of Wizardry, in California. There students learn about alchemy, horse whispering, wand-making, spell-casting and advanced "mathemagics".
She coined the term "polyamory" - having a romantic relationship with more than one person, which is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. She and her husband had an open marriage from the start in the 1970s.

She was a Sun Gemini trine Neptune and sextile Pluto (Saturn) in Leo - so another of those Sun Neptune Pluto types who can be powerful and visionary. Her Sun was also square a hard working and assertive Mars in Virgo; her Venus squared an uncommitted Neptune; and her Jupiter in Sagittarius was in an adventurous opposition to Uranus. Her Moon may have been in Aquarius (which sounds likely) and possibly opposed Pluto.
Her husband Oberon who describes himself as a neo-paganist, was born 30 Nov 1942. There charts are remarkably similar. He has a Sagittarius Sun Mercury Venus sextile Neptune, trine Pluto and opposition Uranus Saturn in Gemini. With a determined Mars in Scorpio in an enthusiastic trine to Jupiter in Cancer.
Their relationship chart looks well suited to jointly running an alternative project with an enthusiastic visionary composite Mars Jupiter Neptune conjunction trine Uranus, sextile Pluto; and probably a Water Grand Trine of composite Sun trine a steady Saturn maybe trine Moon.
Iggy Azalea - finding her niche  From: Marjorie(22 Jul 2014 10:55): 
Australian recording artist Iggy Azalea, born 7 June 1990, moved to the US when she was sixteen to pursue a career in hip hop music and has had several Billboard Hot 100 hits. She said she was drawn to the States because she felt like an outsider in her own country.
What's interesting is that she picked a musical genre which is predominantly black music in which she will also always be an outsider albeit a successful one.
Her chart certainly shows strain and difficulty fitting in with her Gemini Sun on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune.
Her Pluto is not only inconjunct Sun but also opposition Venus Mercury, sextile Neptune Uranus and trine Saturn making her ultra determined and passionate about what she does. She has Jupiter in Cancer opposition Neptune Uranus widely square Mars in impulsive Aries - so will be confident, fanatical at times and quite abrasive, attracted to risk. She evidently left at 16 telling her parents she was going to the US on holiday and never returned. So brave or foolhardy. But it worked.
It's a tricky chart but she seems to have found an oddball niche which soaks up her idiosyncracies - and is making a success of it.
Amazon - bulldozing ahead for now  From: Marjorie(22 Jul 2014 10:53): 
Amazon was incorporated 20 years ago in July 1994 and had its first sale on 16 July 1995. That latter chart makes most sense of the scale of the world's largest internet retailer and its killer business strategy.
A Cancer Sun is in a Water Grand Trine to Saturn (Moon) in Pisces and Pluto in Scorpio, formed into two kites with Sun opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and Saturn opposition Mars in Virgo. So it forms a three quarter Grand Sextile in a driving locomotive shaped chart.
The Cancer Sun gives it a nose for what the public want in terms of home deliveries. Sun Saturn Pluto is hard, enduring, tough. Made even tougher with the addition of Mars Saturn. Not overflowing with sensitive or sentimentality that's for sure. Sun Uranus Neptune gives inspirational flare.
Along the way there have been losses, legal disputes, complaints about poorly paid workers and public indignation about tax avoidance strategies. But it survived the 2000 Dotcom bubble burst and just keeps ploughing ahead regardless.
Ex-Wall Street financier Jeff Bezos whose bullish tactics and entrepreneurial flair created and constantly renews its goals was born 12 Jan 1964. He's an ambitious, aggressive Sun Mars in Capricorn with Sun trine Pluto (Uranus) sextile Neptune - so controlling and visionary. His Mercury in Capricorn opposes North Node in cancer squares onto a pro-active Jupiter in Aries boosting his confidence. Plus he has a cool to chilly Venus Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune. Not a cuddly teddy bear of a personality.
There'll be a setback or two maybe financial in 2015 for Amazon as Solar Arc Saturn squares the Amaz Venus. But where it gets interesting is by 2016 and onwards as tr Uranus squares Bezos' Capricorn Sun and the Amazon Cancer Sun and opposes the composite Sun Pluto conjunction on the Bezos/Amazon 1st sale chart. He sells up? He's ousted? One way or another there'll be a tremendous upheaval all round.
Paranoid conspiracists - right and wrong  From: Marjorie(21 Jul 2014 11:32): 
Where to start? Paranoid conspiracies have always been with us indeed they were more rife in old peasant societies. When the Black Death (bubonic plague) came in the 13/14th century the Jews were blamed, persecuted and thrown out. Someone had to be to blame. Look at the old Greek tragedies Oedipus in particular. Plague and pestilence devastated the land so there must be some cause, someone had sinned.
Some of the above stems from ignorance about rat-borne diseases and nature just being damagingly whimsical. But it's also about people trying not to feel powerless or out of control. If we can find someone to blame we can fix/destroy them and our problems get solved.

Apologies for the psycho-babble but psychoanalyst Melanie Klein was especially good on the paranoid-schizoid position. This occurs early in an infant's life when great fear and anxiety threaten to overwhelm the six month old baby's fragile developing ego. Baby is totally dependent. The world and everyone in it are felt as a threat to survival. So in order to cope - to make sense, albeit a constructed sense, out of its knife edge situation - the baby splits the world into all good and all bad. E.g. Mama is my superwoman protector; Pa is a bastard and out to get me.
Where individuals get stuck because of a dysfunctional family setup at this stage - they then as adults project those infantile fears onto the world at large. Someone is out to get me.
So paranoid conspiracy theories come out of a mix of total powerlessness, an acutely anxious temperament and fearful suspicion of an evil, usually deceptive authority figure.
The human psyche struggles always to maintain cohesion and it does this by constructing a 'reality' which is often at variance with the real reality. We feel better when we can make sense of a situation by making (forcing) it into a coherent story. There's a book called The Shattered Self in which the author says that individuals who have been acutely traumatised/shattered most often have an obsessively strong drive to find meaning in life.
Meaning and a coherent explanation hold the psyche together when it threatens to implode.
So paranoid conspiracy theories which often join random unconnected dots together are in part an artificial and very effective way of staving off madness.

But just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get me. People who are acutely sensitive to danger often do pick up what other more trusting souls miss. Since they also tend to be outsiders they can sometimes see that the emperor has no clothes where the more socialized just go with the group-think that tells them their rulers are benign good guys. But the problem is since the paranoids distrust the entire world, think everyone in authority lies about everything, they see danger and falsehood wherever they look.
It takes a fairly robust ego to withstand uncertainty and not knowing - and not to 'split' psychologically which inevitably leads to blaming someone. This means accepting that some explanations will take time, some things will never be known, some things may in their essence be unknowable and many things are just random chance. Sh** happens.
The first Malaysia plane may just have had a mechanical/cargo fault and have been a terrible accident. We may never know. It is hard and must be agonising for relatives. No closure.
Looking at the charts of David Icke and Alex Jones, the foremost conspiracy theorists of the moment, whose influence is magnified because of the internet.
Icke has a Sun (Jupiter) opposition Mars square Pluto; and Moon Uranus square a Saturn Neptune opp Mercury. He describes himself as a child as fearful, nervous and shy to the point of fainting. So great fear from Mars Pluto, high anxiety from Moon Uranus Saturn Neptune; and an overwhelming need to be in control from a focal point Fixed Pluto. Huge amounts of anger against authority figures.
Alex Jones, the conspiracy radio presenter, is a Sun Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus, 135 degrees Pluto, trine Saturn trine Moon Uranus. So not wildly dissimilar to Icke. He is a right wing anti-government zealot who are a breed peculiar to the USA.

Is it more common nowadays? I'd doubt it. We're more aware of it because of the net. And certainly global communication means the horrors of the entire world daily flood our senses. We're also much more aware of the fallibility of our rulers whom 50 years back were held in high regard along with priests, ministers, doctors, lawyers and accountants. It is scary living in a world where you don't know who you can trust. So back to babies again.
Astrologically? God died according to Nietszche in the late 19th Century at least in the west. I reckon the Neptune Pluto conjunction of the late 19th Century which produced Hitler, Mao, Stalin etc who devastated the 20th Century and left us somewhat tattered is part of it. It also oversaw the rise of the scandalmongering yellow press which has gradually eroded public trust in the great and the good.
The present Uranus square Pluto is also causing huge disruptions and an acutely unsettled fearful mood in the world. Pluto in Capricorn is attempting grindingly slowly to transform governments and the finance world. Ultimately it should (cross fingers) produce a more robust sense of justice and decent government and more trust in authority figures.
That apart I haven't the foggiest idea.
20th Harmonic - shock  From: Marjorie(21 Jul 2014 09:57): 
I don't usually look at the 20th Harmonic since it is time consuming even on a pc running down the entire list of 5,7,8,9,11,12,13,15,17,19,21,22th Harmonics. But thinking of it as shocking awakenings does make sense of many crash, disaster charts.

Air France take off 2009 20H: Mars opp Saturn square Sun Mercury; Uranus trine Neptune Pluto Jupiter trine Moon.

TWA 800 1996 takeoff 20H: Pluto opp Mercury Moon square Jupiter Node; Venus opp Mars MC square Neptune; Mars trine Pluto.

Lockerbie crash takeoff 20H: Node opp Saturn square Pluto opp MC; Mars trine Neptune trine Jupiter.

Malaysia MH17 take off 20H: Jupiter opp MC Moon square Venus opp Mars; Mercury trine Saturn trine Venus.

All of the above are takeoff charts not the time of the crash itself. It seems to be informative also of the moment of impact.

9/11 20H: Sun opposition Uranus Moon square Saturn opposition Jupiter; with Venus opposition North Node square MC; and Neptune Pluto conjunct.

Hiroshima: Moon Saturn opp Node square MC Uranus Neptune.

Pearl Harbour 20H: Saturn Pluto Neptune conjunction square Venus Mercury.

Charles Farthing - pioneering medic  From: Marjorie(21 Jul 2014 09:56): 
Charles Farthing, born New Zealand 22 April 1953, was one of the earliest medicals to spot AIDs when working as a dermatologist in London in the early 1980s. He helped on public information campaigns, knew Princess Diana and Elton John. He moved to the US and continued working on drug therapy research, even testing one vaccine on himself.
He was an early Sun Taurus; with Venus in Aries opposition Saturn Neptune in Libra square Uranus - so an experimenter, in at the leading edge, concerned about creating a better society. He had a robustly confident and pro-active Mars Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto (Moon) in Leo. Not an emotionally easy life but certainly he had initiative to spare and plenty of drive. Plus his North Node was in Aquarius which functions best if there is a passionate cause to which life can be devoted.
His healing/sacrifice 12th harmonic was very descriptive with a Jupiter sextile Pluto and Mars Saturn conjunction sitting on the midpoint - so a confident push on a deadly issue. Mars Saturn also opposed the Node and squared the Sun on the 12H tying his work into the zeitgeist.

Michael Morton - not ground down by unfairness  From: Marjorie(20 Jul 2014 13:47): 
Michael Morton has just published his memoir of spending 25 years in jail for the murder of his wife, a crime he did not commit. DNA evidence finally emerged to implicate the real murderer who it is thought went on to commit at least one more. Charges of prosecutorial misconduct followed because of mistakes in the original trial where evidence had been suppressed or not followed through. He lost not only his wife and his freedom but also his son who was adopted and in his teens decided he no longer wished to know his father. Doesn't bear thinking about. Texas law has been amended after his release to make evidence more accessible.

Born 12 Aug 1954 in Williamson, Texas he is a Sun Pluto in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius which sextiles onto Neptune in Libra - so quite a heavy feel. Mars Pluto always has this dual facet of being the ruthless one or the dominated one.
His tough-minded 8H and 16H are strong, just as well for surviving 25 years inside. His victim 12H is even more aspected.
He has been reunited with his now married son and seems remarkably unvengeful and is quoted as saying:
"In the end, if you are lucky, you see that our trials are what improve us. And if you are very lucky and somewhat insightful, you see that whatever your trial has been, it is exactly what you needed. Our trials make us who we are."

Joep Lange - a loss to medicine  From: Marjorie(20 Jul 2014 13:46): 
Joep Lange, a Dutch clinical researcher into HIV therapy and ex-President of the International AIDS Society was killed in the Malaysia MH17 crash. Born 25 Sept 1954 in the Netherlands he was a Sun Libra with a Virgo Moon and Jupiter Uranus in late Cancer square Neptune Mercury in late Libra. So the tr Sun square Mars would hit those latter planets.
His 'healing' 12th Harmonic (often strong in doctors' charts) is exceptionally heavily aspected. That had a Yod of Sun sextile Uranus trine Mars (Moon). With Uranus trine Saturn, sextiling onto the 12H Sun and the Sun square Neptune; and Neptune inconjunct Saturn. Plus a Jupiter Pluto conjunction trine Venus. So innovation but also strain.
He left a wife and five daughters.
James Garner - Sun Jupiter in 7th for a 58 year marriage  From: Marjorie(20 Jul 2014 13:45): 
James Garner, the veteran American actor of television and screen has died. Best known for his role in Maverick and The Rockford Files he also had a memorable film career right up to The Notebook in 2004.
Born 7 April 1928 6pm Norman, Oklahoma (ADB), he lost his mother at 5, had a stepmother who beat him, joined the Merchant Marine during WW11 at 16, served in the US army in Korea and thereafter rapidly made his name in acting. He married Lois Clarke, a mother of a daughter from a previous marriage, on 17 Aug 1956 whom he had only known for two weeks. They had another daughter and were together till he died.
He had a 7th house Sun Jupiter conjunction in Aries as befits someone who has the good fortune to attract a good partner in life. His Sun Jupiter squared onto Pluto in the 10th so he was confident and controlling. His Sun Jupiter was also in a Fire Grand Trine to Neptune in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius so he'd be extra-confident, inspirational, demanding of attention. He also had a Water Grand Trine from a Scorpio Moon to Pluto to Mercury Venus in Pisces - so emotionally private, creative, a dreamer. His Mars in Pisces in the entertaining 5th house opposed Neptune so he was custom-built for a showbizzy career.

I can't find a birth date for his wife of 58 years. But his wedding chart is very locked together with Sun Pluto square Saturn and a pressured Saturn trine Mars. I wouldn't imagine he was the easiest personality.
Malaysia MH17 - a catalyst for worsening relations  From: Marjorie(18 Jul 2014 16:33): 
The Malaysia MH17 crash could be a game changer for the Ukraine crisis or more pointedly for Russia's relationship with the West if it can be proved that it was shot down as some reports suggest by a Russian missile given to Ukrainian separatists.
Investigating the crash will not be easy in what is effectively a war zone with Russia now wanting their investigators to take charge. There has already been talk recently of the diplomatic mood freezing to Cold War temperatures over sanctions being applied by the west. These are likely to increase if it turns out to be a Russian missile.
Putin's own chart is bedevilled by the tr Uranus square tr Pluto square in hard aspect to his 13 degree Libra Sun this year and next. Into 2015 tr Uranus moves to oppose his Saturn and thereafter Neptune - so a longish period of high anxiety and discouragement with tr Pluto square his Sun/Saturn in 2015/16 which is depressingly stuck. Along with a disappointing tr Neptune conjunct Mars/Jupiter midpoint.
In the immediate few months he has tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter in Sept and square his Pluto in Oct - so his enthusiasm and power for manoeuvre will be at a low ebb.
His Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10pm, is equally unhappy with tr Neptune opposing his Mars all year bringing a sense of panicky failure, returning exactly again in the final days of this month through August. He's also got tr Pluto opposing his Sun/Mars exactly now which is frustrated and enraged and that runs till late Nov this year. Over the coming six months Solar Arc moves to close the square to the 5th house Pluto to exact which suggests a feeling of high instability with perhaps yet another major jolt to dent his image. And diminish his prospects.
The Russia 1917 chart's relationship with the USA certainly shows a major reversal of diplomatic chemistry with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Pluto now and moving back to conjunct the Uranus in the autumn. With tr Pluto moving to square Uranus Pluto from 2015 for three years; plus tr Pluto trine Sun Saturn in 2015/16 - which will be very heavy going indeed.
The Russia 1917/EU relationship chart has an exact hit at the moment with the jolting, high tension tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn as well as the suspicious, miscommunication tr Neptune square Mercury. Again that relationship will worsen through 2015 and for several years beyond.
The Russia 1991 relationship chart with both EU and the USA has much less showing at the moment.
Elaine Stritch - Aquarian fireball  From: Marjorie(18 Jul 2014 11:37): 
'Loud, funny and frank' were words often used to describe American Broadway and Hollywood star Elaine Stritch who has just died. Born 2 Feb 1925 5 am Detroit MI (ADB) she was brought up devoutly RC, didn't lose her virginity till nearly 30 and didn't marry until her late 40s. She did start drinking alcohol in her teens and it was a problem which plagued her for decades.
She was as befits a comedy actress a Sun Aquarius with a Gemini Moon. Her Sun opposed an 8th house Neptune North Node in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio. Neptune in the 8th often appears in major stars' charts giving them an aura for the public at large. She had zany outspoken Uranus in her 3rd trine Pluto and trine Saturn with Pluto opposition Jupiter forming a Kite with a confident, expansive Jupiter as the driving planet.
She was evidently a mistress of the put-down which may come partly from her intense and forceful Pluto in the 7th. She also had fiery Mars in Aries in her 4th square Venus Mercury in Capricorn so she could be insensitive.
Her Mars was super-charged not only being in Aries but also being conjunct her Sun/Pluto midpoint, opposition her Jupiter North Node and square her Sun/Jupiter and Pluto/Node. She did have her vulnerabilities but she could also plough like a tank through other people.

Her creative 5th and actorly 15th harmonic were strongly apsected.
Malaysia MH17 - Sun Mars  From: Marjorie(18 Jul 2014 11:36): 
There were 80 children aboard the crashed Malaysia MH17 which was shot down last night above Grabova, Ukraine at around 2.15pm GMT. It left Amsterdam Airport at 12.15 pm local time.
The takeoff chart has Mercury in Cancer conjunct MC opposition Pluto square an Aries Moon closely conjunct the Descendant. So certainly emotionally intense and catching public attention. The Cancer Sun was just over the square to the Libra North Node and within less than a degree of being square Mars. Uranus was widely opposition Mars, square Pluto and inconjunct Saturn. Jupiter just into Leo was trine Moon and conjunct Sun.
The Sun Mars is certainly accident prone but it does come round reasonably frequently. Relocating the chart to Ukraine puts Jupiter conjunct MC and Mars conjunct Ascendant.
It's not I would have to say the worst takeoff chart ending in a crash that I've seen especially one brought down by a missile. I'd have expected to see stronger Mars Uranus plus perhaps Pluto aspects. The 8th Harmonic does put Mars opposition Moon MC and Saturn opposition North Node square Pluto which is a touch more stark. The 16H puts Mars Moon MC conjunct.

Having skipped fairly rapidly down the list of passenger/crew birth dates there are a surprising number with Cancer or Water or Cardinal planets in that last decan which would pick up the tr Sun square Mars North Node.
The Captain, 2 Sept 1964 had Mars Venus (Moon) at 21/23 Cancer.
B: 22 Pisces Sun with Venus at 21 Aries.
C: Mars Venus at 20/22 Pisces trine Saturn 26 Scorpio, sextile Jupiter 26 Capricorn.
D: 26 Pisces Sun trine Jupiter 24 Cancer trine Neptune 24 Scorpio
E: 27 Cancer Sun square 28 Jupiter in Aries
F: 18 Scorpio Sun trine Mars 18 Cancer opposition Saturn 14 Capricorn.
G: Mars 24 Capricorn square Jupiter 20 Libra. Scorpio Sun
H: Early degree Scorpio Sun Venus Mars trine Jupiter in Pisces widely trine Saturn at 18 Cancer.
I: Early degree Sun Saturn Mercury in Cancer square Pluto; with Moon Uranus last decan Libra.
J: Last decan Libra Sun opposition Libra Moon; Venus Neptune last decan Scorpio.
K: 17/18 Scorpio Sun with Mars 26 Aries opposition Uranus 24 Libra
L: Uranus in Libra square Jupiter Venus in Capricorn - all last decan.
M: Moon probably last decan Cancer. Tr Pluto trine Mars.
The plane was carrying a good many professionals to an AIDS/HIV conference so perhaps the proliferation of Water signs is not surprising.
UK child abuse - Scorpio Eclipses + Pluto  From: Marjorie(17 Jul 2014 10:04): 
The UK is being thoroughly unnerved and sickened by seemingly endless streams of child abuse/paedophilia allegations.
What is astrologically relevant is that the Eclipses at the moment are in Scorpio/Taurus as they were over the run up to and the trial of Rosemary West in 1995 which had the nation on its knees from revulsion.
Why it has particular effect for the UK is the heavily aspected 8th house Mars in Taurus in the 1801 chart. These Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses were in 1994/5 and are in 2013/14 tugging away at that 8th house. Additionally over the past two years since the Jimmy Savile story split open Pandora's box tr Pluto has been trine that Mars. It will return to that exact aspect mid July to late November this year so the pressure will escalate from now through the November Scorpio Eclipse.
When the Cleveland child abuse story surfaced in 1987/88 and the botched Butler-Sloss report managed to bury it again tr Pluto was in Scorpio opposing the UK Mars. So there was a failed opportunity to transform. The forces for action were met by an even stronger force for maintaining the status quo.
The UK chart is enormously Fixed with Mars Venus Neptune Saturn spread out in a wide Fixed Grand Cross - budging that takes some doing.
Tr Pluto has now moved on two signs into Capricorn so maybe just maybe Pluto's transformative powers might just manage to clean out some of the sewers.
Gerald Baden-Clay - family tragedy  From: Marjorie(17 Jul 2014 10:03): 
Gerald Baden-Clay, the great grandson of Scouts founder Baden-Powell is appealing his guilty sentence for the murder of his wife Allison in 2012.
Born 9 Sept 1970 he has Mars Sun Mercury Pluto spread out through Virgo with a Sagittarius Moon. His wife Allison 1 July 1968 (net sources) was a Sun Mars Venus in Cancer with a Virgo Moon. There are some positive cross overs between their charts but her Sun Mars Venus were square his Uranus which would bring up tensions.
Their relationship chart (birth dates being accurate) had an 'unkind' composite Sun Mercury Mars square Saturn which was being jolted at the time of her death by tr Uranus trine Mars. Tr Pluto was also exactly opposition her Cancer Sun at that point.
Their wedding chart, 23 Aug 1997, had indications of some romance with Venus sextile Pluto though Venus was also trine Uranus. More pointedly there was a Sun square a controlling Pluto and trine a potentially disappointing Neptune.
Alice Coachman - another confident Scorpio  From: Marjorie(17 Jul 2014 10:02): 
Alice Coachman, an American athlete and high jumper who was the first black woman to win an Olympic medal in 1948 has died aged 90. She was born only 11 days earlier than Nadine Gordimer (South African writer and anti-apartheid activist see post below).
Both have the stalwart collection of Mercury Sun Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune in Leo. Alice Coachman has a closer healing, creative Water Grand Trine of Uranus to Pluto to Sun Mercury. But lacked Gordimer's fiery, confident Fire Grand Trine.

She was presented with her medal by King George VI and met President Harry Truman at the White House. Back home at the official ceremony in Albany blacks and whites in the audience were segregated, the town's white mayor refused to shake her hand and she was ushered out of the building by a side entrance. She received anonymous gifts from white admirers who did not want their neighbours to know they had sent a black woman a present.
She then retired from athletics to become a teacher, raise a family and create a foundation to help young and retired athletes in financial difficulties.
Sandra Bullock - dark experience  From: Marjorie(16 Jul 2014 09:57): 
American actress, film producer Sandra Bullock's house was recently broken into by a stalker fan who was also a gun-nut. He climbed over a barbed wire perimeter fence and she came face to face with him outside her bedroom door. He was later charged with stalking offences and owning a cache of machine guns! He claimed he meant her no harm but was convinced she was meant to be his wife. Who'd be a high profile celebrity?

His charge sheet gives his birth date as 4 June 1975 which is fascinating since he shares it with Angelina Jolie, Russell Brand and Jeremy Bieber (alcoholic, violent father of Justin. Damian McBride (McPoison former spin doctor of Gordon Brown) is 5 June 1975. And the dire tv loudmouth Katie Hopkins is 31 May a few days earlier. All share the same Sun Gemini opposition Neptune, trine Pluto. With Mars Jupiter in Aries opposition Pluto widely square Saturn in Cancer. And for those born exactly on the 4th there is also an Aries Moon conjunct Mars opposition Pluto probably square Saturn. All are high-octane personalities, most with troubled psychological issues - tho' clearly living them out in different ways.
There is nothing too interesting about the synastry between Sandra Bullock and stalker Joshua Corbett except his Sun falls in her 12th widely conjunct her Venus, his Pluto falls in her 4th and his Venus in Cancer is conjunct her early Leo Sun. But nothing too precise.
Their relationship chart does show a Venus Sun conjunction hence his 'affection', which is sextile Jupiter Saturn - so hot and cold. What is more apt is (probably) a composite Moon opposition Pluto, sextile Mars and trine Neptune - which would give rise to delusional possessiveness.
Cheryl Cole - un coup de foudre  From: Marjorie(16 Jul 2014 09:56): 
Cheryl Cole, English singer and television personality (X Factor etc) has married her boyfriend of three months, former French playboy now restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.
She was born 30 June 1983 8.39pm Barnet, England and if net sources are to be believed he was born 29 Aug 1980.
She's a Sun Cancer Moon Pisces while he would be on that date a Virgo Sun Aries Moon. So opposites in temperament though he does have Venus in Cancer which will tune into her Cancer Sun; and she has her Venus in Leo and Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius which will help to resonate with his Aries Moon.
She's been through a very tough time in recent years with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on her 7th house Sun Mars in Cancer causing all manner of upsets and challenges. She's now clear of all that and probably more mature as a result. Tr Jupiter has just been moving through her 7th house, good for close relationships, as she met JB and is now moving through her 8th which is good for positive emotional changes. Her career should be on a more stable path now with tr Saturn crossing her MC and Solar Arc Jupiter into her 1st. Tho' she'll always have ups and downs having quite a heavy chart - with her Neptune Asc opp Sun Mars trine/sextile Saturn Pluto in Libra.

Their relationship chart (his birth date being OK) is romantic and affectionate with a composite Sun Venus Mercury conjunction which is usefully sextile Saturn giving a hint of longevity. There's also a confident, good-for-success Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the point of a mini Grand Trine of showbizzy Mars trine Neptune. So good things going on but since life is never perfect there's also a volatile Mars square Uranus which will lead to arguments.
The wedding chart, 7 July 2014, certainly hints at a married life that won't be dull with Sun opposition Pluto square Uranus opposition Mars. There wil be revolving crisis and upsets along the way. There's also an emotionally private Water Grand Trine of Moon Saturn trine Sun trine Neptune formed into a Kite by Sun opposition Pluto - so could be quite a power couple, though also subject to internal power struggles as well.
Syria - ISIS grabs territory  From: Marjorie(16 Jul 2014 09:55): 
While the world's media has been focussed on Gaza, Isis fighters have captured much of eastern Syria in the past few days. Using tanks and artillery seized in Iraq, it is establishing dominance over the opposition to al-Assad. Other rebel groups are fleeing or pledging allegiance to the Isis/Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's caliphate. [See Robert Fisk in today's].
The Middle East ever was a place of shifting alliances but this one is giving Western politicos a particular headache. When the trouble in Syria first blew up there was an acidly apposite cartoon with Obama trying to see through the dust fog of a brawling fight of heavily armed Arabs, saying 'Hey can the good guys put their hands up.' Good question.

The Syria 1 Jan 1944 12 am Damascus chart has been thoroughly pounded by the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting its 9 degree Capricorn Sun over the past several years. Now the disruptive square has moved to hit the 14 degree Cancer MC and 13 Libra Ascendant in 2014/15/16 - so yet more challenging upheavals. Tr Neptune is still to make another two of the panicky, undermining squares to the Syria Mars Uranus conjunction in Gemini Sept/Oct this year and across the New Year into January. Tr Uranus is also trine the Solar Arc Mars Uranus now and on into 2015. Since the Mars Uranus is on one leg of a Yod in sextile to Pluto inconjunct Sun - it is a major crisis point in Syria's history. By late 2015 Solar Arc Sun (on the focal point of the Yod) squares the Syria Saturn for yet another discouraging setback.
Bashar Assad's Presidency chart, 17 July 2000, is being jolted by tr Saturn square Uranus this Sept and tr Neptune conjunct the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in Aug and early in 2015 undermining his confidence and power. But 2015 is worse. Both tr Saturn in Sagittarius and tr Neptune are attacking the presidency Jupiter opposition Pluto through in 2016/17. Tr Uranus squares the Pres Mars at 20 degrees Cancer from June 1015 for a year thereafter which is explosive and insecure. And the Solar Arc Venus opposition Neptune will collide with the Pres Uranus through 2015 as well.
And so it rolls on with escalating problems from tr Uranus square the Sun/Mars midpoint and then the Sun.
The Isis relationship charts with Syria and the Assad Presidency look fraught over the coming years as well.
William Hague - pastures new  From: Marjorie(15 Jul 2014 10:08): 
UK Foreign Secretary and Angelina Jolie best friend for her Rape Campaign, William Hague is a surprise move in David Cameron's reshuffle. He has announced he won't stand for election post 2015.
Although a brilliant speaker and popular politically he's never seemed at ease in the Foreign Secy role and never recovered from the tabloid stories of him sharing a room with a young male political aide a few years back. He was forced into a humiliating response about his wife Ffiona's problems conceiving a child.
Born 26 March 1961 maybe 5.40 am Rotherham, Eng (I never trust these circa 6am political birth times which always sound invented.)
Whatever the birth time he's had a poleaxing few years with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto bouncing off his 5 degree Aries Sun and they are still hammering away this year at his 11 degree Mars in Cancer. So hugely stressful.
He says he wants to write post-Westminster and explore other activities free of the restraints of office. He has already written a biography of William Pitt the Younger and on William Wilberforce, the anti-slave campaigner.
If his birth time is reasonably accurate then his career has a fair ways to run with tr Saturn rising towards the MC 2016 onwards for six years.
Nadine Gordimer - passing of an era  From: Marjorie(15 Jul 2014 10:07): 
Nadine Gordimer, the South African writer and political activist, very involved from early on in the anti-apartheid movement has died aged 90.
She was born on 20 Nov 1923 to a refugee Latvian father and a mother much concerned with black poverty. After the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960 she became much more involved politically, helped edit Nelson Mandela's speech from the dock before he was imprisoned and was one of the first people he asked to see when he was released.
Nadine Gordimer was a determined and enthusiastic Sun Jupiter Mercury in Scorpio square an idealistic, creative Neptune in Leo. She almost certainly had a confident inspirational Fire Grand Trine of an Aries Moon trine Venus in Sagittarius trine Neptune. Formed into a Kite by Moon opposition Mars Saturn in Libra - so had the grit to fight dangerous battles. She also had Pluto in Cancer trine Uranus in Pisces which was too wide to make a Water Grand Trine with her Scorpio planets but the creative, private, healing feel would still be there.
Garth Brooks - an Irish dream broken  From: Marjorie(15 Jul 2014 10:06): 
Garth Brooks, the hugely popular American country and western singer/songwriter has confirmed that none of his five Irish shows will take place. He had planned to play for 400,000 fans (just slightly less than 10% of the Irish population) on five consecutive nights in Dublin. Local regulations only allow for three because of traffic and noise nuisance for houses neighbouring the park venue. He refused to cut the number of concerts though you'd think the promoters might have worked out the problem before selling tickets for the gigs.

Born 7 Feb 1962 1.07pm Tulsa Oklahoma into a musical family he has an extraordinary six planets in Aquarius. His Sun Jupiter Venus are conjunct his Aquarius Midheaven from the 9th. His Mercury is conjunct his Sun Jupiter Venus and he also has a Mars Saturn conjunction in early Aquarius. He has Uranus in the 4th opposition his MC and Pluto also in the 4th. His Leo North Node opposes Mercury Sun Jupiter Venus squaring onto his Neptune in the 5th/6th. His Neptune is also square his Mars Saturn. So a very Neptunian Aquarian.

His chart certainly blends well with that of Ireland 6 Dec 1922 5pm Dublin since it has an Aquarius MC conjunct Mars. His unaspected Pisces Moon also falls in the Ireland 10th and his Neptune in Ireland's 'entertainment' 5th.

His relationship chart with Ireland has the composite Taurus (throat/voice) on the Ascendant; Jupiter in the money making 8th; and the composite musical Neptune in the performing 5th house so very much a good fit. But tr Uranus is exactly square the composite Sun at the moment upsetting the applecart.

On his personal chart tr Saturn is squaring his Sun Jupiter Venus MC between now and the late autumn so a down patch. But he'll bounce in 2015 with tr Uranus sextile his Sun Jupiter. Thereafter is more troublesome especially in late 2016/17 when his Solar Arc Pluto squares his Saturn Mars which looks accident prone and very blocked.
Sofie Grabol - drawn to the dark side  From: Marjorie(14 Jul 2014 12:08): 
Danish actress, Sofie Grabol sprang to international fame in her role as detective Sarah Lund in the stark TV drama The Killing about the sadistic murder of a schoolgirl. She's appearing soon on stage at the Edinburgh Festival as Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scotland, wife of King James 111 in the 15th century.
Born 30 July 1968 Sofie Grabol is a charming Sun Venus in Leo with a Libra Moon. Though what suited her for her grisly Killing role was her Mars in Cancer trine Neptune, sextiling onto Pluto Uranus in Virgo and square Saturn in Aries. So Mars aspecting all four outer planets which is heavy and into the dark side even if only in her creative work. Plus she has a Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto Uranus inconjunct Saturn in Aries - which is fated, rather bleak, requiring considerable maturity and strength of character to get the best out of it.
Nina Simone - angelic voice, demonic temperament  From: Marjorie(14 Jul 2014 12:07): 
There's a biopic coming out soon (maybe if legal problems resolve) about Nina Simone, the wonderful soul singer, songwriter, pianist. As a human being she was a tortured, plagued by depression and alcoholism. A child prodigy she had wanted to be the first black classical concert pianist but was denied a place in a whites only school. She became a civil rights activist, had a violent marriage from which she fled to Barbados and finally Liberia. Her daughter has spoken for the first time about her unhappy childhood with her 'monster' of a mother.
Nina Simone was born 21 Feb 1933 6 am Tryon, North Carolina (ADB)She was a Sun Pisces opposition Neptune with Mercury in Pisces opposition Neptune Mars Jupiter in Virgo. So certainly suited to a musical career. But her 12th house Capricorn Moon opposition Pluto square Uranus in Aries suggests an unpredictable unstable personality who would rarely if ever find emotional peace. Her Venus in Aquarius conjunct Saturn on her Ascendant also described her sense of unloveableness. Not an easy individual.
Her daughter Simone 12 Sep 1962 was sent to work at 12 to support her mother through a bleak patch, went into the Air Force, then became a singer with no support from her mother. She was cut out of her will and has been fighting a series of battles over her mother's estate since then.
Their relationship chart is truly horrible with a composite Moon Saturn opposition Mars Pluto with Uranus opposition Venus - doesn't get much worse than that. Cold, hostile, unkind to the point of cruelty.
Ian Thorpe - finding ways out of depression  From: Marjorie(14 Jul 2014 12:06): 
Australian Olympics and World championship gold medal-winning swimmer has come out in an interview to say after years of public denial that he is gay. He said he thought keeping it secret was contributing to his long term depression. Just a pity it is an issue at all.
Born 13 Oct 1982 10.52 am Sydney, AU to two sporting parents, he has a charming Sun Venus in Libra in his 10th. But the major configuration of his chart is an 8th house Leo Moon trine a 12th house Neptune, sextiling onto Saturn Pluto in Libra in his 10th and his Moon also squares Uranus. So really heavy Moon aspects and Saturn pluto can certainly be depressive. His Sun sits on his Venus/Saturn midpoint and his Neptune squares his Sun/Moon midpoint. So he will have struggled to find emotional self esteem and certainty about his feelings.
He seems only to have made his mind up within the past few weeks to be open about himself. That was when his Progressed Moon was crossing his natal Pluto and Saturn so bringing intense and anguished feelings. And indeed about 9 months ago his Progressed Moon was conjunct his Sun indicating a new beginning. Tr Uranus is also trine his Mars bringing some insecurity though also perhaps the courage for a change.
Dave Legeno - into the furnace  From: Marjorie(12 Jul 2014 09:55): 
English actor Dave Legeno, 12 Oct 1963, was a boxer and martial arts expert, coming to fame in Guy Ritchie's Snatch and subsequently appearing in Harry Potter films among others. He's been found dead in Death Valley, California probably from heat related issues though whether it was accidental or not hasn't been announced.
His Libra Sun opposed a pro-active, enthusiastic Jupiter in Aries squaring onto a North Node in Cancer - so he expected a good deal of life and pitched his hopes high.
He also had the showbizzy, filmic Mars Neptune in Scorpio on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to Saturn in Aquarius opposition an entertaining Leo Moon. So a toughie who hankered after the bright lights and glamour of a movie career.
His Moon aspects are not easy so a fairly harsh or deprived childhood and with his Sun conjunct his Mars/Pluto midpoint fairly driven. Ebertin describes Sun=Mars/Pluto as a tendency to work till collapse, injury, accident. So he would push himself beyond the limits of endurance.
Tr Uranus is exactly opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint at the moment which again Ebertin describes as disaster or calamity of great consequence.
He also had a Yod in his chart of Saturn sextile Jupiter inconjunct Pluto. Tr Pluto is at the moment pulling on that Pluto by trine. A Yod focal point Pluto gives an extreme perspective, a sense of being out of step with ordinary, everyday living. So he'd be continually pushing himself deeper into himself.
Death Valley is known as one of the hottest places on earth with temperatures often reaching 120F (45C).
Gaza - eternal torment  From: Marjorie(11 Jul 2014 17:18): 
Israel versus Palestinians in Gaza. Israel 0 Gazans 100 dead 600 injured. And so it goes on.
A weakened Hamas losing allies with recent changes of Middle Eastern governments, in Egypt especially, and short of money has recklessly pushed ahead with firing rockets into Israel in the hope that peace after hostilities might bring them more leverage. Israel with overwhelmingly more force and having skewered the recent peace process as per usual is being its standard truculent self.
An Israeli politician, Ayelet Shaked, further right of Netanyahu, writes in her Facebook this week that all men and women in Gaza are enemy combatants since they stand behind the terrorists, and 'their blood shall be on all their heads. This includes the mothers of the martyrs, who should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there." "Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started it."

An occupied people 'kept in formaldehyde' and they should be sweetly submissive?
The UN is now querying the targeting of civilians in Gaza as war crimes - for all the difference that will make.

Shaked was born 7 May 1976 and is a Sun Jupiter Venus in Taurus so very tuned into Israel's Sun North Node in Taurus. She also has an unpleasantly aggressive Mars Saturn in Cancer which sits exactly conjunct Israel's Cancer MC. She epitomises how the Israelis see the Palestinians.

Mercifully there are some Israelis with a more humanitarian sense of right and wrong. Gideon Levy, a campaigner for the occupied territories, is one: "My biggest struggle," he says, "is to rehumanize the Palestinians. There's a whole machinery of brainwashing in Israel - from early childhood. [We are taught] a few narratives that it's very hard to break. That we Israelis are the ultimate and only victims. That the Palestinians are born to kill, and their hatred is irrational. That the Palestinians are not human beings like us. So you get a society without any moral doubts, without any questions marks, with hardly public debate. To raise your voice against all this is very hard."

Back to the astrology.

Hamas, 14 Dec 1987, has Solar Arc Jupiter opposition its Pluto now which usually accompanies an over confident push which can backfire. They look under increasing pressure in the next two or three years.

Gaza, 9 Nov 1917 9am EET, has Solar Arc Saturn conjunct its Scorpio Sun over the devastating Israeli attack in late Dec 2008. Now it has tr Saturn conjunct its Scorpio Sun with Solar Arc Neptune within a degree of being conjunct its Sun - so nothing looking too hopeful on that score over the coming year. It isn't as bad at the moment as it was in 2008 but certainly not great.
The Gaza Israel relationship chart is under very depressing Saturn influences through 2014/15. With some Uranian jolts to follow in 2015/16/17.

The Israel EU relationship will be under severe stress in 2015 with tr Uranus opposing the composite Mars Saturn and square the composite Uranus - and that does not bode well since it looks like extreme aggravation over military action. The USA looks thoroughly depressed, desperate to see changes but unclear how to make them happen.

Christine Lagarde - at fives and sevens  From: Marjorie(11 Jul 2014 11:16): 
IMF head Christine Lagarde has said that global economic activity should strengthen in the second half of this year and accelerate in 2015, although momentum could be weaker than expected. She did appear to go off on a rhapsody about the number seven (URL below with transcript excerpts). Maybe she was being ironic, witty, getting bored with tedious economic guff. She doesn't look the occult sort.

Born 1 Jan 1956 1.40pm Paris, France, she has a 9th house Capricorn Sun, semi-sextile a charming, detached Venus in Aquarius in the 10th. Plus a ferociously determined Mars Saturn in Scorpio in her 7th square a Leo Moon Pluto conj Jupiter in Virgo in the 5th. A very powerful personality.
Mind you her Jupiter is conjunct her Uranus/Neptune midpoint which could suggest an interest in spiritual, mystical, psychic matters. Surprisingly often top level finance people are drawn to the non-material realm for answers.

Her birth number is 5. But looking at her Harmonics she does have a Mystic Rectangle in her 7H and a Yod - so maybe she feels attuned to 7. Mind you her 5H, 8H, 9H and 13H are also marked.

There's a good finance piece for anyone who is interested:

Melvyn Bragg - Mars Pluto Saturn  From: Marjorie(09 Jul 2014 10:37): 
Melvyn Bragg, television arts presenter and novelist, has been talking of the clinical depression which has been with him since he was 12 years old leading to two breakdowns. His first wife committed suicide when they were separated and turned out to have had a history of suicide attempts prior to that which he didn't know about.
Born 6 Oct 1939 12.10 am Carlisle, Eng, he has Sun Venus Mercury in Libra in the 4th with his Sun opposition Jupiter in Aries conjunct his Pisces MC. He also has Saturn in Aries in his 10th opposition his Mercury and square Pluto in his 1st which is opposition Mars in Aquarius. So a very heavy chart despite the light Libra touch.
He was born a month after World War 11 broke out and with his father away fighting for six years, he became very close to his mother, sleeping in her bed and resenting the stranger who was his father when he returned.
That Mars opposition Pluto square Saturn in Aries of 1939 is a very tough combination which has produced some notable personalities - Ayatollah Khamaeini of Iran, Leon Brittan, Archbishop Sean Brady - but not easy to live with. Mars Pluto especially brings up great frustration and fear. Bragg said in his teens he was frightened out of his mind every day from the moment he woke up till the moment he went to sleep.
His mother was clearly a great influence on him with his Jupiter Saturn and Uranus all in his 10th. So encouraging, critical, rather unpredictable. He said his workaholic streak (Saturn in Aries in 10th) is what keeps his depression at bay.
His 12th house Cancer Moon squares his Sun and his Jupiter - so fitting him for a public and creative career.

John Bishop - the light and the dark  From: Marjorie(09 Jul 2014 10:36): 
English comedian John Bishop who has had a string of successes on television and in stand up and has done sterling charitable work mainly for Sport Relief was born 30 Nov 1966 in Liverpool.
He's certainly ultra charming with a Sun Venus in Sagittarius (a good comedians' sign) trine Jupiter in Leo - so appears open, outgoing, happy go lucky. But he's also got that rather fearsome Pluto Uranus Mars conjunction in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces. So he'll have a fair number of inner demons, anger, some depression. He's got a creative Mercury Neptune in Scorpio sextile those Virgo planets. And probably a Cancer Moon which may be square his Mars, could even with an early morning birth be square his Saturn as well. Though he's been married for 20 years with three sons so he's clearly channelled much of his internal aggravations into a public career as one might expected with a focal point Moon.
He's in a lucky phase with his Solar Arc Jupiter moving across his Uranus Pluto conjunction - between 2012 and 2016. Though tr Neptune squaring his Sun this year into 2015 will be a touch lacklustre.
Pakistan - chinks of light along with long term difficulties  From: Marjorie(09 Jul 2014 10:34): 
In Pakistan around three quarters of a million people have fled a major military offensive against the Taliban in the North Waziristan tribal area. The military has vowed to wipe out insurgent strongholds after an attack on Karachi airport last month which effectively ended the peace process with the Pakistani Taliban. It is claimed so far that 399 militants and 20 soldiers have been killed. The area is currently off-limits to journalists, making it impossible to verify military claims.
The Zarb-e-Azb operation launched on June 15 2014 has a fearsome Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto Moon in Capricorn - so utterly determined, intense, forceful, high risk, explosive.
Whether it will solve Pakistan's terrorist problem is questionable in the short term. This year there is a tr Uranus trine Pakistan's Saturn Pluto Venus conjunction in Leo which certainly indicates a change of strategy where 'war' is concerned.
But there is also a tr Neptune opposition Solar Arc Mars MC running till late Jan 2015 which looks directionless, panicked about failure. Tr Saturn then in 2015 squares that Solar Arc Mars MC which usually accompany setbacks. Before then tr Saturn will also conjunct Jupiter and square the Pak Leo Sun again this Sept/Oct which looks discouraged.
From 2015 May 2015 for a year tr Uranus squares the Pakistan Moon which looks like a highly unsettled population and indeed government.
September 2016 Jupiter crosses the Pak Asc moving into its first house which will raise confidence domestically. And there is a faint possibility that tr Uranus sextile the MC from mid 2017 for a year will bring a positive change of direction. By 2017 as well tr Pluto is sextile the Pak Jupiter which is good economically and confidence-wise but it also opposes the Pak Moon for two years which suggests a surge of intense popular feeling perhaps against the government and perhaps also since tr Pluto is in the 4th internal schisms.
It'll take a huge amount of pressure to change Pakistan since it is one of the Saturn Pluto countries - and they tend to stick in the same furrow for a very long time. But on the other hand tr Uranus trine all these Leo planets - Saturn Pluto Venus and finally Sun in 2015/16 will help to budge it over a bit.
Rolf Harris wedding - Neptunian smokescreen  From: Marjorie(05 Jul 2014 10:25): 
Not sure if you can bear anymore Rolf Harris but since there is interest in how his marriage held together through all this murk, he was married on 1 March 1958 in London. There was a very emphasised Jupiter Neptune in Scorpio conjunct - on the point of a T square to a Venus opposition Uranus; with Sun Mercury also trine Neptune North Node Jupiter trine a Cancer Moon as well. So an evasive, elusive, deceptive Neptunian feel to it. The Water Grand Trine would add an air of great secrecy to it as well as more than a hint of unreality.
HMS Queen Elizabeth - glorious white elephant  From: Marjorie(05 Jul 2014 10:24): 
HM Queen Elizabeth yesterday launched the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth of gargantuan size in Rosyth, Fife at around 12 noon. Just a pity we can't afford planes to put on it. The price is staggering and it may not go into active service until 2020.
It has an extraordinary chart with a Water Grand Trine of Cancer Sun trine Neptune trine Saturn, formed into a Kite by Sun Pluto. With Pluto Sun in a Cardinal Grand Square to the Mars opposition Uranus. It's life is not going to be short of excitement that's for sure.
It might get into service early as tr Pluto squares the Mars around 2019 in that tricky period in terms of war. Maybe we can borrow another country's planes.
Ibraham al-Asiri - another Sun Pluto Neptune  From: Marjorie(05 Jul 2014 10:21): 
Ibrahim al-Asiri, is the Saudi born Al Quaeda bomb maker, Yemen-based, who is causing this latest airport security clampdown. He has been associated with terrorist atrocities over the past few years. There have been several reports of his death but none confirmed.
Born 18 April 1982 in Riyadh (wiki) he's a Sun Aries in a bleak and stalwart opposition to Saturn Pluto in Libra with Sun trine Neptune in Sagittarius. That Sun in aspect to Neptune and Pluto does seem to throw up a remarkable number of people of significance, both in business and elsewhere. Pluto's control plus Neptune's vision can give a megalomaniac tinge to a personality. And the grimly determined Saturn Pluto adds a further element of rigour to it.
He's also got a Yod of Mars in a high adrenaline, explosive sextile to Uranus inconjunct Mercury in Taurus - so quick a witted outsider who turns his intelligence to making bombs. That certainly fits.
This is all fairly iffy since based on maybes and mights in terms of data and indeed everything else. But if it's accurate then this year looks upbeat/successful for him from mid July to late November though also extremely risky right through this year. From 2015 tr Uranus starts to oppose his Saturn, moving through his Sun Pluto Saturn midpoints for three years thereafter - so a time of turmoil and upheaval.
Louis Zamperini - obstinately optimistic  From: Marjorie(05 Jul 2014 10:20): 
Louis Zamperini, an American Olympic distance runner, Japanese prisoner of war and inspirational speaker with an extraordinary life has died aged 97. A film based on a book about his life 'Unbroken', directed by Angelina Jolie is due for release this year.
Born on 26 Jan 1917 in New York to an Italian immigrant family he spoke no English initially and was bullied at school so he learnt to box as a defence, became a serial delinquent and petty thief and his family pushed him into running to get him out of trouble. He competed in the Berlin 1936 Olympics and met Hitler.
During World War 11 his plane was shot down and he survived for 47 days on a raft in the South Pacific. Captured by the Japanese he was starved beaten and tortured for two and a half years, being lucky to escape with his life.
He was a Sun Mars Uranus in Aquarius so feisty and stubborn. His Sun opposed Neptune giving him that odd athletic Neptunian signature. His Mercury North Node in Capricorn opposed Saturn in Cancer (conj Neptune) square Jupiter in Aries. That eternally optimistic Jupiter would stand him in good stead giving him hope in the bleakest of moments. More than a third of US servicemen who were Japanese prisoners of war died compared to only one per cent of German POWs.
When his plane went down in 1943 tr Pluto in early Leo was conjunct his Neptune and moved on to oppose his Sun. In the two years thereafter tr Pluto opposed his Sun/Mars and Mars/Neptune midpoints for his time of incarceration.
His transition back into post-war life was exceptionally difficult as he suffered from severe PTSD, not surprisingly, as tr Pluto opposed his Mars and Mars/Uranus midpoints. Finally when tr Pluto opposed his Uranus in 1949 he became a born again Christian after a Billy Graham rally which turned his life round.
A remarkable man.
Andy Murray - a Neptunian muddle  From: Marjorie(04 Jul 2014 11:15): 
There's a mystery about what put Andy Murray so thoroughly off his game at Wimbledon that he lost in straight sets. Tr Neptune was exactly conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint which suggests disappointment or uncertainty over a close relationship and a general state of being discontented and overly sensitive. So in an emotionally confused state.
His relationship chart with Kim Sears is under dissolving Neptunian influences with tr Neptune being opposition the composite Mercury Sun Venus conjunction. So that certainly wouldn't help.
He's also lost his partner Ivan Lendl who coached him to victory last year. That was a fairly explosive relationship with a composite Sun Mars opposition Uranus so ran on adrenaline but clearly worked for a while.
His relationship with his new (maybe) coach Amelie Mauresmo, 5 July 1979 4.30pm St Germain en Laye, France, looks encouraging with a supportive, dynamic composite Jupiter Mars Sun conjunction backed by a tougher Saturn Pluto. There's some strain from Saturn Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Venus. And Mercury inconjunct Pluto - so some stresses but Murray is himself a rather jangled personality.
Child Abuse - Pluto through the cycles + Uranus  From: Marjorie(03 Jul 2014 10:47): 
Child Abuse was forced into the public consciousness when Dr Henry Kempe's paper on battered babies was published in mid 1962. That was just as the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo was about to get underway running through the mid 1960s. There was a huge squall as the mainstream pooh poohed the idea as unthinkable until someone produced the X-rays of broken bones. Argument over.
Uranus Pluto breaks the old moulds, in Virgo especially in medical matters. It also encourages the underdogs to stand up and fight so the new wave of feminists, Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer, surfaced with landmark books towards the end of that Pluto in Virgo phase. With the rise of feminism as a social force women abused as children felt more empowered to speak out.
We are now into the next major Uranus Pluto aspect with the square - so that is perhaps forcing more into the open.
As with all profound social changes there is a pendulum swing when it's one step forwards one step backwards as the old dinosaur's and the mainstream fight to retain the status quo against the reformers.

Pluto in Scorpio from 1985 to 1996 threatened to upend the sewers onto the public stage with lurid abuse cases but there was an equally strenuous fight to sweep it out of sight again. There was a raft of high profile abuse cases, Cleveland etc in the UK and others overseas. While in some cases there were professional mistakes, in others real abuse was swept under the carpet. The waters were so muddied by the pro-paedophilia lobby who were given carte blanche by a gullible media that the public was left with the impression there had been a 'witchhunt' and that no abuse had occurred. Which made society feel much better.

A case in point - Ralph Underwager, 28 July 1929, an American 'child abuse expert' gave evidence to the Cleveland Inquiry in the late 1980s and was much praised by Lady Butler-Sloss, heading it. He spoke out on behalf of the 'falsely accused' parents and many of his recommendations made their way into the Butler-Sloss report. That went onto influence the subsequent Children's Act and future handling of countless child abuse inquiries.
In 1992 he popped up again as co-founder of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation which argued that adults accusing a parent of childhood abuse had been brainwashed by their therapists. That became the driving force through the 1990s of a movement that again sought to deny abuse had happened especially en famille. He was forced to resign when it transpired he'd given an interview to a Dutch paedophile magazine saying he believed that paedophiles' struggle for social acceptance could be likened to Christ's struggle up the hill to Calvary. But the campaigning group he had started continued on until it effectively petered out in the late 1990s, having been out-argued by the new research on memory.
He was born during the previous Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer in the late 1920s/early 1930s. So Sakoian & Acker may be right that Uranus Pluto is one of the abuse signatures.

Presumably Pluto moving through Sagittarius from 1996 to 2008 helped promote the raft of legal cases against the RC Church especially in the US for priest abuse. Those made it obvious that supposedly respectable people can also be abusers - which in turn opened the floodgates for other cases.

We are now into Pluto in Capricorn starting with the upheaval from Uranus square Pluto crashing old idols to the ground. Pluto in Capricorn in the past despite its patriarchal, materialistic feel was a time when justice came to the forefront.

Though that does not really answer the astrological question of why in the very broad sweep western women got emancipated in the 20th century, started to fight their corner and all the rest followed.
Hong Kong - David and Goliath  From: Marjorie(02 Jul 2014 14:57): 
Hong Kong is on alert with police arresting hundreds of protesters who staged a pro-democracy sit-in. Tens of thousands of protesters marched on Tuesday in a democracy rally, marking the day Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. They want full electoral freedom.
The Hong Kong 1 July 1997 12 am chart does show a discouraged population this year with tr Saturn opposition the Moon and square Jupiter until the autumn. More pertinently tr Uranus is now moving below the Ascendant through HK's 1st house which is usually an indication of a fight for independence. And tr Pluto is moving through the 10th which is a struggle for change. So the tr Uranus square tr Pluto which confronts the forces of freedom against the forces of power come into full focus here. It'll get messier in 2015 as tr Uranus is conjunct the HK Saturn, rattling more bars of the Chinese cage.
The relationship between Hong Kong and China looks much worse in 2016/17 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars.
Israel versus Hamas - Gaza suffers  From: Marjorie(02 Jul 2014 14:57): 
Israel is escalating its rhetoric against Hamas after the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish settler teenagers. Hamas in return is threatening all hell if Palestinians or occupied Gaza are attacked. The Hamas master mind for the kidnapping appears to be sitting in Turkey.
Poor Gaza, 9 Nov 1917 9am, has a discouraging tr Saturn conjunct its Scorpio Sun at the moment, then conjunct Mercury and square its Uranus by September. The jolting tr Uranus is trine its Saturn in October this year; and there's an uncertain, confused Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Sun in 2015. So not much light on the horizon for the beleaguered population.
The standoff between Israel and Hamas, 14 Dec 1987, is worsening this year with tr Neptune conjunct the composite Sun and tr Saturn square Jupiter and conjunct the composite Neptune. Though it will ratchet up in tension come 2015 when tr Uranus opposes the composite Saturn.
Amanda Knox - Uranus knocking out her alibi  From: Marjorie(02 Jul 2014 14:56): 
As expected Raffaele Sollecito, stuck in Italy, and facing a long prison sentence, is now separating himself out from Amanda Knox. He now emphasises that she may not have been with him for part of the evening which leaves her without an alibi. She is in the USA and will most likely not be extradited even if found guilty after the appeal.
Her Cancer Sun is now being squared exactly by tr Uranus which can bring a shock or an upheaval. Tr Pluto now in her 8th will not get to the square to her Sun until 2016/17. So she's got some very heavy weather ahead.
Both of them look seriously rattled around November this year. But he is probably bearing up better with the bullish tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter in Capricorn and tr Uranus square Jupiter.
Their relationship chart has undermining influences with tr Neptune conjunct the focal point composite Jupiter this year, finishing in Nov/Dec; and tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun in November, then moving on to conjunct Saturn and square Jupiter into 2015.
Nicholas Sarkozy - what goes up must come down  From: Marjorie(01 Jul 2014 09:48): 
Nicolas Sarkozy has been detained for questioning in an unprecedented step against a former president. French investigators are trying to find out whether Mr Sarkozy, had promised a prestigious role in Monaco to a high-ranking judge in exchange for information. His lawyer was questioned earlier this week on suspicion of seeking inside information about a case against the former leader.
It makes his possible attempt on the 2017 Presidential Election look rockier than ever. There is still the ongoing police investigation into allegations he accepted illegal donations from France's richest woman, Liliane Bettencourt, during the 2007 election campaign, which he denies.
Born 28 Jan 1955 10pm Paris he looks edgy and unsettled this year with tr Uranus conjunct his Sun/MC exactly now as well as tr Neptune opposition Saturn/MC which add up to sudden jolting and disappointing changes to his career direction. These roll into 2015 which looks a year of panicky failure.
His Solar Arc Sun is also conjunct his Moon, Moon/Mars midpoint and then Mars from now over the next two years - so there will be considerable squalls and emotional shocks. His Solar Arc Midheaven is conjunct his Pluto late 2015 which looks completely blocked with worse to come in 2017. Nothing looking too good ahead.
For his wife Carla Bruni, 23 Dec 1967 6.20 pm Turin, Italy: She has a similar run of seriously unpleasant aspects. A highly insecure, shocked Solar Arc Uranus square her Mars in late 2014 and worse Solar Arc Mars conjunct her 10th house Saturn in late 2015/early 2016. So major setbacks.
Which isn't to say he's guilty just that he isn't winning much at all, to put it mildly, for several years ahead.
Rolf Harris - tearing down the jolly facade  From: Marjorie(01 Jul 2014 09:45): 
Rolf Harris, the lovable, avuncular children's entertainer turns out to be anything but as he is found guilty of a string of sexual assaults, some on underage girls. The trial made uncomfortable viewing for fans as his 'affair' with his daughter's best friend was laid bare. His daughter admitted he didn't pay much attention to her at home since all his energy was directed to his public life.
Born 30 March 1930 3.15 am Perth, Australia, he has his Sun Uranus Mercury Moon Venus all in Aries and all in his 2nd house of money. Which gives him a quintiple whammy of Aries - alternately charming and insensitive, heading straight for what he wanted, uncompromising. And these Aries planets being in the 2nd were coldly money-orientated, having more than a tinge of the acquisitive, sensualising Taurus energy. Plus he had the bleak, tough minded Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto of his generation. With controlling Pluto in the 5th house of children and performing.
The Saturn Pluto opposition squared onto Sun Uranus Venus - forming a highly dynamic T Square. A focal point Sun is unashamedly ego-centric. A focal point Uranus can be innovative but if mishandled can be self destructive and socially defiant. A focal point Venus wants to be loved but tends in Cardinal sign especially Aries to go in for short term unions, impulsively made and inconsiderately broken. Venus in hard aspect to Pluto and Saturn has a hard job letting finer feelings show through. Venus Saturn especially shows up on 'sex addicts' charts. His 7th house Neptune which indicates a lack of commitment to close partners is opposition his Venus/Saturn midpoint.
He's had Solar Arc Pluto opposing his Sun this year, moving on to oppose his Sun/Uranus midpoint and then his Uranus by 2016. Plus his Solar Arc Uranus square his Moon late this year into 2015. His final days may well be spent in prison.

Stuart Hall, another television entertainer, currently in jail for underage sex offences, was born 25 December 1929. He's a tough Sun Saturn in Capricorn in an autocratic square to Uranus in Aries. His Mars is conjunct his Venus/Saturn midpoint; with his Venus in Sag conjunct his Mars and his Mars conjunct Saturn Sun - a hard man.
ISIS versus Al Quaeda - fighting each other or the world?  From: Marjorie(30 Jun 2014 10:32): 
The ISIS declaration on June 29th of a new Islamic State between Syria and Iraq with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi named as Caliph and leader for Muslims everywhere is an extremely audacious claim. It could backfire spectacularly since it puts them up against Al Quaeda never mind the other bizarrely allied forces ranged against them - US, Assad of Syria, Iran etc etc. It's an internal Muslim fundamentalist claim for supremacy.
On that ISIS 15 Oct 2006 chart there is a focal point Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Mercury square Saturn in Leo opposition Neptune - so a tendency to self-aggrandizement and over-the-top crusading. There's a dream and a delusion wrapped up in there with Jupiter Neptune and a desire to be important with Saturn in Leo - as well as paranoia from Saturn Neptune and some instability from Saturn Jupiter. Though a Fixed T Square will help to stabilise that somewhat as well as a very controlling Pluto which is on the focal point of Neptune trine Mars Sun Venus.

The ISIS Saturn in Leo is conjunct the Al Quaeda Leo Sun so a definite brake on Al Quaeda's push for glory. ISIS' Neptune also opposes that ALQ Sun so undermining as well.

If those charts hold good then later this year will bring an even chillier mood though it's into 2015 and on that it gets really serious with tr Uranus square the composite Mars, moving on in later years to oppose the composite Saturn. There's a very aggravated chemistry between them with Mars Neptune square Saturn and trine Sun.
Dolly Parton - sparkling in the mud  From: Marjorie(30 Jun 2014 10:31): 
The indefatigable Dolly Parton has been wowing them at a very wet Glastonbury. Born 19 Jan 1946 8.25 pm (ADB) Little River TN, she was the 4th of 12 children brought up in a one room cabin in a 'dirt poor' family in Tennessee. She started singing as a child in church and has had a long successful career in country & western and acting. Her recent album, her most successful ever, shot into the Billboard Top 10.

She has a 5th house entertaining Sun Venus in Capricorn opposition Mars Saturn in Cancer squaring onto Jupiter in Libra in her 2nd. So ambitious, a performer, really hard childhood and an exuberantly enthusiastic and over the top persona from a focal point Jupiter in the house of money. She's also got Uranus on her MC trine Neptune, sextile Pluto making her creative and influential. Her Moon in the 12th is in Virgo, sextile North Node in the 10th and Jupiter - so emotionally private but needing a public audience and nurtured by money.
Her marriage to Carl Dean has always been a mystery since he's stayed very much out of sight in the 45 years since they married. Born 20 July 1942 he's a Sun Cancer conjunct Pluto and possibly square a Libra Moon. His Sun is conjunct her Mars Saturn and opposition her Sun so not an easy chemistry with his Libra Moon falling in her 2nd maybe conjunct her Jupiter - the money helps.
Their relationship chart is pretty feisty with composite Uranus trine Neptune, sextile Mars Pluto North Node which in turn is trine Venus. Plus a composite Sun which is sextile Saturn for longevity and trine Jupiter for confidence and luck together.

They were married on 30 May 1966 which gives a Sun square Uranus Pluto certainly suggesting an unusual marriage.

She's got some hiccups coming with tr Uranus square her Mars Saturn in 2015 and her Solar Arc Pluto square Saturn Mars by late 2015 which does not look positive. Really stuck.
EU versus Russia - the gloves coming off  From: Marjorie(29 Jun 2014 10:44): 
Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have signed partnership agreements with the European Union, in a historic free trade deal - a move strongly opposed by Russia. It will bind the three countries more closely to the West economically and politically. Which is what has caused all the recent trouble in Ukraine. Putin said making Ukraine choose between Russia and the EU would split it in two.
The relationship chart between the EU and Russia (8 Nov 1917) certainly indicates escalating tensions for the next several years. Tr Uranus is opposing the composite Saturn over this signing. It worsens into 2015 with a disruptive tr Pluto trine the composite Uranus and a highly insecure, explosive tr Uranus opposition Mars. It'll take tr Pluto until 1916 to square the composite Saturn but there then follows an extremely risky, aggravated two years with tr Pluto square the composite Mars until late 2018.
Olga Kotelko - never too old to start  From: Marjorie(29 Jun 2014 10:43): 
A story to lighten the hearts of those of us who are creaking on. Olga Kotelko, a Canadian teacher, who has just died aged 95, took up track and athletic competition - from sprints to hammer throw to triple jump - when she was 77. She went on to win more than 750 gold medals in her senior age group, which in the athletics world includes anyone over 35. Her normal diet was red meat, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, sour milk and "immoderate amounts" of tapioca pudding. A fellow competitor who died aged 104 never ate vegetables.
Born March 2 1919 on a farm in Saskatchewan, the seventh of 11 children of Ukrainian immigrant parents, she did have an active, fairly tough childhood, but did little sport thereafter.
She was a New Moon in Pisces trine a confident Jupiter Pluto in cancer which undoubtedly describes her confident, up-and-at-'em approach to life. Her Sun was square her disciplined Mars/Saturn midpoint and conjunct her adventurous Mars/Uranus. Her Neptune - being usually around in sport - in Leo has only one aspect in a trine to Venus in upfront Aries. But in midpoints it is square her confident, lucky Sun/Jupiter, square determined Sun/Pluto and = Jupiter/Node = Pluto/Node.
She had an enormously strong get-it-together 5th Harmonic; a ruthless obsessive 11th; and a tough 16H.
An example to us all. And a serious jab at the diet freak medics.
Jordan - on the brink  From: Marjorie(28 Jun 2014 11:32): 
There are now fears that the Islamist militant ISIS, which is wreaking havoc in Iraq, if not stopped, will turn its attention to Jordan which shares borders with Syria, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia. If Jordan is attacked it is likely to bring Israel into the fray in support.
Jordan, 25 May 1946 12 am Amman, does look edgy with tr Uranus trine its Mars this year; and Solar Arc Mars (conj Pluto) moving to square its Saturn by this time next year which looks risky, a major setback probably involving the military. Then Solar Arc Sun is conjunct Pluto by late 2015 which is stuck.
The ISIS 15 Oct 2006 chart in relationship to Jordan looks unsettled this year and in complete turmoil next. As does the Israel/ISIS relationship chart in 2015.
Japan - trying to inflate  From: Marjorie(28 Jun 2014 11:31): 
Japan seems much cheered by news that its inflation rate is rising, at fastest pace in 32 years, as the effect of the sales tax hike started to be felt. Japan has been battling deflation, or falling prices, for best part of the past two decades and that has hurt domestic demand and stifled growth.
The Bank of Japan chart, 10 Oct 1882, does have an all systems change tr Uranus opposition Sun at the moment which continues on and off for a year though that is followed by the grinding tr Pluto square Sun in 2016/17 so there's a way to go before they can relax.
The Japan country chart, 11 Feb 1889, also has a definite change marker at the moment with tr Uranus trine its Saturn in Leo though the dampening tr Saturn square Sun and opposition Neptune Pluto will prove discouraging till later in 2015.
Bobby Womack - talent and tragedy  From: Marjorie(28 Jun 2014 11:30): 
American singer-songwriter Bobby Womack has died. He started in gospel and moved through R&B, country and western, rock n roll and soul music in a long career that was littered with health problems and tragedies.
Born 4 March 1944 8.10 am Cleveland Ohio, he started as a child singer, came under Sam Cooke's wing and after Cooke's murder, married his widow, then was shot by her when he was found having an affair with her daughter. Later he lost a young son, suffocated when he was unattended, due he said to his drug problems at the time. One of his brothers was also murdered. He was one of the last people to see Janis Joplin alive and was with Marvin Gaye the day before he was murdered. One of his other sons killed himself in 1986. Another son is in jail for second-degree murder. Just gothic and exhausting to think about.
He had a 12th house Pisces Sun square a 3rd house Mars Saturn in Gemini and exactly square his Mars/Uranus midpoint which points both to a creative spirit and a hard, explosive life. He had Jupiter Pluto North Node in entertaining Leo (not conjunct) in the performing 5th so loved being in the spotlight. He had a 6th house Neptune trine Uranus, sextile Pluto North Node - delicate health, artistic, controlling, a figure of influence.
When his mentor Sam Cooke was murdered in 1964 tr Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo were just over the opposition to his Sun and approaching the square to his Mars Saturn as well as being sextile his 4th house Cancer Moon. His Solar Arc Mars Saturn had just crossed his IC moving into his 4th house also. In the years following that he lost his brother, his infant son, Janis Joplin, Marvin Gaye, a second son - and all with Solar Arc Mars Saturn going through his 4th where his Cancer Moon sits.

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