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  • Melania Trump – a shift in the power balance coming

           Melania Trump triumphed at the State Visit and especially the banquet for the French president and his wife, which she had organised. She dresses with great style and seems to be coming into her own. Unusually she was smiling happily at the photo shoot at Barbara Bush’s funeral surrounded by former Presidents and their wives, with her husband noticeably absent.  She still looks stony-faced when he’s by her side and flinches when he takes her hand. But she’s almost the only one of his close circle who hasn’t been diminished by association. The #freeMelania campaign is alive and well and her popularity is rising. When Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th tr Uranus will oppose her Jupiter …Keep reading »
  • Robert Downey Jnr – Avengers: Infinity Wars ‘bedazzling’

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           Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s extravaganza pulling together the Iron Man, Hulk, Thor et al in a merry band to save the world has been getting five star reviews as it opens – “an utterly confident comic-book movie mash-up” and “bedazzling fun”. It started Principal Photography three days after Trump’s Inauguration so has the same adventurous and pushily confident Uranus opposition Jupiter square Pluto; plus the sticky Saturn square Mars Venus. Interesting to see how it pans out. Robert Downey Jnr leads the starry cast as he reprises the role of Iron Man, which has hauled in billions for Marvel in several outings. It has also shot him way up the rankings of highest-grossing actors. Born 4 April …Keep reading »
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  • Alek Minassian – Toronto attacker acting out his life’s crisis ** updated

         Alek Minassian, the Toronto van attacker now up on ten charges of premeditated murder, was described by fellow students as socially awkward, perhaps suffering from OCD in addition to other mental disabilities. He was born 3 November 1992 (net sources) in North York, Ontario and is a Sun Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius, which is a tricky mix of emotionally intense and chilly, with low self-esteem. He was also part of the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn generation and in his case made more volatile by an opposition to Mars in Cancer. His Mars is also trine Pluto in Scorpio – so major anger, frustration and resentment issues. His Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Venus in Sagittarius …Keep reading »
  • Mike Pompeo – almost into the hot seat

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           Mike Pompeo looks set to be the next USA Secretary of State, perhaps reaching full confirmation by the end of this week. Which, if it goes to plan, means he’ll kick off on the Mars Pluto conjunction square Uranus – rolling-crises, high-risk, ruthless and/or acutely frustrating.  He’s at the Tea Party end of the Republicans, irked the Democrats with his comments on LGBT and Muslims and has been interventionist in foreign policy. Though he toned down the last to get the vote. Born 30 December 1963 1.32pm Orange, California, he’s a Sun, Mercury, Mars in Capricorn; with Sun trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo and square Jupiter in pro-active Aries.  He’s also got a cool Saturn and Venus in …Keep reading »
  • Kimba Wood – in the hot seat

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       Kimba Wood, the judge in the trial involving Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer over payments made to Stormy Daniels has a stellar reputation from her decades on the bench. She’s known not to suffer fools gladly, is deemed to be a tough judge and has presided over cases involving high-profile defendants, including “Junk Bond King” Michael Milken; and a 2010 one involving the guilty pleas of 10 Russian spies who had been working undercover in the United States as sleeper agents, which inspired the TV show The Americans. The tabloids dubbed her the ‘love judge’ after she was outed as the third woman in a divorce case of the Wall Street financier who became her third husband. Born 21 …Keep reading »
  • Commonwealth – a wealth of new possibilities

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         A possible free trade agreement amongst Commonwealth countries raised excitement at the recent London meeting. The Commonwealth is a loose organisation mainly of former British colonies and covers 20% of the world’s land area on all six inhabited continents, housing nearly a third of the world population. Brexit has opened up new possibilities and given momentum to the idea of using the Commonwealth as an economic instrument. It came into being on 28th April 1949 which was on the day of a New Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus square Pluto on one side and square Jupiter in Aquarius on the other. So it fitted the Queen’s chart well and she’s been titular head and a driving force for …Keep reading »
  • Kate & Will No 3 – a maverick Taurus ** updated

         Another Royal arrived this morning at 11.01am as the Duchess of Cambridge delivered her third child, a boy, now fifth in line to the throne, with Prince William in attendance. He has his Sun and Venus in Taurus, so similar to Princess Charlotte with her Sun and Mars in Taurus – and chiming with Prince William’s Venus in Taurus and the Queen’s Sun and Prince Charles’s Moon. Prince George, the eldest child, is a last degree Cancer Sun. This one has a flamboyant Leo Moon below his Cancer Ascendant, sitting as a singleton, accentuating emotional sensitivity but also indicating a knack of connecting with the public. He has Uranus in his 10th conjunct his Sun, so will be …Keep reading »