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  • Barnaby Joyce – a fiery Aries crashes and burns

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        Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s deputy PM has resigned after an escalating scandal about his affair with his former media adviser, now pregnant, which has broken up his 25 year marriage. Last week, he sparred publicly with Malcolm Turnbull who criticised his “shocking error of judgement” and declared that ministers would be banned from having sex with their staff. He responded by calling the PM “inept”. He is known as outspoken and a battler, once threatening to kill Johnny Depp’s dogs over a quarantine violation. Born 17 April 1967 in Tamworth, Aus, he’s certainly got a fiery and over confident chart with an Aries Sun opposition Mars in Libra square Jupiter (Moon) in Cancer. Not a shrinking violet. His Sun is …Keep reading »
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  • Parkland shooting – Rubio, Trump, NRA backed into a corner

          The justified furore over the Parkland, Florida school shooting is not abating, in part due to the upswell of outrage from young people, who are making their voices heard. The statistics on mass shootings by assault rifles are staggering (see URL WPost below). Since the ban was lifted in 2004 incidents using this type of weapon have tripled and deaths almost quadrupled. Senator Marco Rubio had an uncomfortable ride at a CNN debate, faced down by a father of one of the dead children. The NRA has contributed around $3million to support Rubio’s campaigns and he has always been a staunch supporter of gun rights. Born 28 May 1971 FL, he has a cool, unemotional Air Grand …Keep reading »
  • Daniel Kaluuya – more than a rising star

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        Brit actor Daniel Kaluuya is on a roll being named as Bafta’s Rising Star on Sunday, enjoying the resounding box office hit of his latest movie Black Panther and in the running for an Oscar for his role in Get Out. Born 8 May 1989 in London of Ugandan immigrant parents, he studied acting in a free afterschool community theatre club which encouraged improvisation; and started his writing career young as well; in later years contributing to the writing of the TV teen drama Skins, in which he also acted. At 21 he was winning awards for his stage acting and it was all upwards from there. He’s a Sun Taurus in a determined opposition to Pluto and …Keep reading »
  • Camilla – walking a tightrope

          Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is not well-designed to be out on a glittering stage with her Cancer Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon all in the 12th and trine a 4th house Jupiter in Scorpio. Happiest out of sight, behind the scenes or pottering about at home with her children and grandchildren, she is however well-suited to a husband who prickles if anyone else encroaches on his spotlight. Born 17 July 1947 7.10am (biography) London, she has a defensive persona with the tough Saturn Pluto in Leo just below her Ascendant, doubly emphasised being on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Mars in Gemini trine Neptune. Saturn Pluto types tend to attract strong reactions – Hillary …Keep reading »
  • Billy Graham – an American idol *updated Franklin

               Mass evangelist Billy Graham who ran crusades, advised Presidents and attracted huge audiences at his religious rallies, has died aged 99. He preached a simple message which met with a wide response; was pro-integration though had oddly backward views on women’s role being primarily as homemaker. Born 7 November 1918 3.30pm Charlotte, North Carolina, he had an exceptionally strong chart. His intense 8th house Sun Venus in Scorpio was square Neptune in the performing 5th, and trine a 4th house Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer. His Jupiter especially epitomised the American dream of a happy home and family life; and his Neptune was better suited to a public stage than to a mystical retreat. His 8th house …Keep reading »
  • Ahed Tamimi – a formidable teen activist

          17 year old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi’s trial in Israel will be held in closed court against the objections of her attorney. She is charged with 12 offences over multiple confrontations with soldiers spanning back to April 2016 – incitement to violence, aggravated assault, threatening a soldier, incitement on Facebook and throwing objects at people and property. After an initial hearing the proceedings will start in March. On this most recent occasion she was arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier (in full protective battle kit) after he and his colleagues had parked on her family’s land, fired a rubber bullet into her 14 year old cousin’s face and fired tear gas into their house. She is described as …Keep reading »
  • Jennifer Lawrence – catalyst for a new young politics

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        Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s highest paid and most consistently successful, says she’s taking a year off to focus on activism and help “fix our democracy.” She will be working with the group Represent Us, trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level. It’s non-partisan and anti-corruption. Born 15 August 1990 8.17pm Louisville, Kentucky, she’s one of the Uranus, Neptune, Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, which will be keen to foster new kinds of politics. Capricorn oversees financial and government institutions. Uranus is reforming. Uranus Neptune can be inspired. Saturn Neptune wants a fairer society. She’s also got do-or-die-determination and guts from Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto square her Leo Sun. And her …Keep reading »