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  • Pluto in Capricorn – the replay is on with the UK leading the charge

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      Contemplating the UK’s about-to-self-destruct-financial -services industry on Brexit, a thought struck me. Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 whose purpose is to bring about a complete transformation of the way governments are run and money is handled at a macro-economic level. The Lehman Brothers/sub-prime collapse happened in 2007/08, sending countries globally into a downward spiral for a few years. But the banksters didn’t end up in prison, power-hosed out of the Augean stables. They kept their bonuses, prospered and the taxpayers took the pain. Pluto is around till 2024 and its action, as anyone who has suffered under its yoke knows, is very slow and results only come after considerable angst. It razes old structures down to ashes, leaving …Keep reading »
  • Top Gear – shock absorbers blown

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          As expected (astrologically speaking) the revamped BBC Top Gear with Chris Evans in the driving seat has hit major problems with sagging ratings and now media stories of an ultimatum from co-host Matt Le Blanc that Chris Evans be removed because he shouts at staff. Media tales need to be taken with a pinch of salt. But two things were and are abundantly clear from the astrology. Firstly that Chris Evans, 1 April 1966, with tr Pluto square his Mars in Aries was going to be facing huge frustrations, aggravation and deadlock throughout 2016/17. He’ll have a few ups in 2017 but not too many. Matt LeBlanc, 25 July 1967 4.18 am Newton, Massachusetts, is also facing …Keep reading »
  • UK politics – a collective nervous breakdown

        UK politics is in meltdown with the Tory leader/prime minister on his way out the door and the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, facing mass resignations from his shadow cabinet and open mutiny for his lack-lustre campaigning. Just one more thought on the UK chart. The September Virgo Solar Eclipse at the same degree as over Princess Diana’s death, falls in the UK’s 12th house – as the country goes into the throes of what feels like a national nervous breakdown. Of the front runners for the keys to No 10, who will be elected by Tory MPs not the electorate, the two on the face of it with most uplifting influences are Boris Johnson and Theresa May (a …Keep reading »
  • Northern Ireland – dragged unwillingly into an uncertain future

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        Northern Ireland, having voted 55% to remain in the EU, (part of Belfast 75%), looks exceedingly unhappy over the coming two to three years. There are two Northern Ireland charts – 7 Dec 1922 3.28pm Belfast, on joining the UK; and 28 September 1912. The 1922 chart has a double whammy shock at the moment from Solar Arc Uranus opposition Sun; and tr Uranus square the Cancer Moon. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune and the September Solar Eclipse are all homing in on the NIrel Uranus at 9 Pisces over coming months – so high anxiety. Tr Pluto is square the NI Saturn through 2016/17 which looks economically and emotionally depressed; with Solar Arc Saturn also opposition …Keep reading »
  • Scotland – slipping anchor?

        Nicola Sturgeon isn’t just calling for another independence referendum, she’s contacting Brussels to see how to negotiate Scotland staying in the EU. What a horlicks of a mess. The Act of Union between Scotland and England/Wales became a reality on 1 May 1707 JC (OS). There’s substantially more aggravation on this chart than even for the IndyRef Mark 1 in 2014. Tr Uranus is conjunct the Neptune and square Mars right through into early 2017; with tr Pluto opposing Mars for implacable hostility in 2018/19. By 2018 the Solar Arc MC is conjunct the Union Moon and Solar Arc Sun will oppose the Moon by 2019 which does suggest divergent paths. Nicola Sturgeon is aiming for a major …Keep reading »
  • EU in shock as UK’s subterranean Mars is triggered

          The continental media, especially German and French, are putting the blame for the Brexit debacle squarely at the feet of the EU bureaucracy and saying it’s a wake-up call. Whether that will sink into the feather-bedded, gold-plate-pensioned civil service mentality is questionable. What is showing on the EU chart at the moment is Solar Arc Uranus square the Sun within 6 minutes of a degree (one tenth) – which is certainly a severe enough jolt. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune is also hitting on the 10 degree Pisces EU Sun/Moon midpoint this year. Tr Saturn can mean separation or divorce here; and Neptune the undermining of associations. Tr Saturn hits it one more time in July …Keep reading »
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  • David Cameron – hoist with his own petard, but ducking the fallout

        David Cameron’s ‘lucky’ Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus, exact in three months’ time, is obviously his Papandreou moment when he walks away from a horrendous mess in sheer relief. Today on the news of a Brexit win the pound and the markets made historic falls; there’s talk of UK’s credit rating dropping a notch or two; Scotland who voted for Remain is talking of another referendum to leave the UK and stay in the EU which they might well win this time; Northern Ireland also voted Remain and are now facing the prospect of a ‘hard’ border with the Republic which could brew up the old troubles again. Finance houses and banks may well relocate; businesses will …Keep reading »