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  • Brexit – anchors away, oops not quite

         “I am the way into the city of woe, I am the way into eternal pain, I am the way to go among the lost.’ Dante’s circles of torment as he descends into everlasting hell is a touch melodramatic as an analogy for Brexit. As is Prometheus chained to his rock for eternity. But it’s much how it feels. The Westminster vote forced on Theresa May against her wishes is now postponed indefinitely. If she leaves it long enough till the due date of March 29 2019 there’ll be no chance of any Plan-B Norway type deals. It’s my way or the highway – I’m really starting to dislike her more and more. The chart for the maybe-exit …Keep reading »
  • Serial killers – unredeemable

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             Serial killers aren’t exactly a cheering diversion from political mayhem but there have been two in the headlines. Mikhail Popkov, 7 March 1964, Angarsk, Russia, known as “The Werewolf” one of Russia’s most prolific serial killers was convicted of 22 murders in 2015 and confessed to 59 additional homicides recently. Samuel Little, 7 July 1940, Reynolds, Georgia, claims to have killed as many as 90 people; investigators claim to have linked him to at least 34 murders. The victims in all cases were women. Popkov is a Sun Mars in Pisces with a Sagittarius Moon; and most significantly has Pluto – and Uranus – opposing his Mars which is also trine Neptune. Samuel Little is a Sun Cancer …Keep reading »
  • Kelly & Mattis – only one king allowed in the pack

           In a classic Trump distract-and-divert-attention from bad news elsewhere (Cohen, Manafort, Flynn) he has put his long suffering chief of staff John Kelly out of his misery and ended his contract. Kelly, 11 May 1950, a steady, disciplined Sun Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn and Mars in Virgo, was brought in to restore order to the chaos in the White House but fell foul of Trump’s need for constant turmoil and dislike of being hemmed in. Kelly’s Sun Mercury are conjunct Trump’s MC so he could have made a difference; but his Mars squared Trump’s Sun so it was always going to be a fractious interface. Kelly looks frustrated and down-hearted at the moment, more so through 2019, …Keep reading »
  • UK politicos – birdbrained and incapable

             Running around like headless chickens, their wits fraying, the British political panjandrums across the spectrum are an embarrassment. Brexit alliances, such as they are, have fractured the left/right norms – with none of them having a coherent plan of how to resolve the most significant decision in decades. The populace are bored, confused and just want it done and dusted. No one relishes a second referendum which would drag the agony out further and might well end up with the same result, the EU top brass having not exactly covered themselves in glory with their performance.  If no deal was always an option then civil service preparations should have been made from square one. Shades of Tony Blair …Keep reading »
  • Theresa May – dancing to a mystery tune

             Theresa May’s inner workings mystify most people. Rock-solid, not a lady for turning, yet she seems to lack a coherent or discernible strategy or vision that drives her actions, leaving the impression, in Matthew Parris’ memorable phrase, of ‘an enigma without a secret’. Her strongest Harmonic is the 16th – putting the 16H Sun square Uranus Saturn; and linking an uncompromising and adrenaline-rush combination of Mars Uranus. David Hamblin describes the 16H as the ‘chart of conflict’ – in which the individual is drawn to conflict as a way of resolving internal dilemmas. Charles Harvey talks of the 16H (and 4H, 8H etc)  as being will-driven with a goal of personal power and backs this up by pointing …Keep reading »
  • William Barr – AG Nominee – edgy fit with Trump

             William Barr has been nominated as Attorney General and will face confirmation hearings in January. He’s a respected Republican lawyer who served as AG under GW Bush and worked in the Reagan Administration. He’ll oversee the Mueller Investigation. Born 23 May 1950, 11 days after Chief of Staff (for now) John Kelly, he’s a Sun Gemini with Saturn and Mars in diligent Virgo; a determined and practical Mercury in Taurus square Pluto, trine Saturn and Mars – capable of expressing himself forcefully. For someone who’s been offered a top job, he’s not looking overly happy with an edgy, insecure tr Uranus square his Sun/Mars midpoint now till early February; and a sagging tr Neptune square his Mars/Jupiter in …Keep reading »
  • Theresa May – rabbit in the headlights paralysis

         ‘In truth, she (Theresa May) may be a haunting premonition for Britain. Having wrecked all options that rival her own, she has probably condemned the country to live out her own personal fate. That is to endure Brexit as a burden, to the bitter end through gritted teeth.’ (Sherelle Jacobs, Telegraph). Despite losing three votes in Westminster, including one on contempt, and facing a swingeing defeat next week, she continues to battle resolutely onwards with her ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ face set in a rictus smile – or is it a rabbit-in-the-headlights paralysis? An emergency meeting with Cabinet supporters had them shifting their schedule in a hurry expecting to hear their leader’s mind. Instead of which she asked …Keep reading »
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